10 weeks post op update- Finally - Delaware-RECOVERY FROM 12/15- tt, ba AND LIFT -day 12 POST OP PICS

I had my daughter when I was 16(1995) and gained...

I had my daughter when I was 16(1995) and gained 65 pounds, I had long, nasty VERY red stretch marks from above my belly button, on my legs hips, butt and some faint ones on my calves, in addition my boobs did not come off looking very nice. As a 16 year old this was devastating to me and when I look back I believe I was depressed for a while. As I raised my daughter I constantly battled with the " no use in losing weight because, I still look like crap, and sometimes even worse the lower my weight"

So a few years later I saw a website or something for a tummy tuck and I KNEW that was what I wanted to do- and one day I would. A few years later the idea of being a surrogate (gestational carrier-not my egg) came to my mind, so I thought OK I will carry A BABY for someone else, earn a little money and help a family. SO low and behold I became pregnant with twins(2004-2005)!

Being a single mom, I had a lot of debt so my idea was- I will pay of my debt and finance my TT surgery. WELL, I paid off my debts and my credit was still horrible and I couldn't get financing. I was devastated. I lost ALL the weight from the pregnancy and just focused on liking my body better in clothes when I am thinner, even if I look WORSE naked.

SO I felt the calling to carry again. There is something about surrogacy that is so incredible. You get "called" to it almost. SO this time there is NO WAY I could get pregnant with twins again- RIGHT?

WRONG I just delivered my second set of surro twins on March 17, 2011. Cute babies.

The irony of the story is, both sets of twins did NO further damage to my body then my daughter did in 1995, but the gain and loss of the weight ( I gained about 70-80 pound each time) I'm sure doesn't help.

SO now this is IT, December 15, 2011 I will be a NEW woman with a TT, BA and lift. Mommy make over here I come.

I have worked extremely hard to lose the weight from the last pregnancy. I would say I was over 200 at the end of the pregnancy*(I got on the scale backwards). My pre-pregnancy weight was 142, which I hit two weeks ago. However before I started the meds for IVF I was averaging about 135. I am 5-4'.

I don't want this story to take away from the incredible relationship I built with the families I carried twins for, they are and were wonderful experiences and I am still close to them now. I also did NOT just do surrogacy to finance my TT, in all honesty surrogacy, though the comp is nice it is NOT a reason to do surrogacy, the time, emotions and commitment are more then any amount of money could give you, it has to come from your heart.

I will post some pictures when I can.

Thanks for reading. Im glad I found this site, I was starting to panic and was seeking some support and I found it here, thank you.Updated on 12 Dec 2011:TT/BA and lift on THURSDAY! I have to report at 8:30AM and the nurse called today and said I am first, there are 2 patients that day. So she also gave me some information I didn't know, I am going to have a catheter in for 3 days and I have to take it out myself on Sunday before my shower! HELLO?? NEVER knew this information before, so I started to panic but held it together.

I have shared what I am doing with a lot of people and I think they are super excited for me. They are actually getting me to calm down because they are so confident in the surgery and my results its funny.

So lots of cleaning to do and I will be on my way in Thursday morning. Working on pictures!Updated on 13 Dec 2011:I'm freaking out- I didn't sleep last night for longer then 40 minutes. I'm really concerned about this urine catheter I will be taking home- it's scaring me!Updated on 14 Dec 2011:TOMORROW is the day! I am just finishing my plans, long list of to do's tonight, and then I am reporting at 8:30AM tomorrow. Talked with the nurse about the urine catheter last night and I feel better about it. I think it was a moment of panic over the unknown. HOWEVER had I not found out until after I would have prob lost it. Im not good coming out of anethesia so I am hoping for the best tomorrow. I hope I can sleep tonight!!!!! I will try to update on Friday when I get home.

