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I have wanted a breast augmentation since after I...

I have wanted a breast augmentation since after I was done breast feeding my daughter. That was 19 yrs ago! Being a single mom struggling to make ends meet it just wasn't feasible for me to do it. I tried borrowing money from the bank and my dad to no avail so I finally gave up. Now, I am in a job where I am financially secure and have found a PS I trust more than any other dr I have ever met. The timing is right so here I am.....!!' I am getting a lift and augmentation. I'm 5'2 1/2 and 119 lbs. thinking of 339 cc's Or maybe a little bigger!?!

I got my Lift and BA on 2/15. Everything went...

I got my Lift and BA on 2/15. Everything went perfectly great and of course the staff and my PS are just amazing people. My only real issue upon waking up was that my back hurt. I slept most of the evening and my sister waited on me hand and foot all day and night -setting alarm every 4/6 hours for my pain meds and Valuim. I did wake up once in pain and asked for the meds about 30 mins earlier than scheduled. Post up next day was uneventful. PS took off my bandages and put me into sports bra. We then ventured next door to grab Starbucks and bagels. As we were waiting for our order I became in excruciating pain in my right areola area. It felt as if there was a hot searing rod branding me. We went back to PS who gave me gauze to place between areola and bra. By the time I got home I was in so much pain I was crying from the pain. Took meds and slept for 4 hours. The following days the pain persisted. The only relieve was if I was laying down. Went back to PS who explained I was having neuropathic pain. He wasn't sure how to help me as this is very unusual. Let me tell you - I am a tough cookie. I have had a chronic illness most of my adult life, 8 surgeries for female stuff, etc. I can handle pain. THIS pain however was debilitating!! Worst pain I have ever felt! PS called around to try to find answers for me and prescribed me meds for neuropathic pain (btw normal pain meds does nothing for nerve pain). Following day my nurse called and while discussing when this all began asked if maybe I wrap myself in ace bandage really tightly over bra that may help. I did that and it does give me more relieve (not 100% but at least I can function standing up for a bit of time). PS said that due to the lift and cutting around areola that my nerves are just tweaking out and unfortunately this may last a cpl to few weeks. :(. Other than that, everything else has been great and if it wasn't for this specific pain I would say the surgery and recovery was fairly easy. The past few days with the extra relieve I have finally been able to take off bra and see what the girls look like. I love them! I'm so glad my PS went bigger than I thought I wanted! I ended up with 375 cc's high profile. I am so looking forward to this nerve pain to end so I can fully experience the joy of how amazing they look!!!! I've already got a large "wish list" on Victoria Secret website! :).

Got the stitches out yesterday. It was too painful...

Got the stitches out yesterday. It was too painful. I admit I did freak out a tiny bit on how my areoa's looked, but they taped them back up so I didn't have enough time to nit pick them to part! The neuropathic pain has gotten better thank goodness and I am not allowed to start the massaging. The massaging feels good to start getting things less hard, but also seems to piss the girls off about 10 mins after I'm done. Just another part of this fun journey. I do very. Much enjoy the shape and size and am anxiously awaiting when I can get out of the binding sports bra and into bra's that can actually reveal that I have boobs!! I have a date Sat night and laboring over what to wear that's date worthy while still having on this damn sports bra! :)

Oh, and I was cleared for light exercise so I'm...

Oh, and I was cleared for light exercise so I'm off to the gym today. I typically do Pilates reformer classes and spin classes but since I can do neither, I'm going to get on the bike and slowly ride. I won't burn NEAR as many calories as spin classes, but after not working out for almost 2 weeks I'm going crazy! It will be hard to not want to go "full speed" but I will be cautious!!

