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I am a 30 yo mother of three children between 11...

I am a 30 yo mother of three children between 11 and 6. After all three pregnancies my breast have never recovered! I am extremely active and I am an instructor who teaches hot yoga. Due to my yogic background, I do battle with the all natural but totally believe in up keeping your temple :) One fear i have is as an instructor i will not be able to do any arm balances for a while~ any suggestions in high to low plank and when I can plan to work them back into my routine? I went and had a consult almost a yr ago, referred two friends of mine and my sil who have all had phenomenal results.

At the time the doctor suggested 400ccs which made me a really nervous that they will be too large for my body, so i got my yoga cert. of 200hrs instead. Now I am so ready to have youthful breasts back!! I am 5'3 109lbs my band size is a deflated 30D, I don't want to go "larger" per say but I want to fill up my loose skin for a more full youthful shape (I am only 30!!!) lol. Before children I was petite with awesome full D's! I am hoping that going 400 will give the 375cc's I want since I'm going behind the muscle. The breasts I have now are not working for me, they wrinkle up, fall out, and I always feel like I have to hide them for fear of my wrinkled empty skin showing. My husband is finally coming around to the thought of them and is totally supportive! He sees what I'm working with and is ready to embark on this adventure with me :) Do any of you have the same issues, stats or advice? Thanks in advance!!

My surgeon did a quick recovery method and I was back to doing all sorts of planks fairly soon. It was awesome. I'm totally not a yogi and have problems with flexibility that I should do it more. I run, do Insanity and P90X (little yoga in there, not enough!). Anyway, I was running at 10 days after although it felt awkward that I did the elliptical on day 11-12 and then back to running full out on day 13. I hated being down for those initial days, but it was TOTALLY worth it!!! You are amazingly close to where I live! I'm in northern MD, sort of near Univ of DE. You may want to consider a consult with Dr. Sorokin - he's amazing and I'm SO very pleased. It sounds like you may have your surgeon already, but just in case, I thought I'd put it out there. The reason I went to him was for the fast recovery method! Very, very, very pleased.... As to the hubby, mine has never been a boob guy and knew I wanted this for me because mine were sad, deflated little scraps. He was 150% supportive whether I went through with it or not. He was by my side all the way and says they look fabulous now and he's very pleased with the outcome as well....and slowly becoming a boob guy! LOL! Totally worth it. Best of luck to you!!!
Thank you so much!! I have been following your story and I hope to have a beautiful result like yours. I am not too far from where you are~I live in md too. Once I get everything done and situated I hope to post more pics and rate my surgeon :) Everyone I know that has used him loved him and their results~they all had a quick recovery too. I hope to be able to get back into my routine quick enough like you, making sure to give myself the time to heal too.
My boobs look alot like yours! You will look fantastic - I think that if you had nice boobs before you will have really nice boobs after! I am scheduled for April 16th and am looking forward to having all my loose skin plumped up but still going for a natural look. I am a bit taller and heavier, though, at 5'6' and 140 lbs. I am looking at a moderate profile under the muscle around 300-350cc. I want to look really natural and I do alot of sport, so I am just going to have to trust the ultimate decision to the PS.

I totally understand why it is so easy to check...

I totally understand why it is so easy to check this site all the time-I think I'm obsessed-thinking about what they will look like and hoping they don't turn out too large (my highest fear-certainly not my husbands lol)! I just wanna fill up what I lost. I am hoping to schedule my final consult appt for sometime this week in hopes for surgery next week....a gal can dream :) hope everyone's doing well and will keep you updated!!
Hi I have some questions: Silicone or Saline? What is your doctors name? Was that the set cost for the surgery? Wish you luck and hope to see pictures!!! :)
Thank you so much!! I decided to go with silicone, which I was against 2 years ago when I went to my first consultation, it feels so natural and is more pliable under your muscle (especially when you are very active) I have disclosed the doctors name for now, but I will update after surgery :)

So I had my 2nd consult a few weeks ago, and the...

So I had my 2nd consult a few weeks ago, and the doctor and I decided that somewhere between a mod/mod + 325-350 will be perfect! Tomorrow morning is my pre op so hopefully we will come to a decision on size. Lol I am getting so excited, yet nervous!! I have been wanting this for so long, can't wait to have my twins back from before kids...like when i was 20!! I have only told a select few of my closest friends and family, trying to keep it to a select few hasn't been easy! haha
I wish all of you the best luck in your upcoming surgeries and those of you in recovery. I will make sure to post tmw after my pre op, and I will be sure to post a few more pics of my before empties ;) before the big day ~ May 7th!!

On the other side!! Great results, feel...

On the other side!! Great results, feel fantastic!! 320cc silicone smooth moderates
Congrats! Hoping for a smooth recovery for you :)
Thank you :)

Feeling wonderful still!! Best decision and so...

Feeling wonderful still!! Best decision and so glad I did it :) off all pain meds 2 days po, now just waiting for swelling to go down. Bought an awesome under armor zip up this morning.
Hi :) I was just curious how long it took you to get back into teaching yoga after your BA? I too am a yoga instructor and very active. I am planning to have my BA soon but still hesitant as I am afraid of the impact on my lifestyle and ability to do more advanced yoga poses. I am fairly small framed 34A looking for a small natural enhancement. Nothing too big. I have been told plank and most advanced arm balanced will be out of the question for 4 months. How was your experience getting back into yoga?
Good to know another deflated D! Yours look great, gives me hope!
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