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Denver LifeStyle Lift Center (I will include...

Denver LifeStyle Lift Center
(I will include pictures)
Susie, the consultant, told me that pineapple and spinach were two items I should start eating daily. I do not like spinach but I bought canned pineapple and regular pineapple that I plan on making pineapple, banana smoothies twice daily. I should stop taking most of the vitamins I have been taking, flaxseed, fish oil, vitamin E, and all medications that would have aspirin in them. I was given a comprehensive list.
The other suggestions were the use twice daily was Arcina Montana, first I bought the tablets and then I bought the gel. Arcina Montana is to help prevent or lessen bruising.
I was told to get at least 30 sunblock to be applied every time I go outside. The Friday before the surgery I picked up my prescriptions. In those prescription was an bleaching agent to be used twice daily. The bleaching agent was for the laser that I was having done in the mouth area.
• Hydroquinine 4% - Bleaching Agent (This item was $90.00 of the total prescriptions)
• Zolpidem 10 MG – Sleeping Aide
• Cephalexin – 500 MG – Antibiotic
• Acyclovir 800 MG – antiviral
• Promethazine 25mg – nausea
• Oxycodone - pain

My surgery was scheduled for Wednesday, May 15, and I started my Acyclovir prescription on Monday the 13th. This I took twice a day. Altogether I got four prescriptions. Since I have only four days before surgery I felt so set.
On Tuesday night I was a little apprehensive. Since you are just getting Valium to relax you and injections to numb the area to be worked on. I had chosen to get the lifestyle lift, neck tightening, and a laser around the mouth and chin area to get rid of fine lines. I was very nervous that the pain would be unbearable. The truth is that Valium pretty much knocks me out. I felt the injections but they were not painful. The assistant had put numbing cream were the injections and laser would be performed and injection areas.
I was able to hear the equipment, feeling the tugging, and all the things going on. I had a cloth on my eyes so I could not see. I felt no pain or discomfort during the procedures. I was wrapped with bandages and ice and sent back to the hotel with my husband. He got me a banana, chicken nuggets, and a chocolate shake. I could not open my mouth far enough for the chicken but eat the rest. About 3-4 hours after the surgery the numbness was pretty much gone Oxycodone upset my stomach so I would have to use an anti-nausea medicine also. The Oxycodone put me into twilight sleep but did not do much for the pain. On a scale of 1 to 10 of pain for that night I would say 7-8. In the morning I feeling pretty good and took another Oxycodone. That knocked me out and into the twilight zone. The nurse checked my stitched and cleaned them. She put new ointment and new bandages. My face was swollen the laser area was crusted. I was not a pretty sight. I needed to ice the stitch areas for 20 minutes each hour. Same was true since yesterday.
I did not take another prescription pain medication and just relied on Tylenol which worked better for me. I did not take any of their sleeping pills. My husband is cleaning the stitches and putting the ointment on.

Day Two
Friday morning I was able to take a shower, boy am I ever swollen his morning, I must have not stayed put on the pillows while I was sleeping. I have set up a timetable for taking the medications so I do not vary or miss one. I am still making the pineapple smoothies; they go down so good and taste good besides.
I set on the balcony, it was a beautiful sunny morning, and I am wondering why I did this. I look like i was run over by a Mac truck, my energy is all but gone, and there is a constant ache in the lift area. Tylenol seems to dull it but it is still there.
Day three
Last night I slept in the recliner and it worked fairly well. I woke to find the swelling seemed to have at least stabilized or maybe even receded some. The left side seems to be swollen more than the right. I have oatmeal for breakfast which some ended up down the front of me since I still cannot open my mouth very wide. Nice banana and pineapple smoothies are still my best bet. When I cleaned my incisions they are still clean with no sign of bleeding. I applied my ointment but on the gauze pads and put the stretchy headgear. I have a purple ring around my neck about 3/4" wide. When LSL called today they said the ring was just part of the healing process. I have had only two Tylenol tablets today. The tightness is still a little uncomfortable but not unbearable.
Tonight we had pizza. That was a challenge since opening my mouth enough to get the pizza in was interesting. After eating and chewing I iced my face down hoping the exercise would not cause swelling.
LSL called to check up on my progress this evening. The only concern I had was the large raised bruising ring on lower neck. It is not of concern and will resolve itself.

