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Hi ladies! This is my first post after a month of...

Hi ladies! This is my first post after a month of reading up on all of you :). I am scheduled for a breast lift/implants on September 25. I am 32 years old, 5'6" 130lbs. I have always had a large chest, since graduating high school I've always worn a 34 D or 34 DD. The women in my family are all well endowed, which as we know is a blessing and a curse! Gravity is a bitch!
I have never loved having a big chest, I have always HATED wearing big granny bras and never being able to wear low cut dresses because my cleavage would be up near my collar bone. UGH. After my first child was born my boobs got HUGE and I was an absolute dairy farm, I produced a ton of milk! I nursed for 7 months and when I was done my breasts had deflated big time. I actually kinda liked having them less full. I could wear lower cut things because my cleavage wasn't as pronounced. Just to clarify, when I say "Cleavage" i'm not talking about upper pole fullness, I'm talking looking like a butt crack down my chest. I LOVE upper pole fullness, just not when they are completely smashed together because I always felt like it made me look more matronly. Aaannnnyway, I enjoyed having less cleavage for several years until I had my second child. Once again, I was a major milk cow and my breasts got HUGE. I nursed her for 8 months and once I stopped I was shocked at what happened to my boobs. They were gone. I can barely fill a 34 C no and they are SSOOOOO much more deflated/ saggy. :( Such a bummer!
After much thought I decided now is the time to get to feeling more like myself. We are done having children, so what better time than the present. I had 3 consultations scheduled but after my husband and I met with the first surgeon we both fell in love with her and I cancelled my other two consults. I felt really comfortable with her and I could tell she completely got my vision. We decided on 325-375 CC to bring me back up to a perky 34 D. Moderate plus, under muscle. I am so anxious/nervous/excited. I keep looking online at all of the great clothes I will be able to wear that I have never been comfortable wearing.
I have so enjoyed reading about you ladies, its so nice to have a place to come read about first hand experiences. We are in this together!!

Rice sizers?!

Hey ladies! I'm just wondering if any of you tried making your own sizers to try at home? When I went in for my consultation I tried on some sizers that they had in the office. It was very awkward because they were more teardrop shaped instead of round. They were kinda flat on top and then more full at the bottom, which is the exact shape of my breasts and the exact thing I'm wanting to change about them! So when I tried them on it was just weird, making me look even more saggy and droopy. Do those sound like the same sizers you tried at your consultation? I really feel like round ones would have been easier and now I'm thinking I might try to make my own to see what size I like.

How/if to tell kids??!

Hey ladies! I am 1 month away from having perky boobs for the first. time. ever! Can't wait! It feels like a lifetime but I know it will be here before I know it. I have a 6 year old daughter who is my little shadow. We are very close and she is super tuned-in to EVERYTHING. I'm already stressing about how/if to tell her about what is going to happen?
I have always been very careful to not be negative about my body image because I don't want to set a bad example for her. Thats why I'm stressing about her knowing that I am not satisfied with a part of my body and want to do something so drastic to 'fix' it. I worry that if I don't prepare her and she comes home from school and sees me hurting or sleeping or acting sick she will be worried sick. And if she sees me naked I know for a fact she will notice the new addition in an instant! So what do I say?? How do I put it into words that a 6 year old will understand? Do any of you ladies have an words of advice for me? I woke up in the middle of the night worrying about it! :(
Hope you all have had a great weekend!

The countdown is ON!

