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So, I had the ultherapy procedure done today at Dr...

So, I had the ultherapy procedure done today at Dr. Atagi's in South Denver. I had 750 lines all on my lower face and neck. I was concered about the pain before I went in after reading reviews on here, but I wanted to get it anyway. I am 41 and I try to be proactive with my skin and prevent issues before they start. I took two 200 mg Advil beforehand. I really do not like to take any meds, so I opted out of taking anything else (big mistake). The pain was really really intense. And, I have had botox, filler, IPL, lasers, liposuction, etc. and I have never really needed pain meds for ANY of those treatments. This was by FAR worse than any of those treatments. I know everyone is different, but really, I do not think I would ever do this procedure again. Seriously, I think I would rather get a facelift at this point. I cannot describe how it felt except to say that it is kind of like an IPL (but way worse) that goes on for 2 hours and the laser gets deep down in the skin and can hit a nerve from time to time (ouch). I really really hate to discourage anyone on here from getting it, but for me, it was like being in a torture chamber for 2 hours. I am skeptical I will see major results. Honestly, next time I think I will just get surgery. The nurse who handled the procedure was awesome though. She was VERY nice and did say that out of all the paitents she has performed the procedure on, I was the worst with pain. So, maybe there is hope for the rest of you (i.e. maybe I am different). I always thought I could handle pain pretty well, but I guess not! I have never needed any numbing creams, never blockers, pain meds for anything else I have done. Anyway, I will post again in a couple months about my results.


Hi all, trawest, no the procedure is not guaranteed to work. I think that some people just won't respond well no matter what. Everyone is different. I'm hoping for the best here. Surgery, on the other hand, IS guaranteed to work. For the expense ($2,400), the pain during the procedure, and the recovery (I am on day 5 and still very numb), I just think surgery should be strongly considered. Latingirl, I have no kids so I'm not sure what childbirth feels like! Paris8, I had lipo done on my lower legs a few years ago. I was completely awake during the procedure and the nurse who assisted the doctor went out of her way to tell my husband I had an incredible tolerance for pain. This is why I say I thought I had a high tolerance until this! So I am on day 5 and still very numb and kind of itchy. The swelling is a bit better. I will post pics soon.
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is the procedure guaranteed to work?
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COME ON GIRLS, IT WAS NOTHING COMPARED TO CHILDBIRTH WITH NO BLOCKS, NOTHING.... Just like having babies, you forget the pain soon,was a little painful, but not enough to take all those drugs, that's just my experience ...
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Just had my first Ultherapy treatment for one brow (I have asymmetrical brows) and for both eyes (underneath and on the sides). I was really nervous going in because I had been reading all about how painful it was. I need to say - I didn't really feel a thing - I do have a huge tolerance for pain - (even the doc and nurse said it was it amazing how I didn't even blink) - but really - on a scale of 1-10 of pain - I give this a 1 if that. For the brow he gave me a nerve block so I was numb - nothing for the eyes - I just took 600 mg of ibuprofen - doctor offered me a Valium or an injection of an anti-inflammatory, but I declined. Must say I TOTALLY recommend Dr. Forley in NYC - honest, great bed-side manner. Am doing my lower face in February. Great experience - already see a lift in my brow -
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Hi Ladies-it has been about two months and I really do not see much of a difference, if at all. I do NOT think it is worth $2,400. I will wait until we get to the 3 month mark to see if anything changes, but honestly, I cannot imagine anything is going to happen in the next 30 days. I will post some pics in the next couple of days.
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I will add a photo now
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