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My surgery date is tomorrow! ah! been wanting this...

My surgery date is tomorrow! ah! been wanting this for quite awhile now, probably since middle school. I'm completely paying this by myself ( been working so much!) and think this is a great opportunity to get it done before I have a career and more financial things to worry about. of course my family is against it ( although surprisingly supportive) its been a long journey to get tis done... but finally happening!

ive gotten everything I think I need and what my doctor had written down...
been on for 2 weeks:
Arnica pills and gel
Bromelaine pills
and 1000 mg of vitamin C
I was prescribed Percocet for after the procedure and an antibiotic!
ive been doing my best to catch up on sleep and drink plenty of water...
My surgery is at 7 a.m tomorrow so ill update before and after!

Just got home from surgery..

So surgery was exactly how I pictured it.. Kinda scary but went fast and easy. The prepped me in a room with an Iv and I got into a gown. Just about fainted with the Iv which was the worst part of the whole day haha they wheeled me back into the operating room and BOOM! I was in recovery. One thing that surprised me is that my tears were blood... Which apparently is normal but freaky.

I was pretty confused in recovery because I didn't even know it ended so waking up with things on your face is a little weird and also it was hard to breath after! Wasn't terrible tho...

Currently I'm sitting in my basement. I'm on a reclined chair since u can't lay on your back or side for swelling. My pain level is only a 2 but wow it's just annoying uncomfortable! Haha can't breath with the packing and I'm traumatizing my poor mother with how black my eyes are getting... Just staying quiet ill update before bed!

Oh and FYI

Oh and just as an FYI the plan for the appearance was to straighten it ( was extremely crooked) my doctor even though I broke it it was so bad! I also have a very bulbous tip with no real definition, and adding a slight scoop to the bridge :) suddle exciting changes

First night down

Last night was a little rough, three up lots of blood and with packing in your nose it's extremely uncomfortable. Slept overall better than I thought, just ate some eggs and took another pain pill. Feel alright tho :) just feels like a bad cold. I got dressed and put my hair up which mentally makes me feel better than sitting in pajamas all day haha my bruising is starting to get darker and lot of swelling in the Forhead. My nose is bleeding a medium amount id say.

Before pics


Day 3 really is the worst!

Today is day 3 post op, and the pain level isn't bad at all, but the discomfort is getting old! Apparently swelling is at its peak around 48 hour which is about where I am. Most of my swelling is where the bridge of my nose meets my forehead, looks freaky! The bruising is also shift ontop on my eye lids. I GET MY PACKS OUT TOMORROW! :D so excited I know ill feel 1000 times better, wish me luck!

Packs out!

So I just got done getting the packing out of my nose. Some things u should know:
It really does go by fast! Just when u start to think that it kinda hurts they're already out.
Don't be concerned if a lot of blood comes out because its normal.
U feel IMMEDIATE relief! If u have been miserable with the packs in like I have, the feeling of air going thru your nose has never felt so good haha. My doctor cleaned out some of the blood but advisemed me to just get warm soapy water and slowly clean out the blood. The pressure in your face also changes so I can feel my pulse under the cast! As far as my bruising goes its going well. The ARNICA GEL REALLY DOES HELP! I applied it around my eyes two weeks prior to the surgery and I have very little bruising, and my swelling is well... All over haha can't escape it! Over all the recovery is going good :)


Something I read on this site is how you lose you're smile for awhile... And it's true!! My doc said its from swelling but I can't move my upper lip.... It's so creepy looking haha so be prepared for that but apparently it does go away! :)

Day 5!

Feeling more like myself today
My bruising is turning yellow
Swelling is quickly going away
The inside if my nose is swollen with minimal dried blood
Zero pain
My only complaint is how bad my nose itches under the cast! My skim is also extremely oily and just looking bad, but I expected that with all the things I read on this site. Clearly after day 3 things really start getting better fast. I'm a slow healer with a lot if things ... So this is surprising. Also I'm keeping up with the arnica, bromelaine, and vitrines C. I STRONGLY suggest getting these and taking them two weeks before and after the surgery!

Day 5

Cast came off!!!!

My doctor took the cast off for a couple minutes today to let me see!! I snagged some pics for a sneak peak but its still so swollen, I LOVE it. A subtle BEAUTIFUL change, ill post more when it actually comes off!