Day four
SLEPT LIKE A BABY LAST Night. Got up and took a shower, the swelling has stabilized. I shampooed my hair with baby shampoo, cleaned stitches, put the aquarphor on the lasered area, More Arnica Montana on bruise on cheek and on all neck area. Overall things are starting to subside and maybe even reversal of swelling. The laser area is the most swollen and bright red.
I have spent most of my time just laying around taking it easy hoping to heal quickly. My voice has changed to raspy and that is new. I hope when the swelling is gone my old voice will return. Maybe I should try singing, maybe I could carry a tune now.
When I went up tonight to wash my face and clean the stitches I see that some swelling has returned. I guess I need to get back to icing a little more faithfully.
I have been looking at ALL on YouTube. They must have really ticked Atlanta TV station off. That station is going after all as if they have a vendetta against them. If all turns out well for me I may just do a YouTube with my experience.

Day Five
Up early this morning. The swelling seems to be up just a tad. I washed my face and stitch area, on the right bottom lobe is a small lump. My husband checked it and said it was a very small bump with a white spot the size of a pin head. We decided that we would just handle the daily routine as usual and check it this evening for any change.
The lasered area is bright red and since I am Oliver skinned it is quite obvious. Tomorrow I get my stitches out and I am sure they can recommend a makeup that will cover the redness and blend the skin tones.
For the first time I was able to brush my teeth properly. That felt good. I will be cutting back on the smoothies since the last couple of days I have developed a slight case of diaries. I did wrap a scarf around my head and neck, it maybe did not look any better but made me feel better.

Day Six
Tonight will be my last night in the recliner, but I must say the family room recliner is pretty darn comfortable. I took my first Tylenol in a couple of days. I am looking forward to a nice shower this morning. I plan on styling my hair for the first time since surgery, until now it was take a shower, clean stitches, apply ointment, gauze, put on elastic bandage, and hide from public. I was even able to use the WaterPic for my teeth for the first time since surgery.
My stomach feels real acidy with all the prescriptions I have been taking. I am not a person that normally takes medicines of any kind except an occasional aspirin. I finish all the medication tomorrow and I will be so happy.
I have thought over the last week if I would do it over again. My answer is still not complete. The first couple of days were uncomfortable but with the exception of the first night there was no real pain. The swelling was something I really was not prepared for and was very surprising. I do have a high tolerance for pain and a low tolerance for drugs of any kind so that maybe why I have not thought the pain aspect was an unexpected negative. Will I be ready to receive expected company in four days? With neck scarves and makeup hopefully.
I will reserve complete judgment on the procedure and if it was worth it both monetarily and physically. In a couple of months I will answer that question with an update. The cost for all the procedures were $7,100.00, $108.00 for prescriptions, $200.00 for one night at the Hampton Inn near the surgery center, and another $50.00 for supplies.
Today I cleaned the stitches and spent about ½ hour without my constant companion, the compression cap. The swelling is down, the redness is starting to subside, the neck is still very bruised, a couple small spots by the side of my checks are bruised, and the bruise by my eye that was caused by the swelling itself. Today as I was examining my neck I did notice light bruising going down into the upper chest are. The slight bruising goes approximately 5 inches down from the neck. This was another surprise I had not expected.
With a little make up, hair styling, and scarves around my neck and I can go out without being looked at strangely. Somebody that knows me will wonder why I look so puffy but strangers would not give it a second look.