The countdown is ON, T minus 8 days! Next Thursday at this time I will have a perky rack ;). I go back and forth on my emotions about surgery, one minute I'm so excited I don't want to wait another day and the next I feel like I'm having an anxiety attack.
Last week was my pre op. After showing more pictures to my PS we decided to go High Profile 375-400 CC. She was originally thinking Mod Plus, I'm glad I brought more pictures in to show her exactly what look I'm wanting. I feel like we are both on the same page. Get this- she said she usually does a little liposuction in the armpit to get rid of that little big of fat that hangs over the bra because with implants it can look a little awkward. Isn't that cool?! I've always hated that area, glad to have that stuff sucked right out! ;)
I have a list of supplies i need to get but I keep worrying I'm going to forget something. So then I google 'post op supplies' and my list just keeps growing. I'm sure I'm going overboard but when I feel stressed I tend to over plan.
Aaaanyway, I can't believe this waiting game is finally coming to an end. I can't wait to start the healing process. I have so enjoyed reading about all of you ladies and your experiences.
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I just had my Lollipop BL and 350cc silicone under done yesterday! Let me tell you i was scared to death! The prepping, getting ready and going in were so much worse than the entire experience. It's almost been 48hrs and I have to say the "pain" more like soreness is very bearable!!!! You can do this. Try not to sike your self out bc that's the worst part! I was so calm walking in (which I'm shocked about) I pretended the whole time like I was going into a spa getting a facial and a pedicure. The calmer and more positive you are about this I feel made a huge difference! Good luck and keep us updated :)
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Hi! I haven't created a profile yet, but I am going in for my lift and augmentation on Sept. 24th. I am 5'3" 129 lbs (after 4 kids and a 40 lb weight loss). I also breast fed, and I have little to nothing left, what is there is sagging, I am also looking to go 325-375. I just don't want to go too big and look heavy, or too small and not see a difference....
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less than a week until your surgery! i'm sure you are super excited!
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I'm going in on the 24th, too! SUPER EXCITED!!!!! I'm only 21 and no kids (college senior) so I'm a bit nervous as far as school work and coaching and nannying (PT jobs) goes but they all know I'm having surgery (no details tho) so should be fine. I am totally with you on the not wanting to go too big or look too heavy thing... Such a fine line.
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I love this question & I actually sat down with my Son who's older than your daughter. I asked him how it made him feel & told him I didn't want him to feel like his body wasn't good enough or that I didn't love the 18 months of breastfeeding him. He actually helped me during my recovery. I think it's important to share with your daughter. She is going to see u in pain & if you ever change your clothes in front of her u don't want to hide or avoid her. I think that u have done a wonderful job by raising her to except her body. I know it's so different with boys & girls. I think that it's also a good opportunity to help her learn how to maybe wear training bras when she i s ready, learn about how important it is to make sure u have a lot of support for your breasts when & if she ever decides to be a Mommy later in life. I will pray for you to have the right words & that you will be able to make it age appropriate. It sounds like you have a very close relationship with her. I think that if you talk to her & make it an opportunity to learn that everyone is different & some mommy's have different skin, some woman don't have stretch marks or lose the their perky breast after pregnancy & breastfeeding. It's not easy for me to know exactly what to say because I don't know your precious little girl. But I'm sure if you write down the things that you love about your body or write down the things that u want to share with her. Maybe you can prepare yourself for ways to share. I have a 10 yr old niece who likes to play dress up with me & I was really worried about how my BA would effect her. She still doesn't know that I had any surgery, actually hardly anyone in my family knows & most of my friends have no idea. I knew I didn't want her to feel like her body wasn't good enough. Luckily I went small & natural. She hasn't even noticed. I just know u will find the right words to say & that it will be a bonding opportunity for u & your daughter. Who knows maybe at some point she might want PS. The things that's wonderful is she is going to know that she can come to you & share anything with you! Please let us know how your talk goes. She's young, kids do talk so unless u plan on telling people maybe u can make it a special Mommy Daughter secret or whatever you want to do with it. I just feel that you two will always have a special bond & it's so important to share because she will know something is wrong & it's better to share this exsperience :) that's my opinion anyway. Best of luck to you
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Thanks for the reply and you are right, i think its best to be honest with her. I'm glad your niece hasn't noticed, i think it would be difficult for a 10 year old to understand. It sounds like you are doing the right thing by not trying to hide your body from her and thats why I need to bring it up to my little one. Thanks for the advice! :)
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You're welcome, you'll find just the right words & I'm sure it will only bring you closer. :) I know I had a really good conversation with my teenage son. I asked him how it made him feel & if it made him feel any different about me or made him feel like his body wasn't good enough. He said of course I don't feel different about , he said I just don't understand plastic surgery, but if it makes you feel better about yourself I support you! I know at some point I will end up changing in front of my niece & she will ask me about the scars. I know I'll have to address it at some point. She's actually almost 11 & really likes bras. It's sorta cute to see her & play dress up. She wants all of my clothes ;) it's so cute she almost fiTS in most of my skirts & really wants my favorite skirt... lol Girls are so much fun. Best of luck to you & I will pray that you'll have just the right words....
