Horrible Sculptra Granulomas-Denver, Co

Sculptra caused 26 granulomas which I had removed...

Sculptra caused 26 granulomas which I had removed - I had 2 lower eyelid surgeries & 5 excisions to remove the granuloma. They kept growing even after two years. I think I have them all removed now, but it was expensive and an awful experience.

What do granulomas feel like? Are they hard or soft? I have both hard and soft lumps.
They can be hard, I had some that you could move these were more compact and then I had another that was soft but longer - rather like a squirt of toothpast. Are yours visible and are they causing any miscomfort?
Yes that's exactly what I have. How did you get rid of them? Mine swell, cause discomfort and can be seen.
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Avoid sculptra - you never know when you'll have the kind of reaction I did.

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