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I have done the melange peel twice. The first one...

I have done the melange peel twice. The first one I did last year and made a girls session out of it- my mom and aunt had one done at the same time. We hung out watching TV for the 8 hours the mask had to be on. We all have olive to dark skin and are hispanic. My mom and I are seasoned patients at our dermatologists office and both have used triluma and epiquin in the past(at different times of course) on our skin. My aunt however was a "virgin" to skin peels. What I noticed was that while we all got red, my aunt with the virgin skin got less red than we did and ultimately had a less dramatic result. Also all of us had watery eyes while the mask was on. However I could definitely tell a difference in my mom's skin- she was 67 yrs old at the time and had struggled all her life with scarring from acne as a teenager. When I saw her months later during Christmas, her skin had a "glow" to it- looked really healthy, even toned and dewy.

I saw a less dramatic result but then again I was 37 yo and have no wrinkles or lines to start out with. My derma likes to take before and after photos using a special photo filter that shows sun damage in the pictures. In my after photos, my pores were smaller, my skin looked tighter and there was slightly less sun damage. Also my chin area where I had hyperpigmented acne scars was more even toned.

This year I had the melange peel done again two days ago. This time I was beet red and had a little bit of swelling the first night. I took a motrin that first night and followed the instructions. Today is my second day and when I woke up my skin was still red. I spent the day out today but used the sunscreen, anti redness balm, foundation with SPF and powder with SPF. Mid day today my skin started peeling. When I came home tonights I washed off all my makeup with Bobbi Brown makeup cleanser first and then used the Melange foam wash. After washing and about 24 h following removal of the mask my skin was less red than the day prior.

Tonight I put on the melange cream 2 and some antiredness cream. I was careful not to scrub my skin and made sure that any skin flakes produced during the day were washed, not picked, off. I also added the intensive moisturizer cream tonight. I think as you peel moisturizing with an emollient cream (given in the kit) is key to getting better results without scarring your skin. It also avoids any itchiness. As your skin begins to flake, avoid the temptation of peeling pieces off. If flakes develop, I recommend washing with the cleanser and this process itself sloughs the dead skin off. I also recommend using the moistiurizer (that they give you ) multiple times during the day.

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