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Bumpy Skin Post Light CO2 Laser Surgery - Denmark

I am 2½ months post light CO2 laser surgery...

I am 2½ months post light CO2 laser surgery and the healingprocess is extremely slow and I'm worried that my skin will never return to its normal state.

My skin is still red but has improved over time but I have dark/red stripes on both sides of my chin which are leaving my skin looking extremely dented and bumpy - the skin texture is not smooth at all and I am so worried this is permanent. I had this same procedure done 10 years ago by another doctor and I had no problems. My current doctor says it could be because a different CO2 laser was used, but I'm thinking maybe he is just inexperienced and didn't do it safely.

Pros: pores are looking better, skin is more tight.

Cons: Slow healing process, uneven skin texture, very bumpy skin.

I wanted to get rid of uneven skin tone, few wrinkles, tighten skin.

Is uneven skin texture/bumpy skin normal after CO2 laser surgery and is there anything I can do to speed up the healing process and get rid of the dented/bumpy textured skin? Thank you so much.

I had fractional co2 1 month back. My acne scaring has increased,it's more visible than ever. I am nervous.
I am now 7 months out from the CO2 resurfacing around my mouth. The swelling has gone down quite a bit and the treatment did help with the wrinkles. However, I still have areas that are pink and some are whiter than the untreated skin, so I must continue to wear post-surgical makeup and mineral powder. Even so, the discolorations are still slightly visible. Not sure if this area will ever look totally normal, but it has improved.
I had gorgeous skin before I did this. Now I've got the dot and orange peel look...help!!! 3 weeks 1 day post op. hate it
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When or if my skin heals I can decide whether this procedure was worth it.

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