I am a 30 yo mom of 3 (11,8, and 2)... After my...

I am a 30 yo mom of 3 (11,8, and 2)... After my oldest two I was in the best shape (110lbs) of my life. I worked at hooters for goodness sake lol. However, I decided to get implants and feel they ruined me. First off I was a small "B" and I told the dr I wanted to be a full B small C and walked out a large DD:/ They were huge and I was so unhappy. A few years later I got pregnant with my youngest and they doubled in size along with my body. I gained a lot! I got up to over 170lbs, but after birth I went down to 135. Who ever said that breast feeding makes you lose weight obviously didn't take in to consideration the exceptions. I am the exception to the rule. I held on to weight and gained. I just finished breast feeding at 28m and I'm now 160lbs, at 5 foot 2. I've tried eating clean, working out with a trainer 5 days a week and various diet programs. I've lost 10lbs but would gain it right back. No matter how hard i try i lose in my legs, arms, and everywhere else BUT my stomach. I'm in the process of contacting surgeons to have a full mommy makeover including: Tummy tuck, breast implant removal and lift, back and flank lipo. I'm nervous and still not 100% but I'm so tired of feeling like an alien in my own body, I don't feel like my outer depicts who I am. I'm still young and feel like I'm so old and out of shape. Hopefully this is a start to a great journey.

More before pics

Hard to believe that it was just about 4 years ago I got my implants in and they look so sad. The before pics in the hooters uniform was after my first two kids and the present is bivouacs after my 3rd who did a number on me. I can't believe I'm posting these lol

A little sad day

Just left the consult with Dr Raskin, I would be lying if I didn't say that I was a little disappointed. I drove 2 hours to go to his office and left with nothing worth the drive. I was really wanting to get a general cost and ask some questions regarding his procedures. However, I did write that I am planning to lose 15-20lbs. That was meant that I wanted to lose it BEFORE I actually go to get the surgery not after but once he read that his conversation shifted. He focused more on the fact that he can't help me now until I lose the weight. I totally appreciate him being honest and caring about my well being vs money but its still saddening. I didn't get a good feeling being there though.

Hopefully my next one goes better and I totally know that I won't do the surgery until I lose the weight. I've been struggling to lose the weight though which is the issue. Dr Raskin did give me some good info to being up to my primary. Hopefully this is just a minor road block

Dr Vath

Yesterday I had a consult wth dr Vath in Denver and I LOVE him. He is such an awesome guy. He's realistic but supportive. Everything went well and I'm certain that this is the guy I'd like to go to. All of his staff is really sweet. The office is gorgeous, it was built in 2010 state of the art. Everything is done on site. Kari the patient coordinator is wonderful and sweet. She had a mommy makeover there 4 years ago and looks amazing. I spoke with her regarding the weight and the way she explained it made so much more sense. Sure I can hop on a fad diet or starve myself and lose 20-30 lbs but is it "maintainable"??? No. But If I lose about 10-15lbs I am confident I will be able to maintain it and that's my plan. Now the issue is scheduling. Not really sure how to do it bc my dh has no more vaca for the year and its suggested someone be with you for a week :/ Also with the 2yo I will need to find a plan for her...

What all surgeries I plan on having

I will be doing a breast lift, tummy tuck. Ad lipo of the back and sides:)

To pick a date!!

So I'm all set to go ahead and schedule but I'm torn between dates. Available is 10/28,11/8, or 11/13. My youngest turns 3 on 11/26 so I really want to be available to plan and be active at her party. Which means I should go for the 28th. However, it 3 days before Halloween, so I will miss out on the kids trick or treating:( I have no clue what to do

Scheduled my date!

I'm sort of freaking out. Scheduled my date and paid my deposit today.. Eeeekkkkkkkkk it's 10/28. One month and 10 days! Oh my goodness I'm very terrified.

Do not google videos!!

Lesson learned! My husband was completely oblivious to the procedure, well I found out I wasn't completely aware of the entire procedure myself. I know pretty much what it was but my vision of the procedure and how it looks when under are two very different things. So I googled videos for him and came across an actual procedure videotaped. I cringed and the fear increased ten fold. Ignorance is bliss.... Don't do it!

