Medial Thigh Lift with Lipo After Weight Loss -Dearborn, MI

Day 4 post op and it is painful. I had the inner...

Day 4 post op and it is painful. I had the inner thigh lift with the vertical incisions about 3 inches above my knee. My procedure was done by Dr. Donna Tepper at Henry Ford Medical. I have had a previous tummy tuck and body lift by two other surgeons a few years ago and I must say Dr. Tepper was amazing. She gave me a clear image, made no promises that she could make my legs perfect, and was excited to perform my surgery. It was more on the extensive side of thigh lifts and was extremely reasonably priced. She comforted my before and checked up on me after surgery. Of course I was so excited to really look at the gory results when I got home. I was amazed! I knew the surgery was just hours before and my thighs were already half the size and they are only going to get smaller over the next few weeks! As I said I'm not used to the pain yet and though it has eased a little it is very painful but very worth it!


are you ladies wearing thigh compression at all to hold down the swelling?
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In my opinion, thigh lifts are the hardest to recover from. Very painful. I'm glad your surgery went well and I pray for you a speedy recovery!
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Thank you so much! I would definitely agree with that!

Exactly 1 week post-op

Although I am more excited than ever to see my results from the surgery, i am in so much pain at certain times of the day! I am so sure it's worth the pain but with two small children it makes the pain a little worse. I guess it's because of having to watch someone else change diapers, prepare their food, and bathe them. Just not being able to do it for them that makes me in more "pain". Also, not being able to do things for myself is driving me nuts. But I do appreciate all of the help and my poor husband has proven to be a real superdad! It makes it so much better when in those moments of really bad pain my 2 yo Adam comes and says what's the matter mama. I'll kiss it better. Although usually the pain is because my 16 month old just had to sit on me and be held and I just can't say no to her! The pain is worst in the morning probably because of the long period of time between pain meds. But in the evening I managed to wash some dishes. It was a 10 minute activity but it sure beats sitting!!! My husband took pictures of my incisions over the weekend. I added a photo below. I NEVER expected what I saw! No wonder I'm in pain! Well I guess I did expect it but after seeing it for the first time it became real! I've never looked at it before this. Not even in the shower! I think I was a little too nervous to even think about looking. After all, if I'm in this much pain it can't be good! It looks terrible because it's so fresh but the most beautiful thing about it is there are no handfuls of skin and for the first time in my life I will wear a pair of shorts! Maybe a bathing suit??? Who knows?

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Pre-op picture

Just wanted to add preop pic!


Thanks for sharing! I can certainly see why you're in pain. I'm going to need this surgery myself in the not so distant future and I'm mostly worried about sitting/standing and ripping the stitches. Have you had any issues like that?

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No not at all. Honestly the last few hours I have felt great! A little issues with pain but minor. I have to say day 7 is way better! All of my stitches are inside and the outer incisions are held with surgical glue. I feel tightness and the first several days was slow moving. I still get up and down slowly but no tearing or ripping at all. I preferred sitting mostly on the recliner the first two days which is where I slept. Now I'm lying on the couch because I've only made the journey upstairs once and it wasn't worth it. Lol I didn't really feel the incisions until Friday and now there is a little pain (it hasn't been reduced to discomfort yet) when I walk. I have a t incision on both legs so the one right under my butt worried me at first but it's really a non issue. When are you going to be doing your surgery?

Oh I'm glad to hear about the stiches and glue. I've had that done with another surgery I had, and it worked much better than simple stitches alone. I think I will also be sleeping in a recliner for the first few days.

I won't need mine for another few months, so just really gathering information at the moment. I love your detailed review! :-)

Day 8 post op!

I am day 8 after surgery. Wow day 8 and I must say I feel amazing today! I resumed my normal daily activities minus a few exceptions and only had two periods of real pain!! I had my first post op appt today! She was rather surprised at how well I was doing with walking and dressing and pain! I think I am so excited that it pushes me along quickly. Everything looks great. No signs of infection and healing great! When she turned me around to examine the back of the scar she said oh I went to town back here with the lipo. Lol. I have so many bruises my legs are every color of the rainbow! I'm able to sleep laying on my left side so that's great! I think by the weekend I will be doing great! The irritation comes from the garment rubbing against the scar that goes around my butt area. I am caking it with the ointment she told me to use tonight and it feels much better! I'm extremely satisfied with my thighs right now and to hear her say they will only get smaller is amazing!!!!!! So excited!! Next follow up 12/31!


