Let's see, rewind to 9 years ago. Had a beautiful...

Let's see, rewind to 9 years ago. Had a beautiful healthy baby girl, breast fed...and didn't have, or rather at the time I thought I had been left with nothing. Looking back today? I had incredibly beautiful perky supple breasts. However we don't always see that when we are young and impressionable. So what did I do? I got breast implants. And here begins my journey after finding myself, and getting these fake boobies out! Excited to see my natural beautiful breasts again!

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Neck and back pain be gone!

Absolutely ecstatic to run, practice yoga, swim... Sleep!! Sleep?? What's that? For over a year now my implants have caused sleep issues, neck, and back pain. The knots I get along side my spine are horrendous, the in my upper back, giving me pain down the right side of my arm and wrist. Joint pain? I literally sit on my arm at night to try and stop
The pain. Me whomever never takes anything pharmaceutical has succumbed to Advil PM, Tylenol...
I was looking at my breasts the other day and noticed how tiny my natural frame is. I am excited to see and feel my real beautiful breasts again. Not to mention implants have ruined my self esteem. I never want to take my shirt off during sex because my implants look... Yes FAKE!! My husband adores and loves me and finds me sexy. I don't let him touch those hard balls. Squishy on the sides but come on, straight on? It's like basketballs. I always tell him he has his own down yonder...:) most of all just excited to be the beautiful, natural, sexy, elegant woman that I am. ORGANIC. Does anyone have a good shopping list for after the explant surgery??


Best wishes! Looking forward to your update :)
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Thank you!!
Hi, what date are you having the op? You will have great results.
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"Experience is not what happens to us, experience is what we do, with what happens to us"
I've realized in the last couple of months as my back and neck pain have gotten worse, Ive become angrier and angrier with myself. My normal happy got get em attitude seemed to all but vanish. I was taking my inner anger out on my husband, whom was not always to blame for the things I was angry about. Then I realized what I was doing and how it was affecting our everyday lives. Being angry with myself for a choice I made a long time ago wasn't going to help today. Putting everything in me to curb my attitude and anger and turn it into positivity hasn't been easy. But I realize that this is just part of my journey and I can turn my experience into something that helps other women, and at the end of the day my experience has made me wise. I am truly thankful for all the wonderful things in my life, and although it seems strange, I am thankful for this experience. I am extremely thankful to be natural again!!!
I do have to say the lady at my PS office, Kerri Norris has been fabulous. She's incredible at her job and has put up with all my annoying questions!


Congrats on your decision to go natural, you will feel such relief and joy! Good luck on surgery day :)
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Thank you Natural Goddess! It's the best Christmas present ever!
I havent got mine done yet :( Im still searching for a Dr. Id like to have them done ASAP though.. Pretty sure it will be shortly after the new year.

Getting nervous!

My drive to surgery is 2hours and 45 min. I hope I sleep really well the night before so I can pass the time. I just picked up a fruit of the loom front clasp sports bra. It was so strange shopping for bras again, yet so exciting to see all the smaller cute and sexy ones! With implants I only wear sports bras. Bras never looked cute on these gigantic things, and the even sports bras hurt my back. Did that happen to any of you ladies? I also picked up some gauze and waterproof tape, palmers coca butter... Oh shoot still haven't gotten myself any fun little snacks. :) loved the shopping list Angie recommended.
Definitely worried about how they will look after my explant surgery. They are placed under the muscle. Will I have a lot of breast tissue? Ugh all of these things running through my head. I wish it was Monday at 12:00pm and my implants are out already!! I feel like a kid a couple nights before Christmas. I know mentally and physically I'll be much better after these terrible things are out! Can't say it enough, crazy excited to be natural again. I know
My chest, sternum, will look elegant once again. My posture will be back to awesomeness :) okay, so personal question... but... How many of you ladies were able to resume relations with your significant other? Another question, how long before you could resume yoga, leg exercises? I'll have drains in for a week so obviously I won't be able to do anything for a week (ugh) and another question :) what did you ladies do for this itching everyone is speaking of? Did any of you use coconut oil or sesame seed oil to massage after? I'm a baker, do you think I could return to work and just do small stuff after three days? The thought of having to sit at home for a week is excruciating! Hopefully I can return to snowboarding after the drains are out? I know I sound like a big baby, but I'm just so excited to be back to pre-implant self.. Hopefully with more breast tissue :) any advice to help me after surgery is greatly appreciated!! This site and the ladies on here has been an absolute gift to me.