** Getting stitches out was NOT too painful.Just...

** Getting stitches out was NOT too painful.Just to clarify that typo.
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I was referred to Dr Marin by mutual friends. As soon as I met him I felt comfortable. He is not only professional, he is kind, funny, and meticulous in his work. The staff is amazing and I love Shannon!! I am super happy with my results, but how do others view Dr. Marins work on me? Here is an example: After my breast augementation I showed my results to one of the biggest skeptics in my network of friends. She was afraid I would look "unnatural" or they would be "too big on my petite frame". Here is a direct quote from her upon seeing my results. "They look GREAT! The size compliments your frame. They are classy, tasteful, and compliment your natural beauty nicely. Your Doc did an excellent job!" I think that says it all! I highly recommend Dr. Marin!!!!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Your new boobs look great!! I am scheduled for my BA on March 13th! I can hardly wait! I think I am going to go with 425cc on my left side and 450 on my right because of the slight size difference! I am still having a hard time deciding on the profile that I want. Any suggestions?
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Thank you! How exciting for your upcoming transformation! I can not give any recommendations on your size as I wasn't even sure what size I needed to go! I focused on boobs for so long prior of surgery I think my perception became distorted. Haha. I ended up completely trusting my PS to make the ultimate and right decision base on my wants of not being too big or too small. in fact, my instruction were very simple to him "make them perfect" haha. He ended up going a larger size than I would have picked myself due to lack of my own knowledge of all that goes into the ultimate decision. I am extremely happy with the results. Have you send your PS pics of breasts you like and why you like them? I think it's good practice so you both understand and communicate what look your going for. As far as profile- my PS also made that decision (high) and one I am also perfectly happy with. Communication is key and trust in your PS essential!! :). Keep me updated on your progress and feel free to ask any questions. Enjoy the journey!!
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I have so many damn pictures of the boobs that I want. Haha. I have been planning on 400 since I started researching and now I think I'm going just a tad bigger, but ultimately my PS will make the best judgement for my situation!! I am sooo incredibly eager to have the surgery be done & begin the healing process. One more week til my new twins!! :)
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It's looking fantastic! Im 5'2" and 110 lbs and went for 300cc on right and 325cc on left. Slightly smaller than your but I'm on the same boat as you of being excstatic! My surgery was yeterday morning and I'm super anxious to see the result once I take my bandage off! After your surgery, how long did it take you to go bra/sports bra shopping? I was told I should end up with a small C but I dont know if I should risk shopping for bras right now when it hasn't even beeb 24 hours since my BA. I envy that you can work out in 2 weeks! I love weight lifting and running and I know this "relaxing" is going to kill me! My husband has already scolded me for walking around the house a lot today already lol..but I go crazy just laying on the couch :( Can't wait to hear more of your journey and pics pics pics!
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Congrats on your surgery! And word of caution, even if you feel good now, enjoy the time to rest and relax and give your body time to recover!! It needs it. I am 2 weeks and 4 days out and I still tire easily. Our bodies have been through a lot and need time to heal (I also had lift so maybe extra healing time?). As far as bra shopping -I was told by my PS that I have to stay in the one they gave me 23/7 at first and then next week (3 weeks post) they will give me my 2nd bra to wear. I am so ready to hurl this sport bra! It's not attractive and certainly doesn't work well with clothes, but the times I have washed it and gone bra-less waiting for it to dry, my girls were hurting and felt good to put it back on. So, we have a love/hate relationship with this bra right now. I don't plan on doing any bra shopping until my PS gives me the thumbs up. I don't want to waste my money as they are still high and hard and won't know size until they settle and fluff. And believe me- I plan on spending lots of $$ on new bras so the waiting will be worth it! I have found myself to be very irritable this past week. Annoyed by everything and very little patience for anything. I think it is due to not working out like I am used to. I try to walk everyday but it doesn't really satisfy the need. I keep reminding myself this is all a process and soon enough I can go back to spin classes etc but my first priority is making sure I follow all orders so my two new assets can heal perfectly! Please feel free to ask me any questions along your journey! Enjoy your time to rest and relax!!! Good luck on your post op and keep me updated on how your feeling! Xoxo.
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I do feel tired. I think I ended up over exerting myself yesterday after surgery since I felt great, but I'm definitely taking the advise of resting. My husband has been so wonderful taking care of the boys, but the motherly instinct of me is wanting to help and cook dinner and take care of them. I get so bored and impatient sitting down and not cleaning...but I know the more I rest, the quicker I can recover..right? I also HATE that I cant work out! I run long distance and constantly hit the weights hard, it has always helped relieve my stress... it's unfortunate..but I have to look at the positive...the more I sleep, stay ahead of my meds and off the floor for long durations of time..I'm hoping healing would come quickly. You're absolutely right..I need to be selfish right now. I just need to make sure to get my hubby a thank you gift after all this is over. He's been amazing doing laundry and dishes and is too stubborn to let me get off the couch that he ends up bring the food to me. I'm such a control freak at times that Im trying to learn to let things
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Glad you love your results!! Looking great :))
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I'm 5'2, 125#, got 300cc R and 295cc L salines under the muscle - a little smaller than you're looking at but you're welcome to check my pics..
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Thanks so much for starting your story on RealSelf! I'm glad the timing is right for you and you can get this done. You're going to have so much fun swim suit shopping for this summer.

Do you have your supplies ready?

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