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I find it hard to belived that, no one in the...

I find it hard to belived that, no one in the State of Colorado has created an account on RS. I think I'll be the first one.:) I'm really nerves about the whole BBL, but i'm really. Not kidding my wwhole fam had a big ass, except me, my sister, my cousins and now my nice. I want to thank God for giving me the change to have my dream come true! 2nd I want to thank my husband, he is the best, love you honey!!!!

Schedule my date!!! So happy.

I have my surgery date, April 1. I'm nervous but happy at the same time. So happy.


I will post pictures one's I get closer to my date!

Changing doctor!

Dr capraro is a thief, they took my deposit and don't want to give it back, because he cancel, the surgery, because he can't give over 400 cc.
Denver Plastic Surgeon

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Who did you decide to change too
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Congrats and good luck
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Thank you!
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Welcome doll
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Welcome. Congrats on your decision to have surgery. You sound extremely excited! I am happy for you. Hey, how did you find out you were the first one to create an account in the state of Co? I think that's pretty cool!!!! Congrats to you for that as well! LOL!!!!
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I research & no one has posted any updates locally. I found 2 lady's from Colorado that that there BBL done in Houston. Thank you for your email.
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:) You're welcome. Gonna be looking out for your results. April is right around the corner!
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I will try to update, every day after the surgery. Can't wait!!! :)
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: for you....
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