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Finally Decided to Do It - Denver, CO

I have been wanting to get Lipo of my inner and...

I have been wanting to get Lipo of my inner and outer thighs for the last 10 years. I am 5'3" and now weigh 150. I have started kickboxing at least 3 times a week and watching my diet, I hope to be down to 140 - 145 before my date. After my consultation I decided on inner and outer thighs, back, flanks, stomach and knees!! Very nervous about the recovery but I have had a BA and tummy tuck so I think I can take it. Still the bruising and leaking is totally freaking me out. I will post before and after pics. Has anyone had work done at Baker Plastic Surgery? Would love to hear from you.

Had my pre op appt last Monday the 18th! Posting...

Had my pre op appt last Monday the 18th! Posting some before pics. Excited and so nervous!!! I was kind of hoping I would take the pics and decide I looked good and could skip the whole thing but wow as soon as I saw them I knew I really want to do this.

Just got off the phone with one of his patients...

Just got off the phone with one of his patients and she said he does amazing work and that althoght it hurt like hell she would do it again! She said she loves her abs although thinks her legs look the same. I feel a little better but still freaking out :( I will take measurements before so I can measure progress and I guess I better get to the store for my Arnica since I need to start it tomorrow...

Ok so its time my appt is 6:45 tomorrow morning!!...

Ok so its time my appt is 6:45 tomorrow morning!! Have huge swings right now from being excited to terrified!!!! No turning back now though. Did anyone else take valium with the pain killers, if so do you think it helped? Here are my measurement so I can track my progress...
Left thigh 24.5
right thigh 25
flanks 41.5
hips 38
waist 33
upper abs 32
weight 152

Surgery went well they took out 2500 cc or 2.5...

Surgery went well they took out 2500 cc or 2.5 liters. Im not in as much pain than I thought but I do have a very hard time getting up or down! I have been icing and keeping my legs elevated. Still having waves of nasua so I have only eaten a few crackers and so far only one pain pill!

Day 1 PO pain still not as bad as I thought maybe...

Day 1 PO pain still not as bad as I thought maybe a 5. The worst part so far is that I can't sleep :( Getting up and down is really hard too! I havent noticed much swelling but Im sure its there I am 5 lbs heavier than when I went in. Havent gotten up the courage yet to see whats going on under the garments. Oh and probably TMI but what is with the gas??? Maybe its just the meds but making me really uncomfortable...

Had my 5 day check up today and it was the 1st...

Had my 5 day check up today and it was the 1st time I actually looked at what was under my garment, I was so happy to see that the bruising is way less than I thought! The Dr said he is very happy with the results and everything is healing great! I am still very tired but no pain killers except at night for the last 2 days. I have been drinking a ton of water and eating low sodium and that seems to be keeping the swelling down. My weight is still at 154 so up from surgery weight, the Dr said I should be at the peak of my swelling and it should be all down here from now on :). I will post pics at my 1 week!

Oh forgot to mention I did have a shower on Monday...

Oh forgot to mention I did have a shower on Monday and it feels so strange to have the garment off almost light headed the whole time... any suggestions to make this better?

Just took a shower so added some updated pics.

Just took a shower so added some updated pics.

Day 12 and I feel pretty good, still really sore...

Day 12 and I feel pretty good, still really sore on my thighs and still can't sleep right... My stomach looks kind of stranges where only the right side looks swollen and is hard?? I have started doing self massage and it feels so good!!! Not looking the way I want it to but I am still swollen even have kankles, so I am trying not to freak out yet! I will post 2 week pics this weekend :)

Day 17 and the swelling is finally starting to go...

Day 17 and the swelling is finally starting to go down, I can tell because the creases caused by my garment are way less! I am a little nervous since the right side of my lower ab is still bigger than the left and when I put my right leg up on my knee I see a crease to my inner thigh :( hoping that will go away. I am also very tender on my right hip and if I touch it wrong it feels like something is tearing... ugh I really just want to be healed already. On a good note bruising is really fading I can walk much better now although I feel really stiff and think maybe I should start streching? Did anyone strech after lipo? My stage 2 garment will be in today and I can't wait to not have the zippers digging into the side of my legs :) Sleeping is getting better and I now sleep about 6 hours straight. My PS told me not to remove the steri strips and let them fall off by themselves, how long does that usually take only a few have fallen off and some of the others are really starting to bug me. Will get the pics up and hope to see more improvement that way than I see in the mirror at this point.

Day 17 pics I don't see much improvement although...

Day 17 pics I don't see much improvement although I know that I am really swollen today and I hope that is why :( I got my stage 2 garment and it hurt putting the thing on but feels so much better than stage 1 I slept so much better last night without the zippers and hooks digging into my thighs. I am a little scared of taking it on and off everday for a shower but guess Ill just suck it up!
Matthew Baker

My best friend is his OR tech and said he did amazing work.