It's getting to be real

Just received my surgical packet in the mail yesterday. I was a mess yesterday. Moody and exhausted. I had to do a speech for my class and I bombed. Looking back at the video literally made me cry and want to through up. I realized that what I'm doing is for the best

19 days'!

My goodness time is flying by and I have nothing prepared.. I'm terrified and having second thoughts:(

Pre-op today

Headed to my pre-op today. Any questions I SHOULD ask?

10 DAYS!!! Pre op went well

So I went to my preop and it went great. I'm confident in my doctor. I asked about everything I could (dog ears,diet,meds,etc)... A bra and binder are included so I don't have to worry about buying one. I was given 5...yes 5 prescriptions:

I now need to contact the nurse who will be caring for me. Also I need to book the hotel room. Upside is I have the first appt of the day. Downside is I have to be there at 6am, yuck! I'm still a nervous wreck but ready to be on the flat side!

That's a lot of money!!!

I'm officially paid up but my goodness It hurt to shell out this type of money for myself. As a mom I feel completely selfish but keep trying to tell myself that I deserve to be selfish for once.

So scared...not ready...nervous

So I'm terrified! Not of the surgery itself, but of the pain. I have birthed 3 kids, 2 naturally. I've had implants put in, I've had my appendix removed. I've broken an arm and have gotten in car accidents, yet this scares me so bad! My house is in a complete and utter mess. I still haven't gotten my clothes to wear after surgery and I still haven't picked up my prescriptions. Plain and simple, I'm a hot mess right now. My surgery is MONDAY! I'm freaking out!

This is normal right?!?

My nerves have gotten the best of me. I'm so nauseous and shaking. I couldn't even eat dinner. I haven't packed yet. I did make a trip to walmart today and got everything under the sun. Thanks to Sole Sister! I used her list for my shopping. I'm worried how hubby is going to handle me gone. Thank goodness the older two will be at school.

All packed!

I'm all packed and ready to go. I applied my transderm-scop patch and I am SO thankful it was given to me!! It has relaxed my nerves, made me tired and made me just chill out! Last time I had plastic surgery I didn't have it, so this is amazing! I'm so ready to be on the flat side!!!

En route!

Headed to Denver (an hour away), ready to do this! I'm starving and my throat is so dry! Why does this happen when usually I'm never hungry in the morning. I'll probably update one more time when I'm waiting since I'll be by myself. Hubby and the kids are dropping me off and it's all me and my nurse from there

Before pics and measurements

Waist (belly button) 38in
Lower waist 40in
Chest around nips 40in
Upper waist 34in
Boob 9.5 in length 14.5 width

On the flat side.

No real pain. Just a lot of tightness. The nurse went to get crackers and Gatorade. She's please excuse the typos! I will post pics when I can!

Loving jt

The meds aren't working, I'm taking Percocet and Valium and nothing is helping:)

I lo entire new boobs. Nice small and round!&

Loving my boobies!

From what I can see they look perfect! Haven't seen my TT scare yet. My hips and back are swollen really bad from the lipo. I can't sleep either, I'm up every 1 hours. So annoying


So I decided to grab some room service fruit and eggs. Now I feel like hell. It feels like my stomach is going to burst. I only ate 5 bites of eggs and a handful, of grapes. It's so tight in my stomach.


I couldn't have asked for more!the look and feel so good. I'm so happy. I took a peek at my tummy too. It is AMAZING! I will.snap pics of it when I go shower. My hips are hurting so bad from the lipo. Hopefully that pain doesn't last long

Check it out!

Not the best picture. It was killing me to stand, but here's a belly pic


It's the best I could get. I love my new boobs, as does my husband. I can't really tell you much with my stomach bc it's so tight. I'm bruised and swollen the most on my hips where I got lipo. It looks like I got brazillian butt injections


Ughhh constipation

I've tried everything and can't make it go away. It hurts like heck too

Please oh please help me MOM

So I just took some milk of magnesia and I pray it helps. I haven't really had much pain. I have only take 1 dose of pain meds today earlier and it was more so I could sleep. Once this constipation is handled I will be very happy.

