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Talked into Radiesse and Now Look I Like a Monster - Taylor Mi

I have been going to the same clinic to get Botox...

I have been going to the same clinic to get Botox for years. This time the lady said wow the hollows under your eyes would look beautiful with some Radiesse. She we will ask Dr when he in. We did and he agreed. So I signed that Dr's save my ass paperwork and they proceeded. At first i looked amazing but what would follow in the next few weeks have been miserable I look like a monster. I started getting a giant red bumps under my eyes. At first I thought it was just and after effect and it would go away. It just kept getting worse and worse. I finally called the clinic and they had me come in the Dr pressed so hard on the lumps i thought he was going to crack my eye sockets. Then they suggested starting IPL treatments i said oh no I have no money left they said oh no charge. I have been going thru this IPL for weeks now with no cure in site. I fact, I look worse because now I have giant blisters along with the giant lumps. The Botox that I went in for is already wearing off and I never even got to enjoy it. I do this IPL twice a week and see no end in sight. I have no money left. I have custody of my two grandkids and all I wanted was to look fresh when i went out with them now i can't even leave the house without giant sunglasses. I have no choice but to trust the dr that did this to me in the first place. Hopefully someday this will end! Has anyone else had this or found something that works???

Day 63 after Radiesse

This photo is day 63 after Radiesse injection

My before

This is my before picture. I'm kinda mad at myself because now that i look back i really didn't need anything done :(

Day 65 after Radiesse

Almost 70 days post Radiesse

I was Supposed to go have another IPL today but I had a blister break and they can't do it with broken skin so I have to cancel! They are considering doing a different procedure although they haven't shared with me what that is! I'm going on 70 days post injection and I'm really tired of going to the Dr twice a week.


I now have an infection where the blister from the IPL broke. I'm going to my general practitioner on Monday can't wait to hear what she has to say :(

still waiting for relief

I'm 3 months in I go for twice a week. It is getting a little lighter but I still look like a monster. I had to make up a lie to my family and tell them it was an allergic reaction which makes me feel even worse. I cannot get in any family pictures still....I really don't know what to do at this point.....

90 days post Radiesse

I am finding no relief and am getting IPL twice a week. Now I'm being told to stop I really don't know what to do. The Dr injected cortisone in both eye's on Friday. I dint know what to do at this point. If I need a lawyer what kind do I call. Would this be a malpractice case?

4 months post Radiesse

Here it is 4 months post Radiesse I have found a little relief not much tho! I have not been back to Dr Masri in a few weeks due to a bout with the flu. I am going today to pick up my record's and now it's just a wait for all this to go away. I don't have the money to see anyone else to have it fixed and I don't trust Dr Masri anymore to touch me. So this is where I'm at. I have reached out to some legal counsel and am waiting to hear back. I am depressed and embarrassed about this. My GP was very concerned but I was so embarrassed that I did this I just played it off. I don't leave my house anymore which is really hurting my kids but the stares I get are so embarrassing. No make up will cover it so I just sit at home waking up every morning looking in the mirror hoping it's gone but it's always still there :( please do research before you do anything to your face. I had such low self esteem that I thought this one little thing would make me beautiful instead it made me feel like a monster.
Dearborn Facial Plastic Surgeon