Looking great!
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Thank you! I'm feeling wonderful! Still very swollen but I see the swelling reducing little by little!

Day 11

Well I am still feeling pretty darn good! Still very very swollen but I'm sure that will last several weeks. I've been using the aquaphor on the incisions and I must say it feels better when I do. I'm doing pretty much all of my daily activities minus anything that requires bending. I can touch my knees but that's as far as I can go. Still very bruised but they are fading slowly but surely. I'm down to about two pain pills a day and I am going to try just ibuprofen today and see if that works. I'm so anxious to see the final results!!!! On the plus side I wore a pair of pajama pants that I bought about two years ago. The top fit but the pants kinda stopped mid thigh. Now they fit! I can't wait to see what week 3 brings!


OMG!! Look at you!!!!! Ooohhhh I can't wait.... I wanna look like you when I grow up LOL I am so happy for you and to see that you are healing soo well!!! be talking to u soon!!
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Can you see results? I am not convinced yet! Lol maybe because I'm wearing the compression garment. I'm not sure. Ahhhhh and I want the swelling to go away!
Yes I do see the diffrence and I am so jealous I want mine to look like that! Lol how r u feeling?

Day 13!

I feel great!!! Swelling is going down and I think I actually see a difference. Huge! Pain is subsiding and I'm out shopping with the family today!!! Feeling great! He is the newest pic!


I am on the floor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You look fantastic!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait to see my changes!!! This is SOoooooo exciting!!!
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i was just about to say samething Renata! i am sooo excited for this. And my god she looks good!
Omg really! Thank you both. You two are AMAZING! I am so excited to see both of your results !!!!!!!!


:( :( infection I think :( :(


We had the same procedure and looks like you are a week and half ahead of me...I was looking at your pics and I'm thinking that my thighs look like yours under all this wrapping...Dr is unwrapping my thighs tomorrow and hopefully the staples are coming out...doubt I will lose the drains but that will give me something to look forward to next week!...Dr won't let me shower until drains are out so that is only sucky part about this do thighs burn and itch at night but only for a few hours...I want to use a cg but he said no to that so I just have them wrapped with gauze and waiting it out...
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Oh I don't know how you did it. I itched like crazy!!! I didn't have staples or drains but one of my lipo sites drained for the first two days. They are completely healed. Did the stars hurt? I can't stand it when I shower and have to take the garment off! It feels so much better on! Do you have pics pre op? We would love to see. So far so good for me! Just have the one spot at the incision intersection that is open that's driving me nuts! Hopefully it won't take too long to heal!!

They used to be tight!!!!

I'm ecstatic!!!! These pajama's used to be snug!!! Oh yea!!!


Under my body lift in the picture carousel, it is the 8th image, I believe. It is marked as an opening in my groin.
healing supplements include Vit C, arnica montana, zinc, iron, bromeline, and lots of water and protein. A naturopath told me that I should be at 150-200g a day for healing.
Omg I finally saw it!! I think that's about the same size as mine. Would you say it was about the size of a nickel?

18 days post op

I am feeling just wonderful. The only complaints I have are 1 the incision opening and 2 is the burning into upper thigh. It's a cross between burning and electricity. It's rather painful at times but momentary pain. I can see my thighs shrinking daily! My left leg has more swelling than the right but my right leg is the leg with the two issues. Overall the incisions are healing beautifully aside from the one spot and if it weren't for the fear of ripping it open I would be walking normally now. My energy is way up!!!! The opening does look like it has healed a little but it's still pretty big. Only more improvements in the days to come!!!!


I just posted the opening. It is healing some!
Good Morning Amazloum! Saw your new pic looks like the opening is doing good. I had one like that with my TT and it healed with antibiotics. I did have a difference in scar shape where the hole was thou. That is part of what they are fixing on tuesdsy. I'm glad you are feeling so good. It is great to hear!
Thanks. It makes me a little nervous. I asked if I needed antibiotics and the dr I saw (my Dr was in surgery) said no. That made me a bit concerned

Opening in incision!