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wow, you're surgeon did a great job because you look great!
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You're looking awesome!! Can't wait to see more of your updates. My surgery is next Thursday - I'm so nervous/excited. I'm getting most of the same areas done (just not my back)
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Your back looks AMAZING! I hope mine gets to that point...wow!
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Hi I just did Lip on inner/outer thighs, knees, abdomen with skin strip ( mini tummy tuck ) and breast lift. i'm on day 9. I leaked for almost 6days but from only one knee, I was worried, but reading all the comments, I guess it's normal. the dizziness is normal I had that too, I even fainted twice :( I was scared, I didn't know it's normal, i'm still in pain and take pain killer only at night to help me sleep because like you I can't sleep more than 3-4hours. :) p.s. I barely see a difference on my thighs, I hope it gets better in a few months, nurses keep telling me to be patient and that it's take months to see the final result. they took out 4L of fat from my body. at this point I really hope they are right. did you do a traditional Lipo or vaser or smart (laser)? wish you a fast recovery
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also did Flanks lipo* typo mistake-- it takes**
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Hey there! Don't worry, you are at the point where it starts to get better. I am on Day 20 and it was at Day 14 that I really started to feel better. I am still sore but there is no more sharp pains when I stand or move. The bruising is almost gone and I have started back at the gym on the elliptical only. Sleeping is frustrating I know, it takes a while before you can sleep through the night comfortably. I can sleep about 6 hours now without waking up. Are you taking Arnica Montana and using Arnica Gel? I found that really helped with the pain for sleeping if I put the gel on right before I went to bed. Also, are you icing? That helps with the discomfort right before bed as well. I had about 2L out of my lower abdomen, flanks, inner and router thighs. I can see that my shape is different but am still swollen and puffy in places. I am encouraged by the fact that I have lost inches even though my weight on the scale is the same. That just means when the swelling goes away completely I will be good! My doctor said I won't see final results until 5-6 months. He said around 3 months the results will be pretty much ally here but the occasional swelling won't go away until 6 months. Good luck! Hope you feel better soon!!!!
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I did traditional lipo and no leaking, thank god although it is normal and I think the swelling goes down faster if you leak :) I am like you and see no difference in my thighs I keep telling myself to be patient but I really want to see something good now that I put myself through all of this. 4L is alot I am sure your results are going to be amazing!
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thank you, yes 4L is a lot, that's why i'm so scared for my thighs, that's the main reason I did lipo in the first place. we have to be patient. hopefully it will be amazing :)
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wow, thank you for the reply. I feel much better, only on day 9 and expecting final results.. lol I am not using any of the things you mentioned, only Oxycodone for pain only 1 at night before sleeping and I only have like 3 left anyways. but the pain is now controllable, but still uncomfortable and numb at places. what is exactly Arnica Montana and Arnica Gel? do I need a prescription for it? or and does anyone recommend getting lymphatic massage when the pain is more manageable? and I can walk slowly now, but not for a long time, because my thighs hurts. you started gym how long ago? hope you get the results you want :)
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Arnica Montana are little pellets that you put under your tongue until they dissolve (5 pellets three times per day). Arnica Gel is a pain reliever/anti Bruising/Swelling gel that you rub on three times per day. They are homeopathic and available at health food stores like Whole Foods. My doctor had me start the pellets 1 week before the surgery and I am still taking them. I had hardly any bruising and the gel helps the pain and discomfort soooooo much. Be sure to get 30cc or 200cc of the pellets. I recommend 200. You do not need a prescription for these. The numbness takes awhile to go away. I still have a little numbness in my flanks which is where the doctor took out the most. But everywhere else it has gone away. It took about 2 weeks for that to get better. I asked my doctor about the lymphatic massage and he said it doesn't really help with the healing process but it feels good. You should be lightly massaging yourself when you are in the shower under warm water and that does the same thing. Also, when you rub on the gel it is the same thing. Lymphatic massage is a gentle rubbing of the skin to pull and release the skin so it releases toxins to the lymphatic system (liver). That is what I read online. I feel for you for sure! Walking was so miserable at first. I felt like no one had really prepared me for the recovery process. The doctors and nurses all say it is so easy...whatever!!! BUT, it does get a lot easier once you hit the 2-3 week point. All of a sudden you feel normal again, just sore and it does feel like an easy process. Hang in there! Drink LOTS of water, rest with legs elevated, use the arnica, eat low sodium high protein and you will feel better soon i promise!!!
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thank you, big help, means a lot. will keep everything in mind, it's true even they told me ah it's not so bad, you feel like you had the worst work out of your life.. yaaa right.. lol but it's better day by day, the first few days was horrible, dizzy, fainting etc... but the high protein diet should help with the recovery, i'm scared to gain weight now since haven't been active for 9 days and won't be for another week before I return to gym, so I try to eat less now... I'll head to whole food store for Arnica Montana. thank you again :)
