recovering from my drainless TT, BR and Lipo on my flanks - 3 months post op

Hello, I am a 33 year old Mum of 3. 6 year old and...

Hello, I am a 33 year old Mum of 3. 6 year old and 3 year old twins. I am 5 foot 5 and weigh 142 pounds. I have lost all of my pregnancy weight plus an additional 20 pounds. I still feel "fat". I think this is because of my stomach and large DD breasts because the rest of me is fine I guess. I exercise 4-5 days a week and eat healthy most of the time. I think that I would like to lose another 10-15 pounds prior to surgery but I'm not sure if I just feel that because of my gross stomach and large breasts. My first consultation is next week, I am excited and nervous. I feel terrible for spending such a chunk of our savings. My husband is supportive though. I think that I just want the reduction with no implants because I am scared to have something foreign in me. I also have quite a busy year ahead so I am confused as to when I can fit in the surgery - when will I feel "normal" again after it? We have no family in the country for support. Hoping the consultation will clear up a lot of this.

Okay, I had my first consultation! I was nervous,...

okay, I had my first consultation! I was nervous, my palms were so clammy in the car on the way to the appointment!! My husband came home from work early and we booked a sitter to look after our kids. The first thing that worried me was how far away this doctor's office was from my house. I knew the distance at the time of booking the appointment but I hadn't considered the terrible traffic around Cherry Creek Denver. All up it took 40 minutes and it made me wonder if I would be hating this distance when I am uncomfortable after the op.....So, once we arrived I was ushered in to have a quick initial chat with the patient co-ordinator, she explained how my consultation would run. Then the Doc came in and briefly introduced himself. Next they took photos......embarrassing.....After the photos the Doc came back in, they took a bunch of measurements mainly of my breasts and he explained wear the incisions would be for the TT. He also suggested for a better overall look that I have some lipo on my hips/waist. What annoyed me is that he offered no words of encouragement like "I think we will get a good result", "I think you are a good candidate", "well done on your weight loss" - NOTHING. Maybe I have unrealistic expectations of a doctor? After this I was presented the paperwork and the cost with lipo came in just over $17,000.....I was hoping for a price around $15,000. If I don't do the lipo it will be $15,000 so I need to decide.

Initially I was happy with the doctor but over the past two days I have been thinking more and more about it all and I have decided to go have another consultation with someone else, this doctor has great reviews, often doesn't use drains (that excites me!!) and he looks really nice in his photo :) ha ha They couldn't fit me in for a consult until August 3rd (a good sign I think!) The first doctor could do my surgery in 3 weeks time if I want it! It made me worried that he isn't as busy as perhaps he should be???

I will write more after my next consultation. In the meantime I am going to work really hard to lose as many pounds as possible :)

I have decided to upload some pics of weight...

I have decided to upload some pics of weight loss/fitness regime pre surgery - might help motivate me!

Anyone out there have the no drain TT?? Would love...

anyone out there have the no drain TT?? Would love to hear your thoughts on it. Thanks :)

Super excited!!!! I found my doctor!!!!! He is...

Super excited!!!! I found my doctor!!!!! He is soooo nice and encouraging and made me feel really confident about the results that I can expect. Now just need to find a free day in October for my surgery and lock it in :) Super excited! I love that I will have no drains woohoooo :)

I'm very excited!!! Paying my deposit tomorrow...

I'm very excited!!! Paying my deposit tomorrow morning. My surgery will be October 18th - the earliest I could make it because we have such a busy 2 months coming up. My surgery will start at 10am and finish around 3.30pm. All up I will be there from 8.30am until 5pm - what a long day! So now I have 10 weeks or so to get in the best shape as possible, I am doing Weight Watchers and the P90X plus the gym when I get a chance. I think I need to lose 10-15pounds total and the doc thinks I will lose around 7 pounds from my surgery. I can't believe that I am really doing this! WOW.

Wow that was hard! I finally put some pics up for...

Wow that was hard! I finally put some pics up for the world to see..........Check out what my darling kids did to my body :( Oh well, wouldn't change it for the world I have 3 gorgeous kids. I want to try to lose another 10 pounds prior to my surgery and my doc suspects I might lose another 7 pounds with my surgery :)

P.S Looking at my pics I am so thankful that I...

P.S Looking at my pics I am so thankful that I have decided to get lipo of the flanks/love handles, initially I wasn't going to worry about lipo but I think it is going to make a major difference to my overall shape, hoping that I can lose an inch each side :)

So, I am working really hard with my exercise and...

So, I am working really hard with my exercise and diet. I am down a couple of pounds this week (but I was up a couple of pounds from eating too much over the past month) I am really hoping that I can hit 135 by surgery day. I read somewhere that a diet high in protein and Vitamin C can help with recovery - has anyone come across this before? I just want to do everything I possibly can to help with my recovery. Next month I will start freezing some low sodium meals as I cook them. What kind of meals will you/or did you freeze? I'm thinking chicken and vegetable soup and a couple of other soups and maybe a few pasta dishes. I just want to prepare as much as possible to make life as easy as possible for my husband who will be working from home whilst managing our 3 kids and me!

Ok so tonight I was watching you tube videos on...

