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I had my procedure on April 6, 2012. I am turning...

I had my procedure on April 6, 2012. I am turning 59 in May and when I was young always planned to have a facelift when I got to the point where I needed one - which is definitely NOW (really several years ago). I will admit that with the right makeup and a scarf or turtleneck, I look much younger. With all the new non-invasive treatments and regional mini-lifts I re-researched the current crop of procedures and decided to go with Ultherapy, and because I'm impatient - have Botox on my forehead which did not have major creases but certainly many lines and crowsfeet area (where I only have fine lines) and Juverderm Plus for marionette lines in the naso-labial fold and sides of my lips where I had distinct downward lines.

I had an upper and lower blepharoplasty in 1994 which was great but I need a brow lift, which I'm hoping this will accomplish. As instructed got there an hour before procedure to receive painkillers - see my remarks under doctor comments. They let my husband watch - he thought he'd only stay for a few minutes but he stayed the whole time, really interested. My husband had been freaked about me doing this so I wanted him to see that it wasn't Star War lasers.

As others have stated, the area above the brow line is somewhat painful, but each "zap" is so fast it's not bad -- someone said it was like a dentist drill hitting a nerve (which freaked me out when I read it) but it was not at all like that. I think a couple of area near the lower jawbone were slightly painful but the rest was just a sensation with no pain (thanks to the Percocet). I can't remember the exact number but the doctor did over 500 zaps, so that gives you an idea of how fast they are.

When the Ultherapy was over, they elevated the padded chair from flat to sitting upright for the Botox and Juvederm. I only even felt one of the Juvederm injections slightly - if I didn't know what was being done I would only think someone might be press against my face a little! Maybe if you are just having the injectables you don't have all the painkillers because it's so fast. When he handed me the mirror I was so happy to see no more marionette lines! My face was not red and my skin texture looked better. I knew that I must be or would get a little swollen which would make everything seem smoother initially so I guess it will take a few more days or so before I can see the real filler results and Botox takes a couple of weeks but this is Day 3 and my forehead looks smoother - again don't know if there is still swelling. My face doesn't feel swollen and I've been putting arnica gel on it a couple of times a day just to err on the side of caution. We went to lunch right afterwards - no one would be able to tell I'd had anything done. I can tell you I am SO SOLD on the filler concept.

I'll report back at two weeks with photos and continue to update. I will also include pre and post photos with makeup on as well as no makeup. PS - I also decided to try Latisse, since although my original hair color was very dark brown, I have short and they are essentially invisible when viewed from the front.

Dr. P. Alexander Ataii

Did not check after-care yet since I haven't had it yet - schedules for a couple of weeks from now. Dr. Ataii is incredibly friendly and professional. He let my husband watch the whole procedure, which he could see on the ultrasound monitor. I had told them I had my own Vicodin to bring in (they normally give you Valium, Percocet and Advil plus a numbing cream. They really encouraged me to take the Percocet so I did and I can say that was the right suggestion as it is stronger than Vicodin and I think I would have experienced moderate pain at certain points if I had only been on Vicodin (which I use for chronic neck issues and had been leary of "mixing" the two since I take it daily.

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fascinated reading your story. Can't wait to see pics!
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Okay - it's 10 days since the Ultherapy. Definitely tightening/less bags under eyes (which may have been due to eye-lift in 1994 and subsequent hollowing). The Juvederm Plus XC ia amazing. There is still one tiny area that doesn't look identical to the other side but both are 90% improved. Hopefullt the Ultherapy will continue that.

Two days ago I could tell the Botox was kicking in - much smoother forehead and if I do "the angry look" or the "surprised look" there is a significant difference from before! I am so going to be a Botox/Juvederm junkie.

Have not had any side effects of concern - only a slight, slight yellowing on my left jawline for a few days and minimal post-procedure discomfort (an Advil level type of thing) which is gone. I can tell my face is tighter and here's a weird thing and good evidence of that. For the last year or so when I would sleep on my left side, when my mouth was closed my teeth would bite down on the inside of my cheek and I would have to open my mouth a little, push that part of my cheek away and then close my teeth so the cheek wouldn't get caught between my upper and lower teeth. I'm sure it was happening when I was asleep though. I actually had a "permanent" ridge inside my moth there. Since I had the Ultherapy -- nada!--- it must be that the tightening of the muscle has taken up the slack that was allowing that to happening.
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Whoa, that is really interesting about you not biting the inside of your cheek anymore when you sleep!! I think your theory makes sense as to why that could be. I wonder if the Juvederm adding volume in the nasolabial folds/marionette lines could be contributing to that as well?? Would love to hear if you continue to notice that as a permanent change or if it goes back after more swelling subsides.

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Thanks for this super review. I am going in during May and this is encouraging (as far as the actual procedure goes). Really looking forward to your pics!
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Wow, you are going to look like a completely refreshed version of you soon! I'm excited to hear what changes you start to notice as the Ultherapy continues to take effect - keep us posted!

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