Day Seven
I slept last night in the recliner until about 3 AM and then I got cold so I went to bed, I laid almost flat and snuggled my hubby. In the morning I Iced one last time before going off to the LifeStyle Center to have stitches removed. So far so good.
Showered, hair washed, stitches cleaned w/ointment, hair styled, but not quite ready for prime time but am getting there. A little eye makeup and cover-up for the bruise under the eye works wonders. What is most noticeable is the redness of the laser but in real life it is not quite as obvious. I think the redness is intensified in the picture by the ointment that I applied. I cannot believe the difference from yesterday, I even thought all my hair had fallen out since it looked so thin matted down all the time.
A big day out for me. We stopped at a fast food place and had lunch, no one seemed to even notice that I was a few shades of red around the mouth or a couple of very small bruises on my face. Still no makeup allowed on the face itself. My bright purple scarf covered my neck where most of the discoloration still lingered.
The Doctor was very pleased with the neck, he looked at it from every angle. In fact, he left the room so his assistant could remove the stitches and he returned just to get another look and kept commenting on how great the neck looked, the face just got a that it looks good and will continue to improve. So I guess the neck will be getting rave reviews.
I no longer need to sleep elevated, stop the ice packs and start with heat 3 -4 times a day for the next week. After that I will use heat packs and start a gentle message of face and neck. I will still clean the stitch are as usual for the next couple of days while the stitches close, no makeup in those areas either for a couple of days but non-stitch areas can now have makeup. No outside exposure at all without at least 30 sunscreen. I will see swelling come and go for the first month. I am to sleep with the compression on my neck for the first month. I was told what makeup works well during the heeling process and not to use any anti-aging crèames or moisturizer until given the OK at four weeks.
I was off to ULTRA to get the proper makeup and moisturizer. DermaBlend, and a nice mineral based foundation and small moisture with 30 sunscreen protection. The total was $69.00. I went right home and applied it, the DermaBlend is not the heavy mask type cover that I expected and the two makeup blended very nicely, I was very pleased. I hope that I will be able to use this after everything is settled down and I am back to my new normal. I am not one that likes to throw away that much money after a few weeks.
Day 7
I am swollen this morning and started of with the heat packs. I am off the clean the stitches are and get ready for my day.
I will now start posting on a weekly basis unless something unusual or new happens. I hope this posting is helpful to you and you decision or recover of you lifestyle lift.

Day Ten

I was bummed this morning, the tech forgot to take all my stitches out on Wednesday, I called and now have an appointment for next Tuesday to have them removed. My burn blister on the right side of face, to hot of compresses, is still there and larger than I had hoped for a day later. The Doctor called in a prescription for a creme for my burn.

Overall I think I am doing well. I will be using some heat compresses on the left side of my face only. I am not s'pose to use compresses on that side until the Tuesday appointment.

This morning I did go out with my 8" brimmed hat on and did some gardening and transplanting of plants. It did not appear to cause any swelling. Used the 30 sunscreen as instructions.

Two weeks later

I made a doctor appointment to have the burn checked yesterday. The blister is still in tact a week later. The doctor says it is healing nicely and should not leave a scar.

This morning I washed my face and started applying the antibiotic and the blistered skin is now starting to remove itself. The new skin is red but looks good where the blister is gone.

Most of the bruising is gone and much of the swelling is gone also. With makeup people would not know that just two weeks ago I had surgery. It is still to early to say if the end results are everything I had hoped but so far it looks good.

Day 25, Thoughts, and burn update

Sorry I originall posted in the wrong area.
Today is day 25 after my LSL. As I had posted I did burn myself on day 8 with two hot of compresses. I did go back to the Doctor and he thought it would be find and should not scare and to continue the ointment he had prescribed for the burn.The original burn was the size of a egg. The whole area is still red and some new skin but has a center of about the size of a penny that is till definitely still burn. I was told that it may take up to three weeks to heal so it still does have a couple of days but I do not think it will be complete with all new skin by three weeks. I have been doing 2 protein drinks a day and 2000 mg of Vitamin C every day.

. I have quite a bit of swelling in cheek area and the are directly under my chin in the neck area is still has significant swelling that is still hard, I am hoping that will smooth out as the swelling decreases.

I believe it is called the libal nasal fold needs a little plumping up and I am considering have a local doctor do what he called the vampire lift in that area. Blood is drawn from you and put in a centrifuge the platelets are kept and the serum is discarded.The platelets are injected in the area need. It takes several weeks but the platelets are to regenerate collagen and fill in that area. What have others heard about this procedure? Does it work? I still believe I am pleased with the results but just a little concerned since it is taking longer than I realized.

Yesterday I caught a glimpse of myself in oblique and almost did not recognize myself. I apologize that the pictures are not better quality. My phone seems to take good pictures of everything but me. The coloring seems all wrong.

Did not spell check my first posting.

Did not spell check and the spelling of today was terrible. I applogize for that.

Telling my age.

At age 65 I still seen myself as youthful but the mirror was not reflecting that. My face was the one area that exercise and diet could not improve; therefore, I decided that Lifestyle Lift might be my best option to be able to recapture the fresh new look I desired.

Five weeks and all is well.

Today is week five for my lifestyle lift. Everything seems to be going as expected. I still have some swelling under my chin in the neck area and some numbness along the sides of my face but both are subsiding .

As many of you know I burned the side of my face with too hot compresses. It was a second degree burn. It now seems to healing but tomorrow it will be four weeks.