Ok so tonight I was watching you tube videos on Mommy Makeovers/the procedures I am having and I think I am having a little panic attack! I am so terrified of needles and being poked and prodded with them. Ladies who have used Dr Vath - at what point do you go off by yourself? I was planning for my hubby and twins to drop me off and then he will come back alone to be there for me in recovery. Now I am wondering if I should organise a sitter in the morning so that hubby can be by my side whilst they give me the IV etc or is he not allowed to be there for that anyway? Are the nurses really comforting? I'm scared that I will lose the plot and cry :( What's the recovery area like - is that part just awful? Do they give you a cold drink etc. OMG yes I am freaking out! I so desperately need this surgery I just need to try to think of the results and not the day of the surgery!!!!

I have recovered from my panic attack. I think...

I have recovered from my panic attack. I think what helped me was when I put on my new tight Under Armour workout top on this morning (aqua blue). I could see the outline of my wrinkled mess of a stomach....gross. Then I worked out for 70 minutes on the elliptical and I noticed that the bottom part of my bulging twin skin hits my upper thighs whilst I am using the machine - how gross. I just can't wait to have this surgery, I just know that it is going to improve my life. I can't stop grabbing my twin skin and imagining what it is going to be like when it is gone! We just need to keep on focusing on the end result not the surgery day and recovery :)

I promise to not post every day right up until my...

I promise to not post every day right up until my surgery but I had good news to add. My first sitter fell through (our usual sitter) and so my friend offered her nanny to us and she has agreed! So she will come early in the morning so that hubby can be with me until I go to sleep and then she will come back just before hubby needs to come back to the surgery center when I wake up :) The sitter will take my kids to school etc so that their day is as normal as possible. I'm so glad what a relief. I just hope my 3 year old twins won't freak out because they don't know her!!

Less than 2 months until my Mummy Makeover!! I am...

Less than 2 months until my Mummy Makeover!! I am suffering from insomnia :( It takes me about 2 hours to fall asleep and then I dream non stop about the operation and recovery...arrrgggghhhhh annoying.....This week I started taking Vitamin C and I am eating super healthy and exercising a lot. I'm doing the P90X program around 4 times a week and the gym about 4 times a week. In 3 weeks time my hubby and I are heading to New York for a 3 night mini vacay without our kids!!!! I can't wait, I have never been there before and I am thinking I might just buy myself something cute for my post op body :) Would love to buy some bras but I guess I have to wait until post op to see exactly what size I will be. I wonder at what stage we can go and buy cute bras? I don't want to buy them when I am still swollen.

I am writing a list of the items that I need to...

I am writing a list of the items that I need to buy - perhaps when I receive all the paperwork from my PS things will be clearer but this is what's on my list of essentials:

Toilet seat raiser (donated by the lovely TriMom)
Shower chair (donated by the lovely Tri Mom)
Heat pad for my back $17ish from Amazon
Arnica and Bromelin (just waiting on the ok from my PS)
Vitamin C - started taking that
I have no idea if I need to buy special bras, spanx etc so I will wait until I hear from my PS
Loads of fluffy pillows and blankets - going to sleep in my bed, lovely husband is going to sleep on a blow up bed on the floor
Lots of coconut water
A really large re-usable insulated cup with a straw from Starbucks (saw one the other day and thought that would be perfect)
large sized zip up or button up tops
Granny undies - I have plenty left over from twin pregnancy ;-)
No idea what kind of scar treatment - next thing to research!!
Extra strength tylenol
cough drops for surgery day and the few days post surgery
MOM - to start straight after my surgery?
Loads of trashy TV shows
Heaps of pre-made low sodium meals and snacks
Pro-biotics will buy yoghurt with live and active cultures too
Lots of high protein snacks - greek yoghurt, eggs, nuts and seeds, cottage cheese, peanut butter
a tray for my bed that sits laptop, remotes, meals

That's all I can think of at the moment......

So, when we picked the date I picked it because my...

So, when we picked the date I picked it because my hubby was due to be in New Zealand/Australia early October for work and be back in time before the big day, over the weekend we get the news that his work changed the conference date to October 27th!!!!! 9 days after my surgery!!!!!! I have no family in the US and all of our friends have high stress/long hour jobs so it is not like they can come and look after me and help with my kids, not that I would ask them anyway - I am a fiercely independent gal......So stressful :(
We have the option of course that he doesn't attend the conference but I feel too selfish because he would be able to catch up with family and see his only sibling for the first time in 2 years. I want him to be there. So it looks like I may have to change my surgery to November which sucks for a number of reasons 1) recovery eats into ski season 2) I am tired of waiting 3) the day we might try to schedule it on means I get my period a few days after surgery (I scheduled the first date just after I finished my period!) 4) I love my Sept/Oct MM group!! Noooooooo don't know what to do.

I am having my surgery 8 days earlier!!!! 12pm on...

I am having my surgery 8 days earlier!!!! 12pm on October 10th. Hubby leaves exactly 14 days after.........gosh I hope that will be okay.......I figure for the first 14 days I will rest almost all the time and take really good care of myself. He will be gone for 6 days. I hope I won't regret this. From memory I healed really well after my c-section so I can only hope that I heal nicely after my MM....