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FillMeUpButtercup, You're welcome my pleasure :) I'm so excited for you & think that you're going to feel so good about yourself after your surgery :) I hope you end up having a fabulous procedure . I definitely think it's so important to remind your hubby about that your breasts are sister's not twins! I think it's funny that the dr. didn't think u needed a lift while you were clothed. It's amazing the difference clothing makes. ;) Thank u for your encouragement, I loved breastfeeding my Son. It was one of the best experiences of my life. :)
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DCWife, I was exactly like u describe & I have 425cc silicone moderate plus smooth round implants under muscle. I look very Natural my husband loves them, I love them I'm just rt. I'm 4 wks post-op today. I'm 5'5 1/2 139 lbs (I've gained 7lbs post op I know it will go away, the body needs fuel & rest to heal). My breast were totally deflated 36C-38D saggy pre op. My breasts measured 34" under armpits, 41 1/2" around my breasts & 36" under my bustline pre op. I went to Victoria Secrets yesterday & my upper chest is 38", 42" breast & 36" around my bustline. I measure 36DDD-34G right now & I look absolutely natural! Who cares what anyone else says if u have larger deflated breast & you're not a twig u need an implant that will fill u up or it will be like a tennis ball lost in skin. My PS new I wanted to be able to not have to always wear a bra & didn't want to be HUGE. No one can tell I had BA with a lift if I don't tell them. :) When it comes to rice sizers go home use a nylon stocking, don't tye the end too tight & measure the rice try different amounts. I even wore my rice sizers to the grocery store & took a nap in it to see if I felt comfortable. Play around & see what makes you comfortable. :) best of luck to u & I will try to post better pre op pics. I'm keeping my identity secret ;) so my pre op pics are crappy.
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Thanks for sharing and good luck on your journey. The best thing I think you can do is look at other peoples befores and afters and find a before similar to you with an after you like and see what they had done. Like I was a deflated 36 C/D, no upper pole fullness. I'm 5'4" 159. I got a full anchor lift (which takes away skin and tissue) and 400cc mentor memory gel (cohesive silicone) moderate plus profile. My friends with implants said that was big especially since I had boobs already, but if I had gotten smaller they would have been lost in there :) I needed to fill out the area...you know? I drove myself and my husband crazy looking at pictures, I had a definite idea of what look I wanted. Keep us posted and ask any questions you have. I feel this site educated me enough to get the great results I got.
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Oh I now wear a 36DD Victorias Secret, so not too big :)
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I think thats the hard thing! i know of so many women who agonize over the size and i think its difficult because they all look so different on everyone! i asked my dr what she thought would bring me back up to a full d and she said between 325-375. I guess I'm just worried about going too big and getting that look i had before- boobs smooshed together with major cleavage line up to my neck! :)
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That's exactly what I'll wear with the larger nice comfortable full coverage bras 36DD or 38D all though I'm still dropping & fluffing( my dr said I'm probably the size I'll be. I went to VS & bought the biggest bra I felt comfortable in & took it to my pre op appointment, I used it as a guide I didn't want to go any larger so I tried it with the round sizers & the strange shaped inserts. :) I hope this helps
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How exciting, do you need a lift at all or just BA? I'm glad you found a PS that both you & your husband like! I knew from the moment I met my PS that he was the one for me. I went to 1 other consultation, the dr. was nice, it just wasn't the right fit for me. I'm so excited for you, I hope you have a wonderful surgery, a speedy recovery & that you love your new breasts! It will be here before you know it. I had an app on my phone that counted down even to the very second before my surgery. I'm so glad that I waited because they have come so far with the cohesive silicone gel implants. I have friends with saline implants, they definitely don't feel real & you can feel the saline inside. I'm almost 4 wks post-op I had a major lift with an anchor incision; I have 425cc Mentor smooth round silicone implants under muscle. I absolutely love the way they look & feel. My child is in HS, I have wanted to do something about my deflated breasts for years. I breastfed for a 18 months & my breasts went from pre pregnancy 36DD to 38E-F during breastfeeading they were enormous. After pregnancy my breast shrunk to a 36C/D & overtime I just lost more volume. It honestly has been one of the best gifts I've ever given myself. I have to remind myself that they're," Sister's not twins!" Best of luck to you, I look forward to hearing about your journey!
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Thanks for your kind words! Yes, i definitely need a lift as well. When i was in for my consult fully clothed she said she would be surprised if i needed a lift in addition to implants. Once she saw me without a bra on she said, "oh yes, you will definitely need a lift!". UGH! I"m so glad you are happy with your result, you deserve it after nursing for 18 months! My husband is an engineer and likes things to be perfectly symmetrical and perfect, that is what I need to remind him- sisters, not twins!! ;)
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