Bbl scheduled, is 500cc enough fat for each cheek?

I just found out that my doctor is not a plastic...

I just found out that my doctor is not a plastic surgeon. And I already paid my surgery is scheduled for next week.
He is one of the most recognized doctors in Denver but his specialty is urogynecology and vaginal rejuvenation.
The reason that I choose him was because when I was researching online he was one of only 3 doctors in Denver who is trained in Based hi-def liposuction and fat transfer together. He was trained by the creator/ inventor of that procedure Dr Alfredo Hoyos in Colombia.
I am now very nervous and can't cancel anymore (if I cancel I'll have to pay a large fee).
Also another concern I have is that he said he will inject 500cc in each cheek. After I see some reviews I think it may not be enough
What should I do?
Below are my before pictures.
I am 5.5 and 133 lbs


Today is the day! Well I found out that my doctor is a cosmetic surgeon and has a lot of experience doing these procedures. I am very exited
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If ur PS doesn't specialize in bbl's then ur taking a high risk of not getting your desired results and for 12 grand and he as only 500 CC's ...I would have just left the interview and kept looking! It's not Enuf bby doll to see results on your body frame. Remember everyone looses some fat cells do to the swelling at least 20-30% so always ask for 1000-1200cc's and if any loss it wld still bring you in the range of. 800-900 range!!! Read both my journals .. Telling u from experience !
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Thanks for your comment. I'm very confused right now

today was the day!! i got my bbl ????????

Every went good, I have some pain but I can move, I am going to the bathroom by myself, I just feel a little dizzy and have to empty my drains every hour, I came home (my son picked me up) and nobody knows what kind of surgery I had???? not even my husband....but is funny because I have a big butt and I told them is because of the depend(diaper) jejeje.
Well ladies let's see how goes my after surgery appointment tomorrow. I'll keep you updated


I would love to see your results. I'm same height and weight. Butt I do have butt. Just want a little more because after pregnancy it deflated a bit. Not where I want it.
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Looking forward to updates too. My butt looks like your pre-op butt.
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Looking forward to hearing how it went and knowing how many ccs he ended up doing. Post pics and happy healing!
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3rd day after my surgery

I went to my appointment yesterday and I was fine, very little pain. The nurse did an ultra sound treatment first and then she massaged me with oil.
This is to help draining all the fluids out.
(I'll said that's the worst part of the surgery, having all this fluid coming out, is so messy).
Today I woke up with so much pain, like nerve pain, and I'm tired of being all wet, I have 2 holes in my back and 1 in my lower back and they drain a lot of fluid that looks like blood, I have to wear adult diapers, have a large plastic under my sheet, towels on top and and then an absorbent pad, I also have to holes in my lower abdomen but they have Drains that I have to empty every 2 hours or so. I have to wear a garment all the time. So I haven't been able to take pictures

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2nd day after surgery

These are the pics I took the next day after my surgery. I am still bruised and my butt is up(needs to go down)


I only had 500 cc too. I am 6 months out and I'm happy overall. Don't be alarmed if it's high or square at 1st. It should round out fine. Good luck.
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I just checked your profile. Nice result for 500cc
Thank you..I have a small frame so it worked out for me.

6 days after surgery

These pictures are from yesterday, before I got my drains removed.


you should check out dr hughes hes in California he would really give you the projection your looking for:)
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I don't see much difference. How are you feeling about the surgery so far
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Hi, I am happy with my butt, I didn't wanted a huge butt and then look fat, I just wanted some definition and I like it so far. On the other side I am a little disappointed about my abdomen and my flanks they look almost the same. The doctor said that I have to wait at least one month to notice the difference and at that time if I am not happy he can do another lipo in the areas where I am not satisfied, so let's see what happen by then
Dr. Oscar Aguirre

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