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My first profractional laser treatment , it hurt...

My first profractional laser treatment , it hurt horribly!! I was only numbed for 15 minutes! I know found out at least 1/2 hour at least for numbing. I am furious at the place I had the procedure done at. It hurt like h*ll and I think I would rather have my face burned off! I was a bloody mess, bleeding all the way was a real shock to me how I looked. Day 2 much improved blood dried and this AM I could gentle was and applied aquaphor heavily, swollen around eyes, scabby dried pattern all over face. day 3 couldn't go to work because I would scare someone, my face is red, lines from the laser and blotchy all over and can't cover with makeup.

Profractional laser

It's been almost a month and see little improvement . My fine lines are improve alittle, texture and pore size the same. I guess you don't see the full benefits until several months. Was it worth it? No not at all, VERY painful, expensive! I am going to get a CO 2 .
Happy clinic

The lady did not numb me for the needed time, did not answer any questions and was rude. I was in terrible pain being that my face was not numbed at all. I would not recommend this spa to anyone! I am not sure if I will be happy with the results yet I will keep you all posted.

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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How is your recovery since the laser Beach girl Cali? I hope you are feeling better
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I can't believe they only numbed you for 15 minutes. That's insane!
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I had the Sciton full field resurfacing back in Jan 2013. My face was similar to yours after the surgery. Then after the skin flaked off I was left with extremely red skin. Nurse NP who performed the procedure w/o Dr. present, said "extreme hyperpigmentation and it will only get better with time sent me home with retin A and skin bleach. Long story short after a year of tracks and red skin I went to another Dr. who said that I would never have pigmentation on the tracks because I had been burned past the point of recovery. I read up on Sciton before I had the procedure and nothing but good reviews that is because they are selling their system to patients. Wish I had found this site before I made a life changing decision. I have since wrote the FDA and have yet to hear from them. If I do I will post their response. Do not let a Nurse P. do this procedure only a qualified Physican. I have read the laws about evasive surgery and NP's are only allowed without the presence of a Dr. Never had one during consultation or procedure.
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NP's are suppose to have Doctor present during this procedure. Sorry I put without on the last sentence.
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Agreed. A nurse should never be doing a fully ablative procedure. You should write a proper review and name the clinic so you can save others from falling victim. Sorry that you have to go through this.
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Offa! :(
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Hey, I'm interested to know how this turns out ? I have an appointment August 20th and am extremely curious to know how long it took you to be " socially healed". Do you have more pictures?
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I had Profractional spot treatments. Usually did them on a Friday morning and I was back to work with heavy duty foundation the following Tuesday. I did two treatments and I can't say I saw much improvement from them. Going for co2 laser next.
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It's been one week and no peeling, my skin texture is slightly better, my fine lines I do not see any improvement. This procedure hurt so bad I don't think I can do another treatment which most doctors say 2-3 more treatments to get good results, that is a lot of money so I think I am going to do the CO2 next which has more downtown but it does go deeper and only one treatment for desired results. I had the Madona eye lift which is the CO2 on the eye area only and I loved it. It was not painful at all and I had it done on Sat and back to work on Wednesday. I think I will only do the CO2 laser from now on.
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Welcome and thank you for sharing your experience with us. I hope you start to feel better soon - keep us posted. 
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