My surgery is in a surgery center and you sleep over in a hotel with a one on one nurse. SO talk to you all soon!Updated on 15 Dec 2011:I'm recovering in the hotel! I feel pretty good- and my nurse is laughing at me because I'm not wearing any clothes- I keep getting to warm! Lol I hope the rest of my recovery is like this! My nurse is a doll!Updated on 16 Dec 2011:I'm home- feeling pretty good when I'm laying down crappy when I get up. PS cracked me up 240cc in one boob- 450 in the other!!! Told ya I was uneven! LolUpdated on 16 Dec 2011:Better when I get up now, no dizzy spells anymore. Eating well and this catheter I was so worried about is fantastic! I'm drinking a lot so that's good. Started stool softeners and sennakot- hoping for the best on that one. Drain got a clog but I worked it out- things Are ok. My boobs are the most sore with the pain pump I feel nothing from the TT.Updated on 17 Dec 2011:I would say last night was the most painful yet. I tried to go to Motrin at 5:30PM like a brave girl but it wasn't time yet, so by 10:30PM I was ready for the vicodin. After a potty trip this morn at 3 AM I was good for a 3 hour stretch- I'll take it! Anything over one hour is good to me, my boy friend is a champ. Most of the tightness is in my chest. My PS warned me to walk hunched over and Im glad he did my stomach has been so pain free with this pain pump- I wouldn't have known not too put too much pressure.Pain is way less then I anticipated after 3 c-sections. Can't wait till the first shower tomorrow when I can "see" some stuff. Drinking lots of fluid. Nauseua is pretty low. Getting up and down has become a lot easier. Stay strong fellow recovery buddies!Updated on 17 Dec 2011:EDITS TO ABOVE- i WAS TIRED/ON VALUIM- IVE ONLY HAD 2 C-SECTIONS AND STRETCHES OF SLEEP ARE WHAT I GET EXCITED ABOUT- LOLUpdated on 18 Dec 2011:slept better last night- my goodness you hear about the back pain and you think- oh no biggie- well gosh that is the BIGGEST pain I have is in my back. my orders were to walked hunched over-so I will- until I'm told different. STILL not wearing any clothes, its just easier for me I have a blanket! I am so looking forward to my shower today! Whoooo HOOO!Updated on 18 Dec 2011:FIRST SHOWER- Im 3 days post MM and today was shower day. First we thought we had a shower seat but we didn't so I sent my bf to the store- which I called first to make sure they had it and, he called from the store that ON to the shower I was so excited to get the catheter out, the pain pump out, the bandages off and see what the hell happen to me. AND I did it all, my BF is scared so he sat with the trash can and collected all of the trash, and there was a lot. Thanks to this site I think I was prepared for what I saw my one big implant has to drop slightly so the PS said not to get up set that they are not even/even, but they will be more even soon, and he was right. The insicion has the strip on it and I am VERY bruised from the lipo up the sides on my back, my BF says he wishes he was more prepared for that but otherwise I think I look ok for 3 days post op. I know not to get too emotional or too hung up on the look at this point so I will wait my full healing time to make judgements. So feeling good today, and had my first BMI. Though I was so worried about that urine catheter, I loved having it, and removing it was super easy. I still had to get up and walk and drain it, but it make me push my fluids more and made night time easier.Updated on 18 Dec 2011:I can't edit the previous post but the part about the shower seat got deleted, they said they had the one I wanted and they didn't. They never checked their stock even though I gave them the brand and description, but I had called to make sure so my bf wouldn't have any problems getting it- oh well, damn Walgreens and their managers! We got one without a back and it was fine.Updated on 20 Dec 2011:Had my first post op yesterday- Day 3 post TT and it went well. PS took some stitches out of my BB and told me I can walk upright- THANK GOODNESS! it was hurting more to walk huntched over. Ive been off vicodin since day 2 after, Motrin seems to be doing the trick. Took my first shower by myself today, but my third actual shower. I will have to write a detailed account of the first shower because it was a process. I am feeling way better then I expected. I told the PS they should give those pain pumps for c-sections because this was less painful then a c-section by far. SO doing well in DE, resting up. Biggest complaint is not sleeping at night, getting 3 hour stretches even with taking valuim. Any suggestions on that one? and TMI alert- Ive had 5 BM's in the last 24 hours, the first 3 were similar to bricks, I thought i was having a poop baby and if I did last night, it was triplets this time! LOL!Updated on 21 Dec 2011:As I got up from the chair last night I noticed I was wet on my right side. SO I checked it out, and turns out it was blood. So I look some more and about and I have bled through my tank top, binder, and onto my underwear from the right side of my TT incision. So I go in the bathroom and clean up- took the binder off, tank and then see whats going on. It looked messy but wasn't too bad and I wasn't in pain so I clean it all up got a maxi pad to put over and begin to redress, well the tank top had a large amount of blood on it and I guess I didn't notice when I took it off, so in the wash that went. SO new tank, pad in place and put the binder back on. The strip covering the area looked wet with blood but it was no longer bleeding, to me it seemed like a gush. SO I text the dr and he said it can happen and he was in the office tomorrow if I want/need to come in. I feel fine, I just felt like I sprung a leak and wanted to make sure it was normal. I checked it in the night and this morning and no more leaking, it was just scary there for a second. Im no stranger to blood either and can handle most things so I wasn't too scared by it but it shook me. I also got my period yesterday, Im wondering if I should start some vitamins and get a some extra iron in me.

