Implanted at 39, EXPLANTED at 50! - Denver, CO

I was implanted in 2003 of March, started to feel...

I was implanted in 2003 of March, started to feel ill in 2007, I became very ill in 2010. I was very health before the smooth saline implants. I did Ride the Rockies 7 times from 2000 to 2007. My last Ride the Rockies was 2007. I became too ill to continue being so active. I was explanted March 3, 2014

Pictures of before and waiting on the after.

I am so thankful to have these toxic bags out of my chest! This picture is of my breast augmentation. I really did not want these pictures up but I guess it helps to have pictures. I will update with the explant after the tape is off next week.

Breast implants

Do you really want this in your chest??

Time will tell all!

I have aged so much since 2010. That is about when I really started to feel real ill. Cancer, swellings in different areas of my body and so much more : (

My very first picture taken with my breast augmentation. December 2003

Finally not as sore!

I am still wearing tape underneath and around my breasts. I am finally not as sore. My sides wear the fat came from for the fat transfer are still a little sore. I am thinking I am feeling great about my decision with the fat transfer. I will post my picture of the after once tape is off for good : )

Still have the tape on.

Well, I am waiting for my last set up tapes to fall off. They must come off without my help per Dr. Huang. I am still very happy with my decision to explant. I am still happy with the fat transfer decision. I am still not feeling very well in my head, left side of my face, neck and left shoulder area. I know it takes time to feel better. Some women don't start to feel better for the first to two years later. So, I am hanging in there with the hope that one day I will feel normal again : )

Tapes are finally off for good!

I hope to post pictures soon of my new natural breasts! I think I am pretty happy with me being soft and natural again : )

What do Women Really Know?

What Should Doctors Tell Their Patients?

Is Anyone Reading the Fine Print?

ABSOLUTLEY SAFE Director Carol Ciancutti-Leyva has spent a decade documenting the breast implant safety debate and believes that doctors should be required by law to INFORM their patients about the proven risks and complications of breast implants; ones that are acknowledged by the FDA and implant manufacturers. Such a law is not without precedent—in New York one is currently in place to require doctors to inform women about the risks of hysterectomy.

Today is my 3rd month post op!

Explanted and fat transfer : ) = one very happy lady : )

Still have a ways to go!

In my most recent picture you will see the swelling under my left breast. I noticed that part of my body swelling while I was in Puerto Rico last summer. I do hope it will go away someday! It is not easy to post pictures but I know it is a must..

I am feeling stronger :)

I do have an MRI tomorrow for the white spots on my brain. All my auto immune tests are coming out as being negative. That is a good thing. So now I must wait for the results of this MRI and keep my head up and hope and pray that one day I will feel 100% better : ) I am starting to forget that I was ever explanted and had my fat transfer :) I am feeling a 100% natural again! Yay!
Denver Plastic Surgeon