It was pretty sad sending my babies off for trick or treating without me tonight but I'm sure they are having a blast

Perfect low incision

Day 5

Things are slowly getting better. I am back at home finally. I was so lonely andissed my family. It had proven to be a struggle though. The 2 to has jumped on me a few times and I almost cried. Getting around is not the easiest because we have 3 levels. My husband is being amazing. I haven't had much of an appetite so I've barely ate. I did finally have a bm, but unfortunately it led to horrible hemorrhoid a (sorry for the tmi. I'm in my bed now and I'm so comfortable. Going things continue to get better

Continuing to progress

Things just keep getting better. The progress is better than I could've imagined. Have I mentioned how much I love my boobs? The hemorrhoids hurt like hell. I hadn't taken any pain meds since Thursday, but had to last night because of the hemorrhoids. I'm still walking inches per minute, which is to be expected. The stomach tightening is getting better. mid raining less than a cc a day. Which means they should come out Monday, woohoo. They aren't painful just annoying. The swelling in my hips have gone down a lot and the bruising is pretty much cleared. I don't see much of a difference in that area. I took measurements yesterday for fun.

Prior to surgery my boobs were 9in long 14.5 wide. Now they are 7in long 10wide. My waist was 38in now it's 35.

Can't wait to re measure when the swelling has gone down. I haven't had much of it though besides in my hips. I almost killed my dog this morning. She's a 65lb pit and she decided to come snuggle this morning, and placed her paw and weight right on my tummy incision in the middle of my dead sleep. All I could do was cry out. We kicked her out last night but one of the kids must've let her in.

As before my husband is being such a gem. I couldn't have gotten through this without him.

I've always suffered with depression so I was really scared that having this surgery may not be a good choice. But I went in being realistic and open about it all and I think that has allowed me to be so happy and satisfied with my results. If I can give any advice to anyone, it would be to be realistic, don't expect to come out looking like a super model. Don't expect the scale to drop, or for your ps to be a miracle worker. Visit different reviews of ladies with bodies similar to yours and sort of gauge from there and you will be happy.

will post some more pics when there is some more changes.

Headed to my post op

I'm headed to my post op appt and hopefully these annoying drains will come out. For the tummy he does stainless but for the boobs he does drains and they have gotten on my last nerve!

Recovery is still going great. Everyday is better than the previous. I was able to drive yesterday. My body lets me know of I'm doing too much. My back starts hurting and I have to chill out. My husband took an extra 2 days off (total of 9 days) and I think that was very helpful.

My hips are still bruised and that's pretty much all that hurts, well except the drains. My stomach is still very numb and it's annoying to touch. I've been putting on shirts I hadn't worn in years and they look so much better and fit great bc the tummy and rack aren't there.

Day 4 and 5 I became I complete BITCH! There is no sugar coating it. I was down right mean. I was pissed at everything and everyone. I was mad at myself bc I couldn't get around, I was mad at my husband for existing. Ugh I was a mess! Getting out and driving and being by myself in fresh air helped a lot.

Now that I've written a novel, I'll attach a clothes pic and update in a few days!

Drain free!!

I am so happy they are gone!!! It was a weird sensation coming out but my goodness so happy to have them gone!!

I was told everything is looking great and I'm healing great. Woohoo

Itchy itchy

Oh my goodness holy itchiness!! Out of no where yesterday I started itching and I am going Insane! It itches EVERYWHERE! Scratching doesn't help I'm dying here! Dr told me to talk Claritin and Benadryl and if that doesn't work then I will need steroid shot. I was up all night itching and in tears. No one warned me about this!!!

New pics

Boobs are healing so well. My husband said today they look like implants. I was able to sleep on my side yesterday but one side is still so badly bruised. It looks and feels like road rash.