Feeling pretty good though, sleeping still sucks! Who knows the secret? I've done the chair , the couch, the bed last night, I tried taking a valium at night to help sleep- nada, I tried tylenol PM last night- still no solid sleep. It seems like Im in more discomfort at night.Updated on 21 Dec 2011:SMALL UPDATE- small blip on the radar today because after the bleeding last night, today I noticed the right side of my incision was open about an inch. Text the dr and he called right away and asked for pictures, I sent him pictures and he said it looked ok, and if I am feeling ok and not worried to just keep him updated. Im going to see him on Friday anyway so I was kind of hoping he wasn't going to want me to come in, even though if it was an issue I would have gone. Reminds me of when my c-section wouldn't close in one spot. SO no alarm but something I am keeping an eye on, feeling good still, more tired today trying to rest as much as possible.
I cannot wait to see pics of your results! I'm 12 days out from the tummy tuck and so anxious to just get it done. I cannot wait to get there!
What an amazing gift for those families! I too had my first child young, 15, it destroyed my body. With weight up and down my heaviest was 196 with my son 5 years ago. I've managed to loose quite a bit from various exercise and diet change. I'm 5'2" and have maintained 130-135 for a year. I had a full TT on 11-29-11, and turned 33 on 12-15. I just had my three week PO yesterday and things are looking good. I haven't posted
pics, not sure how from my iPhone...
Yikes Tina that's sounds scary, but sounds like you handled it calmy! I used my anti nausea meds (phenergren) as sleeping pills for a few nights because those things knocked me out & I got long good stretches of deep sleep. Im 15 days post op & prefer my overstuffed chair with ottoman so I'm half upright & laying on my side with a pillow between my legs. U gotta get your sleep girlie cuz that's precious healing time ur missing out on plus I'm a huge grouch if I dont get my sleep lol

December 23 DRAINS CAME OUT TODAY!!! PS is...