My pre-op has been brought forward to 11am...

My pre-op has been brought forward to 11am Monday!!!! Nervous about the needle................................

Tomorrow is my pre-op - time to hand over the cash...

Tomorrow is my pre-op - time to hand over the cash......tomorrow this all becomes very real.........I really have no idea what to expect from tomorrow's pre-op, I hope they are kind to me! I hate needles, really hate them so I am super nervous......I told my hubby not to worry about coming (we are going to New York on Tuesday for a mini vacay so I didn't want him to miss more work!) so I hope that was the right thing to do. Here is my list of questions!!!

Clarification of when I can last eat/drink before surgery (some of my paperwork contradicts)
Clarification on stopping all vitamins/herbal supplements 2 weeks prior
Clarification on what I can eat/drink night of/after my surgery, it says liquid night of - does this include broth etc
Paperwork says no lotions day of/does this include facial moisturizer? (yes lame question but I want to do everything by the book!!)
Worried about nausea - make sure I have the meds I need to help prevent it as much as possible
Can I take something to make me relax morning of surgery?
Can they recommend a great multi-vitamin?
Heard ginger ale is helpful post surgery - is this correct?
Alcohol before surgery (not day of!! ha ha) but should I stop my occasional glass of wine 2 weeks prior or anything?
Clarification on what I need to buy eg bras/spanx
Should I buy benadryl for itching? Is this safe with the other meds?
Do I need to buy any special dressings etc?
Clarification on shaving/waxing before surgery? My doctor BFF said absolutely no shaving/waxing because of the risk of infection...

This is all I have at the moment.........I will write as soon as I can after my appointment :)

When I return from New York I will put up more pics of my gross bits, my current photos don't "showcase" them well enough!

Had my pre-op today, I was so nervous! Mum told me...

Had my pre-op today, I was so nervous! Mum told me to drink loads of water because it can help with the blood test so I drank gallons of the stuff on the way there and by the time they called me back I had visited the bathroom 4 times!!!! They must have thought that I was odd.... I paid in full, no turning back now. I am actually feeling super calm. She took my pictures in the ugly panties, ran through some basic information and answered my questions. Next it was on to the bloodtest - hurt a little, but as usual it is the anticipation that is the worst part. I also have all of my scripts for the meds: Valium, Percocet, Scopolamine Patch (for the morning of surgery/nausea), Zofran (anti-nausea for post surgery). Here are my answers:

Clarification of when I can last eat/drink before surgery (some of my paperwork contradicts). Last meal by midnight night before. Maximum 16ounces of water by 8am (my surgery is at 12pm)
Clarification on stopping all vitamins/herbal supplements 2 weeks prior. Can continue Vitamin C and Arnica/Bromelin right up to surgery
Clarification on what I can eat/drink night of/after my surgery, it says liquid night of - does this include broth etc. She said do what makes me feel best but soft foods are best eg jello, applesauce, broth, lots of water
Paperwork says no lotions day of/does this include facial moisturizer? (yes lame question but I want to do everything by the book!!) Facial moisturizer ok if I really want it.
Worried about nausea - make sure I have the meds I need to help prevent it as much as possible. See above
Can I take something to make me relax morning of surgery? They will give me something once my IV is in
Can they recommend a great multi-vitamin? Nothing specific
Heard ginger ale is helpful post surgery - is this correct? Can be, they have it at the surgery center and I will buy some for home
Alcohol before surgery (not day of!! ha ha) but should I stop my occasional glass of wine 2 weeks prior or anything? No issues with moderate drinking before surgery - think I will stop 2 weeks before anyway
Clarification on what I need to buy eg bras/spanx No need to buy anything. After 2 weeks I may want to move into a soft bra with no underwire. Underwire fine after 6 weeks
Should I buy benadryl for itching? Is this safe with the other meds? She said buy it if you need it but I probably won't need it
Do I need to buy any special dressings etc? Don't need to buy anything
Clarification on shaving/waxing before surgery? My doctor BFF said absolutely no shaving/waxing because of the risk of infection... she said do what makes me comfortable

Think I covered it all :) So 4 weeks until surgery and I will hear from them again a couple of days prior to surgery. Tomorrow we are to NYC, write more and I will update my pics when we return. I'm down a couple more pounds!!

I haven't been on here much because my Mum is out...

I haven't been on here much because my Mum is out visiting and we have been running around, also we went to New York and had the most amazing time. Mum leaves on Tuesday (so sad to see her go) and I only have 24 days until surgery day!!!! I tried to buy a nice bra in New York but it is sooooooo hard to find anything decent with no underwire so I settled for 2 cheapies from Walmart. I also bought myself a heat pad and now I am about to get some Arnica and Bromelin. I have seen that a few girls take the Colace the day before surgery but I'm terrified that I will have the runs on surgery day - could this happen??? As of Tuesday when Mum leaves I am going to hit the gym everyday and try to shed a few final pounds. Desperately trying to crack the 130's before the big day but it has been so hard with Mum here - eating out, drinking wine etc and then the trip to NYC.......oh well.....

3 weeks today!!!! Can't believe it, it doesn't...