3 weeks post op!

I absolutely am so happy I made this decision. I couldn't be more happier and confident! no regrets at all

5 months postop!

its been about 5 months now since my surgery and I still love my results. After the cast comes off your nose will change shapes as month go on, it is supposed to take its "right" shape at about a year! its still a little hard to breath in the mornings from swelling, and when I blow my nose its a little bloody every time.... but nothing drastic! I love it and still think I made the right decision, you will be surprised what you will do when your confidence is better!!

loving it every day

every day it gets better and better

6 months

its about months in!! there is still swelling in the tip which is normal because thats where the most work was done/ thats the area that takes longest to lose swelling. So far, so good!

9 months in!

Wow, i cant believe its been 9 months post op!!
I still have swelling at the top of my nose ( where most of the work was done) and apparently its normal that it takes about a year to subside. I still have blood when i blow my nose and my nose is still a little tender. These are no biggies but just something to mention! i'm loving the results, and i am more and more happy and proud of my decision every day.

10 months

10 months and loving it
Denver Plastic Surgeon

I love my doctor! He is brilliant with humor and compassion, he has all my trust.

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Cute nose makes you look way younger!!
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You look amazing!!!
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DId you ask for it to be that scooped and overesected?
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Thanks for the update!
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I love your profile. Thanks for sharing.
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U look beautiful! I had ur nose n did it 20 years ago in senior year of college n wished I would have donebif in high school. It was life changing! Now my beautiful 16 year old has my nose n wants it done. Do h wish u could have done it earlier? Fyi on ive.. I am totally iv phobic ..any time I need one I have the Dr or surgeon set orders for them to use numbing cream. It takes 10 extra minutes n u feel nothing :) also have the pug it in ur arm..the hand hurts more. N don't be afraid Tibetans for what u want. I call the surgery center day before n make sure they have the cream or gel n are aware of my docs orders ..had to get a crt scan recently that I needed an iv n I told them I am iv phobic so I need numbing cream n they were happy to oblige..
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you looked awesome before, and you look formidable now. hope that make at least 2 minutes of your day :)
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You look fabulous. Thanks for the update.
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You look great! You were pretty before but even moreso after. May I ask why you say you're not sure it was worth it? especially since you say you love it. do you think it wasn't worth the price or the recovery?
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it was most definately worth it... i cant find the button how to change it on my profile! The couple weeks of recovery and price is worth it for the lifetime change in confidence
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gotcha. thanks for the update!
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You look great! I am glad you have more confidence, you're right it makes a big difference! Thanks for the update!!
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Any updated picts? We would love to see them.
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Thanks so much for sharing. I agree with the others here who note that there are not enough photos of people with bulbous/boxy tips and their results. You look great!
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Looks so amazing! Thank you again for sharing!! =)
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Ahh you're so lucky! Your tip looks so defined already!! And you just got your cast off ..lucky girl!!! Looks great :)
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Natural results. The swelling will subside over time
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You look great and your results are very natural. Your pre-op goals sound like what I want- subtle changes to refine my bulbous tip, and straighten the nose. I was worried that sounded to vague, but seeing your results gives me more confidence. Was there anything else you discussed with your Dr?
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cannot believe youre swollen! you look AMAZING! its DEF a subtle change and it made you more beauitful! :) how exciting!
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I love it ! Okay officially super excited for mine hehe love it , so dainty. And it's gonna get smaller woooooo imagine that in a few weeks
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Ah yay!! Haha I know it's so swollen I know it's going to look completely different so I'm just being patient! So excited for ya!
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I also had rhinoplasty this past Monday June 24. I had lots of swelling and bruising. Tomorrow morning I have my first post-op appt and can't wait bc like you said breathing from your mouth is horrible. Today I sat in the tub and washed my body but was too afraid to get near my hair bc the doctor kept repeating about not getting the cast wet. But my hair is so nasty I can't wait to be able to stand under running water!
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Looking good girl not even any bruising from what i can tell! Can't wait to see your progress! :)
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Day 3 was definitely the worst for me as well. Sounds like you are through the worst of it. It will only get better from here! Oh and getting the packs out will be a huge relief too. Hang in there and keep us posted:)
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Good luck hun :) That's really brave omg I just faint at the sight of blood maybe it's not for me. Lol
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