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Had my initial consult today 11-25-11 and although...

Had my initial consult today 11-25-11 and although i am 5'3" and 112 pounds i was told i would need the large device to take care of my belly. I have read that it is a little more intense with the large suction, any comments on that? I was also told to avoid alcohol for 3 days prior to decrease bruising...

I totally relate - I was also most bothered by my stomach so even though the suction was stronger there I felt it was my priority. Best of luck on the 8th!
Thanks for the comments, i got a second opinion and was told maybe to do my love handles first to give me a hourglass figure( i have no hips and have just a straight line down my body)and then see if i want to do the belly. I think i am going with the first doctor and do my belly first because that is what bothers me the most and see how i do before i get the love handles done, even though they have a special by 3 areas get one free. So I am getting it done now on December 8th for $1200 for the large attachment..
Fish oil also causes bruising.

Well, just came from having my stomach done and...

Well, just came from having my stomach done and dang did that hurt.. Felt like a mammogram the coolness did not bother me but the whole time it was like a bad pinching sensation, really bad was the last 5 minutes they have a massage mode and right as it came on it felt like i got a huge electrical shock, pressed the er button and she said that never happened before and maybe i was sitting up to straight because it laid me flat and then it went away, also when she massaged my belly it hurt like hell felt really bad bad burning sensation, i am better now i have a normal stomach although it is pins and needles feeling no more redness when i touch it but so far no bruising, was told to expect the shooting nerve pains in a few days, will update in a couple days. My lower belly measured 35inches and just right above belly button 33 inches.
Having my saddlebags dome tomorrow!

Well day 5 and so far still feeling numb but that...

Well day 5 and so far still feeling numb but that is it, no pain just a little tender I did work out with my ab glider and i am sore from that, I am still waiting for the pin and needles pain that i have been reading about.
Friday I'm doing my abs again, inner & outer thighs!
how much was it
Yes I will be happy to do that for you. I will wait for some of the swelling to go down before I take before pics. My tummy is twice as swollen as before the procedure. I am really hoping for some positive results after this!

So i hurt my back and had 2 herniated discs in...

So i hurt my back and had 2 herniated discs in June just when i was starting to see results and i could not work out for 3 months i have been back to working out hard for about a month now.. it is crazy all of the sudden my belly is real flat so 10 months later, I did start to do Hit interval workouts so i am pretty sure that has helped i will post a picture but i do not know if it is because of cool sculpt or the Hit training i have been doing or both but i have slimmed down alot.
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Great service had not had follow up yet but was told will get a phone call tomorrow to see how i am doing..

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