Dazed and Confused--I HAVE BOOBS (5.11.2012)- Denver, CO

So I have to admit I have been on this site a...

So I have to admit I have been on this site a million billion times and have debated with myself about writing my own review...well long story short you only live once and I am could sure use some advice. I am 24 5"4' 140lbs (want to be 120lbs), I am a mother of one beautiful baby boy 1 going on 21 and married to my first love (cute story really). Like most of the wonderful women on here I have always had small breast and wanted BIGGER. Well last year I had the money and the time to get the procedure done but at the last minute I thought I was over myself and did not want the procedure so what did I do! I blew it, yep that's right just spent all the money I saved. Well this year I got the money again and I am going to do it I am going to get the boobies I want problem is...I think I got boob greed I want extra large breast and I don't even know if the surgeons out here in CO specialize in that. I seriously want to go no less that 650 cc. Can I go that big for my first procedure??? Good news is I have 2 consultation by two different surgeons on the 16th and I am going to call for a third surgeon tomorrow. I know I want my procedure done the third week of May (right after finals, it will be a nice gift to me). Well that is my story for now, will keep you updated. Does anyone know how large I can go? Oh I also know that I am going with silicone and under. ta ta for now ♥

Does anyone know how weight loss (about 20-30lbs)...

Does anyone know how weight loss (about 20-30lbs) after a BA affects the implants?

So I have been reading a few peoples boobie sizes...

So I have been reading a few peoples boobie sizes and realize that I am obviously going way to big, I mean I want really nice breast and I am not too worried about them looking natural, however I am not trying to have basketballs in my chest. So thanks to the few that brought my size to my attention ♥

One week from today is my consultation with both...

One week from today is my consultation with both possible surgeons! Keeping my fingers crossed!

Had both my consultations today and they both went...

Had both my consultations today and they both went great! It was so exciting and both plastic surgeons were awesome and their staff were the sweetest people but my husband and I decided to go with Dr. Ben Lee's practice. The sizers were the best part and wow boobies make a difference and now I have a great idea what I will look like and the size I want! I paid in full and will have my surgery May 11 (the day after my last final) at 830 pm, and my pre op it May 3 I am so excited...New Boobies here I come. Oh I will post some before pic as soon as I get a chance

Lol rereading the stuff I wrote earlier and...

lol rereading the stuff I wrote earlier and realized I made a mistake...My surgery is scheduled for 8:30am on the 11th of May, woot woot!

Today I had my pre op and it was great! We went...

Today I had my pre op and it was great! We went over the procedure, size, night before surgery,limits, recovery,possible complications, and the works. Also the one person who could change my mind about my surgery found out today about the procedure and she is supporting my decision 100%. That was just a huge relief to me. So I am getting.....are you ready for it.......700cc silicone under the muscle infra-mammary incision. Big I know huge yep yep yep just the way I want them. My hubby went with me and is was awesome having him there to support me (even though he made me 10 min late to my appointment). I am super excited and surprisingly not nervous or anxious. I have 8 days until I have my new (o)(o) lol I am so happy. Also I forgot to mentioned I went to have prescriptions filled and without insurance at Walgreens they came up to $40.68. Well that is it for now ladies, I will keep you updated ♥


SOMEBODY ANY BODY HELP ME. BOOB GREED IS CONSUMING MY MIND...I already know that I am going big, really big but now I want to add 50cc for a total of 750cc, my husband says that, that is way to big but I just don't know I rather be too big than too small, ugh SOMEONE TALK SOME SENSE INTO ME, also keep in mind I do like that big o fake look so porn star boobies are a compliment

Ugh! The waiting is killing me, it keeps me up at...

Ugh! The waiting is killing me, it keeps me up at night! Just a few more days ♥

I HAVE NEW BOOBIES, I am a little drugged up so I...

I HAVE NEW BOOBIES, I am a little drugged up so I will explain everything that happened later. However, I can tell you this the only thing I remember is the anesthesiologist sticking the iv in my arm, which of coarse did not hurt (he numbed it earlier). Than Rex (the anthropologist) stuck some medicine through the iv and told me it would help me relax and feel a little sleeply and now I am at home. I have been going in and out of sleep and the pressure on my chest is uncomfortable but the medicine helps relieve most of the pressure, well that is all I have to say for now

Okay so I am feeling better today after doubling...