I believe she did a great job. I am not quite healed yet. It is a 6 week recovery time for me and I am a slow healer. I enjoyed Dr. Huang and her staff. She informed me of all that she would be doing and referred me to a therapist that will help me heal better in the areas in which she took the fat cells for the fat transfer.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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My explant is 9/11/14. I'm in so much pain. I have been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome fibromyalgia and high epstein barr numbers. I experience brain fog and terrible pain in my joints. It's not a coincidence. These things are toxic.
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I couldn't agree with you more Dogmommy1! I pray all will go well with your explant... I pray you will start to feel better once the toxic bags are out of your body... I hope you will keep us posted on your journey. We are all here for you...
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Thank you I love all of you sweet ladies.
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Ditto Dogmommy1!!! There truly is a lot of loving sweet ladies on this site. It is a wonderful thing to have lots of support during this season of our lives...
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Your pix post explant looks great! How were the MRI results? Please keep us posted!
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I will let you know tomorrow Happy and Holistic :-)
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Okay, so my neurologist is saying there is nothing to worry about with the white matter on my brain. There is a few scattered T2 hyperintensities in the white matter. From my research, it could still be a possibility of MS..I have complete opacification of the right maxillary sinus and partial opacification of the left maxillary sinus and polyps or mucous retention a cysts. Moderate ethmoid mucosal thickening. The report says that I have Maxillary and ethmoid disease.. My MRI also shows that I have Mild Faucet Arthrosis. I know there are a few women that had breast augmentation have complained of the sinus/mucous areas. I have set up an appointment to talk to my primary physician on August 22, I am going to end up seeing an Otlaryngologist and a Rheumatologist. I am soooo tired of doctors but maybe now I can get some relief with the pressure in my head.
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You used a lot of words on there that I don't know anything about but I am really glad to hear how pro-active you are in seeing doctors and gathering as much information as possible. If I may make a suggestion? I am very much a believer that our food/diet plays a significant role in our health. If this resonates with you, please check out Kriss Carr and Dr. Joel Furhman online. Both of these individuals really have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to nutrition and a plant based lifestyle. In the meantime, please keep us posted - healing wishes your way!
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I'm thinking of you and so sorry that you are going through rhis.
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I will most definitely look them up... thank you for the information...
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Good luck with everything.
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Thank you TTLatina
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I totally understand how you feel, we can't seem to get them out of our chest fast enough once we have made the decision to explant.
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Hi , Gooberbri, Watched the film at absolutly Thank u, it was excellent. Every women who is thinking about implanting and who have implanted should watch this movie. It was beautifully produced. Gave just the facts. No emotion from the producer. Excellent!!!
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I am so glad you enjoyed it. It truly is well written. It is very informative and truly hope women will watch it so they can make an informed decision : )
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I too had smooth saline. Explanted due to long term sickness. You look beautiful!! I expected my toxic sacs to come out the same color as your pic- but I just had some brown stuff floating in one. I didn't get fat transfer I had lots of new fat in the boobs, but I HOPE to look just like yours do 3 months post!!!
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BellazaNatural, thank you, I am happy with my explant and fat transfer results. Do you suspect that is was your implants that made you ill? I know it was my implants. I hope you are feeling better these days.
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I know the illness was bc of my implants. Had to be! I am off of two meds that I had been taking for 8 years bc of my pain issues! I feel amazing!
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BelizaNatural!!! That is awesome!! IThat makes me happy that you are on the road to a full recovery! If only all women would know of our stories before their final decision to implant!!
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Gooberbri, I just responded to another post of yours. I am curious to know if it is too early to tell or if you are feeling better yet. So anxious to see if I will get better in time.
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Edgy, I am feeling better in some ways but am still dealing with my head. I think it is my head that hurts the most : ( I am taking vitamins that my natural doctor recommended. I do green drinks. I do green tea. I am trying to hike as much as possible this summer. I don't always feel good but I force myself to get out there and push myself. I hear it takes at least two years to feel 100% better. I used to take milk thistle. Maybe I should start taking it again. I drink lots of filtered water and my husband bought me a traditional sauna for our home. I do have to say that I am feeling stronger. I am still going thru tests and so far have not been diagnosed with any neurological diseases yet but I will be doing another MRI to see if I have any changes regarding the white spots on my brain. I pray that you will start to get better too!!!!! My heart hurts that so many women are getting ill from breast implants and it will continue until us women wake up and realize that the plastic surgeons will continue to not inform us of the health risks involved in this decision of breast implants.
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Hello gooberbri, Thank you for your story and pictures. I was wondering what the white spots in your brain are. I had my implants put in at age 28. Talen out at 30 because the Doctor said they were a bit high in my chest as I was sooo flat. At age 31 I became a Flight Attendant flying over seas. I also started to get migraines. There are times they get so bad I'm bedridden. Im happy if a day or two goes by that I don't have a migraine. I'm now 53. Around age 36 I started to have Anxity attacks so strong a had to take 3 months off from work. It was very hard to drive and at times didn't even leave the house. I also suffered from chronic fatigue & depression. I've been taking anti depressants which are helping me. For the last two years every time I eat too much sugar ( even fresh fruit) my arms start to itch. I've been seeing a nurtitionalist and found out I have very high yeast in my body. I'm also experiencing weird aches in my leg where I'll feel a sharp pain in my groin area then I feel as though my leg is going to give out on me. For the last year I've been having weird sensations in my body. It's kinda hard to explain. I do have brain fog. Seems to be worse when I eat sugar. I have silicone. I'm a med. to smaller c- cup. Never had any physical problems with my implants. I do love the size and shape of them and I'm not sure if the health issues I've had over the yeas are due to them. Though after reading all of the women on this forum. I think that my implants could be the culprit. I was told from the Doctor that put them in they'd last forever. Most importantly is my health. I hope this makes since. Please feel free to comment. I'm just starting my journey. Lisaroxy
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Please look up absolutely recommend that you watch the film. I wish they could tell me what the white spots are on my brain. But I was "NEVeR" ill until after I got my saline implants. The outer shell is silicone. Silicone implants are much more dangerous! If you are having symptoms I would highly suggest you Explant! Silicone is not safe for our body. I am going for another MRI on Monday. Hopefully there will be no changes in the white spots and maybe my neurologist can give me a clear diagnosis. My neurologist is stumped. He wants to give me the fibromyalgia diagnosis. Well, that still does not explain the left side of my body pain, the swellings, the tingling and numbing sensations...etc...but I must say that I am feeling much better since I implanted. And as time goes by I feel I am getting better : )
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Oops... Explanted : ) not implanted : )
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Thanks for your response. I pray you get well.
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