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Enough is Enough...brown Spots Be Gone! - Deer Park, IL

I have been wanting to have something done for my...

I have been wanting to have something done for my sun spots and damage for a long time and heard about IPL. I have also been reading these reviews, which for the most part, scared the hell out of me with a couple of exceptions. It's very scary having something like this done to your face! I had two consultations at two different places...one in an actual dermatology office and the other at a "med spa". I chose the med spa having heard good things about them and my experience during the consultation. At the time of the consultation, pictures and a history were taken as well as a patch test. I was asked what nationality I was because certain ethnic groups shouldn't have this procedure done as well as anyone that is tan. They also did a patch test to show me how my skin would react and to make sure it reacted normally.

The procedure itself isn't fun. It's very unpleasant and it hurts but should never be more than you can handle. If it feels more than you can handle, then it probably isn't good. It feels like little zaps of heat and there are a lot of them. Afterward, I felt some stinging and a slight heat sensation (like sunburn) that went away in literally a half hour. By the time I got home (45 minutes) the slight redness I had in the office was gone but the brown spots were dark and everywhere (I had a lot of sun damage)! They got darker the 2nd and 3rd day. By the 3rd/4th day it looks like someone took a handful of dirt, threw it at my face and it stuck. Or, as some describe...coffee grounds. You start to feel a little scared wondering if they will really slough off like they are supposed to...and they do! By day 8, everything was gone and my skin looks really good! It's not perfect but so much better than before! You can wear makeup right after the procedure (if you are brave enough to go out. I was not public worthy) and nothing special had to be done. I am told I will have to have 2-3 more IPL's if I want them all to be gone.

I have been reading all these negative reviews regarding this procedure and because of them, I almost didn't get this done. I wanted to share my experience because I am glad I went ahead with it. You have to do your homework, go with a person that knows what she/he is doing, what settings to use, spends time doing a patch test, and does appropriate follow-up. I intend to do this treatment again. My face feels brighter and people have said I look younger. I hope this review was helpful...I will post pictures.
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My provider was kind, gentle, very informative, and talked me through everything. I was VERY nervous and everything was explained to me...including pre and post care.

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Please read on. One story here went to the same doctor for five years and than one time turned up just one level and damage ten times worse than a brown spot. My first treatment was great but the second time within two weeks lines, pixel holes, loss of volume, so much worse than my brown spots. It thins the skin and caused it to sag. Two years later I have more brown spots even though I never, ever tan or tanned myself in the prior 20 years. You might be fine but I would not feel right without warning you. I went to a doctor, I did my research, I did a test spot, I did not tan before or after, and I have light skin and blue eyes. I should have been fine but I am not and the damage continues even two years later. The decision is yours but if I could go back and know what could of happened I would have never elected to do it.
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Well, thanks for the warning but I'm really happy I did it and that is why I posted the review. How many procedures have you had again? I noticed some of your posts....
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That is good you had wonderful results. Like I have said previously my sister did also though she is very fair and really did not have much wrong. I had my first treatment which was wonderful and I was happy . Thirty days later had a second treatment when she said she would turn it up from 18 to 19 the procedure hurt more and the burn lasted longer. Two weeks later I noticed damage three months later more damage showed. Two years later the results of the burn showed the significance of how deep this damage went. Just realize after the fact the procedure in theory is that damaging the skin is controlled which SHOULD have the skin produce new(scar) collagen. You can read it does too often go wrong. I along with others were unlucky. Just wish we were warned this could even happen. Note my photos of damage are much like others we have that in common. Did you take before and after photos I did not see any? Just don't let them turn it up if you haveore treatments.
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That is so interesting because I did have a second treatment a month after (like they recommend) and she told me she was going to turn it up and I told her not to. She said I wouldn't see as good of results not turning it up, but I didn't care. She left it the same. The second treatment didn't produce the same results but I am still happy. I guess maybe I made the right call.
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Oh yes because of reading all the stories here you were lucky indeed. Problem is the aggressive approach so many that are doing this procedure! I later found each step up can be 30 percent stronger. That is much stronger and not worth the risk. So did you take photos or did they take photos for you?
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Welcome to the community.  I really appreciate you sharing your positive review of the process.   I am happy to hear that this worked so well for you.  I would like to hear how any future treatments work for you as well.  

It sound like you are pretty happy so far:)

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