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Need advice! I have had 2kids and breastfed both....

need advice! I have had 2kids and breastfed both. My dr has advised a lift or without it cannot guarentee symmetry but i want to avoid this and just get implants. As one is bigger than other obviously will get different sizes in each and i am wanting to go around 475cc so hoping it will fill the emptiness and thinking High Profile as well. What do you guys think?


Hi there. After a lot of research and speaking with my Dr I feel moderate behind the muscle. I didn't want a lift but will be getting a mini lift (crescent). As explained to me it will take some time for them to drop into the pocket ( drop and fluff). You want the nipple to be positioned where it would normally be so the lift helps with that. I had a fair amount of breast tissue ( I am 65) so they will fill out going behind muscle. Best of luck to you
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Yours look fuller than mine and I got implants without the lift. I'm 8 days post op, so far so good. I did 450cc gummy.
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Thanks for sharing your story
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