Neck / Face Tightening, Eyelid Surgery, and Laser Resurfacing - Years Erased in Only Hours, No Anesthesia

As a Nurse Practitioner seeing patients daily,...

As a Nurse Practitioner seeing patients daily, I've seen the results of many types of procedures. One patient introduced me to the concept of Lifestyle Lift. I had done her preop physical due to hypertension-related concerns. I decided to call Lifestyle Lift and had my procedures the same week I had seen them.

I am 6 weeks out from having neck and face tightening, eyelid surgery, and laser resurfacing. I couldn't be happier with the results. My down-time was less than 2 weeks, even after having extensive procedures. I'm very active and found that the decreased down-time and the lack of pain associated with the procedure and the glowing results were well worth it. The laser portion results will show up over the next 3-6 months.

Dr. Warren Schutte

He was efficient and kind. He also was honest and supportive.

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Could you share with me the doctor's name whom performed the proceed?
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Dr. Warren Schutte, Denver
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I'm not sure if my last email didn't get to you, but his name is Dr. Warren Schutte in Denver. I have been pleased. RA
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I am very happy you are pleased with Dr. Schutte and your result (since Dr. Schutte is the individual surgeon who performed your procedure). Several comments: as a nurse practitioner, you should know that propofol, versed, and fentanyl, which are used for IV sedation are exceptionally safe medications in a healthy patient. Assuming your procedure was several hours (if performed properly), I am also assuming you were awake for the procedure. The vast majority of my patients prefer sedation because it is safe and simply because they do not want to be aware of what is going on in the OR. The last comment I would like to make is on the price for this procedure: not too much different than what one would pay anywhere else. It looks like the surgical fee minus the anesthesia cost. I have personally seen the results of many Lifestyle Lifts and I hope that your result is far better than those. Best of Luck!
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