Celebrating my 66th Birthday with a Lower Face/neck Lift - Denver, CO

Back in 1997 I had a facelift, brow-lift and upper...

Back in 1997 I had a facelift, brow-lift and upper and lower eyes. I was not impressed with the way I healed (basically horrible scarring). After visiting other plastic surgeons to get their opinion on what may have went wrong, I learned that the doctor pulled everything too tight and caused undo tension which ultimately left very wide scars in both my temple area and on top of my head. I can't begin to tell you how much time it took to correct the scarring.

Lucky for me, with time, 3 scar revisions and hair transplant, the outcome was ok and all in all, the lift has lasted for 14 years which is not bad when you think of it.

Needless to say, he ordeal left me very skiddish about getting another lift but I see the hands of time are at it again. While the PS still practices, I will use a different PS this time.

Thanks to RealSelf, I have picked out 2 surgeons and will have consultations with both in May as I hope to have the surgery performed in August.

I will keep you posted.
Thanks for the compliment. I am still hoping to have a lower face lift in August. I did have two consultations with plastic surgeons here in Montana but was not impressed. I was hoping not to have to travel such a distance but decided it was definitely worth it after reading about Dr. Stephen Weber (RealSelf) located in Metro Denver. The few times I have spoken with his staff especially his nurse Amy, I felt very confident that I will be in good hands. Schedule permitting, I hope to have my surgery done in late August/early September. Will post again after the consultation.
you look very good for your age!

Thanks for starting your story with us on RealSelf! I'm sorry you had to deal with so much scarring and hair loss the first time around. I agree with myownhope that you do look pretty, but what an ordeal!

I hope you'll keep us posted throughout your journey to a new and better Facelift! :)


After much due diligence.....

I selected a facial plastic surgeon in Denver. I interviewed a total of six plastic surgeons in two states (2 of them specialize in only the face). Just as I thought, time has played havoc with my jowls and neck so I need a lower face and neck lift and a bit of Juvederm in the eye hollows. For now, I have decided against the fat transfer process for the eye hollows but may choose to do that at a later date. Surgery is set for early September. Will keep everyone posted.
Hi Touchthiskin....Going forward with a lower face and necklift in three weeks. Also, getting Juvederm for the eye hollows. Was considering the fat transfer for the eye hollows but not completely sold on it....yet. Have had such a great experience with Juvederm (lasting a year) in the hollows that I'm quite the advocate for it. Am trying to steer away from general anesthesia, if at all possible. What about you? Any date set yet?
No date yet. Deciding whether to buy a car now or next year which would delay my procedure. If i decide in favor of the implants first, it will happen in September. Meanwhile you must be excited. I cant wait to see your after pics!
Touchthiskin....I know you have made a wise decision. Please keep us posted. I met with Dr. Weber and Amy a couple of weeks ago. Dr. Weber was everything and more than I expected as was Amy and Carmeille. My surgery is scheduled for Sept 6th. Keep in touch.

Question for those who have had a lower face/neck lift surgery

Two weeks from now I go in for a lower face/neck lift surgery. For the most part I am excited yet I'm a bit apprehensive. The apprehensive part is the thought of having general anesthesia. Has anyone had a lower face and neck lift (approx 2.5 hrs surgery time) that has had something less than general anesthesia...like twilight? Of course, I discussed this concern with the surgeon (who, by the way, is one of the best in Denver) and he said that what he would be concerned about is me coming to during the surgery or feeling any pain. He assured me that general anesthesia has come along way since 1997 (I had a horrible experience with loss of hair after a 6-7 hour surgery). It would help me greatly to hear your experiences?
Hi Stacey, I have a question about the sutures, I've heard there are two ways to sew and the one I'm looking for is the ones that are under the skin. Were yours under or on top? Thanks, Teri
How was your first lift at 50? Did you like the result???? It is so kind of you to post and let us know details. Who wouldn't want to look younger. As long as it makes you feel good, then it is all worth it.
Hi Hailey....I was new to plastic surgery back then and didn't do the research and went with the first PS I found in the Yellow Pages. Yes, foolish, I know because I wound up with 5 wide scars (in the hairline) and an uneven hairline behind my left ear. I thought maybe it was something I had done or just the way things can turn out. My family members suggested I see another PS to get their opinion. I ended up seeing 3 plastic surgeons and all said that mine had pulled areas more tightly than he should and that was the reason I ended up with wide scarring in 5 areas of the hair line (3 for the brow and 2 on the temples). I discussed the problems with my PS and asked what he could do to correct the unsightly scars. He performed 2-3 scar revisions over a 20 month period so for that I am grateful. He could do nothing for the loss of hair...that just had to grow back. I guess you could say that all in all things turned out ok.... he was able to correct the scars to about 70% and of course, the hair grew back in over time. I have come to the realization that if you want to improve the fack/neck/brow/eyes it is probably best to consult with a FACIAL plastic surgeon as that is his area of expertise.....so that is exactly what I did this month. I went to Dr. Steve Weber, a facial plastic surgeon in Lone Tree (Denver area) (I live in Montana) and I can tell a major difference in the way I am healing this time. Hope this info is of some value to you and the others who read realself.
Denver Facial Plastic Surgeon

I am not new to plastic surgery so I knew exactly what I was looking for in a facial plastic surgeon. After recommendations, research and consultations, I chose Dr. Weber for my face and neck lift. I must say, Dr. Weber is one amazing facial plastic surgeon. Surgery was Sept 6th, I was up and about on Sept 7th....Pain=none....bruising=minimal to below average...tightness=yes....of course, that's what I went to him for. The entire experience was amazing. I felt a high level of comfort from the time of pre-op, through surgery and the recovery, to the week follow-up visit. I was up and about the day after surgery....not jogging mind you but then again, I never jogged in the first place. Dr. Weber provided an excellent surgical center and from that standpoint, I couldn't have been in better hands. The anesthesia was a non-issue and the recovery time after surgery was minimal. Dr. Weber said I wouldn't feel much, if any, pain and he was absolutely correct. I decided to keep my pain pills next to me just in case the time came when I might need one.....however, that time never came. The after care follow-up was beyond what I expected. Dr. Weber came to my hotel to take the initial dressing off and show my husband and I how to take care of the incisions. My husband, who was with me through it all said "Honey, your surgeon is a winner". That, in itself, says a lot for to drag a compliment out of him is like putting a person on the moon. Now you know why I traveled over 1,600 miles round-trip.....just so Dr. Weber could perform my surgery and I could have peace of mind.

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