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As of today, I am 5 days post op. I had my surgery...

As of today, I am 5 days post op. I had my surgery on nov 8. I am thrilled with the results. I am a fit person (weigh 110), but after having 2 kids which I gained 60 lbs with each, I had loads of stretch marks and loose skin. I also had separated abdominal muscles, which were repaired during surgery. I wanted my body to reflect how much work I put into it and how I really felt on the inside. It haven't changed my life, yet...but I know it will:) pics to come...

Stitches out today! Yeah:) made my appointment to...

Stitches out today! Yeah:) made my appointment to get my last drain out next Tuesday afternoon:) woot woot!

Last drain out today!!! So glad. I feel like a new...

Last drain out today!!! So glad. I feel like a new woman. I thought they were going to have to remove fluid from my right side via syringe, but the doc said it was part of the drain that had slid to my right side from the left. Yikes! Now I just need to remember to still not over do it although I don't have that drain reminding me...

Feeling better today, but also little down because...

Feeling better today, but also little down because I'm realizing my incision is a little higher than I would have wanted it. It won't be hidden by my panty line or bikini bottoms (I never wore a bikini before but thought I may after this). I am high waisted with a short torso, so I wear things lower, so there is no way I would ever wear anything over the incision line. I thought I asked everything in my Pre op, but obviously forgot one major thing. Still confident in my doc choice, but sad about the visible scar I will have and not being able to cover. :(
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Don't feel bad. My scar is higher than I expected too. But I'll probably tattoo over it eventually. I tried on some panties today and my swim bottoms, no way they'll cover. But I did find this fitness pic of this chick with abs and it looks like she has a barely visible tummy tuck scar. Ill post it on my review. It gives me hope. Anyway to me it's much better than a hanging pouch.
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Thanks so much for your comment. It really helps. I agree I would rather have flat tummy than the pouch I used to have. I look forward to seeing that pic:)
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Chicalife is totally right!give it some time and then go on a shopping spree! There is bound to be bikinis out there that will look fantastic on you! This is such a bizarre experience wrought with many feelings and emotions. :)
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Thanks for the reassurance! I am feeling better about this today. I agree with you about the many feelings and emotions both Pre and postoperative.
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don't feel bad! It's too early to tell how things will turn out. Give it a week or 2 to let everything settle a bit more. either way there is very cute swimsuits that are very cute! Don't be to hard on yourself being upset won't do nothing but make u feel bad about urself.
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Thanks, you are right. :)
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Wow! You look so great! My surgery is next Thursday. I am a little nervous but so exited. Did you had the pain pump?
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Thanks! I did get the pain pump. Had my surgery on a Thursday and the pain pump was in for 72 hours. Honestly, the pain was manageable. The nurses told me to stay on my pain meds and stay ahead of the pain, which I did through the weekend(took my Percocet every 4 hours regardless of how I felt). I felt that it really helped me to stay ahead of the pain...relaxed muscles heal better than tense ones:) you will do great!!! Good luck!
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Woohoo for getting your drain out:-) don't over do it- I did and my right boob incision opened up.
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Yikes, thanks for the advice. I am worried about overdoing it. Trying really hard not, too. I feel so good, it's hard after sitting around for 2 weeks.
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Yay about the drains! Can't wait to get mine out!!
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I felt like they were in forever! Lol. When do you get yours out?
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It'll feel good to have that last drain out. Thanks so much for sharing your experience so far. What's been the hardest part about recovery at this point?

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I would say having to deal with the drains. The pain was manageable and not as bad as I expected. It sounds silly, I know, but I can manage pretty well, but the drains really got to me for some reason.
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