My Chin Implant Experience - Denver, CO

I went to a board certified plastic surgeon as my...

I went to a board certified plastic surgeon as my double chin (which really wasn't that bad) was bothering me. Age taking hold, and even tho I am considered fit, it was there and it just bothered me. Very little to do there, but the surgeon suggested I would get an A+ result with a tiny chin implant. RIGHT NOW, I wish I had just gone with the B+ result and had the neck lipo ONLY... but I am only 3 weeks post op, so I will need to post back and see if I am feeling any differently at that time.

First off let me tell you that recovery is much longer than you might expect, but this might not be the case with everyone but this is my experience. Sure you can go back to work in a week... but you will probably be pretty swollen in the chin area. I currently have pretty fat jowls and it is very obvious to me that I have had something done. My smile is totally different.

As I type this today, you can no longer see my bottom teeth when I smile and frankly, one of these best things about my face was my smile. FROM WHAT I HAVE READ and heard, this should go back to normal but it may not. I believe I have 8 weeks before I would even be able to have an appt to take it out... so I have plenty of time to continue to heal, and get my smile back to normal. My bottom lip is still slightly numb, and that does not bother me at all... but I am sure it is tied to the stiffness and flatness of the bottom lip which is not allowing for a full smile. FINGERS CROSSED THAT RETURNS TO NORMAL.

Also, when I am not smiling... my chin appears to look normal in size. When I do smile, my chin elongates and it appears very long. Again, hoping all of this is temporary as it settles into my face. Right now, I would NOT have gotten the chin implant... just the neck lipo and then saw where I was at. Sure my profile looks good, the recession is no longer detectable... but I prefer to look nicer from the front than the side. Perhaps I should change the way I walk (sideways). LOL.

The recovery is often much longer than the best case scenario that doctors mention.  In my case, I had chin lipo and there were hard lumps and swelling for 2 months.  Even after that went away, there was residiual swelling and occasional nerve zingers for a few more months.  My mom had jaw surgery to correct an injury, and she couldn't feel her lips for months.  Before you have another surgery to remove the implant, try to be patient and wait for the nerves to heal and allow you to smile normally.  

When the nerves heal, you might be happy with the implant but still want some lipo.  I'm happy with the lipo but wondering if I should go back for a minor neck lift (platsymaplasty) since the muscles of my neck have always given me a 45 degree chin line even when I starved myself when I was 20 years old.  

It's tough to be patient for as long as it takes for the nerves to recover and your smile to go back to normal, but it's really better to be certain that the implant is a problem before undergoing another surgery to remove it.

Thanks Eric! I completely agree. I have no choice but to be patient.

Hi Chins -- Thank you for sharing your story so far. I've seen chin swelling last for a few months, so there's definitely hope that your result will get better. Hang in there and take care of yourself (low salt diet, ice, bromelain, compression [w/ doctor's permission], etc).

Please keep us posted on your progress; I hope it works out for you!


I am 5 weeks post op. My chin looks slightly...

I am 5 weeks post op. My chin looks slightly bolbous to me and still appears big. I am not sure if there is still swelling. I HOPE SO. You still cannot see my bottom teeth, thos I feel like it is relaxing a LITTLE bit - but I am not sure if that is wishful thinking or not. I bite my lip a little when I eat pizza. I miss my smile. I hope it comes back. When I smile big... I feel like the only thing you can see is my chin... tho in some light it doesn't look bad at all. I am still trying to be patient...

I hate the implant

I look different. I feel different. Don't do it!

Chin implant??? Don't do it!! I just had it removed 3 years later!

If you plan to do something with your face... GO TO A FACIAL PLASTIC SURGEON!! They focus on the neck up! DO YOUR HOMEWORK. I thought I did and I got a doc that recommended something that didn't even bother me. BIG MISTAKE!
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