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Too tiny for these bags


You are going to look fantastic.... thye will be the same as before. Bra shopping is so much fun with smaller boodies. Ihad mine removed in May last year in Mexico...and was in California last month..I think i bought at least ten bra/panty sets... Feel so much more attractive and organic. Cannot stand implants...am so so ovet them. Feel sorry for the girls who still feel the pressure to get them.. Best wishes tomorrow!!!! ((huggzz))
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Thank you!! Yes, looking at all the cute little bra and panties sets is so exciting! I am saddened by the ladies who want them but, I am not sure any amount of discouraging is effective so to speak. I suppose everyone has their own experiences with them.. But after reading everyone's stories on here? Everyone has the same mind set after having them. We aren't meant to put foreign objects in our body! You're so right about the organic part. I've spent all this time putting organic and whole foods into my body and have felt so guilty and fake. I know I read your profile but can't remember if you had drains? Do you feel super healthy now?
Yup my bobo...no pun intended. I get a little cofused in the formatting...was in natural goddess's review. Im so proud of all of these women who are bucking up and bucking the system. ..society...et all. Monday is so close...time is amazing and the healing a welcome place. I was not far from.our dear znikie. So happy to be a veteran explanter! Much success to you in your journey....what an amazing RELIEF!!!!
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Taking my mind away from all this nervous energy.

I've got so much to do today in order to be ready for the week! Finish the last of the laundry, organize the spice cabinet... that's a weird one I know, make the weeks dinners ahead if time and freeze them. My husband is extremely supportive through all if this, keeps telling me I don't need to worry about the cleaning and the dinners... but I feel like if it's not all
ready and done I'll be a burden? Does that make sense? I'm so used to just having everything done and powering through it all!
I'm going to go snowboarding today to help me take my mind off of everything for a couple hours, then come home and clean, get my sweet daughter ready for her week, and mine and my husbands week. Eeeeek so nervous but excited!! I hope I sleep well tonight! We have to leave our house around 6:30 to arrive in Denver. We thought about staying the night in Denver but I want my daughter to be in school. Any words if advice for me today ladies?? Xx


My thoughts are with you!! We are just going to rock it...gonna wear wisdom and confidence way better!! By the way...it doesn't hurt:) have a great day IndyB33!!!!
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Thank you my tomboy sister! Xx
Good luck tomorrow. By the time you read this you'll be in the car w your husband driving. My advice: breathe. There is nothing to be nervous about. There is only excitement, and the giddy feeling of being you again . It's going to be amazing.
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Explant free!!

The procedure took 40 min, I took a "chill. Pill" as she calls it, got my numbing shot and carried on a conversation and before I knew it, we were done. Not in any pain just
feeling exhausted. Snuck a peek and my nipples are really sad looking??:( and everything is flat. Can't wait for them to fluff up !!!!


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Should I be wrapped?

Finally free of implants! Question for you ladies though... I've noticed everyone else was wrapped after surgery? I was told to put my bra on and they put pads inside my bra.... Should I be wrapped?? I can go to the store and get an ace bandage and do it myself. My nipples are looking extremely sad. Wondering if the wrapping helps lift them to the right position??


Yaaayyy!!! So happy for you!
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Thank you so much love!
Congrats! So happy for you :) Take it easy and I hope your healing is swift!
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Day two of bring natural.