So just a little update. Did my morning wash of my incisions and where the opening is at there is infection. Because I'm out of state I went to urgent care they packed it and gave me antibiotics but said it was just a little. I'm sure it will heal soon!


Hope you're doing well and that infection is clearing up! Take care of yourself!!
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Hi How is your infection today? When do u arrive back home? I hope your resting still Super Girl!!!
  • Reply are you healing? Infection gone? Thigh lifts are notoriously fraught with complications - so a few bumps along the road are par for the course I understand!
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Almost one month!

Well on Christmas Day it will be one month! These last few days have been very busy between Christmas shopping, wrapping, cleaning these incisions, and packing my opening. Wow I need to relax! My legs are very swollen today which means I'm doing way too much. Time to relax and slow down a little with my feet up! The opening is healing. It's nice and pinkish red so I know all of my hard work is paying off although I can't see the opening getting smaller I am sure it is getting more shallow. I have a few pics and one of my really swollen leg. It's way bigger than the right leg. Hopefully that will go down some with propping my feet up! Back to my PS on the 30th. I can't wait to here what she says!


I need to rest!!! Too much to do! I will hate leaving my family but I can't wait to go home and relax!!!

Another view


I second Beach girl! Welcome back and so very happy things went so well. I think it's great you spent the Christmas holidays with your dad in the hospital, but now it's time to concentrate on yourself, right? :D Best of luck with your follow up - hope it's great. I'll be watching to see what happens with you and with beach girl!
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Welcome back Girl!! Glad everything turned out well for your Daddy. I have my follow up tomorrow too : ) Can't wait to see your pics. We've missed u too!!
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I have missed u all too! Daddy went to the step down unit today and expected to be out in a couple of days ... Well to rehab anyway. So much better than the four weeks they expected! I have a few questions and concerns for my Dr tomorrow. Hopefully it will be positive! I wanna see ur pics too!!!

One month check up

Well everything went great. The opening is healing and she gave me medihoney to put on it. My legs are still pretty swollen. My left leg more than the right. I cannot wait to exercise! What a great 2014 this is going to be! I'm super excited to see the final results. I took a pic of the two areas that are open. It looks much better than it did! Happy new year everyone!!!! Can't wait to see your results too!


Hey girl... been thinking about you. How are you doing? Do you feel 100% yet? Miss your updates!!
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Happy New Year to you as well Sexy Legs! you can see improvement now and i do see what you mean on the Left is way more swolen! If it is me (and is sort of me as i wait for the lipo swell hell to subside) i would be soooo curious to see finished result!
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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I'm so glad your healing nicely. I can relate to the swelling for sure ; ) Soon enough you'll be working out so hang tight. Your shaping up very nicely!
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Almost 2 months. Minor issues but doing great

I am almost 2 months post op. My opening in the incision is almost completely closed and the side of my groin too. I'm having issues with my legs. I know we are still early on post op but I feel like my left leg is way bigger than the right and it's sort of odd looking. I go back on the 21st and my last appt was the 30th. She said my left leg is still very swollen and I trust what she says but I still have this feeling... I guess time will tell.


hi there! Dropped by to see if u had updates :-). A thought i would entertain you with my stores of swell of this morning, my left foot is more swollen than the right, BUT, my right ankle is more swollen than the left....go figure??
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We are pretty much neck to neck on our post op dates. You look awesome. One of my leg is also looking bigger than the other but im not worried. Did you have lipo also? I guess we are walking a parallel line my last round will also be the armlift and backlift. Im probably going go wait until end of the year, if i can be that patient... i see that finish line and im so eager to cross it already, lol. Have you looked into any doctors for your next phase? Im looking for an armtuck expert.
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You are looking great! I see in the picture what you mean about one being bigger than the other, but it's not nearly as much as you feel it is. And I got the feeling you think it's a difference of how much they may have removed from one leg vs the other, but I really think you have swelling going on still. Look at all that occurred shortly after your surgery? That was hardly rest and recuperation time for you. I'm gonna offer you the same advice I gave my beach girl - try to put those before and after thigh pictures side by side. I think you will be AMAZED at the 'correction' you've gotten. (don't you love the word 'correction' PS's use? hahahaha... like there's something wrong they're fixing instead of merely beautifying what's already there) You look great, try to give it more time for all the swelling to subside.
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I don't go back until MARCH for my Back lift!

