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Hello all. I have been following the stories on...

Hello all. I have been following the stories on realself for quite some time, and now that my insurance company has scheduled my surgery, I thought it would be a prime time to begin sharing my own. All of you ladies have been so helpful in normalizing this experience, and all of the feelings that come with it through the entire process. I feel so much more prepared and reassured thanks to this community, and I am so proud of everyone here.

A quick backstory: I started developing breasts at a fairly young age, and by the time I was in the eighth grade I was regularly being asked if my breasts were real. They were about a hefty C cup at the time, and quickly ballooned up to an F by high school, to where they currently rest at a 36G/34H. For a decade, they have been the primary fuel for my low self esteem, the topic of every dreaded conversation, and have taken a real toll on my upper back and shoulders. I have always had problems looking even somewhat professional, and at a young age adopted what friends refer to as my "uniform:" a black v-neck t-shirt and dark jeans, thinking that this pretty effectively minimizes the appearance of my chest. I have been researching breast reduction surgeries since the days of AOL, but the opportunity never really presented itself until I obtained substantial health insurance coverage through Kaiser with subsidies from the Affordable Care Act. I work in the service industry and attend college, and neither of those fields provide much in the way of benefits.

I visited with my primary care physician a few months ago, and asked her what could be done about my crunchy shoulders, and if Kaiser covers breast reductions. She wrote me a referral to the plastic surgery department, where I was to attend a group information session early one morning. After the hour spent there, the nurse scheduled our individual consultations with surgeons.

My consultation with the surgeon was about one month ago, and upon running some numbers and measurements (height/weight, bra size, nipple distance, estimated removal, etc), he determined that I would be a great candidate and told me he believed Kaiser would cover the procedure. Just yesterday, I received a call from their surgery scheduling offices offering me a surgery date of October 15th, and I jumped at the opportunity.

The relief and excitement this brings to me, knowing that it is all coming together, and the support from my family, friends and boyfriend has been incredibly overwhelming. I am so ecstatic and nervous. I'll keep this page updated as the date comes and goes!

Quick question for anyone who works on their feet, how long did you take before returning to work? I am a bartender at a relatively high volume venue. Money is tight, but I want to make sure to give myself enough time to not do any damage. Also, how long before any students returned to normal classes? Thank you guys!

Before photos

I figured it is time to upload a few before photos to document this journey. I am lucky to have a pretty full upper breast with relatively highly placed nipples, so I am hoping that will help simplify some nipple placement concerns I have had in the past. My PS doesn't believe he will have to move them very much during the procedure.
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Congratulations!!!! You are not alone!!! Like the other lady said, "we have twin boobs!" If I didn't know better, I would think I was looking at a picture of mine! I am so excited to hear about your journey! Keep us up to date and let us know how it is going.
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Thank you! I definitely will. Just six weeks left until they get cut down to size!
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omg heavy...
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We share the same breast size!! And yes, it's miserable. I have Aetna and they cover it but there are so many hoops to jump through I'm paying for mine out of pocket. My surgery is on the 28th of this month. I, like you, am so looking forward to being a normal size - even a D cup would feel "normal" to me at this point! I'm so glad you have the support of your boyfriend and your family. It's a big deal altering a "sexualized body part(s)" and having people to support you is HUGE! Sending you healing thoughts! Can't wait to see your outcome!
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A D cup seems like a wonderfully reasonable goal, and pretty much what I imagine I may end up. Sending my thoughts back to you! Your date is coming up so soon! Best of luck and keep us updated! Can't wait to see!
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Hello! :) I am also with Kaiser and going to the informational class in Denver tomorrow. Keep us updated and good luck!
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Congrats on being approved and taking the next step. Please keep us posted. I go in on Aug 28th 2014 so ill have something to share. I know you must be so excited : ) it'll be here before you know it.
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I absolutely will keep this updated! Thank you!
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I am so happy and excited for you.  You are about to feel like a new woman and will love it.  
Are you able to take 2-3 weeks off work?  I highly recommend 2 at a minimum.  
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Thank you! I am so excited that I have gotten this far in the process. I currently have two weeks covered after my surgery date, and the coworkers who know why I'll be absent are incredibly supportive, so it is possible that I could take more time as needed.
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Perfect, best to have a back up plan:)
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