3 weeks today!!!! Can't believe it, it doesn't feel real, I have such a sense of calm - I hope that I am this calm on the day of my surgery. My surgery time isn't until 12pm, I am nervous about feeling hungry - when I feel hungry I feel really sick :( Today I have planned almost 2 weeks worth of dinners and I am starting to cook and freeze. I figure if I don't feel up to eating proper meals for a few days PO I will stick with low sodium soups etc and I can use these freezer meals when my hubby goes away 13 days PO. All of these meals will be made with no salt added and served with salads and vegetables. They are meals that I know freeze really well.

Lasagne - made and frozen
Baked Turkey and vegetable Ziti - made and frozen
Turkey and Vegetable sausage rolls (an Aussie thing) - made and frozen
Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni
Pumpkin Soup
Chicken, Vegetable and noodle soup
Spaghetti Bolognese
Chicken, mushroom, asparagus risotto
Home made pizzas
Chicken pot pies
Zucchini Enchiladas
Chicken Burritos

I have now bought my Arnica and Bromelain and tomorrow I might organise my perscriptions. I have bought some applesauce and need to get some low sodium saltines. I think I should go buy some button up PJ's too.

I didn't feel like my original pics showed my body...

I didn't feel like my original pics showed my body correctly, I took them of my reflection in the mirror so maybe that's why? This time I took them directly of my body. I feel tempted to show my Mum these - she doesn't think that I need surgery! Ha! Anyways these new pics really show just how awful my stomach is.

Collected my meds today and also bought saltines (low salt), maxi pads to put across my incision if need be and stool softener - the Kroger brand was less than half the price of Colace yet with the exact same ingredients. Wahoo. I also bought some unsalted sunflower seeds to snack on PO. Now I am cooking up spaghetti bolognese to freeze and tomorrow I will cook and freeze a huge pot of soup. Feeling organised!

I think that I have everything that I need! I...

I think that I have everything that I need! I decided to upload a photo of my supplies - hopefully it may be useful to others :) Only 13 days to go until my MM! I don't feel terribly nervous, just excited to get it over and done with and to start my healing process. I am taking 1000mg of Vitamin C at the moment and that's it. Next week I will start Arnica and Bromelain. 2 days before my surgery I am going to start my Colace. I am also trying to eat more protein at the moment and trying to stay clear (or eat in moderation) of the foods that are on the lists here (that may potentially thin my blood). I'm hitting the gym a minimum 4 times a week and today started exercises to try to make my lower back and legs stronger (thanks for the tip Tri Mom!). Happy Healing or Waiting everyone :)

Hubby leaves 13 days after my surgery for 9 days...

Hubby leaves 13 days after my surgery for 9 days (I think it is 9 - something like that anyway!) and I am now stressing about all the things that might happen whilst he is away. 1) does anyone know what weight I can lift 13 days out? I have a parcel forwarding business and I am constantly moving boxes around.......2) what happens if it snows whilst he is away? Can I shovel snow??? What do you guys think? I can't believe my surgery is NEXT WEEK!!!! ARRGGGHHHHHHH The butterflies are starting in my stomach when I think about it so I just need to keep my eye on the prize and focus on my post op bod and how great I will feel once I am healed. I am an impatient person so my biggest concern is that I will disappointed about swelling, bruising, not being able to do everything, not being able to exercise etc but I am hopeful that because I have read sooooooooo much that I will understand at the time that it is completely normal - anyone else having these concerns??

I am busy making a spreadsheet for my hubby with...

I am busy making a spreadsheet for my hubby with all the kids various sports and activities and I am also listing meal, snacks ideas etc for him (yes, I am a control freak but it makes me feel better!). Thought I'd share some of the high protein snacks/light meals I will be munching on post surgery:

hard boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, tuna pouches, canned salmon, hommus with carrots and celery, cottage cheese wrapped in turkey, cottage cheese with fruit, almonds, pumpkin seeds, pistachios, black beans in tortilla, part skim string cheese sticks, salads with lean meats, salads with beans, salads with the shrimp, celery sticks with peanut butter

One week tomorrow until my big day. Today I feel excited and can't wait actually. I have worked very hard raising three kids (especially twins!) and losing all of my pregnancy weight plus a whole bunch more - this is my time and I am going to embrace it :)

It's hard to believe that my surgery is only 5...

It's hard to believe that my surgery is only 5 days away. I'm really not nervous just want it over and done with. My period is due today - my cycle only usually sticks around for 4 days so I really, really, REALLY want it to be on time this month so that I don't have it on surgery day. For those who are taking/or took Arnica and Bromelain when did you start? I am a little confused by all the conflicting info on the web. Also - anyone else "trying out" their pain killers pre surgery to see if you get sick from them? Not sure if I should or not? Haven't had Valium or Percocet before....... This weekend I want to spend the time with my family, if the weather is good we will go and pick our pumpkins, get Halloween costumes etc. Monday and Tuesday I will be washing all of our bed sheets, quilts, duvet covers etc. Vacuuming, mopping, dusting, scrubbing etc etc. I went to Hobby Lobby this morning and I bought a bunch of new activities for the kids - beads, playdoh, paints, arts and crafts etc I will get them out on Wednesday morning when the sitter (who they have only met once) arrives.My hubby is going to come home once I am under and then come back in the late afternoon before I wake - we have our regular sitter coming in the afternoon/evening. At the moment I can't stop eating, another reason I can't wait for surgery day!! Stop this binging!!

