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My first profractional laser treatment , it hurt...

My first profractional laser treatment , it hurt horribly!! I was only numbed for 15 minutes! I know found out at least 1/2 hour at least for numbing. I am furious at the place I had the procedure done at. It hurt like h*ll and I think I would rather have my face burned off! I was a bloody mess, bleeding all the way was a real shock to me how I looked. Day 2 much improved blood dried and this AM I could gentle was and applied aquaphor heavily, swollen around eyes, scabby dried pattern all over face. day 3 couldn't go to work because I would scare someone, my face is red, lines from the laser and blotchy all over and can't cover with makeup.


How is your recovery since the laser Beach girl Cali? I hope you are feeling better
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I can't believe they only numbed you for 15 minutes. That's insane!
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I had the Sciton full field resurfacing back in Jan 2013. My face was similar to yours after the surgery. Then after the skin flaked off I was left with extremely red skin. Nurse NP who performed the procedure w/o Dr. present, said "extreme hyperpigmentation and it will only get better with time sent me home with retin A and skin bleach. Long story short after a year of tracks and red skin I went to another Dr. who said that I would never have pigmentation on the tracks because I had been burned past the point of recovery. I read up on Sciton before I had the procedure and nothing but good reviews that is because they are selling their system to patients. Wish I had found this site before I made a life changing decision. I have since wrote the FDA and have yet to hear from them. If I do I will post their response. Do not let a Nurse P. do this procedure only a qualified Physican. I have read the laws about evasive surgery and NP's are only allowed without the presence of a Dr. Never had one during consultation or procedure.
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Profractional laser

It's been almost a month and see little improvement . My fine lines are improve alittle, texture and pore size the same. I guess you don't see the full benefits until several months. Was it worth it? No not at all, VERY painful, expensive! I am going to get a CO 2 .


First off, I want to apologize for your experience. We absolutely understand that a profractional procedure is an intense experience and we take the comfort of our patients seriously. Our standard protochol includes: 1. Asking the patient to provide for themselves a ride after the procedure, so that we can give the patient a Vicodin and a Xanax 30 minutes prior to the procedure to make them more comfortable. 2. When patients arrive for their procedure, a liberal amount of numbing cream is applied and patients are then put into a massage chair to get a massage for 30 minutes. 3. The procedure is performed with cooling air blowing to give the patient even more comfort. 4. Patients are advised that after the procedure, Tylenol can be taken for discomfort. Most patients experience a sunburnt feel for about 1-2 hours after the procedure, then that sensation turns into a soreness/sensitivity to touch, but no longer painful. 5. Patients are sent home with an aftercare kit of aquafore, and gauze. It is normal for patients to bleed a little for the rest of the day and they can wash the dried blood off the next morning. Typical downtime for this procedure is actually only 3-5 days, even though right after the procedure, the face looks horrific. Profractional burns tiny holes into your skin, but only burns 20% of your skin, leaving the other 80% normal skin to grow into the holes very quickly. Besides aquafore, we recommend using a skin growth factor product like Skin Medica TNS Recovery Complex or Obagi Regenica for improved healing and even better results. Collagen stimulation and remodeling takes up to 3-4 months to fully realize results. Profractional improves skin tone, texture, and scarring. -Phil Nguyen, MD
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I did not have this treatment you say is given to your patients. I was numbed for 15 minutes, no Vicodin or Zanac offered to me nor massage chair for 30 minutes....did not happen! You as the DR need to do the procedures not the babe you have doing them she was rude and short with me. She did put aqua fore after the procedure but did not offer me gauze or any aftercare at all. And took me to checkout and left, no instructions on what to expect. I felt like she wanted to go home and wanted to get me in and out as fast as she could since it was 4 o'clock . A service at that expense the clinic should offer you impectible service not rush you in and out so she could go home.
Happy clinic

The lady did not numb me for the needed time, did not answer any questions and was rude. I was in terrible pain being that my face was not numbed at all. I would not recommend this spa to anyone! I am not sure if I will be happy with the results yet I will keep you all posted.

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