I have been going to this clinic a very long time. Even though was talked into something i didn't go there to get i really think everyone at the clinic feels really bad for me and they are doing everything they can to fix it at no charge. They just have not found the right procedure.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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HI Sherryanne, I am Neuro1 Please look at my recent post and photos. This is not a harmless product. I'm so sorry you have it also. Time seems to be the only thing which really helps.
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I have a question for you, did you pick this doctor because he was convenient and local and not based on research and patient feedback? Im from Ohio....I had surgeries done and flew to other states to have it done by someone who is an expert expert and has done thousands of the procedure i was looking for. When you do something to your face, wouldnt u make sure u pick a doctor who is literally the best in it? wouldnt it be worth traveling or driving somewhere for 3-6 hours and have done correctly, than going to someone who is close by, but is not a pro? Did you double check the doctor before doing this procedure ? was he board certified? did he do fillers and Tear Trough procedure as a routine and was he specialist in it and did he do this 100 times a year more ? and has 100's and 100's of reviews and feedback's from patients of this specific procedure. Otherwise with all do respect to you and others and i feel bad for you, you should have investigated the physician and its procedure prior. Always remember, any medical doctor, who has graduated from a medical school can do these kinds procedure legally, without any training.
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As myself going through hell with radiesse for 5 months I think it's the product the destroys you regardless . Iam not saying some of the injectors may happen to inject wrong but in my situation I thing is radiesse as it's not normal the way my face changes swelling redness burning heat my ear hurt my face hurts and it was no where close to the eyes but my eyes burn and pressure and pain in my right eye horrible pain . What i do know now is that this product should never ever be used as it really destroys you . It happens maybe 1 /100 but I don't even want to be or anyone else that 1 bc we all have family children friends and it really affects them the way u get destroyed mentally and physically . I just wish I never went down this road . I miss my life before and I will take all the Wrinkles just so I don't have this I will actually be proud of my wrinkles only if I was givin one more chance to go back :(
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I investigated, mine was good, supposedly, he just got greedy. Yes, board certified and yes to all of the above!! There are greedy physicians!!
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It will get better with time. I can already see an improvement:-) Don't give up hope!
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Not true temple, my dr is expert injector and my face looked fine AT FIRST. It is the product.
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In my case it was both the greed of the two women who run Skinology and as the 'expert' injector remarked, the product failed. Expect in my case when Alla promised me a refund she showed her true colours and refused as soon as I left the office - a one room office in what looked like a shared office area ... illusionists at best. I should have done more research - that I accept - These two women only work two days a week and one of the women - Elka - works at a Call Centre rather than the office - swell ... Wellspring Clinic, just down the street @ 11685 Yonge St. is open 6 days - is highly professional and exceptionally personal.
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Although the injectors need to be very skilled, the problem is in the product-either the carrier or the hydroxyapetite. Good luck to you. I have had 3 attorneys tell me I have a good case but they can't afford to fight a big pharmaceutical company. Merz is no help.
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I hear you neuro, this totally sucks
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and that is where she injected right above my cheek bone, but I will ask...why did it look great for a week and take a down turn. Also many on this site complain of complications no matter where it's been injected? Oh Im sure they have there asses covered....all of em. Its the poor unsuspecting public that pays the price.
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Mine never looked good! Greedy doctor! But even if you signed the waiver, if the dr. used off label, isn't there any recourse? My specifically said it was for cheeks and clearly injected troughs!
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There's always a recourse against the practitioner
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I am joining with another patient of the same Dr that messed my face up and we are going after him. Unfortunately I've had some issues with my children being sick so we haven't been able to plan our attack but I at least am not alone and have found out that my dr has had many law suits which I wish I would have known before. But I'm hoping to at least stop him from doing this to anyone else. He has taken the last few months from me I do not leave my house because I look like someone beat me up. I even lost a relationship because he couldn't handle the stares at him after people looked at me. It has just been a sad situation all around.
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Oh man, that is awful. I understand and honestly had I checked as well, the Skinology joint I went to had several horrible complaints against the. So we encourage each other because I am suing them. I have tried to resolve peacefully but they refuse to honour their refund agreement. I believe you will be very successful and likely will get an out of court settlement for this horrible experience. In the meantime, I applaud your courage and your determination not to allow this fraud to continue. Look forward to watching you win. And by the way, if the dude was that weak and unsupportive ... really, he wasn't worth it. His shallow personality must have been the glaring difference between you and he. In spite of the facial mark, you are really beautiful and you will return to a flawless completion ... just a little more time.