Only one whole day left with my big boobs and...

Only one whole day left with my big boobs and saggy skin, it's hard to believe so today and tomorrow I am wearing my best bras ahead of burning them :) I just washed my new button down PJ's and my new itty bitty titty bras (for when I get out of the one my Doc gives me). I am getting my bag organised for the surgery (not exactly sure what I need to pack) and basically "nesting". Cleaned the fridge, done all of our washing, cleaned out kitchen cupboards, cleaned all the mirrors.......blah blah blah yes I am nesting big time! Tomorrow I will do the big scrub of my kitchen and bathrooms, we are out tomorrow night and then it's Big Day Wednesday!!!!! I have to be at the center by 11am for a surgery start time of 12.30pm.I should be done by 6pm. I will mostly likely update Wednesday morning and then as soon I am able to type after my surgery :) Finally the time is here where I can say, See you on the FLATSIDE!!!!!!

I'm showered, shaved and ready to go! I leave for...

I'm showered, shaved and ready to go! I leave for the center in 45 minutes. I had a black coffee this morning and a couple of glasses of water, trying to keep busy so that I don't dwell on how hungry I am starting to feel. I got the patch on behind my ear, hope that sucker works! I don't feel nervous as in "I can't do this!!" kind of nerves more like a little jittery and excited......I hope Dr Vath can work some magic on me, I am ready to have my confidence back. Goodluck my other 10th of October buddies!!! I will write again once I am skinny. ha ha ha

Hi Ladies I just got home. The da went well,...

Hi Ladies

I just got home. The da went well, had a sneak peak at the ohotos they took of me and all look good will post once the clinuc sends thru to me. n abit of pain bu havent puked. just took some meds and feeling realy out of it so i will post more omorrow. I nee to sleep.

Ladies im in serious pain the meds aren't working...

Ladies im in serious pain the meds aren't working :( agony

PO Day 2 - wow yesterday was the biggest blur, I...

PO Day 2 - wow yesterday was the biggest blur, I was in so much pain. Neither Valium or Pecocet were working. I was in tears and my husband was almost in tears too because he felt so useless. Late yesterday he made the made dash over to the Dr's office to pick up some other kind of drug (forget the name but it is working), Okay back to the surgery day itself, we arrive at the center at 11am and after a short wait we went through to the OR, they gave me a pregnancy test and then I got settled into my bed which has a tube blowing hot air under the covers. They listened to my chest and measured my blood prssure. Next it was IV time, because I have tiny veins they decided to put some numbing cream and eventually we got the IV in, Next Dr Vath came in and marked me up,he is such a nice man. Then my anesthesiologist came in, he was so nice and put me right at ease. once he left they put some kind of happy juice in my IV which literally took 10 seconds to work and I was getting rolled into the OR. I remember looking up the lights and being moved to a different bed. Then I was awake! So weird how I lost a whole day. I felt a little sick so they kept me on oxygen and I think I was in recovery for 2 hours, slowly sipping water and gingerale.I dont really remember the drive except for that fact I had my window right down to get fresh air and my poor hubby was freezing. Last night I slept all night except for 2-3 toilet breaks and to take some meds. Hubby got a sneak at my boobs and let's just say he was thrilled (I won't go into any further struggle at the moment is that I need to cough and that hrts like HELL............aNYWAY I need t go rest my meds are kicing in.

PO dqy 3 - I am feeling so much better today, I...

PO dqy 3 - I am feeling so much better today, I can't believe it. the past 2 nights (last night mostly) hubby and I have slept through the night except for a few trips to the toilet for me. I can now get in and out of bed by myself so I feel happy to not have to wake DH each time. He has been great, he is working from home, looking after our kids and running my business so he has a lot on his plate. I have attached one pic of my reduced boobs - I am sooooo happy with them. When I shower laer I will get some of tummy. havent really eaten too much, jello, applesauce, fresh apples, pineapple, grapes, saltines crackers and I just ate a greek yoghurt. Anyways I should go my meds are kicking in and typing is getting harder. The toilet seat raiser so far has been a life saver as is the shower chair and and placing pads under my CG near the compression has really helped my comfort. OK im really out of it now so bye bye

PO Day 4 - Just had my first BM!! Yippeeee. I...

PO Day 4 - Just had my first BM!! Yippeeee. I started taking 2 colaces every evening before bed for 2 days prior to surgery, then last night night I took a dose of MOM and then another dose about half an hour ago and BAM! It wasn't terribly painful either a little bit of pain from my MR but that's it. I slept the whole way through last night except for 2 pee trips - I can get in and out of my bed by myself. I'm glad I didnt hire a recliner, my bed has been completely fine. I did have a quick shower yesterday (I have no drains) and that was nice but it would have been a different story without a shower chair. Today hubby is going to wash and blowdry my hair so that should be nice. I will take a good look at my tummy when I shower and get some pics, I am quite swollen near my pubic area and it is odd to not have any feeling down there. I have been feeling a little itchy so I have taken 2 doses of Benadryl which helped. I haven't had any narcotics since about 10.30pm last night - going to try to make it through today with just Tylenol and maybe something a little stronger before bed. I'm walking almost straight - I love no drains!! Ok I'm rambling - I can say ladies it gets better every day - my first 2 especially sucked but it is getting easier and easier now. Goodluck and happy healing friends.

