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I've wanted a reduction for a long time. From the...

I've wanted a reduction for a long time. From the time I started developing they've never stopped growing. Currently Im a 38h and constantly having back, neck, and shoulder pain. So at this point it's a must in order to get my life back. I'm tired of not being able to be active because of the pain! I'm very excited for a whole new lifestyle....this is my journey! I've already been to my consultation and now I'm just waiting to be scheduled!!!! Yay

Well, finally got my surgery date September 17th!...

Well, finally got my surgery date September 17th! I'm so happy, excited, and nervous at the same time!

Oh my I'm so scared now, just found a website by...

Oh my I'm so scared now, just found a website by women who've experienced necrosis, lost their nipples and sometimes entire breasts and I just can't help but think, is it worth it??? I know there are many reasons necrosis can happen but it seems as though women who've had a reduction have the biggest risk :(

Today has been a little up and down for me, I've...

Today has been a little up and down for me, I've been thinking positively though and I'm soo very excited! My family is too...my one problem is my anxiety so im looking into starting some meditation classes this week!

I was wondering if someone out there had a good...

I was wondering if someone out there had a good list of things I should have handy before the big day? I'm soo excited and I know time will just fly. Also what's one thing you wish you would've known or prepared yourself for before or after surgery???

Today's the three week mark so the count down...

Today's the three week mark so the count down begins I'm so excited and yet so nervous! However I feel really positive and think this will be a great thing that will transform my life for the better. I need to lose weight and my passion is running but I haven't been able to run since I was 21 without hurting and being so self conscious!

Well I have pre op tomorrow and I'm so excited and...

Well I have pre op tomorrow and I'm so excited and yet so nervous. I'm so thankful for this site as now I at least have some sort of idea what to expect tomorrow. Ive got two weeks now and I just know that's gonna fly by. I've had a few friends pass away this week so it's been an added stress and at this point I'm just trying to calm down and be stress free.

Had my pre-op today everything went well and as...

Had my pre-op today everything went well and as long as my bloodwork comes back okay then Im set to go. My surgeon doesn't use drains and told me that he will not remove my nipples unless absolutely necessary which he thinks mine won't have a problem. Went over the possible complications and I signed my life away it seems lol, I'm so excited and pray for a quick recovery! Anybody else scared when they signed their final consent?

Pretty excited today, just waiting for all of my...

Pretty excited today, just waiting for all of my bloodwork to come back from my pre-op. I went to Walmart to look for front closure sports bras and couldn't find any. Where else should I look.

Got the green light to go! Got my labs back and...

Got the green light to go! Got my labs back and they were normal so looks like the 17th is my date! Although, hoping I'm not coming down with a cold as everyone around me has been sick lately :(

One week today and I'll be on the smaller boobies...

One week today and I'll be on the smaller boobies side! I'm so nervous....gonna go shopping this week for some post op stuff! What was you're number one favorite thing post op??

Surgery tomorrow at 730am gotta be to the hospital...

Surgery tomorrow at 730am gotta be to the hospital by 6am! Just got done picking up some recommended items and trying to relax and drink lots of water today!

Well I slept really good last night surprisingly...

Well I slept really good last night surprisingly because I'm so not a back sleeper! Took my pain meds only once and I'm gonna try just Tylenol today if I can. Yesterday was exhausting got to the hospital at 6 hen they took a urine sample, put on these very lovely compression socks lol, gave me a cocktail of drugs and I was out! Next thing you know I have gorgeous new boobs!

Today I'm feeling really sore went to my post op...

Today I'm feeling really sore went to my post op appt then go again in 2 weeks that's when he'll give me my release for work. I'm soo tired and my more swollen side is hot and red but the doc sz this is not an infection! I got to see the girls up close today and everything really does look great! The only weird thing is the extreme nipple sensation! Oh ya forgot to tell all of u they took out 3.3lbs on righty and 3.1 on lefty!

Went to the docs this morning cause my heart has...

