I am going back in for Vaser Liposuction in late August.

To read part 1 of my Vaser Liposuction journey, please click here.

I am going back in for Vaser Liposuction in late August. I had my procedure done last Sept 2012 for my upper and lower abs and flanks. Tremendous difference but here I am almost 9 months later and still not happy with Abs...doc will redo Abs at no cost to me.

Love my flanks and my stomach went down considerably from where I started last Sept. I just want to wear a fitted shirt with no "over-flow" which I still am not comfortable can see my first review under muffin-LESS under Vaser on this sight.

I take lots of pic's too. I hoping to get a flatter tummy and a smoother back. He will be charging me $2500 for my back and Im good with that..I will post a photo of what I look like now. I have been working out and totally changed my diet with Shakeology and working out to Shawn T.

WORKING OUT 6 days a week

I have been working out 6 days a week to Shaun T DVD's...and drinking Shakeolgy and trying to eat real clean...creating a new life style...hoping the 2nd time he goes August....the fat will be easily you read my previous blog and see my pic's....belly came down a lot....but still not happy with back I go...doc wanted to wait closer to a year since healing takes that long with nerves, hoping for a better result...I will DEF post a pick soon of where I am today...its my upper abs from belly button up that still protrude some...not happy with that...BUT if that fat is under my organs there is nothing you can do about that...just lots of cardio and work it off your self....WE SHALL SEE....I hope you are all doing well......Sharon


Spoke with my doc..and we are moving the date up to August 15th for my revision on Abs and doing my back flanks (bra bulge) area. Butterflies are setting in...even know I have been thru it once, I am not totally looking forward to it again...but paid a lot of money and want better results. I will DEF post before pic's before I go in. Ready or I come....

Just a lil bit more than a WEEK AWAY

Feeling a wee bit nervous...going Next Thursday, Aug 15 for tummy touch up and my back flanks....been there I know what to expect...will keep u posted...thanks...Hope u are all well!! :)

Procedure DONE TODAY 8/15/13

Had my tummy revision and back flanks (bra bulge) done...home and leaking like a faucet...the back was more painful than my prior procedure last Sept when they did upper and lower abs and back feels like a back swollen like im prego...I hate the swelling part...wont be wearing any jeans soon...I just hope I get the results I want...doc said the fat was melting like butter on my back so he said that's a good thing and I will love it...we shall matter what...this is my last procedure...a lot more pain today and back killin me know...draining a lot more this time as well....will keep u posted....taking my vicodin and going for nap....

Aug 17th...almost 2 days post op...cant sleep

its almost 4am and I am awake...the vicodin makes me wired and unable to sleep...soo tired...gonna try just Mortin tomorrow...I am sore in my abs and hard to get comfortable...I will say again thou...the procedure its self is more painful to me than recovery. I hope the outcome is good.I wont do this again...twice is enuf.




So here I am 10 days post op and still swollen and tender..someday are better than others. Tummy doing down a bit..back still swollen...hate this really takes a good few months till you really start looking better...this is not my first time around. I hoping healing is quicker where there was a lot less fat than first time around. (SEE MY FIRST POST FROM FIRST PROCEDURE) DEF up and about right away with this procedure..really no down time. Now I wait and I have been massaging and taking Arnica and rubbing Arnica gel on my tummy to help with swelling. HOpe u are all well...until next time....take care

Some photos. Love my back

No more back boobs. Lol. Love it. I have these pics from doc. Not of tummy revision yet. I love it so far

3 Wks. 2 days post op

Seeing my tummy going down but absolutely still swollen. This is it for me. No more Vaser. Starting up my T25 with Shaun T will have to help firm up. I'm 47. With 3 kids. I feel better than I have in years. So I will accept myself from here on out. Will post pics again in a few wks. But here's my Tummy to date.

4 wks post op revision

Starting to like what I see.

5 Weeks Post Op

5 wks and def getting it better. First time around took about 6 months to c final result. Healing totally takes up to a full year. Feeling good

Before and now---Sept 2012 to today

posting my 1st before pic in Sept 2012...and my current pic after revision 6 wks ago!

6 wks post op---after revision

much better

7 Wks Post Op

Getting better. Still not where I want to be. But I'm working out 6 days a week. Abs on lower right side still protrudes more than left. I have come along way since 1st procedure a year ago. Glad I did it.

Coming up on 8 wks

I go see my surgeon on Thursday for 8 wks check up. Curious to c what he has to say about my abs. Def flatter but irregular looking.

Coming alone nicely this time around

Coming along. Been doing T25 with Shaun T. Lost 10 odd.


Monthly comparison. Working out 6 times a wk

Going for TT with MT after all the Vaser Lipo treatments

Still not happing with tummy...I also lost 25lbs in the last a tremendous amount of loose, saggy skin....time for it to go...seeing my PS tomorr to schedule the date...I am nervous....but was for Vaser least I will be asleep for TT. Hope you are all well!
Westborough Plastic Surgeon

