Hello!! I am getting ready for a TT procedure...

Hello!! I am getting ready for a TT procedure that is scheduled for 07/03/13. I am going to take before--during--after photos to share. It will take me a little time to share the before photos because I am quite self conscious at this time! So happy to be here and to have others to share TE experience with. :-;

Before photos

Less than two weeks away and I finally got the nerve to post the before photos.... The only reason I was able to was because you all gave me courage by posting your photos and your journals. Thank you all so much!!!!


I forgot to add my stats... I am 52 (I will be 53 in a couple of months). I am 5' 6" and weigh 148. I am not sure if anyone else feels this way, but I love ready all of the journals and seeing the photos but it is also so nice for me to see photos and hear journeys of women near my age. My concern has been that since I am in my fifties my skin may not respond as well. Seeing photos of women in their fifties inspires me and puts my mind at easy. Thank you to everyone who shares. It has been a tremendous help! =-)

10 days and counting!!

Ten days until TT and I am so ready to be done! :-) it is so close but also surreal! I bought an ugly (that's all they sell) gown that has snaps in the front. I also rented a hospital bed. I think I am good to go!!! Hope you are all well, happy, and healing! Happy Sunday! XOXO

Three days to go!!

I can't believe I am three days out! So excited and ready to move forward!!! Did all my supply shopping today! Hospital bed has been delivered! It is great! It should work well for me! :-). Happy Sunday to all! XOXO

Freaking out (just a bit...)

Ok... So tomorrow is the day! Sooooo excited and a little (a lot) nervous!!! I hope to post as soon as possible, but I will be at the surgery center overnight so I may not get to post as quickly as I want. I hope everyone is well and I will be thinking about my TT buddies as I head to the surgery center in the morning. Take care!! xoxo

On my way... 7-3-13

Up and ready to go! We are leaving the house at 6:30 AM for a 9:00 AM check in... Surgery at 10:00 AM. See you on the flat side!! xoxo

Honey, I'm home!!!

Home resting and pain is so manageable!! Back to dr on Monday and I hope to update then. Thanks for the support! You are so wonderful!

Resting and waiting to remove drains

Well I had it done on July 3 and won't be getting drains out until July 16. I am posting photos of my first post op visit. So happy to be on this side so looking forward to more progress! Yay!

10 days PO

Went to appt and only one drain was removed. Boo!! I go back Tuesday and hopefully the other drain will come out. Stopped for lunch (first outing) and was moving very slow! Ate a little (still no appetite). Felt good to be out. Still sluggish and not up to par. The anesthesia really kicked my tushie!! Back home and resting and knowing I will be up and at it soon! :-) XOXO

Pain in the back!

Hi all... I have pulled a muscle in my back and it is so crazy. I can't take a deep
Breath, nor hiccup, burp,yawn... Without feeling an intense sharp pain in my back that travels to my shoulder. I cant get comfortable to try and sleep so I am very tired... My appetite is not up to par so I am feeling discouraged at this point. Looking forward to feeling better!! XOXO

Put on your big girl panties ( bikini) and be happy!!!

Ok.. So before going to PS this past Friday to remove drain one i slipped into a bikini my husband bought me to celebrate that I was having TT around July 4. Now mind you this almost 53 year old girlie hasn't worn a bikini in 34 years!!! Of course I won't be wearing in public but just knowing I can now put on a bikini is lovely! ????

Bikini take two

The bikini photo didn't upload. Trying again...


Trying to post photo...

Side view and such

Hi all! Wow having that second drain removed was just what I needed!!! I feel so much better! I am posting a couple of photos from today. I am 13 days PO and have some swelling.... Pardon the laundry in the background of the shots. Today is the best I have felt since having the TT. I just encourage you all to take this healing process one day at a time. It is not a steady recovery... It is a roller coaster. Hang in there!!! I hope you are all healing well!! XOXO

Clothes in the closet... Did ya ever?

So... I bought this little black dress probably three or four years ago because I thought it was so cute and because it was on sale. This dress still has the tags on it!! Oh... Did I mention that it never fit? I was thinking that some day it might... TODAY is the day!!!! I put on this dress and I love it! Do you think it is too much to wear to my Niece's wedding??? I love finding clothes in my closet! It will be so nice when all swelling is gone, but even with the swelling I am so happy with the results!!! XOXO

Back to work...

So, I am back to work today (exactly four weeks PO). Half way into the day (lunch time) I am feeling it with pulling and tightness in the abodmen area. Minimal pain, just discomfort (I have been a couch potato for four weeks!) I am anxious to see if there is much swelling this evening. My co-workers are so kind and watchful of me! One didn't like how I was walking and just brought me a cold pack to put on my lap. SOOO sweet!!! She also changed my drains when she visited me at home. Is that TOO wonderful!?!?! So... I am doing ok, but I really would have preferred six weeks off! Keep that in mind if you are going to have a TT... I am not sure if the fact that I am almost 53 has anything to do with it. I am so amazed and impressed with those who take a week or two off. I salute you all!! I hope you are all having a great day! XOXO ??

Six weeks today!!!!