PO Day 5 - wow the past few days feel like such a...

PO Day 5 - wow the past few days feel like such a I have only had tylenol and my pain/discomfort has been very manageable. I still get tired really quickly so I am resting as much as I possibly can. My hubby helped me wash my hair and that felt good. BM's are normal (phew!) and my appetite is increasing. Attched a pic of when I just finished my shower, I realised I should have taken one of my incision so next time I shower I will. I still have stretch marks but that is completely ok by me, the difference is amazing already even with all of my swelling. Happy healing and goodluck to everyone who is about to have their surgery :)

I forgot to mention on day 3 I woke up with...

I forgot to mention on day 3 I woke up with painted bright red husband swears he didn't paint them (why would he!) nor could my kids paint them so in my drugged up state I must have had the intense urge to paint my nails so I did, rather messily I might add! How funny :)

Hi Ladies, wow what a difference a week makes!...

Hi Ladies, wow what a difference a week makes! Yesterday was a strange day.....I was teary, stressed and basically treated my husband like shit so I felt bad for that. Today is a new day and I feel a lot better. I had my 1 week follow up appt with doc and he is thrilled with my results, I see him again in 4 weeks. We went out for lunch afterwards (shouldn't have done that, heeellllloooooooooo salt!) but really I don't have too much swelling and I am doing great. I love no drain TT's!!! I will put more pics up in the next day or two. Oh and I am down 7 pounds!! Yipppppeeeeeee. Happy healing friends.

PO Day 8 I just took it off to have a look at the...

PO Day 8 I just took it off to have a look at the tummy in the mirror (seem to be doing a lot of that lately! LOL) and I was holding one end of my compression garment and then realised that the other end was floating in the toilet bowl!!!!!! Quickly washing it and hopefully will get it dry before bed it is 8pm here now. It feels weird without it on, like my intestines are going to burst through my skin. No other news for today except for the incisions under my breasts are annoying me a little, random pain and itching. That reminds me, I will take a benadryl before bed so that I don't scratch at them in my sleep. I went with hubby to collect my son from school and I got a lot of comments, seems people can tell straight away that I have had surgery! Oh well.......Happy healing friends.

PO DAY 11 Hi Ladies, Sorry for taking a couple of...

PO DAY 11 Hi Ladies, Sorry for taking a couple of days to check in. Yesterday was a yucko day, Friday I did too much and then celebrated with a glass of bubbles and a glass of vino and whoa! Saturday I felt like I had been run over by a truck! I was miserable :( Spent the day in bed pretty much and today I felt MUCH better! That being said today I probably did too much too - we went to the pumpkin farm, the mall and out for lunch! Came home and slept for 2 hours and I will take it easy for the rest of the day. My hubby bless him just went and bought a nice big piece of salmon because he thought it would do me good. I have been eating loads of protein and as much fresh fruit and veg as possible. Haven't stepped on the scales in days will do that on Friday (weigh in day has always been Friday), last check I was down 7 pounds and pretty much 8 pounds to my goal weight of 130pounds. I had a little TT incision pain yesterday when I knocked it and from my CG but today it is all good. My left breast is still tender but feeling better. I can't believe my boobs, hubby and I are shocked every time we see them! OK rambling now. Will update a clothed pic I took this morning.

That's how I feel - like a YO YO! One day like...

That's how I feel - like a YO YO! One day like yesterday I feel great then today I feel like a fat sausage :( I also feel emotional again. I am so not a patient person and this whole situation requires a lot of patience. Hubby leaves tomorrow night for 9 days overseas and I am stressed that I will get a blood clot in the middle of the night and have to call an ambulance, we have no family in the US to look after my kids! Gosh I am a stresser.......Thanks for listening.

PO DAY 13 - I promise to upload a new pic tomorrow...

PO DAY 13 - I promise to upload a new pic tomorrow at 2 weeks. Today I feel GREAT, energy level is much higher, swelling way down - wahoooo I drove for the first time this morning and it was a peace of cake. Just did a huge grocery shop with hubby (he did all the lifting) so we are stocked whilst he is away. He leaves tonight, poor thing has 10 flights in 9 days including 2x 15 hour flights! Yesterday when I was feeling so bloated I changed to a CG/Spanx kind of thing I bought some time ago from Walmart that covers my body but I wear my own bra (it has straps) it is tighter than the CG my doc gave me, I wore that from lunch until bedtime and drank loads of water with lemon so who knows? Maybe that is why I am feeling a lot better today? I am going to go switch to that CG now, I didn't want to wear out for the school run/grocery shop because I have to wear maxi pads where it meets the bottom of my breast because I am sore there. Today's plan - water, water and more water and a cucumber with cottage cheese and turkey for lunch! I bought loads of cucumbers for swelling. Happy healing ladies, we can do this!!!