December 23


PS is pleased with my recovery and said I am ahead of schedule... But he still insisting I take it very easy for the next week- no shopping, movies- maybe if I get dropped off at the door- but he said "that's a marathon for you" . Antibiotic ointment for my incision in two spots where is a little open and

Nipples and breasts look good- still need right implant to drop so I got my muscle pinching instructions.
Awesome! Feeling almost human again? Have you been able to shower? Mine wouldn't let me till 48 hrs after the last drain was out. So that was 15 days!!
yay for no more drains! doesn't it feel great?!
WOW! we have a lot in common too! Hope your recovery is going very well, Did you figure out how to post pics? I send my iphone pics to my laptop through email and then save them and post them. I know how hard it is to be 17 and have the body of a 35-40 year old woman whos had kids and all your friends are in their belly tops and bikinis at the beach. I seriously think it messed with me so much to have such low self esteem. I also kept on about an extra 30 pounds until I was in my mid twenties and I focused and lost it. Not like these chicks on teenmom that seem to come out of teen pregnancy looking good with no stretch marks! (jealous! lol)

ANY ONE KNOW why my pictures only come up half...

ANY ONE KNOW why my pictures only come up half way? I save them on my laptop then they come up half?
Looking good tinamati! We had ours on the same day (well I had TT with MR) but I haven't got up the nerve to post more pics yet. I'm still going through swell hell.lol.
Omg Tina! You look wonderful! So sexy! your breasts look awesome, belly button looks fab & that tiny waist!!! I know you have to be so happy
Thanks so much!! I was beginning to think I was a weirdo bc everyone on here takes these shots and I was just not even thinking about the "payoff" I was hoping my incision would close and my right boob would drop, so this morn I got motivated to take some shots, and I like Em'!

13 days post op- and went on my first REAL outing...

13 days post op- and went on my first REAL outing today to a mall and lunch. Still taking motrin for over all soreness every 6-8 hours or so, sleeping better- FINALLY! Day out went well, it was nice to be out and I felt good. Resting now, Dr.s orders were to stay a couch potato, I have outings planned each day but nothing too major. Feeling better then expected at this point.
Thanks so much for sharing your story and your pictures look great. You are already look awesome, just imagine what you will look like when you are completely healed.
It feels so good to get out & be "normal" lol! Good for you. Your post op bikini pics are Just awesome! A good combo of you being in good shape prior to surgery & your ps doing an excellent job! I'm really happy for u
Omg! U look fantastic! No more tucking that belly into pants-- wow :)

POST op day 18- Back to work tomorrow, getting...

POST op day 18- Back to work tomorrow, getting nervous, been out on short day trips, but very tired after. I also have a post op visit at 4PM tomorrow after my first work day so that will be good. TT incision is healing, still a little scabby. My boobs are still a pain, not too bad but I am still taking Motrin twice a day, in the AM and at night. Hoping for the best tomorrow. Still need this right boob to drop into place. Doing the "massage" 5 times a day! Hoping my first day back to teaching is a breeze and none of the kids try to hug me too hard! LOL!
Omg!!! I just read I had my daughter at 16 and gained a ton of weight also. I think u look amazing!!!!
Hey Ms Tina just a couple quick questions. Did you get saline or silicone gel implants? Above or below muscle & what volume? I'm sorry but I've been researching this and my consult isnt until feb but I would like to have a good idea of what I want before hand. yours look perfect & we are similar in build & size. Oh and how was your 1st day back??? Bless you for working in education because my boys drive me up a wall cant imagine dealing with 20 of them full time lol
I got saline under the muscle- silicone was going to be $1,000 more and most of the people I asked said it really didn't matter. I was very uneven so I got 450 in the right and 240 in the left. Do I have your email? I can send you some real boob pics. Im still waiting for the right implant to drop, so I look uneven still. This right implant has to "drop and fluff" as they say.

First day back was exhausting!! LOL! I made the kids come to my desk to get thier work, I didn't go to them.

4 weeks out! I switched to a lipoinabox...

