Implanted at 39, EXPLANTED at 50! - Denver, CO

I was implanted in 2003 of March, started to feel...

I was implanted in 2003 of March, started to feel ill in 2007, I became very ill in 2010. I was very health before the smooth saline implants. I did Ride the Rockies 7 times from 2000 to 2007. My last Ride the Rockies was 2007. I became too ill to continue being so active. I was explanted March 3, 2014

Pictures of before and waiting on the after.

I am so thankful to have these toxic bags out of my chest! This picture is of my breast augmentation. I really did not want these pictures up but I guess it helps to have pictures. I will update with the explant after the tape is off next week.

Breast implants

Do you really want this in your chest??

Time will tell all!

I have aged so much since 2010. That is about when I really started to feel real ill. Cancer, swellings in different areas of my body and so much more : (

My very first picture taken with my breast augmentation. December 2003

Finally not as sore!

I am still wearing tape underneath and around my breasts. I am finally not as sore. My sides wear the fat came from for the fat transfer are still a little sore. I am thinking I am feeling great about my decision with the fat transfer. I will post my picture of the after once tape is off for good : )

Still have the tape on.

Well, I am waiting for my last set up tapes to fall off. They must come off without my help per Dr. Huang. I am still very happy with my decision to explant. I am still happy with the fat transfer decision. I am still not feeling very well in my head, left side of my face, neck and left shoulder area. I know it takes time to feel better. Some women don't start to feel better for the first to two years later. So, I am hanging in there with the hope that one day I will feel normal again : )

Tapes are finally off for good!

I hope to post pictures soon of my new natural breasts! I think I am pretty happy with me being soft and natural again : )

What do Women Really Know?

What Should Doctors Tell Their Patients?

Is Anyone Reading the Fine Print?

ABSOLUTLEY SAFE Director Carol Ciancutti-Leyva has spent a decade documenting the breast implant safety debate and believes that doctors should be required by law to INFORM their patients about the proven risks and complications of breast implants; ones that are acknowledged by the FDA and implant manufacturers. Such a law is not without precedent—in New York one is currently in place to require doctors to inform women about the risks of hysterectomy.

Today is my 3rd month post op!

Explanted and fat transfer : ) = one very happy lady : )

Still have a ways to go!

In my most recent picture you will see the swelling under my left breast. I noticed that part of my body swelling while I was in Puerto Rico last summer. I do hope it will go away someday! It is not easy to post pictures but I know it is a must..

I am feeling stronger :)

I do have an MRI tomorrow for the white spots on my brain. All my auto immune tests are coming out as being negative. That is a good thing. So now I must wait for the results of this MRI and keep my head up and hope and pray that one day I will feel 100% better : ) I am starting to forget that I was ever explanted and had my fat transfer :) I am feeling a 100% natural again! Yay!
Denver Plastic Surgeon

