Upper Blepharoplasty

Hi everyone, I am getting nervous for tuesday...

Hi everyone, I am getting nervous for tuesday although i am sure it will be worth it. I am finally taking the plunge and getting rid of the tired angry look. I am 39 and don't look bad for age apart from the eyes which can be seen in the pics.

it has helped to see all the positive experiences on this website :-) so i thought i would do the same! I will keep you posted.

day 1! 2 hrs after surgery!

Hi there,

Well i got through it! Can't say it was a nice experience at all.....i am such a wimp!!

Had it done with a local, so no pain but very awake and aware of the whole prodeure, which i did not like one bit! Hated knowing, feeling, hearing the cutting and burning of my eye flesh! First side was worse but then i relaxed quite a bit.

I didn't want to look at myself but i did, and i didn't like it! Eyes felt very sore stigy and tight. I couldn't open them too much!

After 30 minutes i had already forgot how awful i thought the experience was....it really wasn't so bad, i am just a wimp!

Got home took picture and had a proper look in the mirror, this time i quite liked what i saw! My eyes look so blue....fresher already.

I have been icing every 20 mins!

Lets wait and see what tomorrow brings......i am expecting some really swollen black eyes!

Day 2

Well had a poor night, not much fun trying to sleep sitting up when i normally lie on my side with head pushed into pillow!

Woke up very swollen as expected and slightly black eyes, don't know if they will get worse, but i don't think they look too bad considering.

I have iced only a few times to aid with swelling but i don't know if it has helped.

I am not at all sore but am suffering slightly blurred vision and tightness due to the strips covering the stitches. I can't open my eyes fully but they still look good.

I am feeling excited for the end results!

day 3

No pain no worries just very swollen today and the bruising not too bad really.

I have strips across my stitches which have to stay on until tuesday when i get the stitches removed. I have noticed many others on here have no such thing just bare naked sores. I do like the fact that they are protected, but it does feel a bit tight and i can't open my eyes fully.

Day 7

Its going great thanks! Progress every day! I can't open my eyes fully which i am hoping is due to the plaster strip running along the stitches......this is coming off tomorrow and the stitches out yesssssss:-)

I am a bit nervous about seeing the cut, hope it looks good, but i am sure it will heal fine anyway.

I have added a new pic, albeit abit freaky!

day 9

There has been a good progress every day but i am still very swollen especially each morning even though i am still trying to sleep with my head raised! I had the stitches out yesterday revealing the cut for the first time which has thrown up some concerns.

The lines are not the same on each eye! I don't know if that really matters? Also above the line/scar on the right lid, there is like a fold of skin? Will that disappear when all is back to normal? there is a fold at the lower inner corner of each eye which i think is due to the swelling!

I just think i look a bit strange at the moment :-/

A very interesting article!

Anyone who is having this procedure done should really read this.....it has answered some questions for me....


4 weeks

Phew, it's been a hard few weeks, very emotional! I didn't expect the recovery period to be so long, it has taken the best part of 4 weeks to look what i consider presentable!

I have been quite down in the dumps up until a couple of days ago :-/ There are issues with my eyes that have caused me so much worry, partly because i don't know if these things are normal......but after lots of reading on here i now realise much of it is!

1st problem. webbing at inner corners of eyes which has improved and should continue to improve!

2. couldn't look up....that is improving by the day but something i never expected!

3. problems with blurry vision, again not something i expected and for so long....it is almost back to normal now!

4. wonky incision line on right eye which is looking slighty less obvious, but i thought it looked ridiculous!

5. right eye won't crease at outer corner! Where the incision is stitched together, instead of the 2 edges just meeting, they overlap creating a double thickness of skin that will not crease at the moment :-(

6. i never expected this to be so emotional! I hated how i looked.....it was like someone cut out someone else's eyes and stuck em on me! They looked weird, plastic. What made it worse was the fact i went back to work after 3 weeks and i was still very swollen! I had not told a soul and still don't want to....no one else's business really....but it has made it more uncomfortable in a way! The only comments i have had were ' what is it with your eyes' then they both came right up to me for a good look, with a squinty confused look...cheeky gits!!! I felt paranoid!

Anyway thats the update and i am feeling better about the whole thing! The surgeon has said i need to wait and see how the right eye improves over the next month or 2, then we can look at revising it.

Hope everyone else is ok and doing well :-)

6 weeks post op

Hi everyone!

There is slow but sure progress! I am excepting my eyes more now but still find myself finding problems...maybe i should except that they look better than before! I find myself looking at peoples eye lids all the time and comparing them to mine lol....nuts i know!

I can't look up fully and bright sunlight bothers me, but this has improved week by week so i imagine it will continue to do so.

My right eye will deffo need a revision, it does not crease from midway to outer corner!