My right incision seems to be pretty painful. My right Breast is also in some pain... Normal?? Pretty exhausted, I think I overdid it this morning trying to be my normal go go go self. My breasts look really concave on top and saggy on the bottom... So I'm really sad about that. I haven't actually looked at the entire breasts because I can see the tops and it makes me sad. I know they will heal and be nice and supple soon. Still extremely happy with my decision to be natural. Besides sleeping on my shoulder strange... No BACK PAIN!!!!! That is so exciting! My chest feels 100 lbs lighter. I did ask for my implants after but as Dr. Atagi was keeping my incision small and clean she had to puncture them to get them out. They look clean, no mold or anything. Yaaay! I slept like a baby last night, definitely the best sleep I've had in 10 years. My period started today, so I'm sure that's not helping with my emotions regarding the way my breasts look right now. I finally have some fluid in my drains, the blood seemed to stay in the tubes all day and finally made it down to the bulb. There's hardly any in there... So that seems to be a good thing!
Ladies, did you nipples look concave after surgery??


I was in a lot more pain than I thought I'd be in. All normal. All worth it! Post pix when you feel up to it!
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Darlin... I am praying for you.. This is my scare too... My Implant Surgeon put in such large breast in me and then after breast feeding 2 little ones and capsular contracture... Im surely going to have a mess when they are out :( We can go through this together even though Im not sure when my surgery is going to be yet... Hang in there Momma... Ive seen photos on here where the breast is concaved and then fluffs out.. Lets hope that is the case for us.. :) xo
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You're so sweet thank you! I am 100% here for you! Did you out in your daily call to the docs today? :)

The good, the bad, and the ugly

Good morning all you beautiful women! Well, I thought I'd update with a post regarding the not so pretty aspects of the surgery as well as some tips. All of us women deserve the whole truth. :) Now keep in mind, getting these gross water bags off my chest is such a wise, and honorable thing to do to our precious bodies. I am absolutely 100% happy with my decision to be natural.
1) If you have drains, they will suck :) they are annoying, unsightly, and they burn. Here's the good thing about them, they are draining all the gross fluid out of your body that you don't want to accumulate inside your body. Some surgeons have other women wear compression bras for that reason. My surgeon didn't. So
I made my mind up to respect these drains and get on with it. They are only in for a week and doing a big job. :)
2) Pooping, yes I said it. We all have to poop. Especially with the pain meds, the antibiotics, and whatever else you're on. I was off my game and hadn't pooped in two days. Last night my tummy was bloated and I just couldn't sleep. I luckily had followed the shopping list from
One of the other gals on here and eaten one last night. Apparently one wasn't enough, this resulted in me, up at 2:00am shoving prunes down my throat like a mad woman :) image 5. It worked. It was like Niagra falls.. Just out the other end. :)) I felt much better after, back to my 100 lbs lighter. (This reminds me, I should weigh myself) I was quite dizzy though... All that exertion Jajajaja. So ladies.... Eat prunes. Eat a couple before surgery to get all the pipes moving, and eat them throughout. You don't want all those meds sitting in your colon stressing your liver out. Besides, pooping gives you beautiful skin.
3) drink a lot of water! This also gives you glowing skin and helps with the pipes. Besides those two awesome facts, the best is that water helps your body heal faster.
4) probiotics, kefir, braggs apple cider, however you want to take your probiotics... Get them in your body. Those antibiotics not only kill the bad bacteria, they kill the good ones too.
5) Staying chill, seriously the hardest part for me, I thought I would be able to get back to my old routine and just do everything. Well... the problem here is? You just shouldn't. I definitely overdid it yesterday and just felt emotionally exhausted. Our bodies can't heal when our emotions are all over the place.
6) Stretch, I'm not talking full on yoga here, but wiggle your toes, stretch your legs, get that blood flow moving.
7) your breasts aren't going to look like Charlize Theron right after. That's okay. They are going to look a bit wrinkled, indented, and droopy. Again that's okay. You're a super woman, a hero, and you're incredibly beautiful. I couldn't even post pictures the first two days... I have to admit I cried, and I am just disappointed with how they look
Right now. However, I know they will fluff up and be perky cuties in no time. I'm posting my pictures on day three, all of you other beautiful women have posted yours, and been brave. I've been selfish and quite the baby. Don't let my pictures discourage any of you ladies going into surgery! Check out freedom up, unsure, natural goddess, light again...all the other ladies... They all turned out beautiful! I'm still waiting for my natural breasts to rebirth themselves. :)
8) You're beautiful. :)