Went to the docs this morning cause my heart has been beating really fast my EKG came back good but they put me on an iron supplement! Also I'll go shopping for more iron rich foods. Changed my dressings this morning and they are still really bruised and swollen so praying for quick uneventful healing! Very tired...how many times per day did you ladies let the water run on you and change your dressings!?

Omg the top of my breasts are itching so bad, any...

Omg the top of my breasts are itching so bad, any suggestions of what to do? On another note slept really good last night got up and showered this morning and will continue to work on building my iron back up again! I can't wait to wear a regular bra too because this surgical bra is itchy uncomfortable and I have no clothes to hide it....

Had a mental breakdown last night I was thinking...

Had a mental breakdown last night I was thinking of every bad possibility in my head and really regretting what I've done because of the terrible bruising under my breasts and the fact that its been over 72 hours and my breasts are still leaking a little bit of blood and yellowish fluid. I freak myself out. I've been taking my temps and no fever but I'm just a worry wart!

Freaking out a bit, just noticed a blister type...

Freaking out a bit, just noticed a blister type thing under the corner of my steri strip, it's not directly on the wound or nipple. Wondering if its from the strips and what I should do. I've been very sensitive to tapes in the past and def don't want to get an infection started.

Today the undersides of my breasts are hurting...

Today the undersides of my breasts are hurting more than before and itching and it feels like someone kicked me in the ribs. Some of my steri strips came off so I went and bought more and had my hubby put them back on. He said there's a couple spots that look like holes! Is that normal, or is this a splitting incision? Also he notice one of the stitches coming out but just left it alone, wondering what I'm supposed to do with that too! This healing process gets me too nervous wish I could just fast forward!

Feeling much better the past two days. Yes they...

Feeling much better the past two days. Yes they are ver sore and still swollen quite a bit and having some oozing etc but saw the nurse yesterday and she said everything looks normal and really well and to just keep on doing what I'm doing! I think I'll be a full c cup when all returns to normal. My biggest goal at this point is healing and then being able to sleep on my side again! I also can't wait to burn this surgical bra but the doc said one more week of it full time to ease the swelling!

Hard to believe its already November but time does...

Hard to believe its already November but time does fly when you're having fun and the last month has been awesome! I did have some extreme swelling and a spot opened up which began to leak gallons of fluid, no I'm not lying, there was literally gallons pouring out for about two days! The dr said it was better that my body found a way to heal itself rather than him drain it and as long as it didn't smell funny it was probably not infected! Anyhow it drained and then everything just healed right up. I started using eucerin for my extremely dry itchy and overly sensitive nipples and palmers oil for my scars which is working wonders and helping to soften some hard areas in my breasts! Overall I feel great and now I'm so glad I made the decision to go through with it!
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Glad everything went well! I'm in the Denver area and am getting Kaiser insurance in January and really want BR surgery. Was it easy to qualify? And who was your surgeon? I'm trying to figure out whose the best Kaiser one in the area.
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Happy to hear that your recovery is going well. How is your pain as compared to before surgery? Have you noticed improvement? I am having surgery at the end of the month. I am a 38 h/i and I too am dealing with chronic back, neck and shoulder pain. Hoping that it will really make a difference and would love to hear from someone from the other side :)
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The stitches poking through are normal. You can clip them at the skin or leave them be. Some people do have small openings. You might want to call your PS and see what he would like for you to do regarding it. Be patient and rest...it won't be much longer until you are feeling better!
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Hey, Luv. I agree with the other ladies. Most of this sounds totally normal. Give yourself some time to relax. The drainage of yellowish fluid is totally normal. A small amount of bloody discharge is normal as well. The blister probably is a reaction to the tape, but if you are worried it is never wrong to call your PS. Get plenty of rest and fluids. Keep your incisions clean and dry. It won't be long before you are over this hump and feeling better. Please let us know how you are doing. When do you go to your PS for follow up?
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Thank u! I go on oct 2 next. I think the blister was from the steri strips so I cut back the strip and applied neosporin to it with some gauze over it. How long does it take for these terrible things to come off? They hurt
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Sometimes a couple of weeks. Are you able to take showers. I was allowed to shower immediately, but my drains were taken out the day after surgery. If you are showering just allow them to get wet and soapy at each shower and that will help to start loosening the glue. But remember they are there for a reason and that is to help hold the incision during an important time. It will be worth it in the end. If you are having a lot of trouble with them causing you irritation, call the doc before the 2nd though. No reason to put yourself through the agony.
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I hope you are healing well, keep calm. Take care of yourself and rest as much as you can. Read up about all of our other sisters healing, and you will know how every one else healed and maybe find someone who has the same symptoms as you are experiencing. That's what I did and it was comforting to know it is all normal. Hugs to you x x
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Thank you so much, I'm trying to stay positive
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You're describing normal steps in healing. Leaking, bruising, itchiness - all common.

