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I have been thinking of a breast reduction for a...

I have been thinking of a breast reduction for a couple of years but started researching and decided that I did not want to put myself through such an aggressive procedure. Yikes, the photos/info. on some of the medical based sites are frightening! As my neck and back pain worsened and my self-esteem continued to drop, I began researching again. Thank goodness I found this site! The stories that I have read encouraged me to actually make an appointment with a plastic surgeon back in April, 2012. I had to take a "class" with a nurse before even getting an appointment with the doctor. When I met with the doctor, he talked with me first, then, once I disrobed for the exam, he pretty quickly determined that I met the qualifications. He and the nurse told me that, when they saw me in the waiting room, they were thinking, "there's no way she is large enough to qualify". Just like many of you here on this website, I have my ways of "hiding" them with my style of clothes. I am just under 5 foot tall, 110 pounds and am a size 34DD. (Well, that is what I squeeze them into...) I would be perfectly happy if they can get me down to a 34B or 34C. I would just love to fit into a swimsuit or workout clothes! I am scared that they will try to change the surgery date, which will cause me to wait until next summer. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will go as planned on 8/6 and I will successfully return to work (I am a teacher) on 8/14. Currently, I am more nervous about the recovery period than the actual surgery...I am sure my feelings will change the closer it gets...my pre-op appointments are scheduled for July 25th.


August will be here before you know it! You are going to be amazed at how good you feel once you have the heavy burden removed from your back and shoulders. Please keep us posted!
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I have my pre-op appointments later today. Still...

I have my pre-op appointments later today. Still worried that something will happen to change the surgery date. If they were to change it, I would have to wait until next summer to do this!!

I have a pile of tops in my closet that would typically be going to Goodwill because they are too tight...I'm making a bold move and plan to keep them to see if they fit in the future. :)

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Went to pre-op appointments today. My doctor is a...

Went to pre-op appointments today. My doctor is a pretty matter-of-fact guy and when I told him that I had to go back to work on day 8 after surgery, he just said, "good luck". Eeek! I told him that his nurse had told me that it should be fine when they scheduled me. After questioning him some more, he just noted that as long as I don't have complications, the concern will be tiredness. Now, I think I am more nervous than I was before my pre-op appointment!!! Sigh...


Hey Min,

Check out this review “Bra burning scheduled for August 11th - Ontario, CA” by user Bye Bye Girls. She is Day 8 post-op and is on her second day of work. I'm sure she would be happy to answer any questions and to be a great source of support for you!
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There have many of women who have gone back to work after a week. I think you just have to be prepared to be exhausted when you get home. You probably shouldn't plan on cleaning your house or doing anything besides eating, drinking, and sleeping when you aren't at work. Make sure that after your first couple of days post-op you are getting some walking in, you don't want to lie around for a week and then expect to put in a full day of work, you will need to build up some stamina. Good luck. It can be done. If you check some of the reviews I'm sure you will come across some of the girls who went back to work in a week. Feel free to ask them how it went for them and any challenges they faced. Everyone is eager to share their experience to help someone out.
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It's late Friday afternoon and just received a...

It's late Friday afternoon and just received a call from the surgery center confirming my surgery time on Monday morning. I have to be there by 6:15am. On Sunday night, no eating anything solid after midnight. (Sips of water OK up until 4 hours prior to surgery.) She did note that they will need urine sample when I get there to check for pregnancy. Now, I just have to get through the weekend! Eek! I go from anxious to excited to nervous...


Thank, you, Iowa!
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Good luck on Monday, Min!
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Arrived for surgery early on Monday morning. ...

