Implanted at 39, EXPLANTED at 50! - Denver, CO

I was implanted in 2003 of March, started to feel...

I was implanted in 2003 of March, started to feel ill in 2007, I became very ill in 2010. I was very health before the smooth saline implants. I did Ride the Rockies 7 times from 2000 to 2007. My last Ride the Rockies was 2007. I became too ill to continue being so active. I was explanted March 3, 2014
Also, did you have your capsules removed with explant?
Did you have a subsequent fat transfer after explant?
Thanks for the review. Have you noticed an improvement in your health since explanting?

Pictures of before and waiting on the after.

I am so thankful to have these toxic bags out of my chest! This picture is of my breast augmentation. I really did not want these pictures up but I guess it helps to have pictures. I will update with the explant after the tape is off next week.

Breast implants

Do you really want this in your chest??

Time will tell all!

I have aged so much since 2010. That is about when I really started to feel real ill. Cancer, swellings in different areas of my body and so much more : (
Oh my goodness, Gooberbri! What did the doctor say about your implants being black? Were your capsules removed?
They were dark brown and she was not concerned. Capsules were removed completely : )
I did. Dr. Huang did the en bloc procedure. The capsule on my left side was as Dr. Huang said..the capsule on the left side was "nailed to her ribs". I then had to peel off all the capsule in strips. She did get all the capsules..

My very first picture taken with my breast augmentation. December 2003

Omg you are sooooo lucky you never got a leak! Your saline got contaminated during the filling of your implants. Back in the days (per my doc), some docs would fill a bowl with the saline and then fill the implant. During this procedure, the water would get contaminated. Now a days they fill straight from the saline bag itself.
No leaks but major scar tissue on the left side even though my husband did the massage for me just about every night since I didn't have the strength to do it myself. Scar tissue nailed to my rib is a pretty ugly thing : ) I am so very thankful to be rid of fake boobs!! Now on to the "real" me : )
I think its amazing just how "not concerned" they actually are. Wouldn't you love to know exactly what is inside of those things? I hope you continue to feel better so you can get back some of your old self again!

Finally not as sore!

I am still wearing tape underneath and around my breasts. I am finally not as sore. My sides wear the fat came from for the fat transfer are still a little sore. I am thinking I am feeling great about my decision with the fat transfer. I will post my picture of the after once tape is off for good : )
I am having mine out on the 24th, I can't wait. I have been diagnosed with CNS lupus (affecting my brain)...and I truly believe at least some of what is going on is due to the implants. My problem is that I can only have the implants out, not the capsule. I am on blood thinners and so I can't go off off of them long enough to heal from the removal of capsule. I am hoping to see a change even though I will still have the capsules in.
I am sorry to hear of your health problems. What are the symptoms for your CNS Lupus? Were you healthy before the implants? I know I was healthy before my implants. I pray all will go well for you..
Yes, I was healthy. I was only 24 when I got mine in though. My symptoms started with vertigo, then progressed to numbness and weakness on one side of my body, memory problems, and autonomic dysfunction problems ( like my blood pressure would drop suddenly, ect). Lots of shortness of breath, and my MRI showed what looked to be MS, lots of digestive problems too.

Still have the tape on.

Well, I am waiting for my last set up tapes to fall off. They must come off without my help per Dr. Huang. I am still very happy with my decision to explant. I am still happy with the fat transfer decision. I am still not feeling very well in my head, left side of my face, neck and left shoulder area. I know it takes time to feel better. Some women don't start to feel better for the first to two years later. So, I am hanging in there with the hope that one day I will feel normal again : )
do you have to do more fat transfers to achieve the size you want ..I have read it usually takes several surgeries..and since it is considered reconstruction did your insurance help with the cost? I still have my expanders in and am scared to death to have these things in my body
I paid for two but not sure that I will have to do the second one. My plastic surgeon is very happy with my results and so am I. I do not care to have big breasts anymore. I am a size 36B which is just fine. I am very happy with my results. My insurance company did not pay for any portion of it. My PS office said the insurance company would not pay for any of it because I had saline implants but I do know that some insurances will pay for saline implant removal if your doctor writes a letter to the insurance company saying that the saline implants are causing you to be ill. Have you started to feel ill since you have had your implants?
no I only have the expanders in now.. I don't get implants until august but my goal is to eventually replace implants with in evergreen..are u in Denver?

Tapes are finally off for good!