Congrats and thanks for the awesome post!! So true, every word!!
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Thank you!! Xx how is your decision process going?
I am so happy for you... You look amazing and beautiful... I can not wait to share my explant with you :) Congratulations Lady...
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Day 3

Hello beautiful friends! It's day 3 of explant. I woke up feeling good today. Rough emotional day yesterday. Looks like my left drain is draining quite a bit today. I'll be on bed rest much more today, Had a tif with my husband late afternoon yesterday. Just feeling so frustrated I'm in bed and everyone else is able to do everything. I know :) I'm
acting like a 10 year old. Anyhow the argument exhausted me! I'm not a yeller and yesterday I "tried yelling" and couldn't even get my voice loud. It was exhausting. I told my husband he needed to be more responsible about keeping things calm Jajaja poor guy.
Emptying my drains today almost made me throw up, totally messed with my stomach. ;) did any of you ladies notice more blood draining on the third day? Just on one side? Hope it's normal!
Here's my day three pics for you ladies. Hope you're all doing well and healing beautifully!


Fluff fluff fluff! Your natural breasts are so beautiful. My drains drained about the same every day and after day 4 just kinda stopped . I don't think there's a "normal". Keep up the good work; I love your attitude
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Jajajaja thank you! Did it make you kind of queasy at times emptying them? I don't normally get queasy but..ewww :)
Some of us have gained volume elsewhere, leading to more breast tissue :( I hope to get back in shape, and when that happens I expect to lose breast volume!


By the way, I meant to ask... When I had my implants I noticed all these baby hairs on my breasts... Well, I could literally pull them out no pain, it was soooooo weird!! Did any of you have that?? It was like it wasn't even real hair!!


You rock!!
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Teehee, thank you! Likewise
:)))) xx
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Four days out...

Sleep wasn't fantastic last night, could be that I took a fabulous nap late in the day yesterday.:) I awoke with more energy today though!!
I've been drinking hot water with, lemon, honey, and turmeric. Sometimes with braggs apple cider vinegar for the past four days. I really feel it's helping with my energy levels and my healing.
I can't believe it's Friday!! Monday I get these drains out whoohoo!! I'm so over them.. and the milking sheesh... the milking is disgusting. Growing up my granddaddy had goats and such, I absolutely refused to touch the utters and milk the goats. It grossed me out... I would almost milk a goat over milking my drains. Ewwwwwwwww!!! Okay, immature I know :) I've got to pass the time somehow :))
I will say, I still get pretty exhausted if I'm up walking around too much, which means? I'm doing too much. However, being that I'm 4 days out, that's to be expected. My mother in law flys in tomorrow and I can't wait!!! So glad I'm a good housekeeper and got any major cleaning done before surgery, otherwise I would be a OCD wreck right now. I've been keeping up on my chores to the best of my abilities though. Anyhow, Im posting pictures today. Still looking concave on the top... Keeping good spirits though. Hope you're all healing well, keeping your spirits. For those of you contemplating surgery or have made the decision to go through with it? Chea buddy!! Best decision ever!! Oh by the way, I had mentioned to another gal on here in regards to my breathing. My breathing is actually fine, I'm learning to take deep breaths again, but I realized, my lungs just have suffered since I had implants. Breathing before was not coming from my diaphragm, I was lifting those big jugs to breath :) now my chest is so light, I think my breathing is off. It's not :) it's perfect. Xx

