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I'm scheduled for a rhinoplasty/septoplasty on...

I'm scheduled for a rhinoplasty/septoplasty on 12/28. I have broken my nose a few times & have a bulbous tip which I've always wanted to get refined - I remember in middle school a kid who used to call me "sand shark" because my nose tip is kind of wide and pointy at the same time. Now that I've been diagnosed with a deviated septum, insurance will help pay for this, so here we go! I'm really nervous about the surgery itself, then afterward trying to recover while being able to care for my 1 and 3 year old little ones - I'm a stay at home mom. I'll have help from my mom got about 4 days (she doesn't live here & is flying in). Also, I live on Colorado which is crazy dry, so I plan on keeping the humidifiers running to help with the dry throat from the days of mouth breathing (which I am dreading). Any advice on how to manage the dry throat?

How did things go? External cast should be off, and internal splints should be off as well....
Hope your healing well. I had a consult with Dr Raval a few months ago, he seems like a great doctor. I didn't end up going with him due to cost but but what a great guy.
It's the 27th here. All the very best for your surgery tomorrow :)

I'm now 24 days post op and was just starting to...

I'm now 24 days post op and was just starting to see some great progress. At 7 days the cast came off & it looked good (outside of the pretty dark bruising). After the cast comes off you will then get very swollen, so be prepared!
My bruising is finally almost gone, but this evening my four year old accidentally smashed (& I mean SMASHED) my nose. The blow was with his shoulder and from below me do my nose tip was pushed upward. 6 hours later it still hurts pretty badly. I will call my ps first thing in the morning but am just sick to my stomach with disappointment that I let this happen and wasn't more careful. A lot if drs answers are "be careful!" (Um, yes I get that) but no matter how careful you are accidents happen. It seems a lot if people bump their noses post op, but I can't find much info on what can be done if in fact you do bump it hard enough to move a graft, cartilage or setting bone, what to watch out for (I.e. if it hurts at a level 6 out of 10 then you need to be seen the next day, if it bleeds, if you hear a crack then what? If it looks straight, then you're likely ok etc) and what you might do immediately (tape? Ice? Splint?). Hopefully, I will heal without complication, but will update as soon as I talk to my ps when the office opens today.
holy cow, that is a beautiful nose! so very jealous! i hope the punch you took didn't mess things up.
Your nose looks very, very good. I hope it will be okay.
If you are considering rhinoplasty and have small children, I would recommend you wait to have the surgery until they are older if you can. I am obsessively careful to the point of stressing my whole family out and I still managed to bonk my nose pretty badly with my 4 year old. It's just not realistic to expect even the best behaved young children to be predictable or consistently careful enough to ensure that you will be able to safely heal - no matter how careful you are yourself, accidents WILL happen when you are taking care if two small children full time. It's not worth the risk physically, emotionally, financially or time invested in healing. I am dreading having to do this process all over again if my nose is messed up. Ughhhh!!!! Wish I waited.
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I chose dr r by researching online. I don't feel that I can rate him fairly until I see the true final outcome of his work and I'm only 3 weeks out right now. Also, I currently have a potential complication and I don't know how he will address it yet, but so far so good! For me, the utmost important thing in a ps is the surgeon's skill. I wanted a great looking and functioning nose. I chose him because he is supposed to be a perfectionist and "the nose guy" in Denver. We'll see. So far it looks good (even though I still have the expected bruising and swelling) and I breathe well (even though I still have the expected congestion and drainage). Again, I am only 3 weeks out. I'll be sure to let everyone know how it turns out for me!

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