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If you are considering a mastopexy/breast lift, Go...

If you are considering a mastopexy/breast lift, Go For It! My only regret is not having done this sooner ;-)

Basics: 5'8", 145#' 34D (rolled up into a bra - lol!

Procedure: Mastopexy (anchor, without augmentation), general anesthetic, 3 days minimal pain meds, surg tape - no external stitches, 2 weeks surg bra, still 34D (but perky!)

I cannot blame my National Geographic bosom on pregnancy/nursing. It certainly didn't help that I went from a D cup to a G (I could literally put my face in my bra), but I literally remember trying to arrange my chest in a bikini (in junior high school!) and being disappointed that I didn't look like my friends. I was just made looking "vintage" from the get go.

I looked at many many photos online, and made the following observations:
* most mastopexies are done with implants
* most mastopexies without implants do not result in an aesthetically pleasing result
* it is clear that some surgeons are practitioners, and some are artists

Lucky for me, I found a local artist ;-). Literally. Dr. Vath drew a "perfect" breast profile, and that is what I have now.

A few notes:
* Dr.V prescribed an anti-nausea patch to start wearing the night before. I never had a single green moment.
* the staff and facility is first class. Ex: in pre-/post-op, they wrap you in an inflated heating blanket. Just because ;-)
* there is a study that shows that up to 7% of patients that undergo general anesthetic have tmj issues of some sort afterwards. *It is NOT necessarily an indication of poor care by the anesthesiologist.* By the time I got home, I had total lockjaw. Scary. But it subsided on its own, completely back to normal in a few weeks.

One mistake I made: overdid on day 2 (because I felt pretty much completely normal already!). That night I had the first kinda scary ouchy pain, and felt like an idiot thinking I had just ruined everything. Everything totally fine by the next day, but my advice would be to Follow The Instructions. In this case, Doc definitely knows best.

I chose a mastopexy without implants for me. Not to please anyone else. And I feel amazing. Since I didn't have implants, I didn't have cut muscles to heal, or worries/post-surgical manipulation for months to avoid odd placement.
I didn't realize until the day after surgery how many clothes I never could wear, or couldn't wear without some serious cantilevering. Now it's just a treat every time I put on clothes. Even when wearing a bra - because without the need for hoist, the bra doesn't ride up in the back, or even just cut in so much. I've told my friends that my bosom now is just for entertainment and decoration ;-)

I read an article about investing in plastic surgery. Folks wouldn't hesitate to get treatment for diabetes, or depression, or a broken limb. Having an unusually saggy chest is a real issue, physically and mentally. If mastopexies were covered by insurance, I guarantee you women would line up to get it done. Why do we allow insurance companies to dictate how we take care of our bodies?

No bones about it, this was expensive. But worth every single penny. I told my daughter that if/when the need/time comes, I will pay for her to have this done.

If you are thinking, worrying, wanting to do this, please know that I give this procedure a big thumbs up - *with the right surgeon*. If you don't love the before/afters of your local docs, travel. It will be worth it ;-)

Will post photos when on a laptop instead of iPad. Today is 3 weeks, and I am thrilled with results.

Denver Plastic Surgeon

Found Dr. Vath online - after reading/viewing an unbelievable number of articles!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Since it has been more than a year since your procedure, do you think you could post a recent picture so we could see how your breasts have settled? That would be great, thank you!
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You look great!! I am getting a full tummy tuck wth Dr. Vath on the 16th and at my last consult discussed that I may want a lift down the road. Well... he and his nurse thought it may be a good idea to consider doing both while I am under. I like my breasts but they are just a bit south now from pregnancies. Are you still happy with your results? How was your recovery? Did you have any restraints... couldn't lift your arms. incision problems, etc... Thanks so much!!!
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Recovery was exactly as Dr. Vath predicted - take it easy for a couple of days then really just a non-issue. No restraints other than not to exercise for a few weeks. Results - I LOVE the shape - Dr. Vath truly is an artist. I am a pita patient in terms of scars, unfortunately - looking pretty Frankenstein-ish with hypertrophic changes. Dr. Vath has gone back and done scar revision over about 50% of the lines but those are growing too :-( My scars are NOT a reflection of his work, and I would absolutely make the same decision to do this surgery no matter what. I know that years down the road the scars will be fainter.
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Yes I'm very worried about the scars for both breast and tummy tuck. I still want to feel and look natural for myself... not a person who looks in the mirror and only see scars. I guess that's the trade off eh??? I need to decide today to bite the bullet. It's so hard because it's not like I don't like my breasts it's just that they're a little bit south due to pregnancies
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I want your results!
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Great price and great result, def going to consider your surgeon when I get the money!
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You look perfect!!
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Wow!!! Nice. Your breasts look like the rack of an 18 year old. Perfect and perky absolutely amazing!!!!!
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I'm scheduled for the same facility, but with Dr. Wolfe. I'm having the same thing done!! Your review is definately helping my butterflies. What else can you tell me??! THANKS!!
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You look GREAT!!! I can't wait to get my girls lifted up! I don't want implants either! How long before you could return to work?
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I used Dr. Vath as well for a mommy makeover including the BL with no implants and I feel so blessed by Dr. Vath's skills. I am so happy about my breasts! I am proud to be naked now! My husband keeps telling Dr. Vath thank you from afar as well. lol You look FABULOUS! Congrats on the great surgery!
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You look fantastic! What size are you now? Can you post some updated pictures? I am debating the implant vs. no well as what type of lift to get.
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Your breast are beautiful. What cup size are you?
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Hello Juliette! I started at 34D, at 5 weeks, now in between C/D. Still v happy ;-)
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Thank you so much for your post. Spot on! Such a beautiful result and so very true that there are a lot of "practitioners" out there and then there are those who are "artists". I to was lucky enough to find the artist. And totally agree that it was well worth very penny, and would do the same for my daughter. Your Bosoms are beautiful ;) Good luck with it all.
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Thank you double dee ;-)
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Thank you for sharing. This is what I also want done, just not sure if I need to get an implant for fullness...don't want one if I don't have to have one. You look great!!
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Thx AT7 - there's a savings of time/cost if you do both at once, but you can always do implants later. Best wishes to you ;-)
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I am also glad to see a review for just a lift. I have mine done next week on the 21st, I am so excited! Yours look fantastic!
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Thx Suzi! Wishing you the best on the 21st ;-)
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I am perky now! I wanted to thank you for putting in your story about overdueing it on day two because you felt good. I also felt fine but I remembered reading what you said about wishing you had taken it easy and I made sure to rest even though I felt I could do more. It's always great to see a fellow "lifter with no implants" :-)
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Congratulations Suzi!!
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Thank you so much for sharing. I'm having a lift with no implants in May and it's been so hard to find pictures without implants! I hope you continue to have a speedy recovery :-)
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Thank you Changetime! I wish you all the best in May ;-)
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Thank you-will update when I get back to NE after surgery. Anything else you have learned from having your lift that you think would be helpful feel free to share with me.
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