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Forgot to post my pics


You are going to feel like a million bucks when your drains come out...I couldn't believe how much better I felt the minute I was free of them. They might burn a little bit coming out, but you're going to feel such a difference once they are gone. :)
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Eeeeeek!! :) every time I think about my Dr. Pulling the drains out, I tense up. So....it just burns a little? Should I take a pain med before I go? Can you believe that's what I'm nervous about? Getting my drains out, after I had surgery Jajaja sheesh what a baby. I can't wait for them to come out though. I feel like I'm leaning forward and constantly have my hands over my chest "protecting" my drains from getting yanked out. Jajaja oh boy. How are you?
Lol I can't help myself, but I just HAVE to tell you that THEY look happy! They made me smile this morning. You look soooo much better & I'm sure you feel much better too.
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Something to make us all feel better

There is no exquisite beauty without some strangeness in the proportion
-Edgar Allen Poe-


How are you doing today Indyb33? You are looking great. :-) How is your comfort level? I'm really getting nervous about my explant coking up, it'll be here so soon. I will have a week off work, I'm hoping I feel enough like myself to go back at that point.
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Indy, you look great, I can see you are fluffing and it is only the first week, I think it will only get better for you!!!! I can't wait to see my results. I have my appointment today at 3:30 pm.
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Thank you! Excited for you, you will look fantastic! Cx


Hey ladies, was putting up Christmas decorations and started feeling really woozy. Looked down and noticed my left drain is draining a lot of really dark blood??! Was this normal for any of you on day 5?? Kind of worried .. Okay really worried


No my drains drained clearer every day. Does it hurt? When in doubt call your PS...even if you have to use the emergency pager
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No pain :) just shock Jajaja. Yes I called them and she said it was probably a clot that finally broke free which is a good thing. Phew
Hi Indy! Can I ask you something? Do you have numbness on your breasts and nipple from explantation? I have complete numbness :(
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Day 5.

My title sounds like a zombie movie. "DAY 5" dun dun dun!!!! :)
Had the worst time sleeping last night, sleeping upright is so overrated. Decided I was feeling well enough to put some decorations up... That didn't go over so well. Realized I hadn't eaten anything all morning, ended up eating toast, and oranges. Took a shower, I feel super stinky because I can't get under the water fully. The shower still feels good though. I've noticed my joints are hurting, as well as my legs and arms. Kind of like the flu feeling. I'm sure it's due to not being able to walk around much and get the blood flowing. My breasts look much better today. Still have a long ways to go, but we are friends again :)y left breast has a lot of catching up to do with the right. The left was filled to 400cc so I'm sure that's why. My nipples are finally coming around and going where they should. Rode in a car to pick my mommy in law up and felt my breasts just jiggling about. What a feeling!!! Here's some pics for you beautiful ladies!


Ahhh jiggly feels so real and free doesn't it?!
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It's so cool :) my implants "bounced"
Are you down to under 30cc in a 24 hour period? I am JUST under 30 cc and ps said that's where I had to be to get them out Monday. Also my drainage is bright yellow now. Is yours? I wanna know where the fluid goes when they're out! I guess we are better off having emptied all this fluid OUT of our bodies post surgery rather than sitting in there. I can't imagine not having drained it all out! As excited as I am to get them out Monday I'm kind of nervous as to where the fluid that accumulates after that will go. Gosh, I'm so paranoid! How's your drainage ? I'm about /2.5cc from each side every 4-6 hours.
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Sad face.

Today has been great, overall I have energy and my appetite is back in full swing!! Sad about my left breast as it seems to have quite the indent on top. Hopefully it will fluff out nicely. I guess I was just hoping it would look better by day 6. Anyhow, I get my drains out tomorrow, and I will be able to take a real shower! Hope all of you wonderful, beautiful ladies are all in good spirits! Xx