Well it's been six weeks since the TT. I feel so close to normal!!! Binder comes off on Monday!!! Yay!!! I am posting some photos that I just took (late night so I have some swelling). I am really happy with results and think it is worth it!! The recovery isn't easy (ups and downs) but the pain is VERY manageable! The toughest part for me were the little setbacks and the emotional aspect. I know lots of people discuss that part but I just didn't think it was going to apply to me! I have been back to work for two weeks and Monday I will start back at the gym. If you are contemplating this surgery I encourage you to learn as much as you can and go in with your eyes WIDE open. Expect ups and downs and it will be so worth it in the end!!! ????
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Camberos is wonderful. He did a BR for me in 2009 and was just so wonderful to work with. He truly cares for his patients. I have had my initial consult and will go back on June 18 for my pre-op. Yay! So ready! :-)

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wow you look phenomenal!
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PN long time no chat :-) you look stunning! Your scar is looking awesome. Are you using any scar treatment? I love your pearls of wisdom.
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Hey Ash!! You look pretty amazing yourself!!! How do you feel? I want your hernia to feel better!! When it comes to scars the PS says my body is good at healing. You can't even see my breast reduction scars. All I do is rub the scar. No creams no ointments. Just rub the lumpy areas and little by little they smooth down. He said in a year it won't even show. Yay!! I feel better every day but am still tired at the end of the day. Love that we get to stay connected here!!! XOXO
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Awesome that you heal well and that you will be scarless! I know what you mean about being tired, and my back is still a little sore as well. Chat again.
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Hey momma you are looking stunning. Yay. Love the black dress. Glad you are doing great. Hugs...
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Hey SF!!! Thank you so much!! You are looking AMAZING! It really gets better each week! Still swelling by the evening but that should start to calm down soon. I go see PS on Tues and I hope to get the go ahead to remove the garment!!! Have a great Saturday!
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Hi neighbor! :-). Good for you! You must be so happy with your results. You look great!
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Yes!! We are close!! I had my surgery in Del Mar! I am so happy with the results and am at a point where I am enjoying the journey! I am happy to answer any questions you may have!! Welcome to RS!!
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Thank you. I appreciate the support! I'll be following you on your recovery!
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Glad you made it through the 1st day back. Dreading mine, 6 wks would have been good.
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Hi Ash! Yup I am back but moving slooooooow!! Six weeks is key for this kinda surgery!! Today is the same. I am home after a full day and I am swollen and tired... I told my my hubby that the next time I get a TT I am going to do it in my twenties!!! Lol! Are you going back on Monday? How are you feeling? XOXO
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Hey PN, yep back tomorrow, not looking forward to it. Been back at home since Thurs and its still slow going. Hernia repair still giving me hassles, otherwise just normal niggles. How you doing?
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I will be thinking of you!!! Take it easy!! Wednesday will be five weeks and I am feeling closer to normal. Still think six weeks is key!!! After work tomorrow you may be swollen and tired. Listen to your body!!! I am still swelling and still tender. Still in my binder until at lease 8/13. XOXO
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YAY you made it!! and it sounds like you have a good support system at work too!
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Hi MM! How are YOU?!? I made it thru the day yay!! My co-workers are AMAZING!! I am sore and swollen do I just came home and did what I am good at... RESTED!!!! :-). Hopefully each day will get better and better! :-). XOXO
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Ash!!!! You are so sweet!!! Thank YOU!!!!!! It is fun to finally be moving along with recovery!! Still hoping to be up for work in Wednesday!! I am praying for you to heal and feel better!!!! XOXO
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You look fabulous! The dress is perfect! Def not to much for a wedding....so glad you have somewhere you can wear it to!!!! I have a black dress like that too...I bought it a couple years ago but it just wasn't going to fit...I am scared to try it on just yet but when I feel a little less swollen and little more confident I will!! Your Rockin it!
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You look AMAZING! I have no doubt you will be rockin your lil' black dress!!! How are you feeling with the sermon? Does it seem to be getting better? XOXO
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It seems to be the same but I won't know really anything till Monday. I am very anxious to find out how the ps is going to deal with but I do want to get the show on the road if its going to require multiple visits to the ps office
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I pray he has a quick fix so you can move forward. The setbacks can be so frustrating!!! Hugs to you as I wait anxiously with you!! :-). XOXO
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ahhh, Thanks!
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Hi MM. I am just checking in to see how you are doing! Praying for a great appt. XOXO
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You look amazing! How are you feeling now that you are farther out from surgery?
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Hi Ready1!!! Thank you for your kind words. I am feeling great! Like you I really researched the TT in an effort to fully educate myself. RS has been a great resource. Here are some things i have learned from my own experience now that I am 24 days PO: 1. The healing process has not been a steady climb to feeling well. It has been more like a roller coaster with ups and downs. I think that is important to know so you don't get discouraged. If you have issues with nausea associatedwith surgery ask them to put an anti-nausea patch on you before you go into surgery. I had a difficult time with the nausea and wish I had done that. 2. Like everyone says.. The drains are a PAIN in the neck ( or groin! lol) Once my second drain was removed the healing really revved up 3. Everyone is different so just listen to your body. Make sure if you work outside the home that you have enough time off. I am so grateful that I took four weeks off (by the way I am almost 53 and the age can certainly make a difference). 4. The pain meds caused severe constipation for me, so stay on top of stool softeners. 5. Listen to your PS. Even though the binder has been a pain I realize in the scheme of things it is only a blip in time 6. Although it took me a couple of weeks I can honestly say the journey has been worth it. I am so happy. It will be so nice when I am out of the binder and into the spanx so i can start wearing my clothes again. I went to Marshall's this past week and bought a size six pair of pants ( I had been wearing a size eight!). And the clothes I already have fit much better (i try them on without the binder). 7. The most important thing to do is listen to YOUR body and pay attention. REST REST REST!!! It will be SO worth it!!! Good luck!! I will be thinking about you and following your progress. I am here if you have ANY questions, need anything, or just need to vent!!! :-) XOXO
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