Three suggestions:
1. Go read the forum "August breast reductions check in here". You'll see a wide range of normal healings.

2. Quit looking. LOL. Seriously, I found that I healed up quicker when I quit thinking about it.

3. Do something or several somethings to relax. Drink chamomile tea. Put a favorite movie on the DVR. Re-read a favorite happy book. Do crossword or jigsaw puzzles. Anything not related to boobis, clothing, or healing. :) And if necessary, ask your doctor for something to help you relax. Tension and worry will not help you heal.

You'll be fine. It just takes time.
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Thank you so much I really need to keep my mind off bad stuff. I'm doing pretty well actually so I need to be thankful
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well if it were me id be happy its not on the surgical site and id just keep it clean.and dry with polysporinbif its open and cortozone cream if its not open.i have reactions to tapes.and god knows what els amd the cortizine creams work quick. you look great!
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Yes I'm happy it's not on the incision it looks like what somebody found was caused by the steri strips so I cut that back and applied neosporin with some gauze over it
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The bruising and leaking will definitely subside!! You just have to give it a little time. I am 17 days post-op today and still have yellowish bruises on the underside of my nemesis, Leftie. Your breasts just experienced major trauma and it takes time. Do keep watch on your temperature but know that redness, bruising, itching, and pings of pain are all a part of the healing process. It gets so much easier, I promise.
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Itchiness could be a reaction to the surgical soap or to the surface chemicals in your surgical bra. I had to rinse mine out and let it air dry. That really eased the itchies along with a shower with the kind of soap I've used for a while. I still used antibacterial soap around my incisions. Some people take Benadryl.
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I sure hope you feel better Luv! I just read what a difficult time you are having with your iron ...
glad for no pain is that with or without the pain med? I really can't call mine pain, more burning or stinging and sometimes a stab.... I go for my first pre-op tomorrow and will probably get drains out then.... I have heard....ouch..... oh well if it means a shower then I am all go for it. hope your itch goes away soon.... xxxxx
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I took the pain meds one day and haven't needed them since. My nipples are kind of going through the stinging sensation now.
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i hope you feel better. i always have iron troible to bit the meds rip my stimach up so i take slo fe only when i have my period and its been ok the last few checks. i slend frim 9-2 today in e.r. with asthma troubles. geezz. always something huh
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Seems like I've been at the hospital for three days straight so hoping tomorrow is better. I don't have any pain but I've been loading up on iron rich foods in addition to the pill
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how are you feeling today? I hope you are having a better day.!
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Thanks so much ladies!
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over 6 pounds wowwy. awesome!!! you must feel free!!
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Wow over a six pound baby in weight, rest luv and take care you body will need that to heal...and don't forget the hydrate thingie too......thinking of you.....xxxxxx and hugs!
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Wow, Luv! 6+ pounds is a lot of weight! Once you are feeling better you will really be able to appreciate the relief!
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Instant back relief!
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awesome to hear!!
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