You are looking great! Congrats on your removal. It's amazing how our outlook changes! Coconut water ( straight out of a coconut if you get get them) to drink and/or coconut oil will be great to eat or swish with Thank you for sharing.
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Hey! Thank you :)) gosh you're so correct on the outlook. How are you feeling? Do you oil pull?? I am positive oil pulling has just done wonders for me on my journey to recovery. Right now I would love to be on a beach drinking out of a coconut!!
When do you think its safe to start massaging coconut oil onto your breasts?
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So, I'm sitting in the PS office ready to get my drains out... I have to share with you ladies what I'm over hearing. There are some employees up front talking about freckles. Now I have a ton if freckles and I love them. However, being that I'm in a PS office where beauty is on the outside.. These ladies are talking about a patient that is getting something done on her face. Apparently she has freckles. One of the ladies said, when I see freckles, I see them as age spots, and aging. She should get them removed.... Uh....why can't people just be beautiful in their own skin??? Unbelievable. It's women like these women I'm listening to that make other woman feel less about themselves. I can't wait to be done with all of this. Makes me sick. Just wanted to let all of you ladies know how beautiful you all are, and don't you dare forget it!!!! Xx


You look amazing! Hope you feel better now the drains have been removed. I remember my drains from when I had my enlargement. I hated having them removed. It was so uncomfortable.
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I do, I also think it has helped my recovery.
Do you know how excited I get when I hear other people taking advantage of natural healing remedies?? Especially oil pulling. Fantastic!!!!!!:)))

Drains out.

My drains are out! It didn't hurt just felt really weird. I feel much better. I'm posting my 7th day photos. My left nipple is just so sad :( it makes me sad. I think I'm going to put duct tape under it and help it get back into position. Did any if you ladies have this nipple issue and it went back to normal?? Still can't have any wine for one more week, and no snowboarding. Oh well, it's one more week I guess. Anyhow, thank you for all your stories and support.


You look so good Lady... :)
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Thanks friend! Happy Christmas Eve!!!!! Hope your sweet babies are ready for Santa!!! You're almost there to putting a close to your own implant journey ;) xx
Hi dear! Hope you're feeling great without drains :) I'm wondering what you're doing about the "holes" where your drains were-- I'm wondering if when I shower if I should cover them or just shower as normal. My incisions under are covered with steri strips but he just taped some gauze over my drain incisions. I'm thinking just shower as usual and ignore them and just let them close up on their own?
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Happy holidays!

Just wanted to wish you all a merry Christmas! Some if you may not celebrate it the traditional way, but Christmas to me, is a time to celebrate the accomplishments, your family, your health. It's a time to give thanks, to feel love, and give love. I posted Merry Christmas to all of you because, I am so thankful for your support, your kind words, and for the opportunity I have been given to meet all of you wonderful ladies. This journey we are all on, pre explant, and explant, is not an easy one. It is full of tears, smiles, laughter, anger... But in the end, it's the journey to finding our beautiful natural selves. That in itself is the most beautiful thing someone can experience.. True self love. Without that, it's hard to love others. Every one of us has found that self love, and I am so thankful for that. If it weren't for all of you ladies, my personal journey would have been much harder. Sharing pictures isn't easy, sharing our stories is even harder... Or is it the other way around? :) either way, we have all accomplished this. I love you all.. Even without meeting you. Thank you for the gift of your love and support. Now let's all
Pretend we have some wine... "Cheers to good health, love, experience, and our beautiful natural selves" xx


Thank you for your post IndyB33. I am so excited at the prospect of having mine removed. Just to be active; running and hiking without discomfort will be amazing. Love that you posted pictures and natural is beautiful. Merry Christmas and thanks again.
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Absolutely!! Have you scheduled a consult??
I emailed a request to schedule one. I can't even tell you how the prospect of getting them out feels. I can't wait!!!!

9 days

Ho, Ho, Ho! Merry Christmas!
I hope all you ladies are doing well :)
I'm starting to feel better, under my right breast where my incision is it's very sore. I ended up putting ointment on the hole where the drain was, as it seems it's having a hard time closing up. I let them get some air today and it seems to be helping. I have put tape around my nipples to help pull them in the right direction. I think the nurse taped my right breast higher where my incisions are so it makes them look off. Overall I'm starting to feel happier with my results. I look forward to what the fluff fairy is bring me. :) any suggestions on helping my nipples come out? I'm supposed to wait another four days to start working out.. But... I'm going to take one run on my board to the bunny hill today. Wish me luck ;)


Wishing you lots of luck... Im confident you will love them... xo
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Hi!!! How are you?? How was your Christmas?