Day 14... Things are going downhill:(

Today is 14 days preop and while I'm finding myself getting around a lot better, issues are popping up and it's no fun. The itching is still insane. Starting Saturday my breasts have been oozing fluid really bad, the right is worse than left. The right is also painful and they are both bright red. Now I'm pretty dark skin so for me to say bright red is insane.

My belly is super swollen and bright red also. I started breaking out ll over my belly in little red bumps. Under the left Brest is oozing too and on the sides it's like fat pockets have developed.
I put in a call to the nurse just eating in a call back . If been taking Claritin, Benadryl and Valium. It's so stressful.

Bye bye steri strips

The itching was getting ridiculous. Pieces of the steri strips were coming off and I could see tiny bumps all around the incisions. The dr called in for steroid pack yesterday so I've been taking that. Last week the nurse said I could take off the steri strips this week if I could, I was going to wait but after seeing the bumps I took them off this morning.

My goodness I swear I heard my body say "THANK YOU!"... It was such a relief. The incision is very thin but there's tons of irritation and tiny bumps all around it. Hopefully now that I have the steri strips off and I'm taking the steroids it will clear up.

I didn't take them off my nips yet, I'm scared the nips may fall off lol, and they are still on there really well, if they keep bothering me, I will go ahead and remove them though.

So happy to finally have some relief!

Wearing clothes

Not going to lie I was really feeling myself this day. It feels so great to look decent in clothing again!

Back on track

Things are back on track and I'm doing better. A lot better. I spend most of my days out and about, but rest in the evenings. I still have quite a bit of swelling and some pain in the lipo sites but not as bad. The feeling in my stomach is slowly coming back, though I know it can be months before it's all back.

My boobs have shrunk more and no longer look like implants:( they still look great though. Last night I started a bio oil and cocoa butter treatment. Hubby also brought home Scarguard, anyone heard of it? The irritation has gone away but I still have itching. I'm hoping keeping it moisturized helps.

My biggest battle now is all emotional. I feel like my husband was on my team and pushing me to do this, but now he expects me to be super woman and all of a sudden be well. Not to mention he hasn't done much around the house like we agreed. He did laundry and that's about it. I can't bend over so quite a few days I've had to literally crawl around the house picking up stuff. He didn't do the dishes for days and I was so stressed. I can't stand it he didn't want to hire a house cleaner but doesn't want to do shit. Now that I'm a little better, he feels like I am supposed to be doing everything. Never mind that I just had major surgery 3 weeks ago, ughhh sorry needed to vent. My house is a pig pen and I'm going insane.

I have treated myself to several shopping sprees lol. Mostly shoes,shirts, leggings and accessories. For the first time in years I'm loving how I look in clothes. I went and got a DRASTIC hair cut. Went from shoulder length to above my ears cut. Ive been making a conscious effort to wear a bit of makeup everyday and look nice before leaving the home. It feels really good. I'm starting to feel beautiful again and I like it:)

Feeling great!

So I'd say this week has definitely been the week of turn around. I feel great 75% of the time! swell hell is getting better and I have way more energy. I've been able to slowly sleep on my sides, and ( tmi) hubby and I was actually able to be intimate. I feel like I'm standing more straight and I was even able to jog up the stairs. The itching is very minimal now and the scars are healing pretty well. I did get hypertrophic (spelling?) scarring, which I'm really hoping goes away. I've been using bio oil and cocoa butter and will probably star the Scarguard next week. Will update pics soon


Here are some pics. I've been taking but slacking on posting


So healing is still going well. However, my much deeper issues are yet to be resolved and that's my eating habits. Especially with the holidays. I have gained at least 5lbs. I have to get it under control or I'll be right back where I was :( it's so very hard. I hate veggies, I'm not a big fruit person and Italian is my favorite food:( I'm thinking of seeking professional help bc it's a problem

1 month out appt.

I just left my 1 month appt with my ps and OMG! Lately I've been feeling crappy bc of the eating and I felt like I've gained back everything and was becoming a little depressed. Well that is until he showed me my before pics!! Oh my goodness!! This was the motivation I needed. I started back in the gym Monday and all went well. I'm working on the eating. I won't go back to where I was!!!