PO DAY 15 - Yesterday was my first full day at...

PO DAY 15 - Yesterday was my first full day at home with the kids by myself and it was also my worst day for swelling - I'm sure that is linked! The swelling is mainly from my BB down to the incision line, wowzers! I'm so thankful I got a good look at my body straight after surgery so that I know what I will look like when the swelling subsides otherwise I might be a little worried! My breasts look like they will be at a C cup so I am really, really happy - exactly what I wanted! My energy would be at 75% I think. My arms, legs and bum are looking flabby from not exercising, can't wait to be able to exercise again. Next week I have to pull my tape off......not looking forward to that. It is starting to peel off a little so hopefully it falls off by itself :) I am mostly upright, a little hunched by the evening. Driving is easy. I mainly feel pain when I first get up from sitting/lying down for the first few steps. Happy healing and goodluck to the last of the October ladies :)

PO DAY 18 - My left breast has been achy (nothing...

PO DAY 18 - My left breast has been achy (nothing major but I can feel it, I have had no pain at all on my RHS) since day 1. I have an anchor scar and where my vertical meets the horizontal (under breast) incision the tape has come off a little. Last night I noticed I have a tiny HOLE!!!!!! I can white "flesh" through it!!!!!!!! I am TERRIFIED. I will call my PS tomorrow.

This morning I spoke with my PS's nurse. She...

This morning I spoke with my PS's nurse. She recommended that I take the tape off on that breast (I left the tape on around my nipple and will do so for a couple more days) and treat the opening with with neosporin, polysporin and then place some gauze in my bra. So that is what I have done. The opening is a small triangular shaped opening about half the size of my pinky fingernail and it is oozing slightly. She said it is very common because this is the highest tension part of the incision. Apparently it should just close on it's own so that is exactly what I am praying for. On a positive note, removing the tape was not painful one bit! I am still so numb. Also the incision from my nipple down is PERFECT!! I couldn't believe it, not even red just a very tiny thin line in my skin that has the same skin tone as the rest of my breast. Hope it stays that way, WOW! Today I have a weird pulling sensation just below my sternum when I stand straight so I have been slightly hunched and now my back is killing me! Going to have a rest now.

I feel crap today, not physically but mentally. I...

I feel crap today, not physically but mentally. I texted pictures of my now RED incision opening to the nurse because I couldn't go in today she called back and thinks that the redness looks like a reaction to the tape (it is rectangular in shape)not an infection but she wants me to go on antibiotics today ahead of tomorrow's appointment just in case. So tomorrow I have to drag the kids to see my PS with me :(

Hi Ladies, I just got back from PS. 3 weeks PO...

Hi Ladies, I just got back from PS. 3 weeks PO today. I went in so he could look at my bright red breast and check out where the incision has opened where the vertical meets the horizontal incision. He is positive the red is from the tape (it is a perfect rectangle) so I can stop the antibiotics and have some benedryl tonight. Re the incision opening - not an infection (yay) and totally not uncommon because this area has the highest amount of tension. He says it will scab over and heal when it is ready in the meantime put abit of ointment on it and gauze. The funniest part? He said I could start massaging my breasts and I was like, "Oh? I didn't realise I had to" and asked him to show me how so he demonstrated and realised at that point that I don't have implants!!! Up until then he thought I did because my breasts have such a nice shape (not being big headed - his work, not mine!!). So we had a good laugh about that. Tummy Tuck incision is great and I am cleared to put body lotion on it. He said scar treatment doesn't change the end result, it just gets you there quicker so he recommends us to save your money. I will use bio oil. I am also okay to start light exercise, no core work and nothing too strenuous. Don't have to see him until January unless I want to come in earlier. He also said my tissue type is "spongy" so my swelling from BB to incision may take a good few months to go down........oh well....

I'm sorry I haven't updated in so long, life just...

