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I had my Lifestyle Lift in December 2010, and I am...

I had my Lifestyle Lift in December 2010, and I am so glad I did! I had a turkey neck and the skin on my face was loose due to weight loss. Every time I looked in the mirror, all I could see was that turkey neck staring back at me along loose wrinkled skin on my face!

My husband is actually the one who saw the advertisement for Lifestyle Lift on television. My initial consultation was very convincing; not only could the procedure fix my turkey neck, but it would fix the loose skin on my face! So, I opted for the laser surgery as well. Both were conducted on the same visit.

My surgeon and his staff were all very professional, friendly, and excellent at helping me qualm my fears of the procedure. Although I wasn't "pretty" right after the surgery, it was worth a few days of "ugly" and worth every penny I paid!

Denver Plastic Surgeon

I read some of the "not worth it" comments...and most of them seemed to be because of the doctor. Dr. Shah was excellent; is a board certified surgeon, and has performed hundreds of these surgeries. I highly recommend him!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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thank you,..but i didn't post a picture.
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I am so sorry, I was answering Deb 10 and I hit the wrong reply. But hopefully I will definitely be able to post those 2yr and 3yr photos and be happy with them. Enjoy your summer. Aleta
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Thank you for your kind words. I certainly hope you are right. Just turned 65 this year so 75,GOD willing, may not look to bad! You also look great. Enjoy!
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Aleta you look great and LSL will last as long as any facelift because that is what it is the only difference is the anesthesia.
People on this site want you to think they are just pulling skin it is not true.
' They address the muscles and tendons otherwise it would pull your stitches out.
We all will continue to age but you will always look that much better. Maybe it wont be so bad to look 55 when we are 65.
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Thank you for your kind words. I have just turned 65 so hopefully I will be pleased at 75. (next thing to check is my vision, I replied to the wrong person before) DEb 10, you also look great. Enjoy!
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I wish that we could see the 'after' pix three yrs after their surgeries. -it does not last even two.
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I am guessing by your comment that you also had a bad experience, and as I said before, I feel badly for anyone who has been disappointed. As for the LSL lasting not even two years, I just take one day at a time. I have one year down, and I'm taking care of it as we are supposed to. To be honest, I don't know how long it will last. All I know is that I was not promised a time span of how long. I will just take 1 year at a time and go from there. All I can say is that however long it lasts, it's that much longer that I have felt good about myself, and I will cherrish that.
I will definitely post pics, good or bad 2 and three years to come.
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Kansas Content and Aleta, thank you. Not only do I plan to have this done, i hope to have Dr.Shah do it. By the way, you both look great!
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Thank you for your kind comment, and I hope you will be just as happy with your results. Keep us posted.
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Dear Kansas, I wasn't able to see any "before" pictures...but you look fabulous now. I have no idea what those comments are about. Enjoy your great look.
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aleta,-because we weren't lucky enough to have a real live dr.who knew what he was doing.-perhaps you did. my case,i appear to have had a stroke,as one side of my cheek is drooping neck on the opposite side has about two inches of loose skin hanging down, ears are deformed earlobe is flopping around-since they detached it and didn't reconnect it properly,and the other was pulled backwards tightly.they are now completely different,and one has become half an inch longer than the other.also a huge lump and another keloid scar in front of one ear.
how are your stitches ? did they tell you that they don't dissolve and will begin working their way out of your face with an infection??
-negative comments?? what kind of comments would you use,if it were you???
-you're right.-we have no idea what your situation is like..sadly-even though that's what we paid for!!!
-in my case,i had to have it re-done. is still exactly as i described above.
lucky you.

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you are absolutely right. My comment was for those who have not had the procedure and were being just cruel. I am so very sorry you had such a bad experience, and yes, I did have an excellent lifestyle lift surgeon, one who I researched his credentials for over a year from a choice of many surgeons doing this procedure. In no way am I saying that no one has had bad experiences, my thoughts are people who have no research behind their comments, and I think that's cruel to say to someone who feels good about themselves.this is only my opinion. There are good and bad medical professionals all over and I sincerely feel bad that you were not happy.
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All you negative people with your cruel comments should be ashamed of yourselves. All of a sudden everyone is a critic! I also had the procedure last April. My pictures are also posted on this website. As for the comment from the Dr. in MD, lets face it, of course he's going to say it can't work, it's big money out of his pocket, a procedure that he would charge triple for to get the same results. FYI look at the botch jobs from plastic surgeons that have done famous people and are supposed to be the best My procedure took 2 hours with bruising and a week of down time,all explained to me when had a consultation.I am happily greeting medicare with great results from lifestyle lift and I would do it again. Kansas Content, be proud, you look great, these people have no idea what its like.Sincerely, Aleta,Amazing results-Connecticut
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I'm sorry we won't get to see any more pictures after all. I understand about being shy posting pictures on line. I hope you remain happy but if you don't there's always a solution.

Take Care!
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Pictures don't do the surgery face was so wrinkled with lose skin. If I could remove my review I would.

In spite of what you say, my friends and family and MYSELF notice a remarkable improvement. My husband would be the FIRST to tell me there was no change. He and I both agree the pictures don't do the surgery justice.

Dr. Shah said with weight loss patients, sometimes a second surgery needs to be performed. He has offered to do that free of charge to tighten up my chin. My husband and I opted against it as surgery is always risky. I am 54 years old and in spite of Hollywood's idea of how we should look, I don't mind looking my age.

