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You know it was tough the first week - having to...

You know it was tough the first week - having to go in on day 3 to get suture from eyes removed! Let me back up for a moment - I had a facelift - neck lift - lower bleph and fat injections in "smile lines" and frown lines. Also the physician fee was 15,300 the rest was surgery center - anesthesia - private scrub. Ok, next had my children in my 40's - my daughter is now 16 and I have twin boys who are 11 years old. So, with my sagging neck people would think they were my grandkids. People still have not learned to " shit-up". Shape was I run marathons. And do a variety of sports - so my body and mind did not match my face! I originally found my surgeon by top ten plastic surgeons in Denver. I had him initially do rhinoplasty - remove implants and yes liposuction on areas that would benefit my training. Everything turned out beautiful. So now time for a facelift -- I did not hesitate to use Dr, John Grossman - Denver. Yes, he was more expensive but if I am going to be under the knife for 7 1/2 hours you better trust your gut! Anyway's, first week tough ( view photos). Not once though did I ever say I wish I hadn't had this done! If this is the way you want to go make sure you are prepared to feel like you are wearing a tight helmet on your head 24/7 and you have patience. If you don't or that feeling would drive you nuts ( gets better at week four) stick to fillers!!
I hope the photo's will help you - they are from first getting marked to end of week three. I can say give it a few months but in reality you should be able to say "wow" who is this younger chick!!????
Now when my boy's enter high school I will feel like their MOM.

Day 27

New photos

Day 27 --- be blessed if you have long hair -- but this is with short hair.

video 6 days

Thought I would change it up a bit ---well first I have to see if it works :)

Day 27

Just wanted to see if I could post under the chin incision --- but want you all to know my face is totally numb yet except where my forehead is (no work done ;) ) and a couple small spots near my nose!


Well -- entering into week five -- just though I would post my lower bleph. Jesus, this take a while -- of course one I think was pulled more during surgery -- guess which one -- yep your right the LEFT. But, I have bangs that come done somewhat longer on the sides and no I really need to wait about 8 weeks for this very sensitive area to heal.

fat to frown lines

Just a note -- look how good that fat transfer was instead of botox --- love -- love! Had to add that in before surgery so I said no drugs until I talk to surgeon. I hated those frown lines and look in pre-pictures - it was awful -- very deep

Week five soon will be coming to an end --

Well today was a big day -- yep got to finally go get my hair cut and highlighted. Of course told my gal to be careful when rinsing (she knew I had a facelift) and sensitive around the ears. Since she could see better than me afterwards I said so--- how's it looking. "It looks good -- your left side is slower than your right side at healing" I said, so behind my ears - no in the hairline" So, that's good but you I knew the left was lagging behind --- such as my left eye which i commented on all the time. But, hey come on this is only week five!!!

one last photo

Yep still working on that smile ----:) hummm


Hey we all have our exercises --- just kidding -- goofing around


Hello everyone: I have enjoyed writing to everyone but way to many e-mails. So, late tonight I will unsubscribe and will check back in when I am 8 months post-op. Everyone I wish the best to all upcoming surgeries.

three months

Well - hard to believe I am coming up on 12 weeks. Yep, next week new photo shoot. So, how am I doing -- pretty good. Can sleep on side of face - huge plus! Slight swelling still under the chin but just too soon yet so will just keep up the massaging but is softer like Dr. said it would become down the road. Face is still tingling - and still numb around the outer face along side of neck and ears.
Denver Plastic Surgeon

No words needed except Love Him & Staff!

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Thanks for the update...you look so beautiful! I had a hard time with chin and neck revision. Time will tell if it heals well to meet my goals. Breast lift looks great so far. All the best!
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So pretty, you were before, but it's so easy to see, now! Just lovely.
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Beautiful! (Side sleeping - yay!)
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Oh my goodness!....you look wonderful!...the process might be slow...but oh SO worth it!
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You do look fabulous. Spent a little bit more though. I am waiting for this numb feeling to go away on neck, sides by ear and eyelids. What can I say, they say it will take about six months, but darn, I'm impatient. I totally know what you mean about phone to the ear. Drives me nuts! Let me know when the numbness starts to go away. I am curious as I only had my surgery one month ago. Keep in touch, hon.
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You know I bet they are right -- I am guessing it will take about 6 months too! Face is tingling so I know nerves are regenerating --- I know i slept flat last night and woke up to swollen eye lids ---- now I am getting use to propping myself up to sleep. Keep posting photo's --- your looking good
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You look awesome! Thank u for sharing ur surgery experience with us.
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Thank you. It makes my day that people take the time just to say....you look good....Since I have had this done I've found out that it's true a lot of people that you think are your friends are jealous, and will not compliment you in any way. Kinda sad.
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Looking fabulous! Keep in touch...
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good for you! You really look lovely and sorry your not updating because your post was very informative. Your pictures are awesome, hope all is well!
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I am doing great -will post new photos in a couple months -- just like to check in a new people who joined
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I will be updating when about four months out --- all going well --- healing that goes into hairline getting better but takes a while for redness to go away --- ears still numb and have to use speaker when talking on phone. Still use a small amount of concealer on left eye where she didn't get that particular suture removed but keeps fading. that's it!
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Glad to hear you are doing well. I go in for neck revision and new boobs April 1 st. Finally will have the turkey neck gone. I will get the chin incision like yours. How does that look?
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It's healing nicely. I think in about a year no-one will ever know it's there....Good luck on your surgery. Praying that all goes well for you. Please keep us updated.
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The incision is good --- about an inch or so --- healing very nicely. Now I have to do more massages to reduce the swelling and has gone from hard to softer and better and better-- I go back and see my doctor on April 1st. Wow, that's your surgery date. I use a concealer and ready to go ---- keep us posted
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I enjoyed reading your story. Your results are awesome and you're a beautiful lady!
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It looks scary as hell to! I've never been unconscious. Facelift does wonders, but hell is be happy with eyelid surgeries. Maybe laser for skin tone
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Good for you. It must be nice. I wish I could do some of these things so I could feel good again and be more confident, but I barely can afford the smallest procedures, if that. Would be nice if normal people could do things to make themselves feel great, but it's just not affordable. If you feel good then I'm happy for you though. Just sayin...
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You look great!
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Thank you so much ---better and better each 24 hours!!
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Gosh , I need to proof read - massage the neck for swelling -- getting softer around incision area versus hard
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You look fantastic! I'm on day 8, so... I look i lost a paint ball game and got hit full in the face, lol. And I am so very tired. But wow your pics are encouraging, thank you for the hope!
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Hang in there -- it's harder than we thought - not because of pain but because we can't go anywhere in public. Then if I did have to drive - my sunglasses dented my face -- actually they still do but not as bad -- I believe I am approaching week eight -face still numb-- starting madsGe in neck are for swelling - sides of face numb!!!-
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Wow. Look at that last photo! You look so happy..... And so good! Congrats :)
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You look great!! If I do half as good as you have I will be pleased. I do have a question that you maybe able to help me with, today I have noticed that one side of my face seems to be pulling more than it has. Today is my 5th day post op. Is that normal? I do go back tomorrow to get my stiches out so I plan on asking my doctor, but I thought someone who has been through this may know even better than the doc themselves.
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