Four weeks post op. Loving this!!!!

Hello! I'm 32, 5'2" and about 128 lbs. I've...

I'm 32, 5'2" and about 128 lbs.
I've had two beautiful kids who are now 4 and 2.
My tummy is my total problem area!! Any weight I gain goes straight there. I hate it! It's constantly sticking out and really bothers me. I had two consultations here in Denver and felt really great about Dr. Squires Clinic. I have no doubts on how amazing he is and I felt so comfortable with him.
There is an available surgery day of April 17th for TT and BA, and I just need to tell them I want it! I don't know why I'm so nervous... Maybe because it is major surgery and the 2-3 day post-op pictures on here FREAK me OUT??!! I don't want to be a baby though.
I've got a busy weekend this weekend, hosting 3 parties and out-of-town family in to visit, all the hubbub should die down on Monday so I think I am just waiting so I don't add more stress on myself.
One thing to stress about at a time :-)


Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! You're smart to take things a step at a time. Maybe this week when you can take a deep breath you can schedule that surgery. Three days post op photos can be intense, but take a look at those three month photos! They're incredible.

Here's a great post by JenBob about her experience (funny as well as informative). Hope you've had a great weekend and please let us know what you decide to do!

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There is nothing to be afraid of. I admit I was scares too but the pain was not as bad as I expected. Also you may want to research "lipoabdominoplasty" or "avelar" tummy tuck. Less invasive faster healing procedure. I'm on day 6 post op from that procedure and am beyond happy!
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I had 'the works' done with Dr. Squires on Jan.9 and he is awesome! The aftercare follow ups and staff are great too. Go for it! I need to post new pics for you. I am now 11 weeks post op.
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Okay! I called and took it! Lucky too because they...

Okay! I called and took it! Lucky too because they said there was another patient who was thinking of taking the slot.

In a week and two days I'll be out of surgery and home... How nervous were all of the rest of you? I'm like, really REALLY nervous. But I think when I have my pre-op appointment on Wednesday I will feel better. I just need to stay positive and focus on the final result not the anticipation of surgery and recovery!!!!


All the best to you tomorrow! Keep us posted, we're all her for support:)
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Just remember, all of us were nervous, scared of the unknown. If it helps any- my MM has not been as bad as I had anticipated. You only have a few more days before your BIG day. You will do fine! I look forward to following your journey.
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Two days post op. I love my surgeon. He did a...

Two days post op. I love my surgeon. He did a great job getting the scar low from what I saw yesterday at my follow up when the binder came off.
Little but of pain when I lapse on the pills but trying to keep up on them. This time relaxing has been heaven.
I had a full tummy tuck and 350cc silicone unders.
I find that I don't feel much pain in my boobs except for the massages which hurt at first. Tummy tuck keeps me hunched over, little achey on my back but seems to help if I straighten out my legs and lean on something.

So far it's not that bad!!
And from what I can tell I love the results and can't wait to show it off this summer!!!!


Happy and quick healing!
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Hope you continue to do well!!!!
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Hope all went well happy healing!!!!
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4 days post op. I've been trying to be a trooper...

4 days post op. I've been trying to be a trooper and cut way back on my meds but I guess it's just not time yet. Got up this morning and took half a Percocet, a Valium and some ibuprofen. Now I'm back in bed. Last night my husband gave a sponge bath. Nice, but definitely not the real thing. Can't wait to shower. I have a follow up on Tuesday. Still draining quite a bit though... Will be nice to get back to normal.but overall have loved the experience. If the weathers nice maybe I will get some fresh air.
Happy healing to everyone!


Thanks for sharing. Can I ask what size breast you were before? We are the same height/weight and I am thinking of going with 300 cc on Friday and noticed you got 350 and they look perfect!!!
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I was between a 34A and 34B. I had some breast tissue before (some girls had none). Mine were just deflated from breast feeding two babies, I'm sure there is some swelling right now but overall I am thrilled. I have a bit of an athletic frame, and a broader chest base. I didn't want to be big, as I like to run and play racquetball and I didn't want them to get in the way. I am beyond pleased and thanks for liking them!!! I am sure you're result will be amazing also!
Thank you ! I think we will be about the same as I am a 34 B right now and mine are deflated. :( I'm sure I'm quite a bit more 'droopy' then you are so I'm hoping for the best. I agree...I don't want large ones either...I'm athletic and like to run, rollerblade, snowboard, etc. Thanks again!

As long as I'm on top of the meds we're good. I...

