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Radiesse: Recovery a Long and Slow Process - Colorado

I decided to see my doctor about tear through...

I decided to see my doctor about tear through filler and he recommended/used Radiesse. It took one month for the bruising to totally subside.

The majority of swelling is gone but I still look 'puffy' under the eyes after four weeks. Ultimately I think (pray/hope) I will be happy with the product and results but right now each day is very hard. I know I look older than before the procedure and really not like 'me'.

I have these coffe-cup type reddish rings under both eyes that I'm told will fade...I don't know...I think an experience injector is beyond important. I don't have anything negative about the product but more about the variety of ways it seems to be injected? I've read on this site that it can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 5 months for Radiesse to 'settle'.

I'm hoping once it is absorbed some, I will be happier with the results but for now I wish I could go back in time and have my old eyes back. My left eye is sort-of okay but the right has a small hard lump and more puffy. I'm still using ice packs at night and gentle massage on the lump in hopes it will absorb faster.

I appreciated reading all the comments on this site and hope someone else can benefit from my experience too. I will happily post any changes (good and bad) as healing continues and time passes. I have read about some people doing saline shots in the lumps but at this point I'm hesitant to add any more trauma to such a delicate area. I know Radiesse isn't permanent so I'm hoping time (and lots and lots of concealer) will solve the issues I have. I know this: once I can get back to my pre-procedure me, I wouldn't recommend this to anyone who doesn't have six months to live a cave to allow for recovery time.

Hi Why,

Welcome to the community. I'm sorry you are having to deal with this, but as you said, I hope it gets better with time too. Please keep us updated to how the healing goes. Thanks for the review.



I have had two IPL treatments in an attempt to fix...

I have had two IPL treatments in an attempt to fix the redness left from the tear trough Radiesse done in November. It's provided some success but each treatment as resulted in the area becoming inflammed and swollen again. This swelling usually lasts about 10 days and is helped along with a 5 day dose of Prednisone. This is the last one I'm doing however; I just can't continue to be productive with all the 'down' time needed and concealer can only do so much. I know that this product lasts a year and I have read other reviews on this site that stated their redness had all but disappeared after 12-18 months. My plan from now on is to wait this out. The really sad part is that when the swelling is gone, I love the results of the product itself--my tear trough area is filled nicely--but the redness is too much. Cons outweigh pros.

I'm at roughly 7 months and all signs of the...

I'm at roughly 7 months and all signs of the Radiesse have disappeared completely. I consider myself lucky that the product was broken down so quickly by my body. I think Radiesse is fine when injected properly (deeply) and in the areas it is FDA approved for only. I will likely get my eyes done again in the next year but with a filler that can be removed with saline if I dislike the results (Juvederm). I encourage anyone seeing a doctor about tear trough NOT to use Radiesse for this area. Too risky.
Sorry about what you are experiencing. Radiesse is a great product that I use all the time, but never under the eye. It can be surgically removed if necessary.
Hi everyone, well its been 6mths since, and im still battling with my vanity moment at having my tear trough area done. Still experiencing puffy days, days where the skin is thin and wrinkly, then totally eneven days where i look like a stroke victim. I am at witts end, missing work and activities cause im embarrassed at how I look. Found a product called instant eye lift, made me feel really great when first applied, but then I tried to smile and it cracked and made my skin not want to stretch naturally. Im so hoping that someone out there has experienced similar things and can tell me about their ups and downs and how they coped.

I'm so sorry to hear what you are going through. :( I guess to see the positive, you are at the 6 month mark, so hopefully you will see it going away in the next 6 months. I can imagine that would seem like forever...but it will end.

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Doctor was very good/reputable but I was never told that most doctors do NOT use Radiesse under the eyes nor was I told that it is an injector that cannot be 'reversed' as Restylane. Had I known, I would have most certainly chose the less-lasting fillers.

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