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I had acne scar for long time now. I done so many...

I had acne scar for long time now. I done so many things to my face such as microdermbrasion, fractional laser, chemical peel, used all sort of skin care products but did not see improvement with my skin. I went for a consult for a fractional CO2 but didn't go thru with it. I ended up doing ematrix. I came in for a consult and they had an opening so I went ahead and did it. What they did was cleanse my skin and went on with the procedure.

My face felt very uncomfortable, feeling like a needle was poking my face. It lasted 16-20 minutes. My face felt a little burning but not too uncomfortable and my face was kind of pink only. I was told to apply ice on it. Two hours later my face was back to normal. I got scared and called back the place to see if the procedure was done correctly and at a high setting . She said it was at a high setting and it's good that my face heal that quick. I don't know if that's a good thing or not. I felt like the job was not done right. She sold me some products and told me to exfoliate 4days in a row before my next treatment. So was i suppose to exfoliate before an ematrix treatment????? Is that why my first treatment my face came out like I didn't have one?? It's been 4days since my treatment and I still haven't seen any changes.

Hi there. Have you noticed any changes yet? I'm curious, because my experience was similar, but it has been 4 weeks for me now, and I am finally seeing changes. It became obvious that my face was changing about a week ago. I now look in the mirror, and I just cannot believe how much better I look compared to before the first eMatrix treatment.

I also thought they may have used a low setting on me since my recovery time was so quick, but when I called to ask, I was told my face had responded best to treatment "B." I actually asked if they could turn it to "C" next time, and I was told, "No, your skin responds best to treatment 'b', but you can ask to have level be turned up."

I have also seen significant changes this past week because I bought a Clarisonic Plus. I strongly recommend adding this to your daily routine when you are using eMatrix facials. Just make sure you do not use it during that first week while you are healing, because the brush will tear all those tiny scabs right off your face the first night. You need to go through that week of healing to get the best results.

I have not written my review of this procedure yet--I have been waiting until I am at least 4 weeks past my 2nd treatment, so we have another month or so. I get my 2nd this Friday. I was worried I was not seeing any differences, but indeed, it does help. I can say this though: I went in for literally EVERY possible skin concern eMatrix is supposed to address (acne scars, sagging, fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, loss of volume, large pores, blah blah blah), and there are certain things it works better on than others. Firmness, tone, and age spots seem to be the first thing the treatment addresses. Acne scars and deep wrinkles/creases take the longest. I'm looking forward to how I'll look 6 months after the 3rd treatment because that's when you're supposed to see the most significant changes.

Good luck, and keep us posted!


Hi meliz, 

Hmm, that is weird that you are not noticing anything. Did you go back and ask them why after 4 days there has been no change? It does sound like they did use a high treatment with the pain and the need for ice packs. Do you think you will go back and do it again, maybe from someone else? Please keep us updated.

Thanks so much for the review,


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