Everything went great. She told me I could lose the garment if I wanted - I switched to spanx. My opening is completely healed but I still have a lot of swelling. I cannot wait until I see that go down!!! She sent me the before and after pictures... I still don't see a huge difference... I see changes but not too much so I am hoping the swelling is the reason! Time will tell!!


How are things going for you, girl? Getting happier with the contour? I know this leg swelling crap can be hell for a long time, then you have the added part of not even being able to relax and recuperate after surgery because of your daddy. How is he doing, by the way? Update when you get a chance.
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I think you've had a great improvement in the entire contour of your lower body. Look at how smooth and curvy the line is from your waist/hips/thighs. I think it's hard to see ourselves as we really are. Hang in there and Beach is right - you can have swelling off and on for months after this so you won't know the final outcome for a few months yet. What else are you having done? You said March for back lift? What does that entail?
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Thanks red!!! I think it's momentary depression about the surgery. I did slip into a size 8 this weekend lol!

Almost three months Postop

Well here we are, I have finally gotten a minute to get on the computer and update! everything is healed. I still have this area that just bulges like a big ball is stuck in there between my legs but I am doing great. Every thing is healed but I hope some more of this is swelling!

Oh And the good news, I just found out I am pregnant! (Wait - I was supposed to have my arm lift and back lift next month!!!) Oh it is worth it!!!! I miss everyone!!!


Congrats on the bun in the oven.
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Thanks! 14 weeks left and I am counting the minutes lol... only gained 13 pounds so far!! YAY~ with my son and daughter...
I about to have a gastric sleeve so I'm interested in lifts, you look great after yours but I was sorry to read about your complications. That's a very delicate area at the best of times. Congrats on the baby, wonderful news :)
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8 months later

SOOOOOOOO first of all I miss everyone! I haven't been on in so long because I have been chasing my two little ones, my daughter will be 2 on 8/1 and my son 3 on 8/16, around the house and I am 26 weeks pregnant today... YAY ITS ALMOST OVER!!! And I am in the midst of remodeling my Bridal Boutique for my grand opening at the end of the month so very very busy.

I went for my 8 month check up on the 5th of july. I have had no issues really about my thighs since everything has cleared up like the hole that ripped and my incisions are healing beautifully- I can barely see them its wonderful. I bought my first pair of shorts, bathing suit and size 8 lol (well obviously size 8 prior to pregnancy - now I am lucky if I fit in anything!

So I went for my check up and all the way back to the room the nurses are like omg your pregnant how wonderful! Does Dr Tepper know. I said no its a surprise. While waiting for my Dr to come in the nurse asked me if there are any issues I said only the area that is like a a pouch on the inner thigh as if less skin was removed. It kind of looks like a half of a football lol. But other than that I am doing great.

So I undressed and waited for the Dr to come in. She came in all smiles as usual. She said let me see that area. I said are you sure you want to see it? She looked at me like omg what did I do to you... She said yes. I said ok and dropped the gown... she stood there silent for a full minute.. she said Are you pregnant? I said yes, she was like omg congratulations! She was hugging me and jumping up and down and said how did that happen. I just responded Sex. Lol she is an amazing lady.

So for the leg we are just going to do a correction which is very minor when I do my boob lift and back fat removal in December (Maybe a little later depending on how the baby adjusts to life)

Things are going so good. I feel good! I have a beautiful family, My wedding Boutique is coming together nicely (although I am broke but I know it will pay off!) And most importantly I have all of you guys to share this wonderful transformation with!


Congratulations. How exciting for you!!!
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Amazloum, how is The process at this point in your journey, I recently had TL surgery and I'm just curious because I hear swelling swelling, and more swelling when does it go away. Are you happy with the end results
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Detroit Plastic Surgeon

She was amazing from start to finish!

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