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If you scroll down through the posts, a very insightful Clinician speaks to signed waiver and I believe she says it is only valid if the Doctor tries to convince you not to do the procedure and you insist, against their advice. Scroll down or if someone knows exactly where it is, let you know
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As I understand it, the swelling from the initial injection causes a uniform swelling to occur, therefore masking the eventual results from the filler for up to two weeks. It sounds like it takes that long for the swelling, caused most by water drawn to the area, to dissipate
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Sherryann...any guy that would leave you because of that isnt worth your time anyway...but it still stinks my heart goes out to you...I'm not messing with my eyes anymore...
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I agree he left when I needed him most, so now I have everyone here. This forum has been a God send I'm telling you when I'm feeling down I just come here and I'm sure to find someone in my shoes that helps lift me up?
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All I know is I wish I knew more about the monster radiese that is slowly and painfully taking my life away . I hate myself so much for why I did it :(
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Oh I forgot to add I am at month 5. I called Mertz they were no help may try again tomorrow, now I'm angry.
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I thought I was the only one having this difficulty...I too am in the same situation as you....if it's any consolation I think I look worse. I was fine two weeks out and happy, then everything changed. I went back to Dr. today and she's saying surgery may now be the only solution. I knew there were dangers with this filler and went against my better judgement and went ahead anyway...I am so sorry now...I too have thought about legal counsel but cant afford it or surgery.
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When you say you are in the same situation, are you referring to ineffective results from Radiesse or having made the same mistake I made by trusting the 'sales pitch' of Elka at Skinology? or both ... I am just wondering why the dr. is suggesting rather drastic steps ... If I can make a suggestion to you, I had a consultation with a most lovely and highly experienced Clinician at Wellness Spa - Richmond Hill - Her name is Michelle - The contact number is 1-905-780-6627. The address is 11685 Yonge St. It is a beautiful, bonafide and highly professional Clinic. You will be seen first by a Doctor who is an absolute sweetheart. He is an expert in the field of fillers and above all very down to earth. When you call you will first speak to their adorable but very professional Receptionist. Her name is Mary. Mary will set up the appointment. The experience I had was incredible and especially after that awful experience at Skinology. Michelle, the Nurse who does the injections has no less than 14 years experience. She was kind, compassionate, above all so knowledgeable. She offered options and insight. If you are able to go to that Clinic please go. Also I used arnica cream on some of the bruising that occurred. It should work. Apply twice a day morning and night. Keep me posted
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Hi Jo...I am in NJ....I have ridges and bags of I dont know what. I want to sue Merk, and I want my eyes back period. This experience has been aweful, my injector did some filler around my mouth yesterday free of charge to make me feel better...doesnt change the situation...and I am referring to the Radiesse. I was aware of the dangers of this product and went ahead trusting my nurse that this product was long lasting, ( I dont have a lot of money) she meant well and my initial results were great. Thanks for your imput, been using arnica gel for five months now...its not going to do anything for the ridges and I'm have some neurological problems that I wondering now if they are related? Been through a lot of suffering,,,I went to a plastic surgeon and he said just smile....you look better when you smile...so much for real self Dr. referrals lol
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Oh my - Radiesse was reported to me as being highly viscous and calcium base so it sounds like you are suspicious the product has bunched up in the area it was injected and more especially since the area under your eye is very thin ... here's the thing - I had tried a product called Teosyal a few years ago. It kinda turned me off fillers until this year when I decided to try this Radiesse product - which turned me off again ... however, having said that Teosyal is a highly viscous product and I had a lumpy substance appear just under the skin on my cheek. When I spoke to Michelle at Wellspring she suggested a procedure to try and dissolve the teosyal that she reported was the source of the lumpy spot - small but there. Now this enzyme dissolution may not work with Radiesse but perhaps there may be an option the Wellsprings professionals can offer. Is it worth a phone call to discuss your particular situation? Michelle is a wonderful caring Clinician. If you decide to make the phone call please tell them I recommended their Clinic as a possible option for options. Between the Doctor and Michelle perhaps their knowledge will help. I am so sorry you are going through this. It must be awful and clearly you want to show off your beautiful eyes again. I know you are not from the area and while there may be a cost to the process, it may be worth the effort. Let me know what you decide. Michelle is an expert in the Radiesse product
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