I'm sorry I haven't updated in so long, life just got in the way I guess. Well, I over indulged over Thanksgiving through to Christmas and put on several pounds, that really got me down and I am right back into my healthy eating and exercising again. I will not spend all this money on my Mummy Makeover to then go and put weight on! I can't believe that I am 3 months post op already time honestly flies. Mostly I am feeling GREAT - I workout out the gym several times a week and I have started a weekly dance class, we also ski on the weekends but I haven't done anything with my abs as it feels uncomfortable and weird. I wear my spanx only sometimes - if I am feeling swollen or if my stomach is sore. I never sleep with them anymore. I can comfortably wear skinny jeans all day. By the evening I do get swollen and my stomach is still "painful" to touch - not major pain but I don't like touching it. I still don't like lying on my stomach :( Wondering when I will be able to do this because I want to get a massage! I am happy with my breasts, mostly. I think I would have liked them a little smaller but I am sure my doc had a reason for making them the size that they are - I have a wide ribcage so maybe that's why? I will talk to him at my next appointment. The shape of them is great but I would have liked them a little smaller. A few weeks ago my right breast starting spitting stitches, I think - I never saw any stitches but my incision got little red dots on it and then slightly scabbed over, hope it all heals nicely. So, my plan is tomorrow to take some updated pics -I hope I remember!! Hope you are all well :)
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I'm having a full. TT, breast lift and BA done with the 410s June 3rd with dr. Wolfe. Your results look amazing! I'm needing the support !! So freaked out and scared!
  • Reply
I too also had a consult with Dr. S in cherry creek, I felt like cattle...... Wishing I could get those photos back!!!!!!!!!
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Your results look fantastic!!!! It sounds like you had a similar experience as mine. I went and saw 3 other surgeons....It sounds like you saw Dr. Squires like I did. I completely think he was competent enough but I didn't like the feel over there either with taking the before pictures etc before I even see the doctor. I LOVE DR. VATH!!!!! I am so glad I went with him also. My breasts look great with just a lift and I am super happy with all my results. Have any new pics???
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Steri strip started coming off at bottom of both breasts, so I took off today in shower....three days early. I m thinking I have same little "hole" in same place right at "T" part of incisions....It is not white...looks like it's trying to scab...but I can feel the hole. Very freaky. My skin is red too from where tape was. Ugh! I put the antibiotic ointment on. How do you put gauze on?
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Hello! My right side had a tiny round hole at the bottom of my nipple where the vertical incision started and it has scabbed over now (it was teeny tiny) my left breast had the triangle shaped opening which grew to probably half an inch in size. It has now become a scab and is no longer oozing so I am not concerned at all with it. Jen told me to put the ointments directly on the gauze and then place the gauze in my bra. I did that for about 3 days. How did you go taking the steri strips off? Did you take them off your tummy too? Scars look good? I can't believe I am 4 weeks this week, I am feeling pretty much back to normal now :)
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I just took off the two...used a lot of soap which seemed to make it easier. I just did the ointment last night and today. I checked to ugly when I put on ointment, and it has scabbed over..thank goodness! I can't wait for these boob scars to heal so I can't feel the "pressure" on the incisions anymore. I take tummy strips off Weds! Short of what needed to scab on right breast, other incisions look great, most scabs are already coming off and revealing a very thin scar. I'm glad you're feeling back to normal! I will be excited to feel normal again!
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Hey Hon!!! Glad to hear all went well and no infection!! You look awesome and yes the swelling takes time! I think most of mine is gone but they said 6m is a good time span. Hope you're doing okay with hubby out! I'm sure you'll be thrilled to have him back!
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OMG.... I forgot you don't have implants either. lol Your boobs look AMAZING, as the rest of your body also does. You are one hot looking mama. Good for you. Enjoy and hope your healing continues to heal good. I'm sure the opening will close soon.
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Thanks Jen - I had a lot of breast tissue for him to work with ; ) You are looking amazing yourself, hope you are recovering well. I will pop over to your review now.
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You're boobs look great! What size were they before / after?
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thanks, today I am going through a phase wondering if he made them small enough!! Arrrggghhh just can't wait to buy some nice good quality bras to get a real idea. Before surgery I was DD and at the moment I am wearing a C - I am only wearing cheap soft bras from Walmart so I don't know how their sizing compares. I think I am a full C.
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Crazy! You did not look DD!! Glad you're happier! You look great!!! I am a D on a now sz 4 frame and hubby initially said lets get them bigger - man - glad we only had $ for the TT! D is just fine for me! LOL!
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I just noticed this, sorry I missed it earlier. I went bra shopping today and I am a full C :) I certainly was a DD before, did a good job hiding those puppies!! Mostly I did the reduction to relieve my neck and back pain but the added bonus is that I now don't need to wear a bra and the girls stay upright! Over the next 2 weeks I will go jean shopping - hoping to be size 4 too!!! So happy - hows your scar looking??
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Oh good! So glad you went to see him! That's hilarious about massaging! How's it going? When is hubby back? I hope your open sore heals soon! Did you get all tape off?
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how are you???? Yes it was pretty funny he is funny how he gets so excited about his work! I got all the tape off in the shower, it was scary by the end of it I was white as a ghost and shaky. Didn't really hurt. I thought I was going to rip my nipples off! Hope you are well, let me know
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So happy everything is good! Bet you are relieved. Keep healing!
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thank you!!!! Yes I am :) You keep healing too!!
  • Reply I think this is who the talk has been about.
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Thanks Johnsome-yes that is the right link, so glad you posted that..I wasn't able to figure out how to post the link for them. Thank you :)
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Yes, thanks johnsome-the search just wouldn't return anything for me.
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What a bummer AussieMom...I think I remember HiTownMomof3 having an open sore that she dealt with for several weeks if you read her review...also, I was allergic to the tape that was on my TT incision and had blistering and open sores all across & they healed up with neosporin and I had to buy non adhesive tape and guaze because I was so sensitive. It seems like many have reported wounds like this from pulling and spitting stitches and your PS will fix you up for sure! Hang in there, my blisters all healed well with just a bit of extra attention.
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Oh wait, it's HTownMom3 I think...sorry trying to remember her exact RS name...
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thanks for the comment I would love to read her review - any advice on how to find it? I searched HTownMom3 and no results came up.
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Ok, maybe I will get it right this time, I just looked and it is HTownMomof3, I hope you find her review. She is 8 wks post op and just updated her review about going out on her first run.
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