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I had my "pooch" done first with the new...

I had my "pooch" done first with the new larger hand piece and it was PAINFUL for sure. at first I wasn't sure I was going to be able to tolerate it (and I have a very high pain tolerance) but in 10 mins. it was ok to sit through. I was nauseous however. I am not sure if I should have eaten more or less or if that really matters. It's now 12 hours later and I am still very nauseous and my tummy hurts and when I touch it it is numb and swollen.

I also had my sides done and I didn't feel a thing. The had piece was smaller and the only problem there was that the administrator used the wrong size hand piece at first and it popped off twice. This was frustrating because you have to sit still for a complete hour and the first time it went for 15 mins and popped off and the second it was more like 50 mins. She then switched hand pieces and it was a piece of cake.

HOWEVER, I would urge you to ask the doctor if they charge for each time even if it pops off. I didn't see how it was my fault that the thing popped off especially since I don't know how to use the machine and I wasn't in charge of picking the hand piece that fit correctly. But my Dr. charged me $300 for those two times. I guess how the machine works is that the Dr. purchases it from the manufacturer, then the manufacturer charges for each and every time it has to start it's cycle. I plan on talking with my Dr. about the bill because I don't think EITHER of us should be charged if the damn thing comes off.

I will update this as more time passes.


I think its odd about the hand pieces. I also think its very odd that the office would even consider charging you for that. Its not as though you changed your mind midway through the procedure.

I dont believe what they are say about having to charge you. I recall my administrator saying she has had to stop the machine during treatment for someone to use the restroom and was not easy.

If they had some agreement with the manufacturerer they should be able to manipulate the accounting to cover the cost. For example if it was $1000 for the treatment. Charge you $250, for the first two attempts, then $500 for the final attempt that was successful so that you only have to pay the sctual treatment cost. I hope they fix this for you. Sorry for the long post.
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Thanks for writing such a helpful review, limepumpkins. That is really odd about the handpieces; I've never heard of this before. I think it's a good plan to ask your doctor about it and hopefully he can be reimbursed from the manufacturer too.

Anyway, how are you feeling today?

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feeling better today, but had a hard time sleeping. My middle section really took a beating. lol
It still hurts to bend forward but overall I am ok.
I am a pretty small person (frame wise) so the original side hand piece was just too large and couldn't hold the suction. I just couldn't believe that they would want to charge me. I had nothing to do with it falling off. It just made an exciting (and expensive) procedure leaving me with a crappy feeling about the Dr.'s office. In her defense, the Dr. wasn't in the office and the manager said she would talk to her about it. It was all kind of strange. The woman who did the procedure (and screwed up) acted like it was my fault and also acted like a kid who knows they are going to be in trouble and tries to put the blame elsewhere. So, I'm not sure of the office dynamics.

It's been a week and my hips do not hurt one...

It's been a week and my hips do not hurt one bit but my tummy has had sharp pains on and off constantly. Very painful and hurts to wear anything on my waist. (ie, pants)

ALSO, this is interesting. I get cysts on my ovaries every month and this month has been 100 times worse for pain. I would not have thought the two were connected, but a friend of mine with the same cysts got lipo a while ago and the same thing happened to her right after. I have no ides if the slight disruption to the area has anything to do with it, but I am posting it in case anyone else has this happen.

I RELLY hope this works, because it has been a lot of discomfort for me.


Hi, Was the procedure worth it for you? I live in Denver and would like to get this procedure done. Do you mind sharing where you went? thanks, jan
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I am thinking of doing this procedure. Do you mind sharing who you doctor was?
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