Male Tummy Tuck W/ Gynecomastia, Lipo to Flanks - Denver, CO

41 yrs old. 245 lbs down from 320lbs. Always...

41 yrs old. 245 lbs down from 320lbs.
Always been athletic and in the gym. I believe I have good under lying muscle tone. Belly and chest never seem to go down.
I'm scared as hell and hoping I made the right decision with this.
Just to clarify I opted for the extended TT, power assisted lipo to the flanks and lipo to the chest. Didn't want that scare on my chest. Just think it looks just as bad as the way it is now.
Hoping for the best here... Aren't we all.
Goal is to feel comfortable with out my shirt off and loose the excessive fat and skin. Also feel I'm. Do I get this for my little guy (4) as another tool for long life.
Really needing any input here and support. Specifically by guys who have done this or are in the same mind set as me.
Scared, nervous and unsure. Thinking long term here. I know If I don't do this now I may never and then have this regret forever.
I'll be here posting often as I can vent and look to help others as this wave of emotion and change progress. Thanks ahead of time! New chapter of life... Here I come.
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Been honest and easy to talk with... Pre op so far.

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