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I started my Invisalign treatment in October 2013....

I started my Invisalign treatment in October 2013. It's been more problematic than I'd expected. Here's what I have found difficult:

1. A few days after starting treatment I had a meeting at a client's office. My new trays were quite sharp, and they cut the inside of my mouth, causing the top tray to fill up with blood. It was very embarrassing.

2. The trays make it difficult to speak, a problem which is supposed to go away but hasn't. When I try to pronounce certain sounds, air bubbles flow under the top tray and pop out of my mouth. Sometimes I spray and it's embarrassing. People have trouble understanding me and I have to repeat myself a lot. If I try to speak louder I increase the chances of spraying them. It's awkward.

3. I had a little bit of an allergic reaction to them, causing me to feel nauseated and even threw up one morning. Thankfully, that has gone away.

4. My lips get snagged on my trays, making me look like I'm snarling. Sometimes after I smile my lips don't go back into place and I have to wiggle my mouth to get the inside of my mouth unsnagged.

5. The trays are MUCH more irritating than I had expected. Lots of people seem to get used to them but I haven't yet, perhaps because they have caused so many problems.


On one tray of mine i had to do a little trimming to make it stop digging into the gum and that took care of that. Ortho wax was a lifesaver for the first 4 sets of trays or so. They cut the heck out of my tongue but once my mouth toughened up I didn't have to use the wax anymore. My speech has never improved from day one and neither has the saliva production. The more i learn about Invisalign, the more I think it's 99% getting the molds done correctly. My dentist tried 5 or 6 times till she was satisfied with what the trays looked like. (not sure what was her criteria) Mine are actually above the gum line a little bit so I never had a real problem with cutting too bad. It sounds like they went a little over board with the molds. Might not be a bad idea to pay for a second opinion on your situation.
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Thanks so much for joining us and sharing your story!  I am saddened by your provider's lack of responsiveness.  Most people (honestly) don't have much trouble with Invisalign, so it seems providers should be willing to work with those few who do.

Thank you for enumerating your problems so succinctly!

I have never experienced my trays filling with blood.  That sounds ghastly, frankly.  You should have taken a picture of that and showed it to your provider.  It sounds like the kind of thing that could get someone's attention.  Generally, the trays shouldn't be that sharp, and if they are, the doctor should file them down for you.  Also, orthodontic wax can be used for spots that are left.  Many of us experience numerous cuts and ulcers in the beginning, but not that bleed in that manner.

The speech difficulties you are having are severe.  I never got used to my trays, and always have speech problems when I wear even my retainers, after well over a year of practice.  But people can understand me.  If you can go to a speech pathologist, it sounds like a good idea.  I'm interested to know what they say.

My lips often got stuck to my trays as well.  Usually when I was having a conversation with someone.  It happens with my retainers as well, but I only wear those at night so it is rarely when having a conversation.  Drinking lots of water helps, so your mouth never dries.  But it never completely stopped for me.  Having a bottle of water handy was helpful to get them unstuck.  Are you able to close your lips easily with the trays in?  Do you find yourself breathing through your mouth a lot or having your mouth open a lot while you have the trays in?

Maybe with input from others in the community, you can find some workarounds for yourself.  It is also possible that it may just take you a lot longer to get used to the treatment than it does most.
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Speech problem update

I finally talked to my orthodontist about my speech problems, he said there's no way to fix them right now. They are due to the position of my teeth, and will get worse before they get better. He suggested taking my upper tray out when talking to people.


Thank you for the update.  I'm sorry the news from your orthodontist wasn't that helpful, but at least you won't spend money on a speech pathologist in vain.  Does it help if you take out the upper tray?  Did he suggest that because most of your orthodontic problems are in your upper arch or something?
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On tray #19 out of 117 total

I'm very sad to say that my experience so far has not been very good. My speech problems have not improved -- lisping, spraying, other people unable to understand me when I speak, all still affecting my work and social life dramatically. I told Dr. Idiculla before starting treatment that I am self-employed and needed to be able to speak to clients without having my orthodontics cause any problems. He assured me there would be none. Now he claims that my speech problems are unavoidable and to be expected -- my only option is to put up with it.

I'm having another problem but I'm not looking forward to talking with him about it. I'm 99% certain it will be dismissed. One of my incisors on my lower jaw isn't moving properly. It's supposed to be rotating but it instead being pushed outward with no rotation. My current tray isn't matching up to the attachment on that tooth, so there's little chance of any of the future trays to match up either. I'm going to call and make an appointment to see Dr. I, but I can almost guarantee that he will do nothing and wait until I'm done with this round of trays (12 more sets to go in this round) and just adjust things on the next round of treatment. By that time my tooth will be really out of whack. :(
You can also see the severe gum recession that's happening from pushing one of my front teeth really far forward to make room for another tooth to come forward.


I am really sorry to hear of all the issues you have had since starting your treatment! You really have 117 trays to go through? Goodness that is a lot of trays! Are you wearing them 1 week or 2 weeks at a time? It's definitely a problem if the tooth and attachment are no longer fitting in the trays properly and might be a call to get a mid-course correction done. I am also concerned about the gum recession - what has he said about that? You'll end up needing a gum graft at some point!! I too have had the issues of air whistling through my trays when they have gotten loose at the end of the wear cycle. Especially in the beginning. Not as much anymore - but it sure was irritating when it did happen. I've never had an issue with the trays tearing up the inside of my mouth - although I have had a few trays that dug in here or there. My suggestion is to take a clean nail file and buff out those edges and smooth them out. I know it is a hassle! I sure hope your ortho listens to your concerns. You have paid a lot of money for your treatment and it's his job to listen to you and make sure your treatment stays on track. They don't give you all of the "dirt" on Invisalign when you go for a consult. Mine never mentioned attachments at all - I found out when doing research on the web after I had already signed up!
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I see the gum recession you're talking about, and understand your concern about the tooth not moving. Have you considered getting a second opinion? You seem dissatisfied with your doctor kind of in general. I know it's not easy to switch doctors, but it may be easier than doing treatment twice.  Alternatively, you could try to submit another question to the doctors here on RealSelf, especially showing the gum recession.
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He suggested it because air flows under the tray when I talk causing bubbles to pop out when I talk.
Dr. Idiculla

I've had numerous problems, none of which which Dr. Idiculla has taken seriously. I'm thinking of switching to a different provider.

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