I believe she did a great job. I am not quite healed yet. It is a 6 week recovery time for me and I am a slow healer. I enjoyed Dr. Huang and her staff. She informed me of all that she would be doing and referred me to a therapist that will help me heal better in the areas in which she took the fat cells for the fat transfer.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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Hello, just had my implants taken out 3 days ago. I'm looking at my one very ruptured implant and wondering where I can have it evaluated as to what's in it. Do you know where and how I can do this? Thank u.
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Dr. Pierre Blais, Ph.D., a former senior scientific adviser at Canada’s version of the FDA, Health Canada’s Health Protection Branch. You can find his address on the internet. I think he is the only one that does it. The sooner you get tbem to him, the better..How are you feeling ?
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I'm feeling O.K. My right breast had a small indentation in it. It was also on the side the implant ruptured. It's still sore and today is day 3. I can't find a number the Dr. Blais. I'd love to send my implants out to be tested. Tomorrow I'll jave my tubes taken out.
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This is what I found Innoval Failure Analysis c/o Dr. Pierre Blais 496 Westminster Avenue Ottawa, Canada K2A 2V1 (613) 728-8688 Voice (613) 728-0687 Fax It does take time to feel better. In a few weeks you should start to feel better :-)
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Wow! So sweet of you to find this info. for me. I'll call tomorrow. Thank you.
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I hope it is the right number. Feel better soon :-)
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Gooberbri - you ROCK!!!
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Thank you
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quote from dr kolb- explant surgeon on the naked truth about implants website Please call carolyn salzman she is a lawyer who I have talked to and wants it help women who have been harmed by implants. She is mostly interested in helping women with the silicone implants after 2006 when the FDA re-released them. Google carolyn salzman and give her a call she's in Florida and very nice and helpful.
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quote from dr pieere blias on myimplantsickness website...."Some of you know that Canada operates under a medicare system. In the early days of this debate, which is the late ’70s, I performed a study on health care cost, which is easy to do. It’s only a computer issue in Canada, as we have the record, and a very strong outcome came. Anyone implanted consumed four times our health care resources of a corresponded age adjusted individual. I haven’t done the study since. I’m scared." I have found about ten websites reporting personal testimonies of implant illness...I hope everyone affected will take the time to comment on all of them so your stories can reach beyond one website and help educate the public about these implants..
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Thank you evesue for sharing..
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Hi, You look great. Really natural. Like real boobs. So very, much nicer than implants look I have to say. Natural looks so much better. Congratulations :)
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Thank you. I am so happpppy to be natural once again!! :-)
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Hey are u doing? Did the swelling in your face go away after explant? Im hoping my body reduces inflamation. I have actually gain 3 pounds since explant. I was hoping yo loose wt so I hope its just fluids that will go away. I told my doctor about your dark implants snd told him I wad afraid mine would have dark contaminated fluid. .which mine WAS clear...yea. he said some drs put antibiotics in the saline and that caused them to turn dark...your does have the color of Betadine but read betadine breaks down the implant...wierd isnt it if your doc put that in yours...what ever yhat is in yours im just glad is out of your tell are you and has your body reacted positive after explant? Your story is one of my favorites. Wanna update any photos? Im loosing the square look now with mine. I will update weekly then monthly for a year. Hope you have a great day. Ps..are u on the facebook site? Breast implant sickness and cancer survivers home? Its a closed site and you can see peoples faces..if you join let me know..
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I am doing okay, I still have inflammation in my face. I am actually going to have another sinus surgery and nose fixed because my last ENT doctor did a horrible job. My sinus area's are blocked now and my new ENT specialist and my new ps surgeon will do the work together. So, hopefully all of this will relieve the pressure in my head but no guarantees :-(.. Other than that I am still happy with my explant and fat transfer and still have way more energy than before. I do still have some pain on my left side in my shoulder, under my left breast and the left side of my face. I am going in for an ultra sound to see if there is anything to worry about. I know it takes up to two years to feel normal..but I just want to stay on top of things just incase their is something more going on. You know, it would be interesting to take a poll on how many of us had hysterectomies after breast augmentation??..
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I had a hysterctomy just for strong pms issues and vaginal lesions tgat would come and go.. I wish I would not done a hysterectomy now. My moods got worse afterwards and my body got mushy. I now think it was the implants causing alot of my difficulties. Oh well I cant do anything about it now. I still have some pain in my left shoulder/collarbone...I think my implants weakened my pec muscles and ligament. When I get stressed it flares up more. Im hoping this heals itself now. Im seeing more energy and hope it gets better. I have to limit my upper body movements until my capsule shrink and my pec heal back together. 2 monthsnnyuk sinus surgery sucks..I had my septum fixed twice. That's hurts also. Im very happy also with explant. Hoping to loose wt. 10-15pnds. And may be boobs will decrease back to 34b or still a 34d im wearing 36c sports bras because its hard to find 34 d bras that are cheap. .im not investing any big money into nice bras fir six months. In going to go Norstrom then and ve fitted. Victoria secrets bra are made to make wonen look and feel bigger than they are so they will feel sexy and come back and buy more. I want a sexy bra that fits..true to size with good quality. I also read. .do not wear the same bra more than one day at a time because the material heats up and it will stretch if you wear more than 24 hours. It said it takes 24 hours for the bras material to cool down. I never knew that. I buy a bra and wear it over and over if I like it but now I know not to wear it more than one day at a time so it's good to have several that fits good and it's comfortable so you can give your bras a 24-hour rest before wearing them again. I also read never wash your bras in the washer because it also deteriorates the bra and to also fold em nos in need and don't smash them in your drawer so they don't lose their shape. heck I've been through in my bras in a drawer and just pulling them out when I want one so now I know to take care of them better. I just had a birthday on the 16th and I turned 56 and man I hate that. I hate the thoughts that I'm getting to be an old lady. I am going to fight it as much as I can and get myself in shape and healthy again.when I was 50 I was in good shape and kick it with any 20 year old but the last 5 years after my hysterectomy I have went to pot. hysterectomy s only make you gain weight and be mushy because you don't have the proper hormones like the progesterone anymore especially if you had a total hysterectomy. The progesterone helps you stay energetic and helps you burn calories for energy. Hormone replacement therapy usually only gives you female hormones English you take Estratest which also provides testosterone. But there's isno hormones for a total hysterectomy with progesterone in it. I think after I heal I'm going to take those bio hormones at the drugstore makes for you. They cost more but if they work it will be worth it. Have you found that your body has changed since your hysterectomy? In what way?
  • Reply implants..was that contaminate into those things?
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They tell me it is betadine. I don't know if I believe it. According to my research, betadine was not allowed to be put into the implants after 2001. I had my breast augmentation in 2003..
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Dang..I read where it said not to let Betadine even touch implants from a persons skin during op augmentation procedures...and yours was filled up with it! ive sen other pics of black ones and they where contaminated. .im glad yours are out now..wonder why dr didnt pop implant before explant? Im glad dr didnt just in case the black was contaminttion. wouldnt want that leaking inside your body...
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It is actually better not to pop the implants. I had the enbloc procedure done. Dr.Huang scraped tons of scar tissue off of my left rib cage. Her term was " scar tissue was nailed to her rib cage"..I wanted all of the implant out, nothing left behind and she did it just like I asked her too! She is a wonderful plastic surgeon who listens to her patients...
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Ok..I see now why implants wasn't you feel better now!
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Hi, I cant imagine that they would fill them with betadine? I never heard that before. I am thinking oh my gosh, a fungal infection like fungus can grow inside a waterbed. I am sorry, that sounds so just plain horrible to think about. It is a pity you never got them tested. I have seen other similar pictures of saline implants gone black that had been tested and they called it a fungal infection? Anyway, just thank god they are out and hopefully you are on your way to a healthier you. I can't believe the utter negligence of the medical community putting these things in otherwise healthy women. (I had mine out after 3 months, just didn't feel good). It makes me so angry that these doctors are making so much money out of vulnerable women such as ourselves. Where are their ethics of "cause no harm". It is just appalling. I just can't believe it xx Anyway Gooberbri, here is to improving good health.xx
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Im explanting 17:09:14 and I hope to start living again and feel Well xxxx
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I pray you start to feel better too! Keep me posted .
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I will be thinking of you Bluebell68. I hope you will start to feel well again. They say it takes about two years to start feeling normal again. Hang in there and remember to detox and eat good fats during your recovery time. Take care and keep us posted :-)
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