About to Be 45 and Done with Years of Possible Implant Associated Illness and Pain - Denver, CO

I had my first implants in 1990. They were small...

I had my first implants in 1990. They were small and looked fine but somehow in 1996 I decided I wanted to go bigger. I know that the implants are saline and under the muscle but I am not sure of the actual cc amount. I have had lots of back and neck pain along with odd ailments, feeling icky for no reason. Perhaps I have been living with an immune response and just made excuses. I have been wearing minimizer bras in public and have to wear 2 sports bras to run. The weight is too much and I just want to be au natural. I began my explant path with a local PS who told me that I had little to no natural breast tissue and that I needed a smaller implant and a lift in order to be happy. I took some time and researched here the before and after pics and I am now only interested in explanting. If I am unhappy in 6 months I will consider a lift but for now I am hoping that my body adjusts. I refuse to listen to that PS because I will be ahoy with being natural. I have a consult in 2 days.

Explant set for August 28!

I saw Dr. Atagi and what a relief! She was funny and soooo nice! She said I should look great and that there is no scar tissue. No capsulectomy and no drains! Music to my ears! I will post a pic soon of how they look now.

Here are pics of the saline implants as they are pre explant

16 days to go. Sooooo tired of carrying these implants around. Pain everyday in my back and neck.

My husband is 100% on board

My husband has said he was on board all along but I have wondered a few times if he was just going along with my decision to explant because it is what I want. He loves me for me but when I met him I had these things already so I just wondered if he really was going to miss them. Well last weekend my back was hurting so bad I wanted to see what it felt like to have relief from the weight of these implants. My husband stood behind me for 8 minutes and held my breasts up. The relief was immediate and I felt tears well up in my eyes. He didn't realize the weight until then nor the amount of relief for me. He is also going to the explant appointment with me. We are both ready. 13 days left.

Pre op appointment today

Well my pre op was this morning. Being a week out I find that my mind is going a bit kooky. Had a dream last night about the surgeon's hands digging around in there and then she only took one implant out so I was left with one big boobie and one little boobie. Not part of the dream is my choice to have only a local anesthetic. 8 more days.

3 days to explant

I am getting pretty nervous about explant this week. Excited but nervous. I opted for only a local and I won't have drains. I keep having dreams that something goes wrong. In one dream the surgeon was only able to take one out so I had one big breast and one little breast. Lol. It is boggling how the mind works! Thank you to all you ladies that are sharing their story, it really helps I share and hear.

On the other side.......finally!

Well surgery was yesterday, late afternoon, and I am very sore today. I had textured saline implants that were 750cc's and overfilled. The surgeon was great but they were difficult to get out of there due to scar tissue. I don't have drains and I didn't have a capsulectomy. I feel so light and my neck and mid back pain has left the building! Yea! The girls are really sore and they are concave and a but sad looking today. I refuse to be upset and have faith that my body will fluff and fill in. Please don't be discouraged by my pics! I would not change a thing about explanting!

2nd day and already looking better!

Well today is the second day after explant and I am less sore. I am itchy which I will take as a good sign for healing. The absence of the weight the implants added is joyous! I am feeling pretty grateful today. Thanks for all your comments!

Later on 2nd day

I just cried 3 times in the shower. Happy tears. Why did I not do this years ago?! The liberation from pain and heaviness is beyond worth it. I can move without pain!!! My husband is overjoyed with the natural look and feel of them already on day 2 and I feel that I even look more slim overall. Gargantuan boobs are just not normal.

Day 3

I am still a bit sore today but better than yesterday. The girls are starting to look even more symmetric and fluffed! I took some of the tape off since it was really itchy. All in all I am feeling good and still healing well.

Day 4

So here on day 4 I am noticing more soreness to the sides, under my armpits. I am also really bruised but feel less sore overall. I added pics today and am sad when looking at the bent over pic. There is still just a hollow spot where the implants sat. Hoping for more fluff and healing but for now I am going for a walk with my cute little sports bra on!

10 days out

Well I am sore and tired of being sore. Lol. I probably went back to work too soon, 4 days after, so I did it to myself. I just can't seem to sit still even on days off. Today I was just putting dishes up and felt a giant ping down my left side. Other than this I am healing well. Bruises are almost gone and stitches look good, still have surgical tape over them though. My shape hasn't changed much since my last pic.

Day 10 second post

I forgot to add that I weighed myself before and after the procedure. Give or take a few pounds it looked like there was a loss of 9 pounds. Geez to think that I carried that amount on my chest so many years. No wonder my back and neck pain was so severe. My implants were 750cc overfilled if you are wondering and like I said give it take a few pounds but still even if it was 6 or 7 pounds that is tooooo much!

18 days post explant

I am not seeing much change right now but feeling good. Had some pain around the left breast last week and the surgeon said it was an inflamed milk duct and lymph node. Feeling great today. Wearing a sports bra-ish type bra, so still compressing for another couple of weeks. The little hollow part at the top is still visible when bending over but overall I could not be happier with the results!

Happiness and healing to all approaching or recovering from explanting.
Dr. Atagi

I had 3 consults before meeting Dr. Atagi and I never felt good about them. I almost gave up the idea of explanting. After meeting with Dr. Atagi and her staff I was quick to set a date for explant. Dr. Atagi is forthright and there is nothing hidden. She laughed with me and had me talk about the reasons I had for explanting. She explained everything in detail. There is just nothing hidden with her, she is funny and real. She held my hand and kept me talking when I was scared about the local shot. Her whole staff was so nice and it is a very relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. All in all Dr. Atagi's technique and bedside manner are both superb!!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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congrats on being natural again ..what kind of implant illness were you experiencing? have amy of those issues resolved since they were removed? were your implants still normal color or had they become contaminated?
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You made the absolute right choice. You have your body back ...you old self back. And you will feel better all the way around. I imagine its perfectly normal to have a vast array of emotion during this time but I know in the end you will be so happy!!!xo
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You continue to look awesome!! :)
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You look SO good!!!! WOWZA!
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Thanks again Happy and Holistic! Glad that your surgery went well today. Please rest and pretty soon you too will feel the incredible lightness!
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You look fantastic!
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Thank you!
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When I was looking at your before and after explanting and my before and after ( not explained yet - 1 day to go) I think that natural boobs look so much better - if I look half as good as you I'd be so happy x
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I think natural looks better as well. Happy explanting to you tomorrow. My thoughts are with you for short surgery and quick recovery!
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You look wonderful!
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Thank you!
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You look great x
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Thank you!
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You look amazing and already so natural! Congrats! I'm about 11 days post and sometimes try to do too much (threw a ball for the doggie today and OUCH!) so it's easy to forget we just had pretty major surgery! Wishing you continued happy healing :)
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What a huge difference already between your day 1 and day 10 pics! You look amazing! I hope my results are as good as yours :)
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You look beautiful!
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You look awesome girl...
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Thank you thank you!
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You have a beautiful result, I'm sure things will just get better and better! Well done x
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Thank you so much!
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You look beautiful! Hang in there and forgive yourself. I cried too. I was so sorry that I ever put them in. I'm so glad the whole thing is over now. You will continue to see improvement. I didn't believe people when I just had mine out because I didn't see much change at the one month mark. Now by three months they look much better. Take care!
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I wanted to feel great and look great at a week out. I need to give myself some more time. Thanks for giving me hope that at 3 months I may see the best changes! That will keep me going!
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I don't think that hollow spot will remain - I think it will fill out in the next few days all on it's own BUT even if by chance that did not happen - your breasts look SO MUCH BETTER than with the implants. Seriously, you look great!
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