I hope to post pictures soon of my new natural breasts! I think I am pretty happy with me being soft and natural again : )
Not everyone has breasts to lift or fat to transfer :-(
Oh my goodness! I am so shocked at what a horrendous time you have had. I am thankful I have read this, it has helped me finally make up my mind about implants. I am about to book surgery to have a breast life and reduction plus tummy tuck. All day today I have been researching the lift part and so many women get an implant as well it made me wonder if I should go back and see my surgeon and talk about an implant. I have psoriasis which is an autoimmune disease so I am aware that an implant in my body could be rejected but I was still contemplating an implant. But after reading your story I am 100% convinced that I will not get an implant. My surgeon seems to be able to give me perky boobs without an implant so I'm not going to be greedy! Thank you for sharing your story, I hope it helps save a few other women from what you so sadly had to go through. (I'm in Australia btw)
Clank, I truly wish I could say that implants are fantastic, I can say that mine looked fantastic but they have the down side. it saddens me that they are dangerous and plastic surgeons will not admit to this. I actually just went to a opthomologist yesterday because my eyes are so swollen. She has been doing lots of research. She was not surprised to hear my thoughts and feelings on the implants. She believes that implants are not good to put in the body. There are at least two plastic surgeons that have been mention in a couple of sites I have encountered that will not do breast implants because they do believe that breast implants make women ill. One does what is called an internal lift. When I explanted, I had Dr. Huang do a fat transfer. I am happy with my results. I am not trying to be a downer for women. I truly care and do not want women to go through what many women are going through after having breast implants in their bodies for a few years. I got sick 4 years later. It is so not worth it. A lift does wonders and a fat transfer does wonders too. I pray that all will be well with you during surgery., and you will have wonderful results. Very sincerely, Lorraine Jacobs Ps, my opthomologist is sending me for an a.n.a. test and some blood work to see how much inflammation is in my body. That is how much she believes that implants can make a woman ill. She is an eye doctor but wants to help, that is amazing : )

What do Women Really Know?

What Should Doctors Tell Their Patients?

Is Anyone Reading the Fine Print?

ABSOLUTLEY SAFE Director Carol Ciancutti-Leyva has spent a decade documenting the breast implant safety debate and believes that doctors should be required by law to INFORM their patients about the proven risks and complications of breast implants; ones that are acknowledged by the FDA and implant manufacturers. Such a law is not without precedent—in New York one is currently in place to require doctors to inform women about the risks of hysterectomy.
google safety of silicone implants on u tube--very interesting..and its not just silicone.. its the toxic chemicals that are used to process the silicone that are even worse..and textured implants are proven lymphatic carcinogens
Evesue, I know silicone and saline implants are not safe at all. Absolutely has a film called absolutely safe. I think the film is called that because the doctors out right don't tell the truth. It is a great film on how unsafe they really are. Dr. Melmed from Texas is in the film. It is a real eye opener! If you ever want to get together for coffee let me know. I am in Denver. And there is another woman I have spoken to on the phone. She lives in Wheatridge or Arvada, I can't remember which city. She is getting her implants out this Friday with Dr. Huang. When she feels better we are gonna get together and do coffee. Let us know if you are interested in joining us. Our husbands will be joining us too for safety reasons. To make sure that we are who we say we are. You can't be too careful these days : ) Maybe we can start a little support group here in Colorado because we don't have one here any more.
Oh my goodness, so sorry to hear of your ordeal with your health. Without our health, our quality of life is drastically reduced, big boobs or not. I was one week away from saline implants, paid deposit and made travel arrangements etc, and I was fortunate enough to stumble upon a forum of women who have all had issues with implants, just like you described, debilitating illness. I am appalled that Drs still argue that they are safe. Well done for explanting, you will get better and better every day. Have you looked at detoxing? Sending you lots and lots of healing energy xxxx

Today is my 3rd month post op!

Explanted and fat transfer : ) = one very happy lady : )

Still have a ways to go!

In my most recent picture you will see the swelling under my left breast. I noticed that part of my body swelling while I was in Puerto Rico last summer. I do hope it will go away someday! It is not easy to post pictures but I know it is a must..
I totally understand how you feel, we can't seem to get them out of our chest fast enough once we have made the decision to explant.
Hi , Gooberbri, Watched the film at absolutly Thank u, it was excellent. Every women who is thinking about implanting and who have implanted should watch this movie. It was beautifully produced. Gave just the facts. No emotion from the producer. Excellent!!!
I am so glad you enjoyed it. It truly is well written. It is very informative and truly hope women will watch it so they can make an informed decision : )

I am feeling stronger :)

I do have an MRI tomorrow for the white spots on my brain. All my auto immune tests are coming out as being negative. That is a good thing. So now I must wait for the results of this MRI and keep my head up and hope and pray that one day I will feel 100% better : ) I am starting to forget that I was ever explanted and had my fat transfer :) I am feeling a 100% natural again! Yay!
Hello, just had my implants taken out 3 days ago. I'm looking at my one very ruptured implant and wondering where I can have it evaluated as to what's in it. Do you know where and how I can do this? Thank u.
Dr. Pierre Blais, Ph.D., a former senior scientific adviser at Canada’s version of the FDA, Health Canada’s Health Protection Branch. You can find his address on the internet. I think he is the only one that does it. The sooner you get tbem to him, the better..How are you feeling ?
I'm feeling O.K. My right breast had a small indentation in it. It was also on the side the implant ruptured. It's still sore and today is day 3. I can't find a number the Dr. Blais. I'd love to send my implants out to be tested. Tomorrow I'll jave my tubes taken out.
Denver Plastic Surgeon

I believe she did a great job. I am not quite healed yet. It is a 6 week recovery time for me and I am a slow healer. I enjoyed Dr. Huang and her staff. She informed me of all that she would be doing and referred me to a therapist that will help me heal better in the areas in which she took the fat cells for the fat transfer.

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