4 weeks out!
I switched to a lipoinabox compression garment last night and I LOVE IT. I got a highwaisted brief with LEGS, and it feels really good, wore it all night and no swelling. My binder was beginning to dig into my upper abs area inbetween my ribs and it was hurting.
My right boob is dropping, it still has a little more dropping to do, but I think it looks good. No scar management yet. I have another appointment next Tuesday and I am thinking he will bring it up then.
Boobs FINALLY stopped being annoying about 3weeks 4/5 days and they are healing nicely.
My boyfriend is LOVING my new bod, I am getting used to it.
Im making myself wait until March to buy new clothes, as long as the swelling is all down by then. My swelling had been very minimal however, and I feel lucky. I am a lazy arse as much as I can be though- so maybe that helps.
Im in NO rush to get back to working out, though I WANT to, I don't want to waist $13,000.

Edit- since I cant. I know waist is waste. OMG I...

edit- since I cant. I know waist is waste. OMG I wish we could edit. DUMMY alert!
Hey Tina glad to hear you are doing good & enjoying that new hot body lol! I checked out that lipoinabox & I'm ordering the high brief but I cant remember did you get the high brief with or without legs? I can finally go without my binder next week!! yeah but I think I will still wear it to workout cuz its been a lil awkard & I really cant imagine going without it! I feel like linus & his blanket lol
I got black with legs. It feels great under my clothes.
Do you have any issues with it muffin topping your thighs?

ONE MONTH today post TT. I am feeling ok. I am...

ONE MONTH today post TT. I am feeling ok. I am going to post in the December thread for some ideas from you gals soon.

I tried Dr. Rey's high wasited brief with legs from Sears, it was $20, and to be honest- I liked it all except that it rolls down. You def. get what you pay for with the lipoinabox. So I am alternating everyother day and hand washing so I always have something to wear.
So Do you love your lipo box with legs? It looks great on you..
Hey tinamati! That lipoinabox garment looks really nice on you! I'm contemplating on getting one. Keep us updated on how it works for you! ;o)
I have been using it from 2 weeks post op. It has been very comfy and thin just like normal underwear. Just a lot longer. The firmness to hold you in place after the TT is really nice, yet very breathable. I was given on by my PS and I bought 2 more so I could wash two and have one on. I have not been told that I can go part time as of yet so I have to have mine on 24/7 just not in the shower.

5 weeks + post op- Last Tuesday got the Green...

5 weeks + post op-

Last Tuesday got the Green light to work out, last weekend was developing a cold. So now I think I am full into a sinus infection with a temp around 99. I am thankful that it is now rather then 5 weeks ago but at the same time I am wanting to get back into things. Tried the elliptical for 15 minutes Thursday night and I broke a sweat but just not feeling well all over so I am giving it a rest until I am over the cold. My right boob is dropping nicely and my PS instructed me to get a large biodermis sheet for my incisions. So it is ordered. I am feeling pretty good, not swelling too bad. Wearing my lipo in a box daily and roating with the cheapy Dr. Rey- which rolls down,- pain in the bum but it does the trick.
Feeling pretty good overall, my PS says it will be 6 more weeks until I am out of the woods for all swelling. I have to do a new photo shoot tomorrow and post some pics.
I got the one with the Butt curves. It seems to form to our bodies better. I feel as if my butt is a little more lifted and firmer with the circles. I hope that you will find this to be what you wanted. I just love the way it feels and forms. Tip for the day if you have problems with it sliding down your back put on the CG and then your bra. Let the back of the bra hold up the CG. It seems to work pretty well for me. I have the one with the legs as well and that makes me feel really sexy knowing I have no place that is Bulging.
The lipoinabox brief that you ordered...does it have little circles on the butt for curves? I was on the site and they have a few options and I wanted to get the same one you got b/c we are similar in size. Thanks so much. I know you got the high waisted brief with legs..just wanted to know how the butt looks, the pic on the website and a little padded but looking thing?

I was 6 weeks post op on Thursday and I am feeling...

I was 6 weeks post op on Thursday and I am feeling good. I started the bio strips about a week ago and I noticed to day after my shower that there were little red bumps around the area where the strips are. I text my PS and he said to stop using the strips and he will see me at my follow up, which is this Tuesday. I really wanted to use them because they seem so good, and I don't want my incisions to keloid- I have a history of that happening to my skin. My cold is finally going away hoping to start the eliptical and walking this week, though I am cleared to do everything, Im going to take it slow and ease back in. I may try strenth training next week, if this week goes well! ;-)

New pictures added today. Happy recovery and upcoming surgeries everyone.