Thank you for your concern, but in spite of your remarks, I AM happy with my surgery.
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I saw improvement in your pics! (When I said FL I was using it as short for facelift, not florida, just to be clear.) Cosmetic surgery never yields perfection anyway. I wanted to see a pre photo from the side cause your earlobes look kind of pixied in the after. I can see why you are pleased.
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I don't think there is any coincidence in the removal of the pictures. The reason the question was asked about whether the photos were postoperative pictures was because there was no discernible result in the neck. In other words, the "turkey neck" was not resolved with a $7,000 procedure. This is not really any surprise, given that the LSL is a procedure that takes "about an hour". I can assure you that a one hour procedure is not long enough to address the aging changes that were present on the preoperative photo (which was removed). The second factor that is no coincidence is the fact that LSL are under investigation by the Attorney General's office in Florida. The third factor that is no coincidence was the fine imposed by the AG in NY for astroturfing. Lastly, LSL has attempted to silence any and all critics including this website (Realself),, and me with lawsuits alleging trademark infringement. The truth about LSL is that is not a revolutionary procedure as stated, that a facelift takes several hours, and that a one hour procedure is likely to yield limited results with limited longevity. Other factors which are generally accepted truths are that many patient prefer to have sedation while having a Facelift so they don't have the anxiety associated with a surgical procedure. Lastly, in the state of Florida, LSL centers are not accredited by national or state inspecting bodies which regulate surgical facilities (AAAASF, JCAHO, AAAHC, ACHA to be more specific). I personally prefer, as do a large percentage of patients when asked, that the facility in which I operate has some degree of outside, objective oversight. However, oversight costs money as does advertising. The question I ask is where do you think LSL is using its resources, oversight (safety), or advertising?
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Dear Dr. Stephen,

What you Said!!! You laid it all out there! And you always put it better than anyone. Those people are the worst kind of scoudrels, and I thank God for Drs. like you who take the time, as do the others who post with you, to help try to set people straight about this sinister operation.
Thank you so much, I hope she listens to you and joins the investigation.
She's been shamwowed. She said she didn't care what we thought, pictures couldn't do justice how bad and wrinkled her face was before, but the pictures have been removed. OH Well! If people want to burn up their money, what can you do?

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Let's see... I came back to this page to check on updates and couldn't find any pictures at all!
What happened?

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-I'm searching for those too!!! Nice Lab coat she's wearing,wasn't it?
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I wondered if that was a lab coat, and yes, very starched and
And I want Kansas Content to know: you really are so cute. and none of this is against you. You are a sister to me, I just am sorry the Dr. told you post op that it sometimes takes another procedure to fix your turkeyneck and that you are going to have to undergo another procedure to fix your turkey neck. I would put a sad face here if they had them. If THEY were honest they would tell you that their proceedure doesn't really fix turkey neck. Isn't that an awefull name for it? I looks like people could have come up with something better or nicer to call it. But I digress... Please look further on this website and check out what the better Doctors that post here say. For example, Dr. Stephen Prendville, MD., before you let them touch you again.
Get a second opinion from a reputable American Board of Plastic Surgeons certified Doctor. Ask him or her what it would take to fix your neck. THEY are being investigated, darlin' and you have to realize that you are risking infection, further nerve damage not to mention the lack of true long lasting results.
Personally, I would never endure those numbing shots again, and I'm considered a trooper...Hight pain threshold.
The NERVE DAMAGE I received as part of my damage, is still not any better here over a year later.He pulled up more skin on the right side of my neck than on my left so I have to have that redone. My eyes ended up with both outer corners that are going to have to be corrected. My right earlobe has a place where my ear had been cut and not stiched so it healed open. My earlobes were reattached differently. The skin around my mouth, "marionette lines", which he said would be addressed, are still there. Not corrected. Jowls, still there. A lot of recovery time and poor after care!!!!!
So I paid $6,300 for a lot of pain, being faced with having to undergo another surgery and recovery time, and my money up in smoke, like the smoke that came up from the sides of my face and the stench of my own burning flesh.

Best Regards,
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-Wow!!! We must've had the same Dr.!!! I was told that it's not the
Dr.,..but the way that LSL forces them to do business,..but I would never be satisfied knowing that I damaged someone and then just walk away and leave them.-Then later pretend that it never even happened.
..At first,I thought that maybe Dr.Prendiville was right.Now,after reading your letter,and having the exact same problems as you did,and the many other letters that I hadn't yet read,I believe that the business and Dr.are equally responsible.I saw the Dr.that did my first surgery a yr.or so later.(I had to threaten the co.with a lawsuit to get them to schedule an appt.,and re do it without recharging me.Neither he,or the co.felt that they had done anything wrong.
..My eyes and ears were the same as yours,he left way too much skin on the left side of my neck also,and there's no hairline in front of my ears at all anymore-which looks really odd.The redo was a joke.Not much of an improvement at all,and I can't afford to have a third surgery.
..So..after all of that ..because they they told me both times that no one else had complained and that it took at least two years for my face to settle,..that's it?? I'm just out of luck??
..Actually,I went in for a consultation and never even called them back.They kept calling me trying to coax me in,and offering me discounts and specials.If they had left me alone,I probably would have never called them back,as I was learning about other companies doing similar procedures without the constant pressure.
..All in all,it was the worst experience of my life.I still have nightmares.
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I'm not wearing a lab's a sweater and that was a mean comment totally uncalled for.
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It wasn't meant to be mean,honestly.It looked like it,and there have been many comments on here from 'actors.'
I don't see anything wrong with your chin,though.-How do they do to 'tighten it up'?
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