I shampoo my hair with baby shampoo and no conditioner so it does not irritate the burn. I am also still using the antibiotic soap on my face. I hope I do not need to buy a New bottle.my my face but both are subsidizing


Eight Weeks
My neck is gorgeous! My face is looking good. Dr. L is pleased with the way the surgery results has progressed. We looked at the before and after pictures and we could see that the jowls were gone, a smoother jaw line was apparent, and the check areas are smooth and even with no showing of lumping or gathering. I can quit wearing my headgear, He gave me a prescription for the Renova that I had used for years but told me to make sure not to get it on the burn area.
He checked the burn and said that it should heal without a scar and the red color will diminish in a couple of months. I have made an appointment for September 18 to have everything checked to make sure that things are still on a good track. If I decide to have the fat transfer and full facial laser I will make the appointment in September to have it done in November, Dr. L gets booked up way in advance.
I am very pleased with the results so far, I find my results to be very natural. My one concern is the neck area under the chin, he assured me that some people take up to six months or even longer for all the swelling to be gone.
He commented on my original blog entry. He thought the information would be helpful to others considering a LSL or if they had just had one. Glad I could help!
I have attended a family and high school reunion and nobody seemed to notice that I had anything done. The comments were that I really knew how to take care of myself. And for that matter I do, I still wear a 8 or 9 Jean, work out three times a week and try to eat right. If I do say so myself I look pretty darn good for a 65 year old lady.

I have taken the next step.

I have had several recommendations for a PS in Fort Collins. This morning I made an consultation appointment for August 8. You know you have a successful doctor when you wait 3 weeks to get a consultation. I may be looking at late August or early September if I decide to have either the fat grafting, earlier for fillers. This PS considers fat grafting as surgery and will be done in surgical suite where fillers will be an office visit. I had to pay a $75.00 fee when I made appointment, it will be applied to any procedure I would elect to have.

scar from burn

It sure appears the last area of the burn may have left a scar. It is raised and continues to be a bright red. After everything is healed I will have it checked.

The numbness on the sides of my face is almost completely gone but do still have numbness in the chin and neck area. Almost home fee.

Facial fillers

Today I had an appointment with a local PS that comes highly recommended.She thought the face and neck lift was done beautifully.She does not think fat grafting is the best option for me. She has used Radiesse as a filler with great success and that is her recommendation. It lasts about one year but should give me the best results and be the best dollar wise. I have an appointment to have that done in two weeks.

Burn scar did not heal as predicted

At my last PS check in Denver the Dr.thought the burn would heal with no scaring. For some reason the last area turned bright red and is not noticeably raised. The local PS has had success with one of pieces of equipment to reduce redness and scarring. Next week when I have filler she will do the first treatment. Wish me luck.

pictures of scar.

The born is healed and this is what I now have. I start treatment Friday to attempt to remove or make it less noticeable.

Burn is the word & notion!!

Darn auto-correct.
Fort Collins Facial Plastic Surgeon

He and his staff were wonderful and very comforting. He made sure that I was comfortable at all times and kept me informed on the procedure they were doing.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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You look wonderful! The burn mark is probably easily covered with make-up anyhow. You really do look grand!
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You are so pretty-You look so good. Even if your scar does not go completely away, You have options-and you will continue to look so very youthful. All the very best. My own face is still super red in this little photo. (the lazer burning) but now all I have is one deep wrinkle on left cheek. Do not know why right is fine, but, that is how it seems to stay. Since this photo, I had upper eyes--and now it is almost 3 mo. post that part. Don't ask why I didn't do it all at once-chicken, I guess.(plus busy life style and could not find enough down time to recoup.) Are you a lot better today?
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It was a good decision for me and I am happy with the results. Glad to hear that your scar has lessened. I am hoping my will do the same, I do not think I will do anything until spring an see how the scar is at that time before I move forward with anything else.
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Thank you for taking the time to give us so much info!
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Very interesting experiences, ladies. I'm 76 and need a neck lift, but I'm extremely cautious about going under the knife, so I'm grateful for all of you who have shared your stories. I'm going to try to post a photo of what I look like now, and, if I decide to get the LSL, I'll post the afters.