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I am taking Arnica pellets and bromaline extract. The bromaline is supposed to help with the swelling and I think the arnica really helped too! I am back at work today and really wished I took the last few days of this week off I already need a nap lol.
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Wow, so being only night 2 on the site & very green wld it be rude to ask how much did that cost? If so my apologies to the RS family. :) Finally is there a state comparison list..i thought I read someone here said there used to be?!?
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I paid 5000.00 for mine it seems prices are all over the place though... I would get at least 3 consults and that should give you good idea for your area. Also they usually give a discount if you are having more than 1 area done at a time. Good luck and ask anything that comes up this site is great and everyone is so open and helpful :)
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Hi!! stopping by to wish you a happy recovery. If you read my review, you will see that walking, eating lots of proteins, low carbs minimum sodium and drinking at least a gallon will help!
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How are you doing now??
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I am doing really well, way better than I thought :) Not much brusing or leaking so that made me very happy I seem to be really tired though and can't sleep more than 4 hours at a time... hope that passes soon.
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Glad to hear you are doing well. I am just over 2 weeks post and I think I started sleeping longer around Day 9. But it is only about 6 hours because I have to go to the bathroom so much due to all the water I am drinking. The lightheaded feeling during showering went away on the third day I showered (Day 8). It felt so weird to have the garment off, and so good at the same time. Now, I feel more comfortable with it on. I agree with previous posts that walking, drinking TONS of water, eating good really helps. How is your skin? Do you have numbness? I am still numb in the flank area, but everything else came back. I had 2100cc's taken out on March 22. I am getting really excited to see the final results in a few months. I can really start to see my new shape now. I am still puffy in a coupe areas and if I eat too much salt or sit for too long the next day I swell up by about 3 pounds. But after the first week, you will really start to see results and feel better. I can't even believe the difference already. I have lost 1" off my waist, 2" off my flanks, 1" off my thighs. It's amazing! I still get sad sometimes when I have a really swollen day, just have to remember it will pass. Good Luck on your continued results!!!
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I hope I can change ratings if needed was not given a lot of after care instuctions....
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Oh I went and bought low soduim turkey breast and lots of fresh fruits and veggis, hope that helps with my swelling! Thanks :)
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The patient you talked to, I feel just like her. Happy with my abs, not so much with my legs. Still super swollen though! Try some arnica gel/lotion too :) I alternated between icing and moist heat a couple of times a day (a microwaved, wet, thin dish-towel, 30 seconds, then I would put it over another thin dish towel over a heating pad). I especially did this to my lower back/flank area. I still moist heat a couple of times a week as of last week. Icing is best the first week or so though,,,,,,,, then I added the moist heat.
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I've always been sodium sensitive but this now seems magnified! Assuming this will be one of the things that gets better with thim. Ugh.
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Hi! I had lipo on 3/22 for lower abs, flanks, inner and outer thigh. I am 5'2" 122 and very active. Just had a few trouble spots that would never go away no matter what. Definitely take Arnica and Bromelain. Then when you can maybe around day 5 start using Arnica gel. It helps so much. I think the Arnica really helped my bruising. It wasn't too bad. They are there but never looked scary. Everyone is different with recovery. Just remember it will pass. Try to get off pain mess as soon as possible. They can make you very emotional. I also noticed I physically felt better once I stopped them. But some maxi dresses and soft cotton skirts to wear after the first week. I had a hard time the first five days but then it got better really fast. I had a BA and this was harder. Sleep with your legs elevated too. You will do amazing. You will love it. Good luck!
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Hi - I just had my work done on the 12th of March. Abs (upper/lower), flanks, outer thighs and knees - I also had a breast lift and small implant. (Pics are posted). I'm at 10 days and if I had it to do all over again, I'd skip the knees. Hopefully the results will be worth it in the long run. I have HUGE knees - family trait... BUT I think your knees look great. If you haven't deposited yet, you might want to rethink the knees. My knees are causing me the most discomfort (well - my lower back hurts too pbly cuz I have to sleep on my back all the time due to my breasts - but.... - my knees hurt....) Anywho - it is only day 10 - I don't wanna scare you off of it - BUT if I had your knees, I totally would not have done my knees. I didn't leak hardly at all and I was fearful of that too... Not sure if that is good or bad. I had 2500 cc's taken out. I can only assume she got most of the fluid out. I am very swollen but I can already see a difference in just 10 days in my pics I posted. So - ask me anything you want! I'll try to answer if I can!
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Thanks, your pics are looking great! Did you take arnica or bromline? Glad you didn't leak I hope I don't. I already did the deposit but since he is giving me such a great deal Im sure I can change anything I want. Sill reading everything I can and thinking maybe I shouldn't since everyone is talking about how much pain they are in I keep freaking myself out :(
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