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I was missing 4 upper front teeth from birth. I...

I was missing 4 upper front teeth from birth. I had a partial for 10 yrs prior to implants. I had put it off for many years due to cost of procedure. The money has been well spent and it has done wonders for self-esteem.
The surgery was very painful. Many, many shots and stitches. I was very swollen up to my eyes with bruising on my face the week following. I also had a bone graft from the lower jaw which I hear is common as bone loss occurs with missing teeth. After 4 months I went back to have the healing caps put on. A month and a half later they were removed and the fitted for crowns and veneers of the 2 natural front. The result was amazing! People knew something was different but it was so natural that many times they couldn't figure it out. I got so many compliments. Most have no clue that I have implants!

The four upper implants are still holding up great...

The four upper implants are still holding up great. The only exception is a slightly loose crown on one of them that needs to be repaired.
After the original implants I had two more placed in the lower jaw (bottom canine teeth). These were placed by my regular dentist in 2009 which was a BIG painful and costly mistake. I thought that I would save a few hundred dollars and let him do the implants. I had never felt such pain in my life after the surgery. One of the implants became infected immediately and began a 6 month process of going back and forth to him to treat it. He replaced it a few months later after the implant began showing through the gum and I showed him that it was loose (He originally thought that it was fine when it began showing through the gum). The infection again returned (like a big pimple on the outside of the gum). I couldn't understand it. He blamed it on a faulty implant but after the infection returned with the second implant, I didn't believe that. My regular dentist kept trying to reassure me that it was just a minor surface infection. I eventually sought out my original periodontist who placed the original 4 implants.
The periodontist removed the implant and grafted bone to replace what had been lost due to infection. He said that the infection was working its way over to my adjacent healthy tooth! My periodontist was able to repair the damage and successfully place a new implant a year later (2010).
Because of the financial impact of paying for the surgery twice plus the cost of bone grafting and repairs, I still do not have crowns on these two teeth.


Periodontics of Greenville- Dr. Hamrick (implants)

Definitely recommend my periodontist!

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Great Review
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I had forgotten about this site. My upper implants still look and feel great almost 7 years later! I have yet to complete the process on the lower jaw due to finances.
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Hi Sigmasister. Your implants look really good. I'm just in the stages of have three placed in the upper front. I was assaulted during a mugging 6 months ago and the attackers smashed three teeth pretty badly. I could of had bridge work done but I heard its maintenance over years and best to go for implants to for esstetic reasons. I had the smashed roots extracted and I had to wait for the healing process with a temp denture. It's made me feel so low in self confidence. Plus I only started dating someone just as the attack happened, she's been very understanding but I'm totally not myself. I really can't wait for the implants to go in. The reason I'm contacting you is, I've needed bone grafting due to the attack and its caused the gums to move a lot during the extra healing time. Have you had any gum reconstruction so it falls between the tooth, like natural gums do? I'm kind of worried what the outcome will look like. Also, is there any advise you can give me? I'm having Sla Active Straumann Impants, Zarconium abutments and Emax crowns. I've done my research and supposedly this is the best I can have which is currently available. Look forward to hearing from you! James Joseph

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Wow, you look great! I have been thinking of getting implants for my husband since he was in a car crash that messed up his teeth really bad. These pictures that you posted totally make me think that dental implants are a very good idea! Thanks for sharing your story.
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Sigmasister - Thanks for sharing your photos with this community! You look marvelous and have beautiful smile. As you can I'm new to this site and wanted to discover how to post images. Althrough I'm new here, I am not new with dealing with the dental profession! You certainly offered words of wisdom in your post. And, I'm grateful for your time and efforts; I hope that you will not have to deal with any unforseen dental problems in the future.
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my son has one implant- lower left side 3rd to last. Because of the location, the look of the tooth is somewhat irrelevant. Nevertheless, I had to have a bone graft...wait six months...get the implant (screw)...wait six or so months.... then finally get the cap. he is very happy and looking nice.
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It really feel odd when you don't have teeth in such a young age. I am very happy for you you look great now.
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I just had a car accident and lost my four front teeth. It was the worst times of my life because I looked hilarious. I check on the internet for inexpensive dental implant to solve my concern. I had dental implant and I was very happy that the end results were amazing. I got to get pleasure from meeting fantastic people.

Really like your post, very educational. I can say dental implants can really enhance your life. Continue to keep on creating good articles.
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thank you for posting this. I'm having grafting surgery this month by a periodontist who is way more expensive than my dentist, but I know he places several implants a week unlike my regular DDS.
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BTW I HATED my Flipper too!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad to be rid of it 4 good! Your teeth look marvolous!!
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wish mine looked that good, I had a failed bridge and had to have 2 other teeth removed before my implant surgery, even though I had bone grafting the implants are higher up on my gum line then all my other teeth so I don't smile big anymore or you can see it :-( also my 2 front teeth must have shifted and look different now too. it is better than having NO teeth but I am only 60% happy with the end result....
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Congratulations! The results look amazing.
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thanks so much for posting the pics.  really helpful.  Are you still very happy?

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My daughter is having this done on May 6th and I am really, really nervous about it....How careful did you have to be after the grafts but before the implants? What cautions did they give you? What were you able to eat? What did they give you to treat the pain and how long before you were back to your normal routine? I would apprectiate any answers you could give. Thanks so much and your smile is absolutely beautiful!!!!
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I had my tooth removed and the bone graft done at the same appt. I ate blended soups and drank smoothies for almost a week. I only needed to take pain meds once on the first night(can't remember if it was Tylenol or Advil) Then I was able to eat a somewhat normal diet but no chips, nuts and crunchy foods for a few weeks. After that, I waited 6 months while the bone graft became strong enough for the implant. After the first week it was easier than I thought!

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Dito your story sounds similar to mine. I went for a 2nd opinion to a periodontist. He extracted tooth #20 & did bone graphs; inserted 2 posts in areas #18 & 19...My implant journey begin on 10/18/2012. Everything is going well after my Post OP APPT.
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