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Good luck with your decision. I know you will be happy with whatever decision you make.
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What have you decided. I do not regret doing the LSL, am thinking of doing laser for some of the fine lines around eyes so will most likely do whole face.
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Oh yea, you look really good now.
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In journey had ups and downs. I am 3 1/2 months out and things are starting to settle down. The feeling in my face and neck and are pretty much back but when I make some movements I still have this sensation that is hard to describe. I guess the closest thing I could say is that if you have a burn or something and while it is still healing and move certain ways it has a stretching feeling.
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I preety much have feeling all over. A dull ache even. There are certain moves that, actually hurt like heck that I can't remember until I do them again. Like, when showering, scrubbing under my neck on 1 side &then lift chin to go over to other side to scrub, OHH. Now that sends this awful shooting pain through me I can't hardly stand. I am starting to remember that 1, but here are others too.
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I was so disheartened earlier after I got home from getting my stitches out, took pictures, then noticed the hard place & pulled skin looked a lot worse than I thought. I was thinking about how much better I looked before all this. Then I read your day 25 where you had hard places. it made me feel alittle better.
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Great result with your lift!!!!!
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Connie you look fabulous. What a beautiful result. Despite the burn, for which I will probably use honey to heal, you look younger, happier and healthier. Your story was quite a journey but so well worth it. I do love your po pics so much. I'm really happy to see such a beautiful face
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Gosh that was a nasty burn. What a bummer! Who would have thought that was even possible? I'm glad my PS warned me or that could easily have been me. So sorry this happened but I'm sure all will be well eventually.
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You look amazing! My doctor would not allow me to use hot compresses for the burn risk. He said to use my hairdryer on low. I did use compresses however but I kept them wrapped in a towel til they had cooled. I would go with fat transfers again. Doctor said it promotes collagen production and I would rather use fat than filler. Can't help wondering if they just want to keep you coming back for more. I was interested in the vampire lift but PS says it doesn't last long. I keep thinking my eyes need a lift now. I can see how this get's addictive!
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Hi Connie Lea, First and formost I want to thank you for posting all that you have. I have been contemplating the LS lift for some time now and have had them send me the info packet. The nearest clinic to me is in Nashville, TN and I don't see any reviews from people who had work done there. I am 63 and look fair for my age. But...I do look tired. I want to fix that but I am trying to do the research needed to have the best results. Have you heard from anyone who had any work done at the Nashville Clinic? I would like to research the doctors but don't know who they are. Thanks so so much for posting your journey. It has been so helpful for me in helping me decide what is the best way for me to go. You are a beautiful woman....both before and after your procedure. Best of luck. MamaD :)
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Think you. When you get your packet from LSL they will have a summary bio for each doctor. With that information you should be able to do some background research on each. Good luck. Are you considering face and neck lift or just the facdlift?
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you look great. I was happy to see the pictures and read about your recovery. I have been thinking about getting the lsl and wanted to read reviews. yours is the first I read and will continue to read more. thank you.
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Hi Connie Lea, Thank you for the update! Nice to know another PS thought your face and neck lift were beautifully done... another nice affirmation. Let us know how the filler goes.
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I have started with the pineapple smoothies, arnica tablets and gel. Hopefully I will have little or no bruising.
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Hi there. Just been reading about your whole experience with LSL. You have a great result. It is truly hard to believe your age. I also read that you will soon have an appointment to see about fat transfer and full facial laser. I had both of them and am very pleased with the result. I have a very small thin face and with age had lost any volume that I once had plus weight loss contributed to hollowness. The fat transfer made a world of difference and it is such an easy recuperation. The places where he harvested the fat from on my abdomen are still sore, but not bad enough to even complain about. The full facial laser does require a longer down time and lots of after care as far as cleaning the area several times per day and reapplying Vaseline. You look great. Where will the fat be transferred to?
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Thanks. I know that other peoples experience has helped me. Often just knowing I am not alone.
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Connie Lea, you look great! Your journey of healing has certainly had it's detours. There are so many parts of the healing process. I came to the surgery with some prior neck injury issues, and now I find THEY are requiring my attention. I'm really happy with my surgery results. I'm a couple of days short of the two week mark.
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BSki: HOW DID SURGERY GO? I know it is early nut my thoughts are with you.
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My surgery was 10 hours. I'm almost a month out now. I still have bruising, swelling, and nerve tingling and sometimes nerve pain. All part of the recovery process, I guess. I start back to teaching next week, although I'm meeting with a couple of kids for tutoring this week. Work is good - it takes my mind off the swelling, pain and tingling.
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