Too Small? Denver, CO

I've wanted a chin implant for over 10 years now,...

I've wanted a chin implant for over 10 years now, and I finally decided to go through with it. I'm only 5 days post op right now, but I'm concerned it might be too small. I don't feel like I have any more swelling, so I'm hoping it doesn't get any smaller. I told my doctor I wanted a small, subtle change, but now I'm thinking I might have regretted that statement. I just wanted to get some opinions on if you think it should be bigger. Thank you!
I think proportionally your jaw should protrude as far forward as your lips and anything short of that is a weak chin. So I agree that the implant was too small.
Hi! Could you share who your doctor was? I am also getting a chin implant in Denver in 2 weeks. I'm still not sure about what size to go with.
My dr recommended a med but I only wanted a subtle change as well so we went with a small. I'm 15 days post op. How's your healing coming along. I still can't smile or talk right :/
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