Status of cracked tooth post Gentle Yag skin tightening

I have been having the skin tightening with the...

I have been having the skin tightening with the Gentle Yag for 3 or 4 sessions. My latest treatment was last Thursday and as the technician was doing my upper lip, she told me to be sure to keep my tongue between my lip and teeth because she "didn't want to hit my teeth with the laser." It never occurred to me that my teeth were at risk. That evening I felt something unusual about one of my teeth. It had a strange ridge on it. I went to look in a good light and realized my front tooth had a diagonal crack in it. I immediately made a connection between the technician's remark that day and the fact I had a broken tooth. The worst part for me is that my top 6 front teeth are porcelain crowns which cost $10,000. And, they are not single crowns, but two pairs of three teeth. So, to repair the one tooth, I will need to have all three in the set replaced costing approximately $3500 according to my dentist who I saw for consultation today. I have attempted to contact the salon to speak to the owner to tell her about the incident. I will hold them responsible for the injury to my tooth. BEWARE.

Oh my goodness...sorry you are dealing with this tooth issue.  Yikes...


I waited for a call from Smooth Skin Centers in...

I waited for a call from Smooth Skin Centers in reply to complaint about my cracked tooth. The office manager called about a week after the fact. He was very nice and not defensive at all. He wanted to talk to my dentist to get his opinion of the crack in my tooth. To date, no one has been able to establish cause and effect but to me it seems too more than a coincidence.. My dentist is researching the publications to see if there are other examples of cracked or broken teeth from laser skin tightening or laser hair removal. Right now we're in limbo so I'll post again when something is determined.
It is now the end of June and my dentist told me I have another cracked crown in my lateral tooth just adjacent to the one that split down the middle just a few months ago. He could give me no reason for this occurrence. The front tooth crown was in for about six years, the lateral next to it for about twelve years. I have had others crowns for decades with much more pressure on them.
I just wanted to follow up on my last post. I subsequently broke the crown right down the middle! I bit into a piece of toast and the tooth shattered. My dentist said he couldn't imagine how it happened and even when he detected the fracture, he didn't think it would shatter the way it did. It would be nice to know which of these lasers can cause this, because I am now doing some light fraxel, and I will have to ask the doctor if there needs to be protection of my (partially new) teeth!!
That is very interesting, because at my last check up at the dentist he showed me that there is a fracture in my front crown. He seemed surprised and at a loss as to how it could have happened. And, only today on this website I saw a video of a dermatologist doing the Yag procedure on a patient, and I noticed that she put a white cotton pad over her front teeth, as well as her eyes. I thought at the time that I had never noticed the teeth being protected before. The derm's name was Channing...something, I don't remember. She is in San Diego. I have only had IPL as far as laser to the face, so I don't know if this could have contributed. Keep us posted on what you learn...
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This was a Groupon deal. I wanted to have some topical treatment done and this seemed like a good introduction to Botox, laser hair removal and skin tightening

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