He is actually out of Southboro, first surgery was in Dedham because he was covering for another dr...I lucked out and got him since no one told me other doctor was gone for a few month. Great doc who wants his patients HAPPY...he is a Plastic Surgeon. He has been nothing but great to me...Did my tummy revision at no charge to me. Really cares about his patients..he listens and does not rush you out. TOTALLY AWESOME DOCTOR!! Wouldn't hesitate to go back to him for anything!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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did you just have your tummy tuck???? how did it go???
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Hey Ac. I did. Just posted up date hun
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good for you for making the big decision to have a TT! I'm sure you'll be happy in just a few more weeks. You might be ecstatic at soon as you see your new tummy for the first time. Good luck on Thursday, July 3rd
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Tu sweet lady. Will def keep u posted
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Good for you Sharon. I could not gather courage yet for TT and breast lift.
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heyy Pany....I am breast life....Victoria's Secret does that for gotta do TT...will take about a month off from work to do...I will let u know when Im going in...Hope your well!! Talk soon :)
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Just finding time to update now...I went last week for my 8wk check up and doc is pretty happy with where I am at. I DEF see the difference and I am working out 5 days a week. My stomach will never be completely flat without a tummy tuck...and I don't have time nor money for that. Its basically loose skin...I can live with almost 48 I don't be expecting to wear a bikini anytime in my future. All my clothes feel over hang...he explained to me at 8 wks my collagen is still working to tighten the skin till about 6 I am only 20% to where I am suppose to be going according to him. I will take that and hope it does tighten up more. Overall...2nd time around Im happy...the revision was well worth the pain again and as I said before my back looks amazing...hope u r all doing well...remember...PATIENCE is the biggest key...I say keep looking forward...more like ur 6 month took u years to accumulate that fat and ur body was traumatized with all the poking and takes a while....BE PATIENT...lots of pic's!!! At least wkly!!!
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You look great. I'm thinking of a revision also since I'm not where I want to be. 3 kids and menopause. Hope I'm not being unrealistic
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I would DEF talk to your doc...mine made me wait almost a year to do revision at no charge to me. He said it takes a full year for body to recover. I will never have a flat stomach..I also has 3 babies and im stretch marks are there and a bit droopy...the only way to have a tight stomach is tummy tuck and I don't have the time to do that...too much time off from work and I spend enuf $$. If you feel like fat was still left behind...tell him/her...they may go back in. I def see improvements in ur pic's....but I do know how u feel also....thanks for the compliment...I feel feel great too...I am 8 wks out today from revision and my my
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Great progress!
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THANKS!!! FlatBelly :)
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You look fantastic. Thank you for the reminder to be patient. I had no idea how much the wait would suck. I think that with all the discomfort and going through surgery and stuff, it just sucks not to see a big difference in my belly!
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TY so much me that's one of the biggest things I think doctors need to stress...the actual time it takes to see the difference for most of us. I had no idea the 1st time around and I struggled with it..thankfully I met good people on here who stressed it to me...that and wks pic's..I try and do on every Sunday morning when I wake up...your stomach is at a normal look stage at that time...I still swell by the end of the day...but u will see results...I cant stress enuf the Patience or u will make urself it from someone who has been thru this twice. Happy healing and positive thoughts hun!! :) Sharon
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HEY all...I am 7 wks post vaser tomorrow on my redo on my abs and my back flanks...and I have to say im loving it. My back looks awesome!! Tummy is getting better and healing was much faster 2nd time around. Im assuming since not as much fat as first time around which was a year ago in Sept. I am working out 5 days a week. I def have the extra skin above my pubic area and short of a tummy tuck you just have to live with it. I massage skin tightening cream every nite..not sure if it will help but what the heck. Tummy is still tender and a bit swollen but if u look at my pic from before my first procedure in Sept to now...WOW...what a difference. So those of you who are only weeks out...pls remember event he first time around it took a good 6 months too see swelling go down an up to a year for FINAL result. This is why my doc made me wait almost a year for revision...ur still healing. Hope u are all well...PATIENCE and lots of PICS are the biggest key. I am still wearing my stage 2 garment and probably will till around 3 month mark. :)
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I love how you're looking second time around!!!.....may i ask what CG's you're using
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Ty so much. U made my day. I bought Marena. Stage 1 for about 6 wks. Then Stage 2. Even more comfy. And I can wear my own bra. I believe that's the name if garment. Can't read label since washed do much thru 2 procedures. I have 2 of eAch. Not cheap thou. But after what I spent on Vaser I wasn't gonna sacrifice. If u look in my first posts. I put name. Web sites and style. Hope that helps.
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Its that the 2nd time you can instantly see results!!!! Im amazed by how soon you can see a diffrence.....aghhh why couldn't our drs leave us perfect to begin with??? dreading ofthe thought that im going to need a revision done but i also didnt pay all that money for nothing or to be unhappy.
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I hear ya. Healing the 2nd time seemed quicker too. I wasn't gonna settle with all the money spent. Thank god he did revision for nothing. Some drs charge for revisions.
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Did the motrin work? I'm 5 days out and tired of taking the pain meds but have to take something!
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Yes. Motrin worked great. Took 3 to 4 200 mg tabs every 6 hrs. Hope it helps
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Looking goodddd sharon!!!
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Heyyyy Lagata....miss talking to are u doing? TY...I feel better this time around...still swollen and sore In the tummy thou..still tender. Hoping it goes down more but not expecting flat, flat...but IM HAPPY and working out...will def keep u posted...hope all is well on ur end..any new pics?? Talk soon...Sharon
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You're looking great!
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TY Carson...feeling better...liking my results this second time around on my belly and LOVE LOVE MY BACK...started working out again so Im hoping I can get it flatter on my are u? Hope all is well...stay in touch...Sharon
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Omg, your blog gave me a lot of peace. I had a regular liposuction years ago, and I wasn't happy with the results. I just got a divorce so I am about to have the vaser in 3 days, and I feel so anxious. I need to take a long flight after 16 days after my surgery. If you don't mind, can you tell me more about the pain in the procedure. My doctor is gonna do my tummy, back, and arms.
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