Arrived for surgery early on Monday morning. Everything as expected. Pee in cup, IV in arm, meet with anesthiologist, marked up by doctor and walked into surgery room (with slight fear that IV would get caught on something...it didn't but these are things I think about!). Woke up from surgery and it seems like it took a lot of time to wake up. I am generally a morning person and lke to jump out of bed in the morning so laying around all groggy was hard. Slight pain but not bad. After awhile, pain was getting a bit worse and they wanted to get it controlled before sending me home so they gave me a vicodin. Ate a few crackers and had some ginger ale. Arrived home feeling pretty good around 12:30. Relaxed . Took vicodin to stay ahead of pain. Around 4pm, I got groggy and nauseous. Here is what my family reported: I said I was sleepy, turned my head to the side and passed out. They said my eyes rolled back and I was uncommunicative. Mom patted my face and I finally came to. Then I threw up. Let me tell you, it freaked them out because it looked like a seizure. (I have no history of seizures). This led to a call to the doctor and a trip to the emergency room. (oh, joy). More throwing up before trip to emergency room. And, yet another round at the hospital. After many tests and IV, They determined it was just my bodies reaction to antheseia and possibly Vicodin. So, my surgery day was a bit challenging but i know it is going to get better! I have follow-up appointment this morning to get dressings changed. I only took ibuprofen last night and am fine on pain. I don't think Vicodin is my friend...


Glad to hear that you are feeling better! Hopefully no more trips to the ER. Good luck at your follow up appointment! Have you seen your breasts yet? What do you think about the size difference? Make sure you are getting plenty of rest!
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MinCo i am sorry for your rough patch!! praying that there are no more major events like that!! glad the ibuprofin is working for ya!! rest because you need it!! update when you can! we are here for you!!! blessings!!
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I'm glad you are doing better now! Nausea/reaction to anesthesia was the worse for me too. Thankfully they started giving me meds in recovery right away and I had a prescription to take at home. Sounds like you did have a reaction to the vicodin too. :( Just think though, now all the tough stuff is behind you! YAY!!!
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So, surgery was Monday morning, I am writing about...

So, surgery was Monday morning, I am writing about Tuesday. No problems with nausea, pain minimal. Took two long naps. Hardest thing is getting up from lying on my back. That caused some fireworks type feelings in my incisions. Went in for follow-up appointment. I was scared to see them but I don't have tons of bruising and, to me, they look like doll boobies right now. everything looked good and nipples have feeling (whew!). Next appointment is two weeks.


I love the size so far. Haven't looked too close because it feels funny to not have the surgical bra on...will know more in a few days. Family says it looks like I lost weight. I can definitely see (and feel) a huge difference, too!

Surgery was Monday, this is a summary of...

Surgery was Monday, this is a summary of Wednesday: Lots of resting. Took one nap during the day. Getting some sleep at night but still not a fan of sleeping on my back so I wake up often. Minimal pain when I get up or down from recliner or reach a bit too far. Still have a bit of spotting on my surgical bra (only on incisions under breasts) Can't get the darned gauze In the right place to catch it. (i did not have drains or removeable stitches.) Luckily, I was sent home with second surgical vest and just wash one each day. They are super comfortable! Getting tired of sitting around but don't want to "overdo it". Played a game with the family at kitchen table in the evening. Laughing is good but a little painful.


Hi Faythful, I thought that posting on this website has been a bit glitchy this week but I was blaming it on post-surgery brain. ;) I go back to work next Tuesday. It will be day 8 after surgery. I am feeling pretty confident about it at this point. I know that I will need to protect myself from bumps (and hugs) and not lift and will be tired but I think I can make it through. I have a four day week before the students start and then I don't have my own classroom of students. I am an itinerant special education teacher so I will travel around to different schools. Lifting materials will be my biggest concern. Do you know what timeframe you will have for healing?
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if i get it, school starts the 27th then the 30th is surgery that Monday is Labor day so five days if I take the minimal! if i take that next week off it would be 11 days! its with our special sweat kids! i am nervouse!! has anyone posted on August boards about 2sons4 me? she was today and I couldnt post thinking about her! i tried i thought it worked but didnt see it
so glad its going good for you!! i am having issues posting in the august boards so i had to come here! when do you have to be back to work? i may have a job at the school and this is making me nervous on healing time and all!! see ya on the august boards!!
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Well, it's not Saturday morning and I had my...