Who did I promise juicing recipes too??

I feel like a jerk! I promised one of you ladies some juicing recipes.... Who was it?? Chatty Kathy? I am soooo sorry. Let me know I have some for whomever it was.


Thanks for the support :) I dont think the women that love their implants will ever understand us.
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Of course!! Who cares what people think. The fact that each one of us on the explant forum has had the confidence, the balls, (no pun intended) :) the strength, and the knowledge if who we are as women... Makes us incredibly powerful women. If they are happy with their implants, I am happy for them. It doesn't make them less stronger than us, or less confident. We have our own journeys to make, and no one should make us feel bad on either side. I'm so happy for you lady! Like I said, keep your chin up and remember you're one gorgeous woman. Whoha!!!xx
And by the way, I will defend my ladies on the explant forum to the end. If it wasn't for you ladies, my journey would have been much harder.

Support for one of our ladies!

Can we give some support to faithandhope11? On the explant forum we are all here for support. I understand if you want to get plastic surgery and you're happy with your outcome, but stay off our explant forum if you don't understand where we are coming from. You're a rockstar faithandhope11


Thank you! I'll update tonight :)
Are you sleeping on your side get? I'm still on my back-- not elevated anymore but afraid to sleep on side-- although my body wants to turn over so badly!!
Wow snowboarding?? Thats awesome...

Two week update.

Two weeks is actually tomorrow, however after work I'll probably be too exhausted to post.
The last two weeks has been an emotionally, and physically draining journey. I have days where I love the way my breasts look, and days where I find everything wrong with them. I constantly remind myself to be thankful for my natural breasts. One thing I never have to remind myself about, is how incredibly happy I am with my explant decision.
I went snowboarding yesterday... It was such an exhilarating day. I was so scared at first because I didn't want to fall and hurt myself. It's strange learning to trust your natural body again. My angels were definitely with me... I didn't fall once. Now I don't recommend going out and doing what I did unless, you have clearance from your doctor. :) I wasn't really supposed to go out until tomorrow when my two weeks was up. I went out again today and definitely paid for it. My body was exhausted, and my breasts hurt over every bump I hit. I pushed myself to hard because I was feeling better. Just because I'm, "at the two week mark" doesn't mean my body is completely healed.
I took my steri strips off last night, my left incision is healing nicely, my right, not as well. I'm
Bummed because I just want to be healed up already! My left nipple is still caved in but it's not as bad when I first had my surgery. I do however love the way my left breast sits. My right breast is not sitting like the left one :( I think there's some scar tissue where the drain hole was on the right that's making my breast sit strange. I'm using castor oil to help break it up. Both my breasts are sore today. They actually hurt, I can't describe the feeling but I hope it's because they are fluffing up in there :)
I have been able to hug for the last three days... What an awesome feeling. Although it feels strange because I'm used to gigantic boobs on my chest. I'm kind if thankful it's winter and cold here, because I get to ease into getting used to my new breasts under winter clothes. :)
It's still very strange to look down and not see huge boobs.
Are any if you women experiencing pains and soreness in your breasts?? I don't even know what's normal anymore because I had implants for so long. Are any if your breasts sitting strange due to your stitches?
I've added my photos. They are getting there.. I am just hoping my breasts will get some more volume. Oh and be symmetrical!