Below each brow at outer corner there is like an indentation.....what do you guys think....am i scrutinizing too much??

my left eye or my good eye doesn't look great from the side. Looks like there is too much skin left at outer corner...but when i try to pinch it between my fingers there is not much skin? Maybe i am looking for perfection......which is not what i had b4 so why should i expect it now????

My eyes are not symmetrical, but that maybe because my right eye is not fully open/ creasing....i guess time will tell!

All i know is, i have forgotten how bad my eyes were b4, and when i see the picture i get a shock!
Frants Grymer

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I can totally relate to the finding problems and making comparisons post-op.  For 6 weeks out I think you look great.  Are you still waiting to see what happens with the right eye webbing/crease issue or are you going forward with a revision?

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I have been told i need to wait 2 to 3 months before i have a consultation, and if i need any correction, they will do it! I thought i had found a good surgeon, but when something goes wrong, i am worried about letting him touch my eyes again! Maybe it is just one of those things and could happen to any one! The webbing has improved lots, so i am not too worried about that at the mo. I am suprised how emotional this has been....funny because my husband just doesn't get it lol
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Lots can happen in two to three months, so hopefully you are happy with everything down the road!  Girl, don't get me started on husbands, LOL!  They do not understand one bit.  And that is how I became addicted to RealSelf :)

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I had mine done a few weeks after you. I think you look great!! I understand your concerns with your right eye. It looks like it has some healing to do. My right eye is worse too. Thick raised scar at the outer corner and webbing at the inner corner. To be fair, I also had a cyst removed from the lid and poked myself HARD in that eye during my sleep on night two. Oops!! Blood everywhere. I'm watching your progress with great interest since you have two weeks lead on me. Also, my eyes itch at the inner corner really bad. I'm hoping it's just allergies. The scars are very red. Please keep us posted?? It's really helpful believe me!! You really look great!
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Thank you :-) best of luck with your healing....your eyes look great too! Yes i agree it helps to read other peoples experiences, thanks for sharing yours and reading mine ;-)
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How are you feeling about your eyes now? More positive?
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Hi Kird, I am really quite happy with my left eye and the webbing at inner corner has almost gone phew!! There is definitely a fault or problem with my right eye, which i am sad about and very conscious of....hide it with my fringe! I know they will do any necessary corrections but i don't like the idea of going through this again and am worried about having a mass of scarring on my lid? I have been told to wait 2 months and they will have a look at it... Looking back at b4 pictures, i really see i needed to do this....as long as they can sort out the right eye i will be very happy :-) I will keep you posted!
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Fingers crossed for you... I hope that time fixes it & you don't need more surgery :o)
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It is very emotional!  You are doing great, hang in there!  Subtle changes will continue to happen over the next couple months.

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Thank you ;-)
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It's early days hon, don't stress too much. I went back to work after 3 weeks and I couldn't believe how sore my eyes would get from being in front of a computer. I actually had to duck into the bathroom and put a cool compress on my eyes every hour (and I could have left it there all day... that's how sore my eyes were). My eyes got blurry and easily tired. It also took a while to be able to look up properly. But... three months on it is much better, my eyes are fine, the scars have faded. It does take a while to go back to 'normal' but just trust in the healing process.
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thank you :-) i know it is early days yet, i will just have to be patient and stop worrying! I have made it harder on myself not telling people. It is reassuring to know others have experienced the same and that it all comes good in the end :-)
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Fantastic article! Thank you SO much. Very, very informative and answered a lot of my questions : )
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You are welcome :-)
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Thank you for your kind words. I am very pleased with my result. I cannot wait to see your pictures with your sutures out! What a relief to have them out! I still have some tingling on the suture line, but this is normal and should resolve in a few weeks! Good luck!
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What a relief it will be to have the strips removed and the stitches out!
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How's it going?
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Good morning (afternoon!). How are you feeling on day three? Hope you're managing some rest! Take care, happy healing!
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Just seen the price for yours.... Is that USD10000?? Jeepers!!
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Hi there, looking at your pics, I think you're going to have a great result. Exciting!!! :o)
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thanks everyone for your kind comments :-)
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Look at those pretty blues! It is definitely a strange feeling to be awake during this type of procedure, I agree! I am 5 days post-op. Swelling is just about gone but still lots of bruising. Make sure to take your Arnica Montana, Bromelain, and Vitamin C! : )
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Thank you :-) I am not taking anything actually! I hadn't heard about these things until now? Do they make such a difference?
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Ohh yes!! The Arnica aids in the healing of bruises. You can apply it topically and there are also pills that you put under your tongue. It's an herbal supplement. Bromelain is a vitamin that is also supposed to help aid in healing traumatized skin. I got mine at GNC. I am also taking 1000mg of Vitamin C per day, and drinking lots of pineapple juice. You can look up more details on the Arnica and Bromelain online, but I DEFINITELY recommend both : )
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It looks like your Dr did a great job! Even though you are bruised you can still see how wonderful your eyes are going to look once they are healed! Thanks for sharing
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