Well, it's not Saturday morning and I had my surgery on Monday. Continue to feel better each day. Some bruising starting to yellow but still have quite a bit of dark red bruising underneath and to the sides of each breast. Pain is still not an issue. No itching yet...
Neck is SO stiff due to inactivity/sleeping position, though. Got more sleep after taking one Tylenol PM last night. I'm bummed because I am ready to be more active and hate taking meds for the neck pain! Put on a t-shirt today because I was tired of the same two short-sleeved zip-up hoodies that I have been wearing/washing all week long. I love it! This is a t-shirt that was too tight before surgery and I would have had to get rid of it. Thank goodness I kept it because it fits great!


way to go on the Tshirt!! i hope the neck pain gets better!!! i had to buy PTA shirt and I got two different sizes!! the smaller of the two is an XL and it would fit but the sisters make it real tight! so I am looking forward to putting it on after surgery!!! oh and I got the job! so now more things to obsess over! well praying the energy level gets better each day!!! blessings!!
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Congratulations on the job, Fayth! That is awesome!

Min: Remember...you are still very early in recovery. Give yourself some time yet and before you know it you will be strutting around town in your ever smaller t-shirts!

Well, last week at this time, I was in surgery. I...

Well, last week at this time, I was in surgery. I am still wearing the surgery vests (per doctor's orders). They are Jobst brand and are actually very comfortable. The thing I don't like is that they come up really high on my chest and show under anything that has a scoop neck or (of course) vneck. I did not have drains or removable stitches so I still have the white tape over the incisions. I think that they are almost all closed except where they meet just under my breasts. I still put a little gauze there to catch just a small bit of fluid. The bruising has been interesting. I am still finding light bruising on one side of my torso. One spot is just above my hipbone. This is a good reminder that my body is still healing and even though I am feeling better and better, I need to continue to respect that fact that I was in surgery one week ago today. Looked at bras the other day when I got out for a brief shopping trip with my mom. Not ready to try on but fun to look. I was amazed at the options for "wire-free" bras!!


Good luck at work, MinCo! Don't push yourself too hard!
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Hey MinCO, glad to hear that you're doing pretty well! :) Been thinking about you. Hey, since we have the same insurance in the same state, I'm wondering a few things. My doc said they give me 2 bras - was this what they did for you? What did you have to buy (supply wise) vs. what did Kaiser give you? I know that I should be patient and wait for pre-op tomorrow, but, what can I say, I am a Type A. :)

Also, did you have to fast for your pre-op physical? What exactly did they do for that visit?

Okay, enough questions for today. I hope that today is a great day for you. At least the temps will be a little lower today and tomorrow. :)
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Thanks for the thoughts! They sent me home with one bra on and one in a box that I took to my follow-up appointment the next day. They are actually quite comfortable and wash nicely. (I just wish that they didn't come up so far under my armpits and high on my chest...but I'm short...) Honestly, I didn't really buy much prior to surgery. I already had some individually wrapped gauze pads from a foot surgery a couple of years ago and they were enough to just put over the incisions for a few days. I have been cutting squares from them as I need it. I'm one week post-surgery and still just put one small square of gauze just under my breasts where the incisions meet.

Pre-Op - The usual temp./blood pressure/oxygen levels. They did no bloodwork at my pre-op as I don't have a history of health issues (smoking, etc.) My first needle prick was the morning of surgery. No prescriptions given at my pre-op. My family filled my Vicodin prescription while I was in surgery. (I only took one of those after surgery) I also met with someone from anesthesiology the day of my pre-op. She did the same tests, told me a few things not to do and that was it. Check out my review...I think I might have a few more details there.

The day of surgery, if they ask if you want the patch for nausea...TAKE IT! I learned my lesson the hard way on that one!

Please feel free to ask any and all questions...I am happy to answer! I am LOVING our cooler weather today...it's my last official day of summer...back to work for me tomorrow. :)

Back to work for me today. (day 8). First time to...

Back to work for me today. (day 8). First time to drive post-surgery. Tight turns pull a little and held the seatbelt off of me as much as possible. Was tired at work but some of that is from my neck pain. I'm hoping to get a handle on the pinched nerve soon. Overall, it was successful. So, returning to work 8 days post-op was possible for me. Gonna collapse on the couch for a bit now! ;)


How are you feeling? Are you having enough energy to make it through the day? Been thinking about you!
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I am making it through the day but make myself I lie down and rest for a short bit when I get home. The beginning of a school year is exhausting for everyone, though. I can't wait to see my surgeon on Tuesday and tell him I successfully went back on Day 8. :)

Glad you made it! Now turn off the computer and get some rest!
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