Okay so I am feeling better today after doubling my dosage of pills. What can I say I got 700cc both breast and surprisingly they look a little small. Of course they are high and I mean really high but my PS said I have to be patient, especially with a large amount of cc. lol oh yes so Rex was my anesthesiologist not anthropologist--drug talk sorry. Oh another thing I had no problem with constipation, I guess I never have and I never will, so that was a bonus. Last night my hubby treated me like his little princess and I love him all the more for it. I also weighted myself today pre surgery I was 140lbs post surgery I am 150lbs what the heck, but it is definitely all from my boobs. I don't get to massage my breast until after my post op appointment next Friday, so now I am just waiting for these puppies to drop, well I believe that is it for now! Oh I will post some pic as soon as I get a chance

New update: Today I had my first post-op and the...

New update: Today I had my first post-op and the PS said everything looked great, and I am even progressing faster than he expected (yessss!). Thus far, I still have A LOT of dropping to do and my surgeon said it could take months possible and quote, "oh yeah they are going to get bigger." I no longer have to wear the band around my breast, even though I was kind-of getting use to it. I also learned how to massage my breast, I don't know why, but I thought it was going to be all technical and really specialized but it is nice and simple and completely makes sense as to helping the implants drop. I am slowly falling in love with my girls, especially in all the shirts I am wearing (goodness who knew you could look so good with boobies!). Next post-op is Friday. I got the okay to do light workouts at the gym and my nipples are okay lol! Now my breast are getting softer but they are still very high. I will post some new pic next week (hopefully, they will have dropped more by that time)

Yesterday I had my 2 week post op and everything...

Yesterday I had my 2 week post op and everything seems to be fine. I was a little worried because my left breast (which also happens to be my soft and dropping first breast) seemed to be showing early signs of a double bubble, however since I caught it early Dr. Lee and Carolyn (his assistance) advised me to stop the massages and allow the implants to settle themselves and this should take care of the problem. I was still a little unsettled about my situation but I had to remind myself that I am only a couple of weeks post-op and I did choose to get a very large implant size (please do not misunderstand, breast augmentation complications can occur with any size implant, but I know that I have increased my risk by choosing 700cc). My breast are still high, but as I mentioned the left one is dropping and starting to look like a real breast, while my right is still high and taking its time. I am back at work and though I move around a lot I am not in much pain or fatigue. My skin hurts, especially at night, but not enough for me to need any pain medication. I love my breast in all shirts now and even look like I lost weight. I am okay to exercise as long as it does not hurt. Oh and every once in a while I get a sharp pain on the sides of my chest. One more thing last night I kept hearing sloshing noises which made me laugh, because I know it was the implants moving around in the pockets (has anyone else experienced this?). That is all for now!!! ♥

Just for laughs--while I was in the shower today I...

Just for laughs--while I was in the shower today I had the hardest time shaving under my arms, the funny thing is it was not because I was in any sort of pain, or I have an incision there are anything, it was because my implants are in the way lol. I didn't think of that when I decided to get them so large lol

????Question???? As the implants drop are my...

????Question???? As the implants drop are my nipples going to move more towards the center??

GYM UPDATE: I worked out 2 nights ago, only the...

GYM UPDATE: I worked out 2 nights ago, only the lower body and did like 10 min of cardio. I really pushed myself with weights but my breast don't seem to be paying for it lol my legs are though! I don't know if I wrote it on here are not but since I had surgery I gained like 10lbs and since I could not workout out for a while I sat at home and at and slept, which was so fun, but now it is time to get back to my regular routine of things. While my breast is dropping and fluffing the rest of my body is going to get smaller and tighter, well at least that is my goal! I will update my pic at my one month post-op appointment

Sorry for taking so long on the picture updates,...

Sorry for taking so long on the picture updates, but I am a little upset because my double bubble is not going away, it seems to have gotten a little worst on the left side, which you can now see on the pictures. It is still early so I am hoping for a something to change, if not I will have to save up for revision surgery. It sucks! But I this is what I get for being greedy, lesson learned.

Yikes has it bee a while or what...I sincerely...