Uh oh. I think I overdid it today. Came home tonight and experienced a few sharp pains in my left breast. Also noticed breast looks a bit full or puffy-- maybe some fluid? Hopefully it will go away on its own. Have you experienced this ever? Also-- are you still sleeping on your back? I wanna sleep on my side so bad!
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Oh no! :( what were you doing? Are you okay? Have you been drinking a lot of water? I'm still wearing a sports bra during the day for extra compression. Are you close to your menstrual cycle? I have been experiencing sharp pains in both breasts. I think it's everything fusing back together... And hopefully the fluff fairy :)) I've been sleeping on my side, however, It sometimes hurts where my incisions are so I end up sleeping on my back. We have to remember, just because we are feeling better, our bodies are still hard at work to heal completely. :) how are your incisions doing? Did your PS give you the go ahead to sleep on your side yet? We are both at week three now, which means we an drink ( be kind to your liver though:) ) wear a real bra, and start light exercise. I've read on here, some women are not allowed to massage yet until a month. I was told to start massaging at my one week appointment. I've been taking it slow just because my breasts are still tender. Besides, I'm still somewhat protective over them like surgery was yesterday or something :)
I can not tell you how amazing you look and it keeps getting better too... You really help me to be strong... I know I shouldnt have a question and Im not sure why I even doubt it but I do sometimes.. I hate my boobs but just so scared... Thank you for your continued updates... xo
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Happy New Years!

Just wanted to wish all of you beautiful, and brave women a Happy New Years! May you all be blessed with happiness, health, and wealth. A beautiful and happy year is on it's way. Xx


My breasts still get "stingers" every once in a while...I ex planted Oct 14. It still hurts to hug, and i hear you on feeling every bump. But you look amazing.
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"Stingers" what a great word!! Made me laugh, thank you!!! How are you feeling??
I cant find you ón face book?
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Two weeks

I hope all of you ladies had a wonderful holiday!
My breasts are doing well :) still hoping for some fluffing. When I lean down they definitely have a bit sock look. Hope that gets better with time. I will say, I'm loving my petite figure back. I have more breast tissue on the bottom.. Maybe I'll fluff a bit up top. My right incision is having a hard time healing. That is upsetting to me as I just want to be healed already! Any suggestions? Still get tired if I push myself too hard. I'm back on vitamin c, and starting a gentle detox. My breasts still feel tender especially my nipples. Any of you ladies experiencing this? Anyhow, here is my two week pic :)


Looking good! Yes, my nipples start hurting but I definitely think it's related to hormones in my case....I only seem to get really bad pain right before my period. I know it can be so frustrating to just want to be healed. Give it a little more time it's still early. I felt so much better right after a month post op....meaning I no longer got tired out when I pushed it too hard. Hang in there you'll be there before you know it.
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Thanks lady :) I keep reminding myself time goes by quite quickly! How are you?
You are healing beautifully! Your breasts look so healthy, and they still have a good ways to go before being completely healed! Amazing results woman! :-)
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Sorry thought I cropped my photo more.. So here's a cropped photo.


Indy.... Are you ok??? We've not heard from you! Just wanted to check on you! I hope you are fluffing up nicely! :)
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Hello my sweet! I am, I've been working around 13-14 hour shifts, when I Get home I am just exhausted! I will Post an update today. I've definitely missed you ladies!! How are you??
Hey FLUFFS... I found my Dr. FINALLY.. Now we wait to make sure there are no issues with my insurance... So exciting and cant wait to Fluff away with you.. :)
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Quick pics, will update tomorrow

Hello my beautiful friends!
Sorry I've been away. Crazy busy with work, by the time I get home I'm just tuckered. Can't wait to get around to all of your updates and see how all of you are doing!!
I've been well! Feeling really great with lots of energy yaaaay! I will give a more detailed update tomorrow. Just wanted to give you guys a pic! Can't wait to read all of your fantastic updates, and see pictures!!


How are you doing?
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You look amazing. Did your back and neck pain go away?
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How is your new year? I was just reading your story and hoping my beat up boobies will look like yours once the skin shrinks! Your comments mademe laugh- thanks :-p
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Dr. Atagi, is hilarious! So sweet and genuine. I felt comfortable with her the entire time. Love that she made my husband and I laugh and was open and honest with everything. Her staff is absolutely wonderful! I can't say enough good things about Kerri Norris as well. I'm pretty sure I was one of those annoying girls with all the questions I had pre surgery. Kerri was accommodating and patient with me throughout. I highly recommend Dr. Atagi!!!

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