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After losing 50 pounds, my breasts were VERY saggy...

After losing 50 pounds, my breasts were VERY saggy...really just loose sacks of skin with a bit of meat left in them. So not attractive. I went to the PS and got the surgery.

I know what everyone wants to know is: How much does it REALLY hurt?

In my experience, not much at all. I had a short-scar lift with the smallest implants that I could get. The incisions, to be honest, were completely numb so I did not feel that part of it, even after I stopped painkillers. Could be the positive attitude that I did my best to adopt as well. I truly believe that if you try to feel pain and be negative, then you WILL feel pain!

Don't get me wrong, I did not dare to skip the meds the first 2 days. By day 3, however, I was better off without them. Just taking it easy and being gentle was sufficient. Just a little sore but did not even need ibuprofin!

I was back to work on day 4 since I was too antsy at home. No heavy lifting for 3 weeks.

The first bit of pain that I had was 1 week after surgery when they took the tape off of incisions. Not terrible, but stung a little and I had a couple of tears (like seperating, not like crying).

Tears are no big deal, and you will never have fallout of your lift unless you are a chainsmoker or something.
Recovery from there was pretty easy and the girls were back in action after only a couple of months. My fiance loves them and does not mind the scars. They are fading fast and plan to use my Quasar on them.

My only problem was that the surgeon and her assistant each did one side, so things were not completely even. Also, when I went for scar revision the same thing happened, and now I have 2 different size nipples. I complained and was basically dismissed. It is pretty hard to miss, though. Additionally, they did not use numbing cream on my breasts before they stuck me a million times with needles and this was the WORST thing that I have ever experienced in my life.

In this day and age, people should not have to suffer like that when I can be so easily avoided, so INSIST that you get numbing cream before this procedure. Don't let them talk you out of it. Also insist that the same person operate on both sides. You will never get the same result on both sides if you don't. Guaranteed.

I love my surgeon in every other way. However, I do not recommend her for these reasons. Other than that she is perfect and great bedside manner.

Best of luck and do your research. Find someone who specializes in your surgery issue!


wow!!! this is amazing!! so much info and the thing is how do you know whats going on if your asleep though???? pretty scary stuff...
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No, it has been over a year.
The breasts themselves are shaped fine in relation to each other, but the nipples were actually cut wrong. One is large and shaped like an amoeba and the other is tall and skinny, and much smaller than the other. They are not even round and will not change to be round in the future.
The funny thing is...the shape of the areolas after the scar revision is exactly like the shape of them after the original surgery. I am guessing that each of the women did the exact same side during the revision as the surgery and they just each have their own "style" of cutting and suturing!
This is after the areolas were re-cut to be smaller during the revision, so it has nothing to do with the original shape.
They could have taken this time to make the nipples as perfect as possible in relation to each other but they unfortunately did not make that happen.
I will revise again in the future.
I will recaution anyone considering this surgery to not be shy about insisting that the same person do each side.
Feel free to print this thread out and bring it to them to back up your request.
I am assuming that many surgeons schedule multiple surgeries during one day and do whatever possible monitor time constraints, so it is their policy to utilize assistants.
The assistants may be competent, but they likely have not gone to medical school!
Tell your surgeon that you do not want anyone who does not have a med school degree to work on your body. Not even a nursing degree.
It is YOUR body you will be carrying around and YOU are paying THEM!
You can even go so far as to have them sign a paper saying that they will be the only person cutting and suturing you.
Thanks and let me know if you guys have any questions!
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Sounds like you have some mixed feelings about things. Thanks for your detailed review. How long ago did you have your surgery? If it was very recent, I wonder if they're uneven because they're still swollen.

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Great doctor, but please see above for my complaints.

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