As long as I'm on top of the meds we're good. I mostly wanted to post the picture of the tummy before and after. It's early in the morning and I feel pretty good so I took 3 ibuprofen and a Valium and thought I would save the Percocet for morning. Interested to see how low the incIsion heals, it's low now but maybe (hopefully?) it will drop a bit. Haven't been a able to try a swImsuit bottom because of that blasted drain.
I'm wearing the bra and binder 24/7 still. Still have the pain pump in and drain so hoping those come out soon. Today is early Monday morning and my appointment is Tuesday,
My cute little four year old just thinks I have an Owwie and keeps bringing mr things to make me feel bgetter. Luckily I did not feel the need to tell her any more.
Happy healing ladies!

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Post op day 5. Feeling good. Getting around for a...

Post op day 5. Feeling good. Getting around for a short trek out (no driving of course).


You look great and sound like everything has gone pretty smooth for you which is great to hear! Your breast look amazing and fit your frame perfectly! I hope you continue feeling well and on the smooth road back to normalcy. Congrats!!
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looks good!
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Post op day 6. Had a follow up at Dr. Squires...

Post op day 6. Had a follow up at Dr. Squires office today, got my drain removed! Yay me! I was excited to kind of try some clothes on but 1) I know I am swollen and 2) I was just way too exhausted. I have spent a couple of hours in my office the last two days and it does wear me out. I have a job with a lot of responsibility and not many employees and I'm the only one that knows how to do a lot of things. Job security much? I don't pick up anything heavy and I spend most of the time at my desk. I think I fell asleep on the way home. (Not driving of course)
As for healing, I think I'm doing marvelous and Dr. squires thinks so too. I wanted a tight tummy and I definitely got what I wanted. Have I mentioned I love the staff? Awesome.

Still taking the pain pills, as I'm pretty stiff and I do push it more than most I think. I tried on some of my old bikini tops and can you say porn star?? At last that's what I felt like in some of them. I'm assuming there's swelling? Since its not even been a week? Definitely not swimsuits I would wear to the pool on mom day.
I feel good, I Look good, I must say I wish the healing process was a little faster but I'm the most impatient person in existence.

Planning on trying to work a couple more hours tomorrow, let you know how thay goes :-) happy healing!

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Post op day 11. Things are looking good! I'm...

Post op day 11. Things are looking good! I'm probably the only person that has to try to go to work five days after a full tummy tuck and breast aug. my surgery was Weds, I went in for two hours on Monday and Tuesday, 3.5 hours Weds and 5+ hours Friday. I have one of those jobs where if I'm not there to do the work, no one else will. So it just piles up. And piled up it is. Still. I'll probably have to try to work near full days all this week. Sigh. After over seven years I get seven vacation days and I need to try to not miss pay if possible. Anyhoo... I digress...
So, it's possible to work after mommy makeover, pain meds help. My job is not fully a desk job but I tried to take it as easy as possible. My back has been very sore. I'm still taking about a half a Percocet every five hours or so, plus the muscle relaxers.
At 11 days post op, I find it hard to stand straight, I still hunch over. It's like my stomach is so tight (good thing maybe?) I just can't stretch it out. But I've been sleeping on a high pillow with pillows under my knees, and tonight I'm going to try sleeping flat and hope that helps.
My boobs look great. I looooooove them. I've got 350cc unders, silicone. Sore a bit, in the mornings especially, when the pain meds wear off.
My tummy incision area is swollen, but when that goes down I can tell it will be flat. Flat. Flat. I'm having fun trying on clothes for sure!
I've always loved fashion and now I'm confused, most things in my closet were purchased to hide a gut, now I want tighter clothes that show off my body! What's a girl to do!
I will say, I highly, highly, highly recommend Dr. Squires in Denver to anyone looking for a surgeon. I heard only great things from everyone that mentioned him, from his staff, to the nurses at the hospital and the anesthesiologist. He is AMAZING. I always want to hug him for changing my life but he is the utmost professional man and I might feel silly!
I'll throw some pics in!


What's up, D-town! I'm here, too, and am sched for a mommy makeover on May 16th! Yes, the post is pics are so scary. I like to pretend that I'm gonna have an easy, simple recovery. You look amazing, hello shape!!
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You look great and the healing process sounds as though it has been relatively smooth for you. Congrats on the easy transformation!
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Omg I missed your question! I'm so sorry! What did you end up going with? I love my 350's!

Post op day 20! Wow has it been that...

Post op day 20!
Wow has it been that long???
Crazy. I worked a full week last week. I paid for it though. I rested all weekend, as much as I could.
I get tired and achey throughout the day, that's what I remember reading most people saying, and that's what happens to me.
Yesterday was Monday and I woke up feeling really great but through my day at work I just felt worse and worse. But I am also trying to stop taking pain meds, at least the hardcore ones. Started off with ibuprofen and Tylenol and didn't take anything else until I got home and by the time I picked up my son at 5:30 I was ready to collapse. Interesting how this surgery does this to me. Like, not any specific pain really, just all over ache especially in the back.
But hey! I look hot!!
Jk. I definitely look better in clothes. Loving my boobs. I actually weigh the same as before the surgery. I've not been eating the greatest and haven't been exercising except working every day. I suppose getting up and sitting down is exercise. So I'm glad to see myself still under 130 and I'd like to do some clean eating and drop 5.