So my waist is continuously expanding and I need to get a grip. I'm still trying to tackle the other demons I have but to say its been a struggle is an understatement. I haven't gained any pounds but I can see where I've gained some fat. I'm exercising a bit here and there but with the older two off on vacation I haven't been like I need to. I know my problem and it's all within myself. I've decided i am going to start meal prep, otherwise I reach for the wrong. Hoping tat helps. I have started to make sure I'm I taking enough water because that's a major problem of mine. Hopefully my next update is a good one!
Steven Vath

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How are you doing? Hope you are doing well. Post some recent pictures so we can see your progress. Also, make sure you wear your garment. I wore one for a year to keep the lipo together and make my stomach smaller. It worked. Are you still wearing your garment?
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Glad to hear your doing well, My surgery is scheduled for April, and honestly I can't wait. So excited. I will post before and afters as soon as I have some. Again really glad your doing well.
  • Reply
Didn't know I should keep wearing it:( I'll have to start putting it back on if that helps. I'll load some new pics
  • Reply
Yes it helps with the swelling and with your posture. The bending and stuff. I wore mines for almost a year; well, a girdle and it helped so much. Walmart has a,Cupid
  • Reply
Walmart has a Cupid Girdle ( it snaps down the front) for about $12. You can't try then on but you can return it and get the size you need.
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Just wanting to check in on you. How are you doing? All is going good I hope. Closer to my makeover am having consultations now. Getting so excited. Can't wait.
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Hope you are/were able to find a good dr and excited to watch your transformation
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so your a month out, how is your swelling?
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Eating is so frustrating sometimes (especially this time of year!!!) Come the new year you will get back on track and by summer all the swelling will be gone and you will be ready for summer clothes!
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Kids are so precious, and our body goes through such a transformation. Keep hope alive, I can relate to you. I'm a 31 years old and a mother of 3 kids. My body has change tremendously, so I'm getting my mommy make over on January 16. I'm nervous and excited. My days are counting down with dr. Salama. Best of luck to you , and you are looking great.
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I have to tell you, You look amazing. Congratulations on the new you. I have the same build as you minus the previous implants. With the same issues. I was real small, good weight. Then I had babies. And well you know the rest. Your before and after pics, your postings all give me hope and reassurance for the journey I am about to take. Thank you. Good luck to you in your new self.
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Good luck to you and thank you! Have you already set your date?
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Not yet checking surgeons now. But really excited and cant wait. Shooting for January. As I have a trip in March I refuse to miss. I guess I am in a time crunch. Thank you again for sharing your post. You really do look amazing.
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You look great. Happy healing.
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Good for you. Glad to see your renewed motivation! You look great. And if you feel your emotionally eating or unsure why you over eat it may be good to talk to someone. I found that I used to eat to feel comfort because my mother isn't very "motherly" and my dad left me at birth. Finding peace gave me the strength to lose the weight and view food differently. I swear though, I think I'm just addicted to sugar :-)
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That's my problem.. Sweets and carbs! I don't over eat of emotional eat. In fact the biggest problem is I don't eat enough and frequently skip meals. I just eat all the wrong foods when I do eat:(
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Looking good! The eating can be a prob for me too especially with xmas round the corner but the thought of what I have been through stops me dead on my tracks! Personally can't wait until I can start exercising as that's how I conquer! Keep it up and you do look great xxxx
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I'm the same way. If I'm in the gym my eating tends to be better. I started back this week
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Looking good!!!! Looking good!!! Nice shape. Still love the boobs!!!! :)
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The holidays are hard, try the lose it ap on your smart phone for calorie control, I feel like a blimp too after the weekend of eating and no exercise to combat it!!! Ahhhh
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I use the myfitness pal app and really like it
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You look good, did u have implants or just a breast lift and did you get lipo on your flanks?????
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No implants. Implant removal, breast lift, hip and flank lipo, outer thigh lipo and tummy tuck
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You look awesome! Hard to believe that you do not have implants!
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Thank you!
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