I just realized I have NO pictures of how my boobs...

I just realized I have NO pictures of how my boobs were, then I LOOKED for a picture and realized i was ALWAYS wearing a padded bra and on special occasions stuffing with water cutlets. SO I found a RARE pic of myself after a yoga class with a light bra on.
I saw you were worried about taking it out and I would have been too. I was just thinking of how silly I was to lay down at night in bed and think I would have to get up slow but I never imagined how hard it was going to be. And I had to pee soooo much the first two nights. I know we had to start all over with baby stuff because we thought for sure we were done. The doctor made us SWEAR and sign papers that we were done having babies before he would do surgery. We did and we were WRONG and God always knows best because the son that we had after...I call him my "alien" child because he is and has been so wonderful since he was born. He is 17 now and wants to be an architect, I told him that makes perfect sense because he built a bridge inside daddy to get here in the first place hahaha.
Wow you are doing fantastic. Your story is so great to read too. I almost did the surrogate for my sister in law because she was having trouble. I would do anything for her. When she had one and was trying to conceive another doing surgery shots etc. I found out I was pregnant again. Well this was crazy for all of us to hear because my husband had had a vasectomy when our second was six weeks old. It was now close to a year and a half after and I get pregnant while she is having such a difficult time. :( Luckily she did have another also. I am shocked at how much less your surgery was and you got the pain pump, one on one nurse, hotel, catheter!!! Lord I would have loved a catheter for three days lol. I'm so happy that this is all working out so well for you after all you have given to others. I bet the families would have included a mommy makeover in the surrogate fees if you had asked. You look beautiful and hope you begin to feel it soon because you will then have it inside and out!!
Thank you, you are so kind.

I can't imagine how shocking it is to just get pregnant after your spouse has a V, that is crazy, that is like closing the door on babies and then it breaks WIDE open. That alone has to be tough.

I freaked about the cath, then I was happy I had it, it was easy to remove.

Went to the PS last Monday, just about 10 weeks...

Went to the PS last Monday, just about 10 weeks post op. He said my belly button was more red then he wanted so he did a steroid injection into the scar to help it fade. i didn't feel it at all. Im healing well, in my opinion. Using the biodermis strips, and my PS includes scar laser treatments, every 4 weeks. This week I will have my second treatment. I really have no idea what to compare the scar to. I am very pale and it still looks red. My lift scars under the boob are the worst right now. I know they will all lighten up eventually. I know this is a process. My boobs are both in place, and they look pretty symmetrical. More feeling has come back to my right nipple, my left nipple has always had very good feeling, since the surgery. So things are going ok. Looking forward to the days when the swelling is a thing of the past. Hope everyone else is doing well!
hey your pics are awesome!!
Awe thank you Tina, your sweet. Yes I am sure my husband is in the Army and we want to keep out crazy lives as simple as possible lol. We love babies and our children are awesome and we planned both of them even though we are so young. Both times it took a year or more and then when we finally did become pregnant he left for deployment a few months later both times. It was heartbreaking! We didn't want to go through that again so he got a vasectomy right after he got back from Afghanistan a few months ago:) I am so ready sweetie! Thank you for the encouragement! Again you look so awesome!!!
yeah I never had a compression garment either.. but he did tell me to go braless. I am so sick of going braless.. so I wear one sometimes. I go back a week from Tuesday so I will ask him then.
West Chester Plastic Surgeon

I fell in love with him today. It's hard for me to trust doctors, period. But Dr C. Saunders is very good, he goes in baby steps and gives you everything you need. You have to listen to what he tells you, and do what he says. My results are are way better then I expected.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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