Yikes has it bee a while or what...I sincerely apologize and just want to thank everyone (especially my boob day mates) for their kind words and support,and even though I was not blogging I did read some of your comments now I just have to go through them. I have been through so much, the good news is the double bubble is gone (it actually fixed itself). I am happy with my boobies and my current size is 36 DD. I love them, I love them, I love them. Hmm I though I would have more to say on the matter and I am sure its in my head somewhere but it might have to wait until my next post. Oh I will be adding updated photos in the next hour or so! I missed you all ♥
Dr. Ben Lee

Dr. Lee and staff were absolutely awesome, They answered all my questions, regardless of how silly they seemed. The anesthesiologist was comforting and even made me laugh. The nurse was great and expressed all my concerns to my PS and was an absolutely amazing patient advocate! I recommend Dr. Lee to all Colorado ladies interested in BA.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hi Stat! Happy Boobie-versary! I would like to hear how things have been for you!
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Happy 5 months stat!!! Look forward to catching up.
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I was worried about you!!! Glad you're back and great to hear the double bubble is gone. Can't wait to see pics!!!
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I'm so glad to hear everything is good! Don't stay away so long this time, we really do want to hear how you've been and see the updated pictures.
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Cant wait to hear your story!
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Hey surgery buddy, Pink and I are wondering how you are doing......
Dont leave us hanging!
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Hey lady I missed you guys so much, I am so sorry I have been MIA for awhile it is just I was upset and had a moment (or few) of regrets but now I am back and happy as ever!!!
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Hi Stat!

We have been missing you and been so worried about you! I was very sad that you went MIA. Please tell us how you are doing and what has happened since we last talked to you!

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Happy 2 month surgery anniversary!! How are you?!?! I hope the double bubble is reversing. Keep us posted!!!
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Hey girl, how are you doing? I've been following your updates and I hope things are improving with the double bubble issue.
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That is horrible!! I was really hoping that it was going away on its own!!
Luckily it is a problem that is fixable though! I would rather have DB htan CC!!
I was also trying to read up on DB and its solutions. I found this website and it sounded reasonable. Although you have probably already read everything under the sun already..


Has the doc said how much it will cost?
What do you think caused it?
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And dont blame yourself! It could've happened to any of us! Girls get their boobs even bigger than that and dont get DB. You are going to be ok and you got us! So sorry Stat, I can imagine how upset you are. =(
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Hey statuesque~So sorry to hear about your double bubble! That's TERRIBLE!!!I can not imagine going through the excitement of a BA, then having to deal with complications and a possible revision. Did your PS warn you about going too big?? Any doctor that let's an uninformed patient go too big is shady and not professional in my opinion. My PS explained in detail all the dangers of going too big and excessive tissue stretching. I hope you do not need a revision....Take Care!
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Hey girl! How'd your appointment go? Are you posting pics soon? I imagine your boobs look MUCh different than the last set of pics! I am dying to see!! LOL!
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K, ladies! I got my new pics up, can't wait to see yours!!!
Hope you and your boobies are feeling good! I think we are past the worst of it, yay!
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Yay!! I was worried about you. I am so glad we are all doing well and are happy with the size. I am in love with mine, I'm so much happier and more confident!! My one month post op is at 8 am tomorrow, hoping to get the ok to work out!! Hoping to post pics tonight!!!
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Lol, thanks for caring but yes I am fine! I am also happy that everyone seems to healing and loving their new additions! I will also post pictures tonight! My appointment is at 4!
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Happy one month anniversary :) :) Hope you are feeling good and the double bubble is going away.
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Happy one month pink!!! I know I cannot believe I was ever boobless lol. My double bubble is actually recovering all by itself. OMG I am so relieved (deep breath)! I do not think I will be going under the knife again for a while, thank goodness and my one month was rescheduled for tomorrow so I will post pictures after that!
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Hey pink, I am doing much better and I am not really sore anymore unless I am really focused on it or push against my breast! I am loving the size however they still look a little weird shaped to me. Nice bigger!
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Statuesque- I am so glad you are feeling better! I was worried the most about you. Have they dropped much? Are you massaging again? How do they look to you overall?
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Thanks so much scrappy, oh you are so sweet you did not have to worry about me, but I must admit I was worried about you too lol. Over all they are getting better and definitely dropping. I will post pictures soon, right after my 1 month appointment, which is Monday, no massaging because my double bubble is not completely gone but it is not getting worst, which is a good sign. I really do hope it fills out as the implant continues to drop, I do not want to go back under lol
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oh haha- you worried about me too. =) Yay, someone cares!
Good, I am interested to see how yours look now. I will post one month pics too and ask Pink for the same.
Glad you are doing good! I dont wish you (or any of us!) to go back under either!
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Scrappy I am not the only one who cares or worries about you lol! When is your one month post op??
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Aww thanks Statuesque! Lol
I go in on the 22nd. But I think that is more on the 5 week mark. So I am a week behind. I am glad you didnt hurt yourself- like really hurt yourself by working out too early. Girl- you coulda hurt yourself! But he said they are all good? I hope you arent doing any pectoral/chest exercises???
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