I see my surgeon today, who I just love, because last visit I had an angry stitch that looked pretty festery he wanted to check on but it looks much better. So he'll just give that a peek and see if I have questions I'm sure.
I wish everyone speedy healing and to anyone thinking of having this done: you will love the results, especially the boobs. Amazing how I didn't think I needed them and now I love them.

Have a great day :-)


You look fab!!! Happy to hear that recovery went smooth 4 u too! Your "Porn Star" comment was right on... VAVOOM!!!!
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Where did you get the bathing suit with the ring in the middle? I love the bottoms.
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I know it's from Victorias Secret but I got it from a friend- the brand is Becca. Thanks!

Hi! So in two days I'll be four weeks out. I...

So in two days I'll be four weeks out.
I work every day during the week. I work at a desk but am up and down all day.
I have some swelling around my incision and still hunch over if not consciously trying to stand straight.
I never thought this body could belong to me... I saw some before pics my husband took and my jaw dropped. I never thought I looked terrible. But compared to how I look now, I looked awful! I must have been in denial!
Need to charge phone before it dies and clean up my kiddos for bed... Will finish this later!


Wow, you are looking GREAT! I am still using you as my 'inspiration' to keep me going when I start to get down about the swelling. This am I actually looked a LOT better and can see some progress in the swelling of the lower abdomen. I am about 2 weeks behind you so it's nice to watch your progress and we are similar height/weight. Thanks for posting updates. Keep them coming!
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Wow!looking good!
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Four weeks!!

I went to work today, as usual, but I wore my usual high heels. I felt like myself for the first time in a month!! I really feel great!!
I would say the mommy makeover has affected me like this:
First week: total rough go
Second week: better, but not by too much
Third week: better, swelling less and standing straighter but it's effort
Fourth week: big difference! Feeling good and almost back to normal

Little things I notice: sneezing still hurts but nowhere near as bad.
Sleeping on my side still hurts a little (my incision wraps around) and some discomfort in moving around in bed.
If I don't have a tight or supportive bra, when I get home from work I want to put on a sports bra. A tight one that holds them in. I feel great if I wear a tight bra all day.

I do not like compression garments so much, they're just not for me. I bought two like my surgeons office recommended but I just don't like the tightness. It's uncomfortable to me.
Boobs feel weird! It's different! They look great though!
I have a hard time shopping! I sed to find clothes all the time, every time I would go shopping I would find lots of clothes I had to buy. I'm not a big spender (I don't pay full price for anything, I love sales and coupons and clearance racks). Now I can't find things! I've been shopping 3-4 times and come home empty handed. Maybe it's because I want my clothes to make my body look great and if it doesn't look great I don't buy it... My old clothes fit fine but my boobs are quite a bit bigger now so certain things look too small in the top part. And my baggy off-shoulder tops, I still like the style but its just not as flattering on my figure now. I guess if that's all I have to complain about I'm doing pretty good :-)
I do have an angry stitch that doesn't want to heal. I've been at the surgeons office every week for it. I'm on antibiotics now. It's right in my TT incision in the front to the left a little. Just one stitch. But it's red and angry and just doesn't want to heal! Noticed it at one week post op. hoping the antibiotics take care of it and it dissolves. Anyone let me know if you want to see a pic.
Love to read your stories.
Happy healing girls!


You look fabulous
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Thank you so much!

New photo: Scar 4 1/2 weeks out

Hi! I took my tape off in the shower this morning, and thought I'd leave it off for a day before I replace. I keep forgetting to ask the PS office if this is ok. I know they say the tape helps the scar from being raised and red but I am considering trying the silicone scar sheets. Anyone try them? What brand is working out for everyone?


Oh and thanks for your four-week "summary." That was helpful. I'm in week two.
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Just wanted to say that you look REALLY good...Wow, what a transformation! Your before/after turquoise bikini pic really shows off a big change. I have been using ScarAway silicone scar sheets from and LOVE them. They are reusable so much cheaper than buying tons of gel. I just bought the box of longer ones, so it will be quicker to change them. I also like that they provide a little padding so that clothes don't rub against my incision when I move. I just take them off in the shower, wash, and hang them on the shower bar to dry until morning when I put them on again. (I wear gel at night.) My PS only kept tape on for one week and then said to start scar treatment.
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Ur tummy is so flat! I'm jealous!! Happy healing :0)
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John Squires

I looked at Dr. Squires' website online and had a good feeling about him. His staff made me feel so comfortable and I loved his presence, very calming and professional. Everyone says he is a perfectionist. Love him!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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